Died on December, 9st

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December, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Cleveland Abbe Quotes Cleveland Abbe Scientist 1916
Berenice Abbott Quotes Berenice Abbott Photographer 1991
John Amery Quotes John Amery Politician 1945
Virginia C. Andrews Quotes Virginia C. Andrews Author 1986
Robert Baldwin Quotes Robert Baldwin Politician 1858
Toni Cade Bambara Quotes Toni Cade Bambara Author 1995
Thomas Becket Quotes Thomas Becket Clergyman 1170
John Bigelow Quotes John Bigelow Lawyer 1911
Emily Bronte Quotes Emily Bronte Novelist 1848
Ralph Bunche Quotes Ralph Bunche Diplomat 1971
Arthur Capper Quotes Arthur Capper Politician 1951
George Cooper Celebrity 1980
Ezra Cornell Quotes Ezra Cornell Businessman 1874
Donald Creighton Historian 1979
Jacques-Louis David Quotes Jacques-Louis David Artist 1825
Dan DeCarlo Quotes Dan DeCarlo Cartoonist 2001
Mary Hansen Quotes Mary Hansen Musician 2002
Doris Humphrey Quotes Doris Humphrey Dancer 1958
Dolores Ibarruri Quotes Dolores Ibarruri Politician 1989
Masaru Ibuka Quotes Masaru Ibuka Businessman 1997
Leon Jaworski Quotes Leon Jaworski Public Servant 1982
Leopold Kronecker Quotes Leopold Kronecker Mathematician 1891
Mary Leakey Quotes Mary Leakey Scientist 1996
John Lindsay Quotes John Lindsay Politician 2000
Desmond Llewelyn Quotes Desmond Llewelyn Actor 1999
Harold MacMillan Quotes Harold MacMillan Politician 1986
Don Marquis Quotes Don Marquis Poet 1937
Marcello Mastroianni Quotes Marcello Mastroianni Actor 1996
Perry Miller Historian 1963
Kelly Miller Sociologist 1939
Archie Moore Quotes Archie Moore Athlete 1998
Frank S. Nugent Journalist 1965
William Osler Quotes William Osler Scientist 1919
Eden Phillpotts Quotes Eden Phillpotts Novelist 1960
Robert Quillen Journalist 1948
Branch Rickey Quotes Branch Rickey Athlete 1965
Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes Rainer Maria Rilke Poet 1926
Leo Robin Composer 1984
Christina G. Rossetti Quotes Christina G. Rossetti Poet 1894
Christina Rossetti Quotes Christina Rossetti Poet 1894
Titus Salt Quotes Titus Salt Businessman 1876
Robert Sheckley Quotes Robert Sheckley Author 2005
Fulton J. Sheen Quotes Fulton J. Sheen Clergyman 1979
Emperor Sigismund Quotes Emperor Sigismund Statesman 1437
Edith Sitwell Quotes Edith Sitwell Poet 1964
Carl Spitteler Quotes Carl Spitteler Poet 1924
Thomas Sydenham Quotes Thomas Sydenham Scientist 1689
Norman Thomas Quotes Norman Thomas Activist 1968
J. M. W. Turner Quotes J. M. W. Turner Artist 1851
Paul Whiteman Quotes Paul Whiteman Celebrity 1967