Died on December, 3st

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December, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Ella Baker Quotes Ella Baker Activist 1986
Billy Barty Quotes Billy Barty Actor 2000
Victor Borge Quotes Victor Borge Musician 2000
Robert Boyle Quotes Robert Boyle Philosopher 1691
Gwendolyn Brooks Quotes Gwendolyn Brooks Poet 2000
Graham Brown Actor 2011
Eileen Caddy Quotes Eileen Caddy Celebrity 2006
Malcolm Campbell Quotes Malcolm Campbell Celebrity 1948
George Catlin Quotes George Catlin Artist 1872
Lord Edward Cecil Quotes Lord Edward Cecil Soldier 1918
Roberto Clemente Quotes Roberto Clemente Athlete 1972
Anthony Collins Quotes Anthony Collins Philosopher 1729
John Cotton Clergyman 1652
Gustave Courbet Quotes Gustave Courbet Artist 1877
Alan Cranston Quotes Alan Cranston Politician 2000
Gerard Debreu Quotes Gerard Debreu Mathematician 2004
John Gregory Dunne Quotes John Gregory Dunne Writer 2003
Mary Baker Eddy Quotes Mary Baker Eddy Theologian 1910
Julius J. Epstein Quotes Julius J. Epstein Dramatist 2000
Philip Francis Politician 1818
Leon Gambetta Quotes Leon Gambetta Politician 1882
Christian Furchtegott Gellert Quotes Christian Furchtegott Gellert Poet 1769
Konrad von Gesner Quotes Konrad von Gesner Scientist 1565
Samuel Gompers Quotes Samuel Gompers Activist 1924
Henry Green Novelist 1973
John Grigg Writer 2001
Lord Halifax Quotes Lord Halifax Politician 1958
Eddie Hazel Quotes Eddie Hazel Musician 1992
Abraham Joshua Heschel Quotes Abraham Joshua Heschel Educator 1972
Tojo Hideki Quotes Tojo Hideki Statesman 1948
Rona Jaffe Novelist 2005
Samuel Johnson Quotes Samuel Johnson Author 1784
Thomas Watson, Jr. Businessman 1993
Wassily Kandinsky Quotes Wassily Kandinsky Artist 1944
Michael Kennedy Celebrity 1997
Walter Knott Quotes Walter Knott Businessman 1981
Amos Lawrence Quotes Amos Lawrence Businessman 1852
Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin Quotes Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin Revolutionary 1874
Trygve Lie Quotes Trygve Lie Politician 1968
El Lissitzky Quotes El Lissitzky Artist 1941
Sonny Liston Quotes Sonny Liston Athlete 1970
Thomas Malthus Quotes Thomas Malthus Economist 1834
Vincent Massey Quotes Vincent Massey Politician 1967
Marshall McLuhan Quotes Marshall McLuhan Sociologist 1980
Grandma Moses Quotes Grandma Moses Artist 1961
Oswald Mosley Quotes Oswald Mosley Politician 1980
Jack Nance Quotes Jack Nance Actor 1996
Ricky Nelson Quotes Ricky Nelson Musician 1985
Isamu Noguchi Quotes Isamu Noguchi Sculptor 1988
Dudley North Economist 1691
Oscar Peterson Quotes Oscar Peterson Musician 2007
Kenneth L. Pike Quotes Kenneth L. Pike Sociologist 2000
Glenn Quinn Quotes Glenn Quinn Actor 2002
Theodor Reik Psychologist 1969
Auguste Renoir Quotes Auguste Renoir Artist 1919
Elliot Richardson Quotes Elliot Richardson Lawyer 1999
Richard Rodgers Quotes Richard Rodgers Composer 1979
Romain Rolland Quotes Romain Rolland Novelist 1944
Artie Shaw Quotes Artie Shaw Musician 2004
George Allen, Sr. Coach 1990
Robert Louis Stevenson Quotes Robert Louis Stevenson Writer 1894
David Swift Director 2001
Lewis Thomas Scientist 1993
Hideki Tojo Quotes Hideki Tojo Soldier 1948
Miguel de Unamuno Quotes Miguel de Unamuno Educator 1936
Mary Wesley Novelist 2002
Alfred North Whitehead Quotes Alfred North Whitehead Mathematician 1947
Francis Wright Activist 1852
Cao Yu Quotes Cao Yu Playwright 1996
Carl Zeiss Quotes Carl Zeiss Scientist 1888
Maimonides Quotes Maimonides Philosopher 1204