Died on August, 2st

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August, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Gracie Allen Quotes Gracie Allen Comedian 1964
Luther Allison Quotes Luther Allison Musician 1997
Walter Anderson Writer 1962
Neil Armstrong Quotes Neil Armstrong Astronaut 2012
Roberto Assagioli Psychologist 1974
Tex Avery Quotes Tex Avery Cartoonist 1980
W. E. B. Du Bois Quotes W. E. B. Du Bois Writer 1963
Roger Nash Baldwin Activist 1981
Carl Barks Quotes Carl Barks Artist 2000
Jean-Michel Basquiat Quotes Jean-Michel Basquiat Artist 1988
Vicki Baum Quotes Vicki Baum Novelist 1960
Nina Bawden Writer 2012
Alexander Graham Bell Quotes Alexander Graham Bell Inventor 1922
Ingrid Bergman Quotes Ingrid Bergman Actress 1982
William Blake Quotes William Blake Poet 1827
Thomas Blood Quotes Thomas Blood Soldier 1680
William Booth Quotes William Booth Leader 1912
Phyllis Bottome Novelist 1963
Margaret Bourke-White Quotes Margaret Bourke-White Photographer 1971
Jacob Bronowski Quotes Jacob Bronowski Scientist 1974
John Brough Quotes John Brough Politician 1865
William S. Burroughs Quotes William S. Burroughs Writer 1997
Kofi Busia Quotes Kofi Busia Statesman 1978
Don Byas Musician 1972
John Cage Quotes John Cage Composer 1992
James P. Cannon Activist 1974
Truman Capote Quotes Truman Capote Novelist 1984
Enrico Caruso Quotes Enrico Caruso Musician 1921
Bruce Catton Quotes Bruce Catton Historian 1978
Bennett Cerf Quotes Bennett Cerf Journalist 1971
Adelbert von Chamisso Quotes Adelbert von Chamisso Poet 1838
Gower Champion Quotes Gower Champion Director 1980
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Quotes Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Scientist 1995
William Chappell Writer 1888
Thomas Chatterton Quotes Thomas Chatterton Poet 1770
Kate Chopin Quotes Kate Chopin Author 1904
Powell Clayton Quotes Powell Clayton Politician 1914
Roy Cohn Quotes Roy Cohn Lawyer 1986
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge Novelist 1907
Michael Collins Leader 1922
Ivy Compton-Burnett Quotes Ivy Compton-Burnett Novelist 1969
Le Corbusier Quotes Le Corbusier Architect 1965
Francesco Crispi Quotes Francesco Crispi Politician 1901
Phyllis Diller Quotes Phyllis Diller Comedian 2012
John Dudley Quotes John Dudley Politician 1553
Charles Eames Quotes Charles Eames Designer 1978
Alfred Eisenstaedt Quotes Alfred Eisenstaedt Photographer 1995
Charles William Eliot Quotes Charles William Eliot Educator 1926
Charles W. Eliot Quotes Charles W. Eliot Educator 1926
Michael Ende Quotes Michael Ende Writer 1995
Brian Epstein Quotes Brian Epstein Businessman 1967
Michael Faraday Quotes Michael Faraday Scientist 1867
James T. Farrell Quotes James T. Farrell Novelist 1979
Luc Ferrari Quotes Luc Ferrari Composer 2005
Totie Fields Quotes Totie Fields Comedian 1978
Ian Fleming Quotes Ian Fleming Author 1964
Henry Fonda Quotes Henry Fonda Actor 1982
Esther Forbes Author 1967
Frederick Carl Frieseke Quotes Frederick Carl Frieseke Artist 1939
Thomas Gainsborough Quotes Thomas Gainsborough Artist 1788
Albert Gallatin Quotes Albert Gallatin Statesman 1849
