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April, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Ralph Abernathy Quotes Ralph Abernathy Activist 1990
Konrad Adenauer Quotes Konrad Adenauer Statesman 1967
Edward Appleton Scientist 1965
Thomas Gold Appleton Quotes Thomas Gold Appleton Critic 1884
Matthew Arnold Quotes Matthew Arnold Poet 1888
Robert Atkins Celebrity 2003
Buck Baker Quotes Buck Baker Celebrity 2002
Josephine Baker Quotes Josephine Baker Dancer 1975
Harvey Ball Quotes Harvey Ball Celebrity 2001
Leslie Banks Quotes Leslie Banks Actor 1952
Clara Barton Quotes Clara Barton Public Servant 1912
Bruno Bauer Quotes Bruno Bauer Theologian 1882
Simone de Beauvoir Quotes Simone de Beauvoir Writer 1986
Wallace Beery Quotes Wallace Beery Actor 1949
Aphra Behn Quotes Aphra Behn Dramatist 1689
Henry Beston Writer 1968
Ernest Bevin Quotes Ernest Bevin Public Servant 1951
Corrie Ten Boom Quotes Corrie Ten Boom Author 1983
Jacques Bossuet Quotes Jacques Bossuet Clergyman 1704
Charles Bowen Quotes Charles Bowen Judge 1894
Robert Bridges Quotes Robert Bridges Poet 1930
Erik Bruhn Quotes Erik Bruhn Dancer 1986
Luther Burbank Quotes Luther Burbank Environmentalist 1926
Eric Butterworth Educator 2003
George Byron Quotes George Byron Poet 1824
Lord Byron Quotes Lord Byron Poet 1824
Henry James Byron Quotes Henry James Byron Dramatist 1884
Annie Jump Cannon Quotes Annie Jump Cannon Scientist 1941
Jim Cantalupo Quotes Jim Cantalupo Businessman 2004
Kitty Carlisle Quotes Kitty Carlisle Musician 2007
Jane Welsh Carlyle Quotes Jane Welsh Carlyle Writer 1866
Dixie Carter Quotes Dixie Carter Actor 2010
Aime Cesaire Quotes Aime Cesaire Poet 2008
Nicolas Chamfort Quotes Nicolas Chamfort Writer 1794
Leslie Charteris Quotes Leslie Charteris Writer 1993
Dick Clark Quotes Dick Clark Entertainer 2012
Bainbridge Colby Quotes Bainbridge Colby Public Servant 1950
Henry Cole Quotes Henry Cole Public Servant 1882
John Coltrane Quotes John Coltrane Musician 1967
Roscoe Conkling Quotes Roscoe Conkling Politician 1888
Tommy Cooper Quotes Tommy Cooper Comedian 1984
Marie Corelli Quotes Marie Corelli Novelist 1924
Stafford Cripps Quotes Stafford Cripps Politician 1952
Pierre Curie Quotes Pierre Curie Scientist 1906
Michael Curtiz Quotes Michael Curtiz Director 1962
Simon Dach Poet 1659
Charles Darwin Quotes Charles Darwin Scientist 1882
Erasmus Darwin Quotes Erasmus Darwin Scientist 1802
Fred Davis Celebrity 1998
Richard Harding Davis Quotes Richard Harding Davis Journalist 1916
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Quotes Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Philosopher 1955
Morarji Desai Quotes Morarji Desai Politician 1995
Benjamin Disraeli Quotes Benjamin Disraeli Statesman 1881
Thomas Drummond Quotes Thomas Drummond Public Servant 1840
Georges Duhamel Quotes Georges Duhamel Novelist 1966
Eleanora Duse Quotes Eleanora Duse Actress 1924
Eleonora Duse Quotes Eleonora Duse Actress 1924
Francois Duvalier Quotes Francois Duvalier Statesman 1971
Albert Einstein Quotes Albert Einstein Physicist 1955
