Died on December, 1st

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December, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Stella Adler Quotes Stella Adler Actress 1992
Louis Agassiz Quotes Louis Agassiz Scientist 1873
Giovanni Agnelli Quotes Giovanni Agnelli Designer 1945
Alvin Ailey Quotes Alvin Ailey Dancer 1989
Vicente Aleixandre Quotes Vicente Aleixandre Poet 1984
John Amery Quotes John Amery Politician 1945
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Quotes Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Scientist 1917
Dana Andrews Quotes Dana Andrews Actor 1992
Virginia C. Andrews Quotes Virginia C. Andrews Author 1986
Josiah Bailey Politician 1946
Ella Baker Quotes Ella Baker Activist 1986
James A. Baldwin Quotes James A. Baldwin Author 1987
Stanley Baldwin Quotes Stanley Baldwin Statesman 1947
Tallulah Bankhead Quotes Tallulah Bankhead Actress 1968
Joseph Barbera Quotes Joseph Barbera Cartoonist 2006
Joshua Barney Quotes Joshua Barney Soldier 1818
Karl Barth Quotes Karl Barth Theologian 1968
Bob Bartlett Politician 1968
Sammy Baugh Quotes Sammy Baugh Athlete 2008
Anne Baxter Quotes Anne Baxter Actress 1985
E. T. Bell Mathematician 1960
David Ben-Gurion Quotes David Ben-Gurion Statesman 1973
Ruth Bernhard Quotes Ruth Bernhard Photographer 2006
John Bigelow Quotes John Bigelow Lawyer 1911
Harold Stephen Black Quotes Harold Stephen Black Inventor 1983
Giovanni Boccaccio Quotes Giovanni Boccaccio Author 1375
Simon Bolivar Quotes Simon Bolivar Revolutionary 1830
Robert Bresson Quotes Robert Bresson Director 1999
Emily Bronte Quotes Emily Bronte Novelist 1848
Heywood Broun Journalist 1939
Dee Brown Novelist 2002
Graham Brown Actor 2011
Robert Browning Quotes Robert Browning Poet 1889
John Buford Quotes John Buford Soldier 1863
Eileen Caddy Quotes Eileen Caddy Celebrity 2006
Irving Caesar Composer 1996
Malcolm Campbell Quotes Malcolm Campbell Celebrity 1948
Arthur Capper Quotes Arthur Capper Politician 1951
Lord Edward Cecil Quotes Lord Edward Cecil Soldier 1918
Colin Chapman Quotes Colin Chapman Inventor 1982
Colley Cibber Quotes Colley Cibber Playwright 1757
Lee Van Cleef Quotes Lee Van Cleef Actor 1989
Roberto Clemente Quotes Roberto Clemente Athlete 1972
Claud Cockburn Journalist 1981
Anthony Collins Quotes Anthony Collins Philosopher 1729
Gustave Courbet Quotes Gustave Courbet Artist 1877
Alan Cranston Quotes Alan Cranston Politician 2000
Donald Creighton Historian 1979
Harry Crosby Quotes Harry Crosby Writer 1929
Aleister Crowley Quotes Aleister Crowley Critic 1947
Charlotte Curtis Journalist 1987
Rick Danko Quotes Rick Danko Musician 1999
Alphonse Daudet Quotes Alphonse Daudet Novelist 1897
Gerard Debreu Quotes Gerard Debreu Mathematician 2004
Dan DeCarlo Quotes Dan DeCarlo Cartoonist 2001
Bill Dickey Quotes Bill Dickey Athlete 1993
Walt Disney Quotes Walt Disney Cartoonist 1966
Dorothy Dix Quotes Dorothy Dix Journalist 1951
Theodosius Dobzhansky Quotes Theodosius Dobzhansky Scientist 1975
Mark Van Doren Quotes Mark Van Doren Poet 1972
Friedrich Durrenmatt Quotes Friedrich Durrenmatt Author 1990
Allan Dwan Quotes Allan Dwan Director 1981
Don Ellis Musician 1978
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Quotes Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Musician 1788