Hoot Gibson Quotes Hoot Gibson Actor 1962
Paul Goodman Writer 1972
Ruth Gordon Quotes Ruth Gordon Actress 1985
Hugo Grotius Quotes Hugo Grotius Theologian 1645
Thomas Chandler Haliburton Quotes Thomas Chandler Haliburton Author 1865
Manly Hall Philosopher 1990
William Hall Soldier 1904
William Halsey Quotes William Halsey Soldier 1959
Oscar Hammerstein Quotes Oscar Hammerstein Writer 1960
Warren G. Harding Quotes Warren G. Harding President 1923
Georgia Harkness Quotes Georgia Harkness Theologian 1974
Frank Harris Quotes Frank Harris Author 1931
Childe Hassam Quotes Childe Hassam Artist 1935
Anna Held Quotes Anna Held Entertainer 1918
Leona Helmsley Quotes Leona Helmsley Businesswoman 2007
William Herschel Quotes William Herschel Scientist 1822
Walter Rudolf Hess Quotes Walter Rudolf Hess Scientist 1973
Wild Bill Hickok Quotes Wild Bill Hickok Celebrity 1876
Wolfgang Hildesheimer Author 1991
Rowland Hill Inventor 1879
Paul von Hindenburg Quotes Paul von Hindenburg Soldier 1934
Douglas Horton Clergyman 1968
Vernon Howard Author 1992
Sidney Howard Quotes Sidney Howard Playwright 1939
Fred Hoyle Quotes Fred Hoyle Scientist 2001
Charles Evans Hughes Quotes Charles Evans Hughes Judge 1948
Kathryn Hulme Quotes Kathryn Hulme Writer 1981
David Hume Quotes David Hume Philosopher 1776
Leigh Hunt Poet 1859
John Huston Quotes John Huston Director 1987
Anne Hutchinson Quotes Anne Hutchinson Clergyman 1643
Oscar Hammerstein II Quotes Oscar Hammerstein II Musician 1960
George Jackson Activist 1971
Helen Hunt Jackson Quotes Helen Hunt Jackson Writer 1885
William James Quotes William James Philosopher 1910
Eyvind Johnson Quotes Eyvind Johnson Author 1976
Wendell Johnson Psychologist 1965
Eric Johnston Businessman 1963
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Politician 2008
Henry J. Kaiser Quotes Henry J. Kaiser Businessman 1967
John Keegan Historian 2012
Edward Kennedy Quotes Edward Kennedy Politician 2009
Stan Kenton Quotes Stan Kenton Musician 1979
Kathleen Kenyon Quotes Kathleen Kenyon Scientist 1978
Alfred Kinsey Quotes Alfred Kinsey Scientist 1956
Ted Knight Quotes Ted Knight Actor 1986
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Psychologist 2004
Bela Kun Quotes Bela Kun Politician 1938
Aleksandr Kuprin Quotes Aleksandr Kuprin Writer 1938
R. D. Laing Quotes R. D. Laing Psychologist 1989
Fritz Lang Quotes Fritz Lang Director 1976
Ernest Lawrence Quotes Ernest Lawrence Scientist 1958
Jack Layton Quotes Jack Layton Politician 2011
Lotte Lehmann Musician 1976
Jerry Leiber Musician 2011
Sam Levenson Quotes Sam Levenson Author 1980
Shari Lewis Quotes Shari Lewis Entertainer 1998
Charles Lindbergh Quotes Charles Lindbergh Aviator 1974
Oliver Joseph Lodge Quotes Oliver Joseph Lodge Physicist 1940
John D. Long Quotes John D. Long Politician 1915
James Russell Lowell Quotes James Russell Lowell Poet 1891
Norman Maclean Author 1990
Thomas Mann Quotes Thomas Mann Writer 1955
Horace Mann Quotes Horace Mann Educator 1859
Lee Marvin Quotes Lee Marvin Actor 1987
Pietro Mascagni Composer 1945
James S. McDonnell Businessman 1980
Andrew Mellon Quotes Andrew Mellon Businessman 1937
