Died on December, 6st

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December, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Giovanni Agnelli Quotes Giovanni Agnelli Designer 1945
B. R. Ambedkar Quotes B. R. Ambedkar Politician 1956
Don Ameche Quotes Don Ameche Actor 1993
Jack Benny Quotes Jack Benny Comedian 1974
Louis Blanc Quotes Louis Blanc Politician 1882
John Buford Quotes John Buford Soldier 1863
Colin Chapman Quotes Colin Chapman Inventor 1982
Lee Van Cleef Quotes Lee Van Cleef Actor 1989
Jefferson Davis Quotes Jefferson Davis Leader 1889
Melvil Dewey Quotes Melvil Dewey Inventor 1931
Dorothy Dix Quotes Dorothy Dix Journalist 1951
Frantz Fanon Quotes Frantz Fanon Psychologist 1961
Dan Fogelberg Quotes Dan Fogelberg Musician 2007
Gerald R. Ford Quotes Gerald R. Ford President 2006
Dian Fossey Quotes Dian Fossey Scientist 1985
William Gaddis Quotes William Gaddis Novelist 1998
John Gallagher Businessman 1998
Baltasar Gracian Quotes Baltasar Gracian Philosopher 1658
Burleigh Grimes Quotes Burleigh Grimes Athlete 1985
Philip Guedalla Historian 1944
Doug Harvey Quotes Doug Harvey Athlete 1989
Howard Hawks Quotes Howard Hawks Director 1977
Claude Adrien Helvetius Quotes Claude Adrien Helvetius Philosopher 1771
Kin Hubbard Quotes Kin Hubbard Journalist 1930
Claiborne Fox Jackson Quotes Claiborne Fox Jackson Lawyer 1862
Werner Klemperer Quotes Werner Klemperer Actor 2000
Elsa Lanchester Quotes Elsa Lanchester Actress 1986
Kenneth Scott Latourette Historian 1968
John A. Logan Quotes John A. Logan Soldier 1886
Agnes Martin Artist 2004
W. Somerset Maugham Quotes W. Somerset Maugham Playwright 1965
Curtis Mayfield Quotes Curtis Mayfield Musician 1999
Roy Orbison Quotes Roy Orbison Musician 1988
Kerry Packer Businessman 2005
William Petty Quotes William Petty Economist 1687
Francois Quesnay Quotes Francois Quesnay Economist 1774
Frederic Remington Quotes Frederic Remington Artist 1909
James Reston Journalist 1995
Herb Ritts Quotes Herb Ritts Photographer 2002
Harold Ross Quotes Harold Ross Editor 1951
Pete Rozelle Quotes Pete Rozelle Celebrity 1996
Colonel Sanders Quotes Colonel Sanders Celebrity 1980
Vincent Schiavelli Quotes Vincent Schiavelli Actor 2005
Heinrich Schliemann Quotes Heinrich Schliemann Scientist 1890
John Spencer Actor 2005
James Stephens Poet 1950
Anthony Trollope Quotes Anthony Trollope Author 1882
Harry S. Truman Quotes Harry S. Truman President 1972
Honus Wagner Quotes Honus Wagner Athlete 1955
Reggie White Quotes Reggie White Athlete 2004
John Wilkes Quotes John Wilkes Journalist 1797
Elinor Wylie Quotes Elinor Wylie Poet 1928
Michael Zaslow Actor 1998
Weegee Quotes Weegee Photographer 1968