Chris Farley Quotes Chris Farley Comedian 1997
W. Mark Felt Quotes W. Mark Felt Public Servant 2008
Lion Feuchtwanger Quotes Lion Feuchtwanger Novelist 1958
F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald Author 1940
Dan Fogelberg Quotes Dan Fogelberg Musician 2007
William Gaddis Quotes William Gaddis Novelist 1998
John Gallagher Businessman 1998
Leon Gambetta Quotes Leon Gambetta Politician 1882
Christian Furchtegott Gellert Quotes Christian Furchtegott Gellert Poet 1769
Konrad von Gesner Quotes Konrad von Gesner Scientist 1565
James J. Gibson Psychologist 1979
Samuel Gompers Quotes Samuel Gompers Activist 1924
Henry Green Novelist 1973
John Grigg Writer 2001
Philip Guedalla Historian 1944
Edmund Gunter Mathematician 1626
Armand Hammer Businessman 1990
Godfrey Harold Hardy Quotes Godfrey Harold Hardy Mathematician 1947
G. H. Hardy Quotes G. H. Hardy Mathematician 1947
Kaspar Hauser Quotes Kaspar Hauser Celebrity 1833
Jascha Heifetz Quotes Jascha Heifetz Musician 1987
Joseph Heller Quotes Joseph Heller Novelist 1999
Victor Francis Hess Quotes Victor Francis Hess Physicist 1964
Harold Edward Holt Quotes Harold Edward Holt Politician 1967
Masaru Ibuka Quotes Masaru Ibuka Businessman 1997
Henry St. John Quotes Henry St. John Politician 1751
Walter Johnson Quotes Walter Johnson Athlete 1946
Samuel Johnson Quotes Samuel Johnson Author 1784
Bobby Jones Athlete 1971
Thomas Watson, Jr. Businessman 1993
Wassily Kandinsky Quotes Wassily Kandinsky Artist 1944
John Harvey Kellogg Quotes John Harvey Kellogg Businessman 1943
Frank B. Kellogg Quotes Frank B. Kellogg Politician 1937
Lord Kelvin Quotes Lord Kelvin Scientist 1907
Michael Kennedy Celebrity 1997
James Kent Judge 1847
Clark Kerr Quotes Clark Kerr Economist 2003
Albert King Quotes Albert King Musician 1992
Christian Lous Lange Quotes Christian Lous Lange Politician 1938
Charles Laughton Quotes Charles Laughton Actor 1962
Amos Lawrence Quotes Amos Lawrence Businessman 1852
Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin Quotes Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin Revolutionary 1874
Joseph Barber Lightfoot Quotes Joseph Barber Lightfoot Theologian 1889
John Lindsay Quotes John Lindsay Politician 2000
Walter Lippmann Quotes Walter Lippmann Journalist 1974
Desmond Llewelyn Quotes Desmond Llewelyn Actor 1999
Marie Louise Royalty 1847
Myrna Loy Quotes Myrna Loy Actress 1993
Arthur Lydiard Athlete 2004
Diana Lynn Quotes Diana Lynn Actress 1971
Arthur Machen Quotes Arthur Machen Author 1947
Rick Majerus Quotes Rick Majerus Coach 2012
Paul de Man Critic 1983
Agnes Martin Artist 2004
Marcello Mastroianni Quotes Marcello Mastroianni Actor 1996
W. Somerset Maugham Quotes W. Somerset Maugham Playwright 1965
Eugene McCarthy Politician 2005
Marshall McLuhan Quotes Marshall McLuhan Sociologist 1980
Alexander Meiklejohn Quotes Alexander Meiklejohn Philosopher 1964
Thomas Merton Quotes Thomas Merton Author 1968
Glenn Miller Quotes Glenn Miller Musician 1944
George Montgomery Artist 2000
Grandma Moses Quotes Grandma Moses Artist 1961
Ricky Nelson Quotes Ricky Nelson Musician 1985
John Newton Quotes John Newton Soldier 1807
Alfred Nobel Quotes Alfred Nobel Scientist 1896
Dudley North Economist 1691
Conor Cruise O'Brien Politician 2008