Jack Miller Politician 1994
Alice Duer Miller Quotes Alice Duer Miller Poet 1942
Mary Wortley Montagu Quotes Mary Wortley Montagu Writer 1762
Elizabeth Montagu Writer 1800
Robert Moog Quotes Robert Moog Inventor 2005
Stanford Moore Quotes Stanford Moore Scientist 1982
Willie Morris Writer 1999
Lord Mountbatten Quotes Lord Mountbatten Soldier 1979
Paul Muni Quotes Paul Muni Actor 1967
Mohammed Naguib Quotes Mohammed Naguib Statesman 1984
Scott Nearing Quotes Scott Nearing Activist 1983
Huey Newton Quotes Huey Newton Activist 1989
Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher 1900
Edmund H. North Writer 1990
Mary Teresa Norton Writer 1959
Frederick Law Olmsted Quotes Frederick Law Olmsted Architect 1903
Grace Paley Quotes Grace Paley Writer 2007
Cesare Pavese Quotes Cesare Pavese Poet 1950
Oliver Perry Quotes Oliver Perry Soldier 1819
Daniel Petrie Director 2004
William Lyon Phelps Educator 1943
Hugo Pratt Quotes Hugo Pratt Cartoonist 1995
Louis Prima Quotes Louis Prima Entertainer 1978
Jimmy Reed Quotes Jimmy Reed Musician 1976
Frederick Reines Quotes Frederick Reines Physicist 1998
George Lincoln Rockwell Quotes George Lincoln Rockwell Activist 1967
Art Rooney Quotes Art Rooney Businessman 1988
David Rose Quotes David Rose Musician 1990
Bayard Rustin Quotes Bayard Rustin Leader 1987
Hank Sauer Quotes Hank Sauer Athlete 2001
Friedrich von Schelling Philosopher 1854
Peter Scott Quotes Peter Scott Artist 1989
Bobby Sheehan Musician 1999
Thomas Shepard Clergyman 1649
Ignazio Silone Author 1978
Robin Skelton Writer 1997
Enos Slaughter Quotes Enos Slaughter Athlete 2002
Samantha Smith Quotes Samantha Smith Celebrity 1985
Georges Sorel Quotes Georges Sorel Philosopher 1922
William Stafford Poet 1993
Joseph Stefano Quotes Joseph Stefano Writer 2006
Vilhjalmur Stefansson Quotes Vilhjalmur Stefansson Explorer 1962
Wilhelm Steinitz Quotes Wilhelm Steinitz Celebrity 1900
George Stephenson Quotes George Stephenson Inventor 1848
Wallace Stevens Quotes Wallace Stevens Poet 1955
E. P. Thompson Quotes E. P. Thompson Historian 1993
James Thomson Musician 1748
Joseph Thomson Explorer 1895
Palmiro Togliatti Quotes Palmiro Togliatti Politician 1964
Leon Trotsky Quotes Leon Trotsky Revolutionary 1940
Rudolph Valentino Quotes Rudolph Valentino Actor 1926
Eamon de Valera Quotes Eamon de Valera Statesman 1975
Stevie Ray Vaughan Quotes Stevie Ray Vaughan Musician 1990
Lope de Vega Quotes Lope de Vega Playwright 1635
George Villiers Quotes George Villiers Politician 1628
Diana Vreeland Quotes Diana Vreeland Editor 1989
Mika Waltari Quotes Mika Waltari Author 1979
Paul Waner Quotes Paul Waner Athlete 1965
Simone Weil Quotes Simone Weil Philosopher 1943
Franz Werfel Quotes Franz Werfel Author 1945
Ralph Vaughan Williams Quotes Ralph Vaughan Williams Composer 1958
Wesley Willis Quotes Wesley Willis Musician 2003
James Wilson Quotes James Wilson Politician 1798
Mary Wortley Quotes Mary Wortley Royalty 1762
Brigham Young Quotes Brigham Young Leader 1877
Loretta Young Quotes Loretta Young Actress 2000
Anders Zorn Quotes Anders Zorn Artist 1920
Aaliyah Quotes Aaliyah Musician 2001