Died on December, 8st

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December, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Hervey Allen Author 1949
Joseph Barbera Quotes Joseph Barbera Cartoonist 2006
Richard Baxter Quotes Richard Baxter Clergyman 1691
Pierre Bayle Quotes Pierre Bayle Philosopher 1706
Max Beckmann Quotes Max Beckmann Artist 1950
Ruth Bernhard Quotes Ruth Bernhard Photographer 2006
Max Bill Quotes Max Bill Architect 1994
George Boole Quotes George Boole Mathematician 1864
Robert Bresson Quotes Robert Bresson Director 1999
Heywood Broun Journalist 1939
David Brudnoy Quotes David Brudnoy Entertainer 2004
Irving Caesar Composer 1996
Dimebag Darrell Quotes Dimebag Darrell Musician 2004
Clarence Day Quotes Clarence Day Author 1935
Saint Francis de Sales Quotes Saint Francis de Sales Clergyman 1622
Theodosius Dobzhansky Quotes Theodosius Dobzhansky Scientist 1975
Theodore Dreiser Quotes Theodore Dreiser Novelist 1945
Ernst Engel Quotes Ernst Engel Economist 1896
Chris Farley Quotes Chris Farley Comedian 1997
W. Mark Felt Quotes W. Mark Felt Public Servant 2008
George Gissing Quotes George Gissing Novelist 1903
Sydney J. Harris Journalist 1986
Sydney Harris Journalist 1986
Paul Hindemith Musician 1963
John Joly Scientist 1933
Bobby Jones Athlete 1971
Henry Laurens Quotes Henry Laurens Politician 1792
John Lennon Quotes John Lennon Musician 1980
A. J. Liebling Journalist 1963
Jack Lovelock Quotes Jack Lovelock Athlete 1949
Diana Lynn Quotes Diana Lynn Actress 1971
Thomas Babington Macaulay Quotes Thomas Babington Macaulay Poet 1859
Thomas Macaulay Quotes Thomas Macaulay Poet 1859
Golda Meir Quotes Golda Meir Leader 1978
Clayton Moore Quotes Clayton Moore Actor 1999
Hermann Oberth Quotes Hermann Oberth Scientist 1989
Conor Cruise O'Brien Politician 2008
Jerry Orbach Quotes Jerry Orbach Actor 2004
Richard Owen Quotes Richard Owen Scientist 1892
Sam Peckinpah Director 1984
John Pym Quotes John Pym Politician 1643
Thomas de Quincey Quotes Thomas de Quincey Author 1859
Maurice Ravel Quotes Maurice Ravel Composer 1937
Henry Reed Writer 1986
Martin Ritt Quotes Martin Ritt Actor 1990
Marty Robbins Quotes Marty Robbins Musician 1982
Anthony Sampson Writer 2004
William Shawn Editor 1992
Gerrit Smith Quotes Gerrit Smith Politician 1874
Susan Sontag Quotes Susan Sontag Author 2004
Tris Speaker Quotes Tris Speaker Athlete 1958
Herbert Spencer Quotes Herbert Spencer Philosopher 1903
George Edmund Street Quotes George Edmund Street Architect 1881
William Henry Vanderbilt Quotes William Henry Vanderbilt Businessman 1885
Hermann Weyl Quotes Hermann Weyl Mathematician 1955
George H. White Politician 1918
Dennis Wilson Quotes Dennis Wilson Musician 1983
Edith Wilson Quotes Edith Wilson First Lady 1961
Konrad Zuse Quotes Konrad Zuse Inventor 1995