Died on April, 3st

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April, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
George Balanchine Quotes George Balanchine Dancer 1983
Lester Bangs Quotes Lester Bangs Critic 1982
Alben W. Barkley Quotes Alben W. Barkley Vice President 1956
Marston Bates Scientist 1974
Bruno Bauer Quotes Bruno Bauer Theologian 1882
Johannes Brahms Quotes Johannes Brahms Composer 1897
Eva Braun Quotes Eva Braun Celebrity 1945
Rupert Brooke Quotes Rupert Brooke Poet 1915
Annie Jump Cannon Quotes Annie Jump Cannon Scientist 1941
Miguel de Cervantes Quotes Miguel de Cervantes Novelist 1616
Nicolas Chamfort Quotes Nicolas Chamfort Writer 1794
Cesar Chavez Quotes Cesar Chavez Activist 1993
Jay Chiat Businessman 2002
Bessie Coleman Quotes Bessie Coleman Aviator 1926
Howard Cosell Quotes Howard Cosell Lawyer 1995
Charles G. Dawes Quotes Charles G. Dawes Vice President 1951
Georges Duhamel Quotes Georges Duhamel Novelist 1966
Sam Ervin Quotes Sam Ervin Politician 1985
Robert Fortune Scientist 1880
Max Gluckman Scientist 1975
Graham Greene Quotes Graham Greene Playwright 1991
David Halberstam Journalist 2007
Sarah Josepha Hale Quotes Sarah Josepha Hale Writer 1879
Alfred Edward Housman Quotes Alfred Edward Housman Poet 1936
A. E. Housman Quotes A. E. Housman Poet 1936
Constantine Karamanlis Quotes Constantine Karamanlis Leader 1998
Louis Kronenberger Critic 1980
Jean de La Fontaine Quotes Jean de La Fontaine Poet 1695
Sergio Leone Quotes Sergio Leone Director 1989
Edouard Manet Quotes Edouard Manet Artist 1883
Terence McKenna Quotes Terence McKenna Writer 2000
John Mills Quotes John Mills Actor 2005
Wilson Mizner Quotes Wilson Mizner Dramatist 1933
Harold Nicholas Quotes Harold Nicholas Dancer 2000
Anna de Noailles Writer 1933
Alexander Dale Oen Athlete 2012
Otto Preminger Quotes Otto Preminger Director 1986
Nizar Qabbani Quotes Nizar Qabbani Diplomat 1998
Michael Ramsey Quotes Michael Ramsey Clergyman 1988
Satyajit Ray Quotes Satyajit Ray Director 1992
William Shakespeare Quotes William Shakespeare Dramatist 1616
Muriel Spark Quotes Muriel Spark Novelist 2006
Catherine Helen Spence Quotes Catherine Helen Spence Author 1910
Wallace Stegner Quotes Wallace Stegner Novelist 1993
John C. Stennis Quotes John C. Stennis Politician 1995
Carl Stokes Quotes Carl Stokes Politician 1996
Henry Sweet Quotes Henry Sweet Writer 1912
Jane Taylor Poet 1824
Johnny Thunders Quotes Johnny Thunders Musician 1991
Howard Thurston Quotes Howard Thurston Celebrity 1936
P. L. Travers Quotes P. L. Travers Writer 1996
Sarah Vaughan Quotes Sarah Vaughan Musician 1990
Conrad Veidt Quotes Conrad Veidt Actor 1943
Muddy Waters Quotes Muddy Waters Musician 1983
Beatrice Webb Quotes Beatrice Webb Sociologist 1943
Kurt Weill Quotes Kurt Weill Composer 1950
John Archibald Wheeler Quotes John Archibald Wheeler Physicist 2008
John Wilson Writer 1854
Earl Wilson Athlete 2005
Carter G. Woodson Quotes Carter G. Woodson Historian 1950
William Wordsworth Quotes William Wordsworth Poet 1850
Boris Yeltsin Statesman 2007