Died on August, 3st

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August, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Lord Amherst Quotes Lord Amherst Soldier 1797
Walter Anderson Writer 1962
Lindsay Anderson Quotes Lindsay Anderson Director 1994
Christopher Anstey Quotes Christopher Anstey Poet 1805
Roberto Assagioli Psychologist 1974
Mary Austin Quotes Mary Austin Writer 1934
Stefan Banach Quotes Stefan Banach Mathematician 1945
Henri Barbusse Quotes Henri Barbusse Novelist 1935
Charles Baudelaire Quotes Charles Baudelaire Poet 1867
Francesco Borromini Quotes Francesco Borromini Architect 1667
Georges Braque Quotes Georges Braque Artist 1963
Charles Bronson Quotes Charles Bronson Actor 2003
Helen Gurley Brown Quotes Helen Gurley Brown Editor 2012
Lenny Bruce Quotes Lenny Bruce Comedian 1966
John Bunyan Quotes John Bunyan Clergyman 1688
Hall Caine Quotes Hall Caine Novelist 1931
Taylor Caldwell Quotes Taylor Caldwell Author 1985
Elias Canetti Quotes Elias Canetti Author 1994
Henri Cartier-Bresson Quotes Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographer 2004
Julia Child Quotes Julia Child Chef 2004
Powell Clayton Quotes Powell Clayton Politician 1914
Arthur Collins Musician 1933
Joseph Conrad Quotes Joseph Conrad Novelist 1924
George William Curtis Quotes George William Curtis Author 1892
Jane Darwell Quotes Jane Darwell Actress 1967
Eugene Delacroix Quotes Eugene Delacroix Artist 1863
Princess Diana Quotes Princess Diana Royalty 1997
James Donald Actor 1993
John Dudley Quotes John Dudley Politician 1553
Ilya Ehrenburg Quotes Ilya Ehrenburg Writer 1967
Glenn Ford Quotes Glenn Ford Actor 2006
Emmet Fox Author 1951
Hoot Gibson Quotes Hoot Gibson Actor 1962
Robert F. Goheen Quotes Robert F. Goheen Educator 2008
Phil Graham Quotes Phil Graham Businessman 1963
Julien Green Quotes Julien Green Novelist 1998
Oscar Hammerstein Quotes Oscar Hammerstein Writer 1960
Lionel Hampton Quotes Lionel Hampton Musician 2002
John B. Hood Quotes John B. Hood Soldier 1879
Sidney Howard Quotes Sidney Howard Playwright 1939
Vernon Howard Author 1992
Oscar Hammerstein II Quotes Oscar Hammerstein II Musician 1960
Harry Johnston Quotes Harry Johnston Explorer 1927
R. D. Laing Quotes R. D. Laing Psychologist 1989
Ferdinand Lassalle Quotes Ferdinand Lassalle Politician 1864
Ida Lupino Quotes Ida Lupino Actress 1995
Naguib Mahfouz Quotes Naguib Mahfouz Novelist 2006
Mickey Mantle Quotes Mickey Mantle Athlete 1995
Rocky Marciano Quotes Rocky Marciano Athlete 1969
Jules Massenet Quotes Jules Massenet Composer 1912
Stanford Moore Quotes Stanford Moore Scientist 1982
Henry Moore Quotes Henry Moore Sculptor 1986
Florence Nightingale Quotes Florence Nightingale Activist 1910
Kate O'Brien Novelist 1974
Flannery O'Connor Author 1964
Oliver Perry Quotes Oliver Perry Soldier 1819
Arthur Phillip Quotes Arthur Phillip Soldier 1814
George Porter Quotes George Porter Scientist 2002
Sally Rand Quotes Sally Rand Actress 1979
Ad Reinhardt Quotes Ad Reinhardt Artist 1967
Phil Rizzuto Quotes Phil Rizzuto Celebrity 2007
James Roosevelt Quotes James Roosevelt Politician 1991
David Rose Quotes David Rose Musician 1990
Joseph Rotblat Quotes Joseph Rotblat Physicist 2005
Augustus Saint-Gaudens Quotes Augustus Saint-Gaudens Sculptor 1907
Alfred Schnittke Quotes Alfred Schnittke Composer 1998
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Quotes Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Musician 2006
Richard Snelling Quotes Richard Snelling Politician 1991
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Quotes Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Author 2008
Eugene Sue Novelist 1857
Jeremy Taylor Clergyman 1667
Joe Tex Musician 1982
J. Lee Thompson Quotes J. Lee Thompson Director 2002
Jean Tinguely Quotes Jean Tinguely Sculptor 1991
Ed Townsend Musician 2003
Marina Tsvetaeva Quotes Marina Tsvetaeva Poet 1941
David Tudor Quotes David Tudor Musician 1996
Rudolph Valentino Quotes Rudolph Valentino Actor 1926
Thorstein Veblen Quotes Thorstein Veblen Economist 1929
George Villiers Quotes George Villiers Politician 1628
H. G. Wells Quotes H. G. Wells Author 1946
Edward Bennett Williams Quotes Edward Bennett Williams Lawyer 1988
Henry Williamson Author 1977
Wilhelm Wundt Quotes Wilhelm Wundt Psychologist 1920
Louis XI Quotes Louis XI Royalty 1483
Waldemar Young Writer 1938
Abraham Zapruder Quotes Abraham Zapruder Businessman 1970