Died on November, 9st

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November, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
George Aiken Quotes George Aiken Politician 1984
George D. Aiken Quotes George D. Aiken Politician 1984
Guillaume Apollinaire Quotes Guillaume Apollinaire Novelist 1918
Brand Blanshard Quotes Brand Blanshard Philosopher 1987
Kenneth Burke Quotes Kenneth Burke Philosopher 1993
Art Carney Quotes Art Carney Actor 2003
William Cartwright Dramatist 1643
Neville Chamberlain Quotes Neville Chamberlain Politician 1940
Iris Chang Quotes Iris Chang Historian 2004
Dorothy Day Quotes Dorothy Day Activist 1980
Dorothy Dunnett Novelist 2001
Louis Finkelstein Clergyman 1991
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Quotes Dorothy Canfield Fisher Author 1958
Dan Flavin Quotes Dan Flavin Sculptor 1996
Charles de Gaulle Quotes Charles de Gaulle Leader 1970
Cary Grant Quotes Cary Grant Actor 1986
Horace Greeley Quotes Horace Greeley Editor 1872
Erwin Griswold Quotes Erwin Griswold Lawyer 1994
George Harrison Quotes George Harrison Musician 2001
John Michael Hayes Writer 2008
Graham Hill Quotes Graham Hill Athlete 1975
William Hull Quotes William Hull Soldier 1825
H. L. Hunt Quotes H. L. Hunt Businessman 1974
Richard Mentor Johnson Quotes Richard Mentor Johnson Politician 1850
Thomas Hewitt Key Writer 1875
John Knowles Novelist 2001
Erich Wolfgang Korngold Quotes Erich Wolfgang Korngold Composer 1957
Steig Larsson Quotes Steig Larsson Author 2004
Emma Lazarus Quotes Emma Lazarus Poet 1887
Ivy Lee Quotes Ivy Lee Writer 1934
Henry Cabot Lodge Quotes Henry Cabot Lodge Politician 1924
Terry Melcher Quotes Terry Melcher Musician 2004
John N. Mitchell Quotes John N. Mitchell Politician 1988
Yves Montand Quotes Yves Montand Actor 1991
Claudio Monteverdi Quotes Claudio Monteverdi Composer 1643
Antonio Porchia Poet 1968
Giacomo Puccini Quotes Giacomo Puccini Composer 1924
Gene Rayburn Quotes Gene Rayburn Entertainer 1999
Sigmund Romberg Quotes Sigmund Romberg Composer 1951
Solomon Schechter Quotes Solomon Schechter Clergyman 1915
Franz Schubert Quotes Franz Schubert Composer 1828
Bruno Schulz Quotes Bruno Schulz Novelist 1942
Bill Scott Actor 1985
George Stephen Quotes George Stephen Businessman 1921
Bill Stern Actor 1971
Dylan Thomas Quotes Dylan Thomas Poet 1953
Chaim Weizmann Quotes Chaim Weizmann Leader 1952
John Wilkins Quotes John Wilkins Clergyman 1672
Ellen Willis Writer 2006
Natalie Wood Quotes Natalie Wood Actress 1981
Frank Yerby Quotes Frank Yerby Author 1991
Coleman Young Quotes Coleman Young Politician 1997
Xu Zhimo Quotes Xu Zhimo Poet 1931