Ralph Ellison Quotes Ralph Ellison Author 1994
William Empson Quotes William Empson Poet 1984
Max Ernst Quotes Max Ernst Artist 1976
Walker Evans Quotes Walker Evans Photographer 1975
Oliver Evans Quotes Oliver Evans Inventor 1819
Edna Ferber Quotes Edna Ferber Novelist 1968
Michael Flanders Quotes Michael Flanders Actor 1975
John Ambrose Fleming Quotes John Ambrose Fleming Inventor 1945
John Forsythe Quotes John Forsythe Actor 2010
Robert Fortune Scientist 1880
Benjamin Franklin Quotes Benjamin Franklin Politician 1790
Jim Fraser Quotes Jim Fraser Politician 1970
Arthur Freed Producer 1973
Henry Fuseli Quotes Henry Fuseli Artist 1825
Greta Garbo Quotes Greta Garbo Actress 1990
Marvin Gaye Quotes Marvin Gaye Musician 1984
Jean Genet Quotes Jean Genet Dramatist 1986
Paul Getty Businessman 2003
Khalil Gibran Quotes Khalil Gibran Poet 1931
James Gleason Quotes James Gleason Actor 1959
Max Gluckman Scientist 1975
Caroline Gordon Writer 1981
Edward Gorey Quotes Edward Gorey Author 2000
Elizabeth Goudge Writer 1984
Martha Graham Quotes Martha Graham Dancer 1991
Anna Katharine Green Quotes Anna Katharine Green Author 1935
Alfred Whitney Griswold Quotes Alfred Whitney Griswold Educator 1963
Bessie Head Writer 1986
Ben Hecht Quotes Ben Hecht Writer 1964
Arthur Hertzberg Theologian 2006
Chaim Herzog Quotes Chaim Herzog Statesman 1997
Thor Heyerdahl Quotes Thor Heyerdahl Explorer 2002
Wendy Hiller Quotes Wendy Hiller Actress 2003
Abbie Hoffman Quotes Abbie Hoffman Activist 1989
James Houston Artist 2005
Muhammad Iqbal Quotes Muhammad Iqbal Poet 1938
Burl Ives Quotes Burl Ives Musician 1995
Adoniram Judson Quotes Adoniram Judson Clergyman 1850
Phil Katz Scientist 2000
Yasunari Kawabata Quotes Yasunari Kawabata Novelist 1972
John Maynard Keynes Quotes John Maynard Keynes Economist 1946
Sam Kinison Quotes Sam Kinison Comedian 1992
Frank Knight Economist 1972
Alan Kulwicki Quotes Alan Kulwicki Athlete 1993
Warren De la Rue Quotes Warren De la Rue Scientist 1889
Jean de La Fontaine Quotes Jean de La Fontaine Poet 1695
Lucy Larcom Quotes Lucy Larcom Poet 1893
David Lean Quotes David Lean Director 1991
Aldo Leopold Quotes Aldo Leopold Environmentalist 1948
Primo Levi Quotes Primo Levi Scientist 1987
Abraham Lincoln Quotes Abraham Lincoln President 1865
Joe Louis Quotes Joe Louis Athlete 1981
Arthur Lowe Quotes Arthur Lowe Actor 1982
Francis Cabot Lowell Businessman 1817
Jean-Francois Lyotard Quotes Jean-Francois Lyotard Philosopher 1998
Diosdado Macapagal Quotes Diosdado Macapagal Politician 1997
Charles MacArthur Playwright 1956
Alexander Mackenzie Quotes Alexander Mackenzie Statesman 1892
Ramana Maharshi Quotes Ramana Maharshi Philosopher 1950
Kamisese Mara Quotes Kamisese Mara Statesman 2004
Manning Marable Quotes Manning Marable Educator 2011
Daphne du Maurier Quotes Daphne du Maurier Novelist 1989
Vladimir Mayakovsky Quotes Vladimir Mayakovsky Poet 1930
Linda McCartney Quotes Linda McCartney Photographer 1998
Philipp Melanchthon Quotes Philipp Melanchthon Theologian 1560
Irving Mills Musician 1985
Peter D. Mitchell Quotes Peter D. Mitchell Scientist 1992
