Died on December, 2st

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December, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Cleveland Abbe Quotes Cleveland Abbe Scientist 1916
Karl Abraham Quotes Karl Abraham Psychologist 1925
Joey Adams Quotes Joey Adams Comedian 1999
Stella Adler Quotes Stella Adler Actress 1992
Hervey Allen Author 1949
Louis Aragon Quotes Louis Aragon Poet 1982
Desi Arnaz Quotes Desi Arnaz Actor 1986
Warren R. Austin Politician 1962
Derek Bailey Quotes Derek Bailey Musician 2005
Tallulah Bankhead Quotes Tallulah Bankhead Actress 1968
Joel Barlow Quotes Joel Barlow Poet 1812
Billy Barty Quotes Billy Barty Actor 2000
Frederic Bastiat Quotes Frederic Bastiat Economist 1850
Alan Bates Quotes Alan Bates Actor 2003
Ferdinand Christian Baur Quotes Ferdinand Christian Baur Theologian 1860
Anne Baxter Quotes Anne Baxter Actress 1985
Pierre Bayle Quotes Pierre Bayle Philosopher 1706
Amy Marcy Beach Quotes Amy Marcy Beach Musician 1944
Thomas Becket Quotes Thomas Becket Clergyman 1170
Samuel Beckett Quotes Samuel Beckett Playwright 1989
Max Beckmann Quotes Max Beckmann Artist 1950
E. T. Bell Mathematician 1960
Jack Benny Quotes Jack Benny Comedian 1974
Alban Berg Composer 1935
Benazir Bhutto Quotes Benazir Bhutto Leader 2007
Hugh Blair Quotes Hugh Blair Theologian 1800
Joan Blondell Quotes Joan Blondell Actress 1979
Franz Boas Quotes Franz Boas Scientist 1942
Giovanni Boccaccio Quotes Giovanni Boccaccio Author 1375
Victor Borge Quotes Victor Borge Musician 2000
Anatoli Boukreev Quotes Anatoli Boukreev Athlete 1997
Paul Bourget Quotes Paul Bourget Novelist 1935
Randolph Bourne Quotes Randolph Bourne Writer 1918
Bill Bowerman Quotes Bill Bowerman Coach 1999
Kay Boyle Quotes Kay Boyle Writer 1992
Bill Brandt Photographer 1983
Foster Brooks Quotes Foster Brooks Actor 2001
Dee Brown Novelist 2002
James Brown Quotes James Brown Musician 2006
Robert Browning Quotes Robert Browning Poet 1889
Larry Buchanan Director 2004
Karel Capek Quotes Karel Capek Writer 1938
Hoagy Carmichael Quotes Hoagy Carmichael Composer 1981
George Catlin Quotes George Catlin Artist 1872
Charlie Chaplin Quotes Charlie Chaplin Actor 1977
Colley Cibber Quotes Colley Cibber Playwright 1757
George Cooper Celebrity 1980
Henry Cotton Quotes Henry Cotton Athlete 1987
John Cotton Clergyman 1652
Ely Culbertson Writer 1955
Richard J. Daley Quotes Richard J. Daley Politician 1976
Bobby Darin Quotes Bobby Darin Musician 1973
Jacques-Louis David Quotes Jacques-Louis David Artist 1825
Robertson Davies Quotes Robertson Davies Novelist 1995
Clarence Day Quotes Clarence Day Author 1935
Saint Francis de Sales Quotes Saint Francis de Sales Clergyman 1622
W. Edwards Deming Quotes W. Edwards Deming Scientist 1993
Melvil Dewey Quotes Melvil Dewey Inventor 1931
Bill Dickey Quotes Bill Dickey Athlete 1993
Theodore Dreiser Quotes Theodore Dreiser Novelist 1945
Charles Durning Quotes Charles Durning Actor 2012
Allan Dwan Quotes Allan Dwan Director 1981
George Eliot Quotes George Eliot Author 1880
Marty Feldman Quotes Marty Feldman Comedian 1982
Lion Feuchtwanger Quotes Lion Feuchtwanger Novelist 1958
W. C. Fields Quotes W. C. Fields Comedian 1946
F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald Author 1940