Richard Owen Quotes Richard Owen Scientist 1892
Vance Packard Quotes Vance Packard Writer 1996
Bettie Page Quotes Bettie Page Model 2008
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Quotes Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Diplomat 1990
Ed Parker Athlete 1990
George S. Patton Quotes George S. Patton Soldier 1945
Wolfgang Pauli Quotes Wolfgang Pauli Physicist 1958
William Petty Quotes William Petty Economist 1687
Kenneth L. Pike Quotes Kenneth L. Pike Sociologist 2000
Augusto Pinochet Quotes Augusto Pinochet Soldier 2006
Luigi Pirandello Quotes Luigi Pirandello Playwright 1936
William Proxmire Politician 2005
Richard Pryor Quotes Richard Pryor Actor 2005
Francois Quesnay Quotes Francois Quesnay Economist 1774
Raymond Radiguet Quotes Raymond Radiguet Author 1923
Lizette Woodworth Reese Poet 1935
Theodor Reik Psychologist 1969
Elliot Richardson Quotes Elliot Richardson Lawyer 1999
Jean Richepin Poet 1926
Oral Roberts Quotes Oral Roberts Clergyman 2009
Carlos P. Romulo Quotes Carlos P. Romulo Politician 1985
Damon Runyon Quotes Damon Runyon Journalist 1946
John B. S. Haldane Quotes John B. S. Haldane Scientist 1964
Andrei Sakharov Quotes Andrei Sakharov Physicist 1989
Anthony Sampson Writer 2004
Colonel Sanders Quotes Colonel Sanders Celebrity 1980
David Sarnoff Quotes David Sarnoff Inventor 1971
Dorothy L. Sayers Quotes Dorothy L. Sayers Author 1957
Dick Schaap Journalist 2001
Olive Schreiner Quotes Olive Schreiner Writer 1920
W. G. Sebald Writer 2001
William Slim Quotes William Slim Soldier 1970
John Spencer Actor 2005
Stanley Spencer Quotes Stanley Spencer Artist 1959
George Allen, Sr. Coach 1990
George Stigler Quotes George Stigler Economist 1991
George Edmund Street Quotes George Edmund Street Architect 1881
Dick Stuart Quotes Dick Stuart Athlete 2002
James Sullivan Politician 1808
Arthur Hays Sulzberger Publisher 1968
David Swift Director 2001
Stuart Symington Quotes Stuart Symington Businessman 1988
Norman Thomas Quotes Norman Thomas Activist 1968
Robert Toombs Quotes Robert Toombs Politician 1885
Kurt Tucholsky Quotes Kurt Tucholsky Journalist 1935
Franjo Tudjman Quotes Franjo Tudjman Statesman 1999
Ike Turner Quotes Ike Turner Musician 2007
Mo Udall Quotes Mo Udall Politician 1998
Miguel de Unamuno Quotes Miguel de Unamuno Educator 1936
Carl Van Vechten Quotes Carl Van Vechten Writer 1964
J. M. W. Turner Quotes J. M. W. Turner Artist 1851
David Foster Wallace Quotes David Foster Wallace Writer 2008
Fats Waller Quotes Fats Waller Musician 1943
Izaak Walton Quotes Izaak Walton Writer 1683
John Wanamaker Quotes John Wanamaker Businessman 1922
Peter Warlock Quotes Peter Warlock Composer 1930
George Washington Quotes George Washington President 1799
Anthony Wayne Quotes Anthony Wayne Soldier 1796
Gary Webb Quotes Gary Webb Journalist 2004
Henry Wells Businessman 1878
Tom Wesselmann Quotes Tom Wesselmann Artist 2004
Chill Wills Quotes Chill Wills Actor 1978
Marie Windsor Quotes Marie Windsor Actress 2000
Ed Wood Quotes Ed Wood Director 1978
Francis Wright Activist 1852
Elinor Wylie Quotes Elinor Wylie Poet 1928
Marguerite Yourcenar Quotes Marguerite Yourcenar Novelist 1987
Cao Yu Quotes Cao Yu Playwright 1996
Konrad Zuse Quotes Konrad Zuse Inventor 1995
Maimonides Quotes Maimonides Philosopher 1204