Died on April, 7st

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April, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Ralph Abernathy Quotes Ralph Abernathy Activist 1990
John Agar Actor 2002
Thomas Gold Appleton Quotes Thomas Gold Appleton Critic 1884
Robert Atkins Celebrity 2003
Theda Bara Quotes Theda Bara Actress 1955
P. T. Barnum Quotes P. T. Barnum Entertainer 1891
Elizabeth Bibesco Quotes Elizabeth Bibesco Poet 1945
Eric Butterworth Educator 2003
Carlos Castaneda Quotes Carlos Castaneda Writer 1998
Carlos Castenada Quotes Carlos Castenada Writer 1998
Aime Cesaire Quotes Aime Cesaire Poet 2008
Frank Church Quotes Frank Church Politician 1984
William Colby Quotes William Colby Public Servant 1996
John Coltrane Quotes John Coltrane Musician 1967
William Davenant Poet 1668
George Alec Effinger Author 2002
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson Poet 1882
Samuel G. Engel Writer 1984
Henry Ford Quotes Henry Ford Businessman 1947
Benjamin Franklin Quotes Benjamin Franklin Politician 1790
Paul Getty Businessman 2003
William Godwin Quotes William Godwin Writer 1836
Antonio Gramsci Quotes Antonio Gramsci Politician 1937
Ruth Handler Quotes Ruth Handler Businesswoman 2002
Bessie Head Writer 1986
Arthur Hertzberg Theologian 2006
Chaim Herzog Quotes Chaim Herzog Statesman 1997
Al Hirt Quotes Al Hirt Musician 1999
James Houston Artist 2005
J. Allen Hynek Scientist 1986
Lucy Larcom Quotes Lucy Larcom Poet 1893
Joseph Lyons Quotes Joseph Lyons Statesman 1939
Alexander Mackenzie Quotes Alexander Mackenzie Statesman 1892
Maxwell Maltz Scientist 1975
Golo Mann Quotes Golo Mann Historian 1994
Linda McCartney Quotes Linda McCartney Photographer 1998
Olivier Messiaen Quotes Olivier Messiaen Composer 1992
Julius Sterling Morton Quotes Julius Sterling Morton Scientist 1902
Edward R. Murrow Quotes Edward R. Murrow Journalist 1965
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Quotes Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Sculptor 1988
Kwame Nkrumah Quotes Kwame Nkrumah Statesman 1972
Elliot Paul Journalist 1958
Karl Pearson Quotes Karl Pearson Mathematician 1936
Zebulon Pike Quotes Zebulon Pike Soldier 1813
Alexander Scriabin Quotes Alexander Scriabin Composer 1915
Madame de Sevigne Quotes Madame de Sevigne Writer 1696
Dorothee Solle Theologian 2003
Mike Wallace Journalist 2012
David Wilkerson Clergyman 2011
Peter Wright Quotes Peter Wright Celebrity 1995