William Cameron Forbes Quotes William Cameron Forbes Diplomat 1959
Gerald R. Ford Quotes Gerald R. Ford President 2006
Dian Fossey Quotes Dian Fossey Scientist 1985
Philip Francis Politician 1818
James Gadsden Politician 1858
Zona Gale Quotes Zona Gale Playwright 1938
Romain Gary Novelist 1980
George Gerbner Journalist 2005
Brendan Gill Critic 1997
George Gissing Quotes George Gissing Novelist 1903
Jay Gould Quotes Jay Gould Businessman 1892
Matthew Hale Historian 1676
Lord Halifax Quotes Lord Halifax Politician 1958
Elizabeth Hardwick Critic 2007
Henry Harland Quotes Henry Harland Novelist 2005
Moss Hart Quotes Moss Hart Playwright 1961
Doug Harvey Quotes Doug Harvey Athlete 1989
Howard Hawks Quotes Howard Hawks Director 1977
Eddie Hazel Quotes Eddie Hazel Musician 1992
Joseph Heller Quotes Joseph Heller Novelist 1999
Claude Adrien Helvetius Quotes Claude Adrien Helvetius Philosopher 1771
Bernard Herrmann Quotes Bernard Herrmann Composer 1975
Abraham Joshua Heschel Quotes Abraham Joshua Heschel Educator 1972
Tojo Hideki Quotes Tojo Hideki Statesman 1948
George Roy Hill Director 2002
James Hilton Quotes James Hilton Novelist 1954
Paul Hindemith Musician 1963
Samuel Hopkins Clergyman 1803
Kin Hubbard Quotes Kin Hubbard Journalist 1930
Doris Humphrey Quotes Doris Humphrey Dancer 1958
Ivan Illich Quotes Ivan Illich Sociologist 2002
William Jay Clergyman 1853
Henry St. John Quotes Henry St. John Politician 1751
Harry Carey, Jr. Actor 2012
Frank B. Kellogg Quotes Frank B. Kellogg Politician 1937
James Kent Judge 1847
Albert King Quotes Albert King Musician 1992
Jack Klugman Quotes Jack Klugman Actor 2012
Leopold Kronecker Quotes Leopold Kronecker Mathematician 1891
Elsa Lanchester Quotes Elsa Lanchester Actress 1986
Philip Larkin Quotes Philip Larkin Poet 1985
Kenneth Scott Latourette Historian 1968
A. J. Liebling Journalist 1963
Joseph Barber Lightfoot Quotes Joseph Barber Lightfoot Theologian 1889
John A. Logan Quotes John A. Logan Soldier 1886
Lance Loud Quotes Lance Loud Actor 2001
Jack Lovelock Quotes Jack Lovelock Athlete 1949
Thomas Babington Macaulay Quotes Thomas Babington Macaulay Poet 1859
Thomas Macaulay Quotes Thomas Macaulay Poet 1859
Harold MacMillan Quotes Harold MacMillan Politician 1986
Thomas Malthus Quotes Thomas Malthus Economist 1834
Paul de Man Critic 1983
Alicia Markova Quotes Alicia Markova Dancer 2004
Don Marquis Quotes Don Marquis Poet 1937
Dean Martin Quotes Dean Martin Actor 1995
Billy Martin Quotes Billy Martin Businessman 1989
Harvey Martin Athlete 2001
Curtis Mayfield Quotes Curtis Mayfield Musician 1999
Millicent Carey McIntosh Educator 2001
Mignon McLaughlin Journalist 1983
James Meade Quotes James Meade Economist 1995
Stanley Milgram Psychologist 1984
Kelly Miller Sociologist 1939
Joan Miro Quotes Joan Miro Artist 1983
Adrian Mitchell Poet 2008
George Montgomery Artist 2000
Dwight L. Moody Quotes Dwight L. Moody Clergyman 1899
Clayton Moore Quotes Clayton Moore Actor 1999
John Muir Quotes John Muir Environmentalist 1914
Brittany Murphy Quotes Brittany Murphy Actress 2009
John Newton Quotes John Newton Soldier 1807
Birgit Nilsson Quotes Birgit Nilsson Musician 2005
Frank S. Nugent Journalist 1965
Johnny Oates Athlete 2004
Hermann Oberth Quotes Hermann Oberth Scientist 1989