Gustave Moreau Quotes Gustave Moreau Artist 1898
Robert Musil Quotes Robert Musil Writer 1942
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Quotes Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Sculptor 1988
Tancredo Neves Quotes Tancredo Neves Politician 1985
Henry Newbolt Quotes Henry Newbolt Author 1938
Emil Nolde Quotes Emil Nolde Artist 1956
Flann O'Brien Writer 1966
John O'Hara Writer 1970
Marcel Pagnol Quotes Marcel Pagnol Dramatist 1974
Alan Paton Quotes Alan Paton Novelist 1988
Octavio Paz Quotes Octavio Paz Poet 1998
Ben Pimlott Quotes Ben Pimlott Historian 2004
Jacques Prevert Quotes Jacques Prevert Poet 1977
Al Purdy Quotes Al Purdy Poet 2000
Robert Purvis Quotes Robert Purvis Activist 1898
Ernie Pyle Quotes Ernie Pyle Journalist 1945
Mohammad Rabbani Politician 2001
Jean Racine Quotes Jean Racine Dramatist 1699
Joey Ramone Quotes Joey Ramone Musician 2001
Charles Reade Quotes Charles Reade Novelist 1884
Manfred von Richthofen Quotes Manfred von Richthofen Aviator 1918
Michael Ritchie Director 2001
Abraham Robinson Quotes Abraham Robinson Mathematician 1974
Sugar Ray Robinson Quotes Sugar Ray Robinson Athlete 1989
Franklin D. Roosevelt Quotes Franklin D. Roosevelt President 1945
Isaac Rosenberg Quotes Isaac Rosenberg Poet 1918
Helena Rubinstein Quotes Helena Rubinstein Businesswoman 1965
Benjamin Rush Quotes Benjamin Rush Scientist 1813
John Singer Sargent Quotes John Singer Sargent Artist 1925
Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes Jean-Paul Sartre Philosopher 1980
James Schuyler Quotes James Schuyler Poet 1991
Madame de Sevigne Quotes Madame de Sevigne Writer 1696
Nina Simone Quotes Nina Simone Musician 2003
Samuel Smiles Quotes Samuel Smiles Author 1904
Carrie Snodgress Quotes Carrie Snodgress Actress 2004
Muriel Spark Quotes Muriel Spark Novelist 2006
Josiah Stamp Businessman 1941
William Thomas Stead Quotes William Thomas Stead Journalist 1912
Wallace Stegner Quotes Wallace Stegner Novelist 1993
Alexander Turney Stewart Quotes Alexander Turney Stewart Businessman 1876
Gustav Stickley Quotes Gustav Stickley Architect 1942
Louis Sullivan Quotes Louis Sullivan Architect 1924
Algernon Charles Swinburne Quotes Algernon Charles Swinburne Poet 1909
Jane Taylor Poet 1824
Howard Thurman Educator 1981
Howard Thurston Quotes Howard Thurston Celebrity 1936
Alexis de Tocqueville Quotes Alexis de Tocqueville Historian 1859
Nicola Trussardi Designer 1999
Mark Twain Quotes Mark Twain Author 1910
Boss Tweed Quotes Boss Tweed Politician 1878
Robert Urich Quotes Robert Urich Actor 2002
Kurt Vonnegut Quotes Kurt Vonnegut Author 2007
George Wald Quotes George Wald Scientist 1997
Evelyn Waugh Quotes Evelyn Waugh Author 1966
John Archibald Wheeler Quotes John Archibald Wheeler Physicist 2008
Byron White Quotes Byron White Judge 2002
Emma Willard Activist 1870
Kenneth Williams Quotes Kenneth Williams Actor 1988
Charles Wilson Public Servant 1977
Stephen Samuel Wise Clergyman 1949
Isoroku Yamamoto Quotes Isoroku Yamamoto Soldier 1943
Emiliano Zapata Quotes Emiliano Zapata Revolutionary 1919