Died on April, 5st

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April, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Leon Battista Alberti Quotes Leon Battista Alberti Architect 1472
Matthew Arnold Quotes Matthew Arnold Poet 1888
Wallace Beery Quotes Wallace Beery Actor 1949
Saul Bellow Quotes Saul Bellow Novelist 2005
Henry Beston Writer 1968
Earl Derr Biggers Novelist 1933
Corrie Ten Boom Quotes Corrie Ten Boom Author 1983
Henry Seidel Canby Critic 1961
Leslie Charteris Quotes Leslie Charteris Writer 1993
Kurt Cobain Musician 1994
Tommy Cooper Quotes Tommy Cooper Comedian 1984
William Cowper Quotes William Cowper Poet 1800
Simon Dach Poet 1659
Georges Jacques Danton Quotes Georges Jacques Danton Revolutionary 1794
Chauncey Depew Politician 1928
Camille Desmoulins Quotes Camille Desmoulins Journalist 1794
Indra Devi Quotes Indra Devi Celebrity 2002
Thomas Drummond Quotes Thomas Drummond Public Servant 1840
Hope Emerson Actress 1960
William Empson Quotes William Empson Poet 1984
Oliver Evans Quotes Oliver Evans Inventor 1819
Abe Fortas Quotes Abe Fortas Judge 1982
Greta Garbo Quotes Greta Garbo Actress 1990
Jean Genet Quotes Jean Genet Dramatist 1986
Allen Ginsberg Quotes Allen Ginsberg Poet 1997
Dexter Gordon Quotes Dexter Gordon Musician 1990
Edward Gorey Quotes Edward Gorey Author 2000
Thom Gunn Poet 2004
Charlton Heston Quotes Charlton Heston Actor 2008
Howard Hughes Quotes Howard Hughes Businessman 1976
Jane Jacobs Quotes Jane Jacobs Sociologist 2006
Chiang Kai-shek Quotes Chiang Kai-shek Soldier 1975
Amanullah Khan Quotes Amanullah Khan Statesman 1960
Frank Knight Economist 1972
Abraham Lincoln Quotes Abraham Lincoln President 1865
Arthur Lowe Quotes Arthur Lowe Actor 1982
Douglas MacArthur Quotes Douglas MacArthur Soldier 1964
David Merrick Producer 2000
Dale Messick Quotes Dale Messick Artist 2005
Robert Musil Quotes Robert Musil Writer 1942
Emil Nolde Quotes Emil Nolde Artist 1956
Lee Petty Quotes Lee Petty Celebrity 2000
Simeon Poisson Quotes Simeon Poisson Mathematician 1840
Robert Purvis Quotes Robert Purvis Activist 1898
Joey Ramone Quotes Joey Ramone Musician 2001
Ginger Rogers Quotes Ginger Rogers Actress 1995
George Sanders Quotes George Sanders Actor 1972
Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes Jean-Paul Sartre Philosopher 1980
Anna Sewell Quotes Anna Sewell Writer 1878
Clifford D. Simak Quotes Clifford D. Simak Writer 1988
Charles Ferguson Smith Quotes Charles Ferguson Smith Soldier 1862
Layne Staley Quotes Layne Staley Musician 2002
William Thomas Stead Quotes William Thomas Stead Journalist 1912
Torquato Tasso Quotes Torquato Tasso Poet 1595
Charles Tennyson Turner Poet 1879
Byron White Quotes Byron White Judge 2002
Emma Willard Activist 1870
Kenneth Williams Quotes Kenneth Williams Actor 1988
Edward Young Quotes Edward Young Poet 1765