Jerry Orbach Quotes Jerry Orbach Actor 2004
John Osborne Quotes John Osborne Playwright 1994
William Osler Quotes William Osler Scientist 1919
Vance Packard Quotes Vance Packard Writer 1996
Kerry Packer Businessman 2005
George S. Patton Quotes George S. Patton Soldier 1945
Norman Vincent Peale Quotes Norman Vincent Peale Clergyman 1993
Lester B. Pearson Quotes Lester B. Pearson Politician 1972
Sam Peckinpah Director 1984
Oscar Peterson Quotes Oscar Peterson Musician 2007
Eden Phillpotts Quotes Eden Phillpotts Novelist 1960
Beatrix Potter Quotes Beatrix Potter Author 1943
Llewelyn Powys Writer 1939
Pasquier Quesnel Theologian 1719
Raymond Radiguet Quotes Raymond Radiguet Author 1923
Ma Rainey Quotes Ma Rainey Musician 1939
Robert Rainy Clergyman 1906
Maurice Ravel Quotes Maurice Ravel Composer 1937
Frederic Remington Quotes Frederic Remington Artist 1909
Jean Richepin Poet 1926
Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes Rainer Maria Rilke Poet 1926
Herb Ritts Quotes Herb Ritts Photographer 2002
Jose Rizal Quotes Jose Rizal Writer 1896
Leo Robin Composer 1984
Christina Rossetti Quotes Christina Rossetti Poet 1894
Christina G. Rossetti Quotes Christina G. Rossetti Poet 1894
Edmond Rostand Quotes Edmond Rostand Poet 1918
Arthur Rubinstein Quotes Arthur Rubinstein Musician 1982
Dean Rusk Quotes Dean Rusk Diplomat 1994
Marquis de Sade Quotes Marquis de Sade Novelist 1814
Carl Sagan Quotes Carl Sagan Scientist 1996
Titus Salt Quotes Titus Salt Businessman 1876
David Sarnoff Quotes David Sarnoff Inventor 1971
Dick Schaap Journalist 2001
Vincent Schiavelli Quotes Vincent Schiavelli Actor 2005
Heinrich Schliemann Quotes Heinrich Schliemann Scientist 1890
Norman Schwarzkopf Quotes Norman Schwarzkopf Soldier 2012
Gerrit Smith Quotes Gerrit Smith Politician 1874
Hank Snow Quotes Hank Snow Musician 1999
Susan Sontag Quotes Susan Sontag Author 2004
Francis Cardinal Spellman Quotes Francis Cardinal Spellman Clergyman 1967
Carl Spitteler Quotes Carl Spitteler Poet 1924
Edwin M. Stanton Quotes Edwin M. Stanton Lawyer 1869
John Steinbeck Quotes John Steinbeck Author 1968
James Stephens Poet 1950
Joe Strummer Quotes Joe Strummer Musician 2002
Thomas Sydenham Quotes Thomas Sydenham Scientist 1689
William Makepeace Thackeray Quotes William Makepeace Thackeray Novelist 1863
Hideki Tojo Quotes Hideki Tojo Soldier 1948
Harry S. Truman Quotes Harry S. Truman President 1972
Kurt Tucholsky Quotes Kurt Tucholsky Journalist 1935
Ike Turner Quotes Ike Turner Musician 2007
Tristan Tzara Quotes Tristan Tzara Artist 1963
Mo Udall Quotes Mo Udall Politician 1998
Amy Vanderbilt Author 1974
Carl Van Vechten Quotes Carl Van Vechten Writer 1964
David Foster Wallace Quotes David Foster Wallace Writer 2008
John Wanamaker Quotes John Wanamaker Businessman 1922
Nathanael West Writer 1940
George H. White Politician 1918
Reggie White Quotes Reggie White Athlete 2004
Paul Whiteman Quotes Paul Whiteman Celebrity 1967
John Wilkes Quotes John Wilkes Journalist 1797
Edith Wilson Quotes Edith Wilson First Lady 1961
Dennis Wilson Quotes Dennis Wilson Musician 1983
Francis Xavier Quotes Francis Xavier Clergyman 1552
Darryl F. Zanuck Quotes Darryl F. Zanuck Director 1979
Weegee Quotes Weegee Photographer 1968