Authors Born on September, 9st

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September, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Kate Adie Quotes Kate Adie Journalist 1945
Roger Angell Writer 1920
Michelangelo Antonioni Quotes Michelangelo Antonioni Director 1912
Mary Austin Quotes Mary Austin Writer 1868
Ann Bancroft Quotes Ann Bancroft Explorer 1955
Jean-Louis Barrault Quotes Jean-Louis Barrault Actor 1910
Steve Bartlett Quotes Steve Bartlett Politician 1947
Mario Batali Quotes Mario Batali Celebrity 1960
Robert Benton Director 1932
Silvio Berlusconi Quotes Silvio Berlusconi Statesman 1936
William Bligh Quotes William Bligh Soldier 1754
Michael Buble Quotes Michael Buble Musician 1975
George Cadbury Quotes George Cadbury Businessman 1839
Angela Cartwright Actress 1952
Miguel de Cervantes Quotes Miguel de Cervantes Novelist 1547
Les Claypool Quotes Les Claypool Musician 1963
Robert Clive Musician 1725
Jarvis Cocker Quotes Jarvis Cocker Musician 1963
Sebastian Coe Quotes Sebastian Coe Politician 1956
Jeffrey Combs Quotes Jeffrey Combs Actor 1954
James Cronin Quotes James Cronin Physicist 1931
Mackenzie Crook Quotes Mackenzie Crook Actor 1971
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Quotes Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Psychologist 1934
Henry Cuellar Quotes Henry Cuellar Politician 1955
Clifton Daniel Editor 1912
Colin Dexter Novelist 1930
Joe Donnelly Quotes Joe Donnelly Politician 1955
Alexander Downer Quotes Alexander Downer Politician 1951
Kevin Durant Quotes Kevin Durant Athlete 1988
Leon Edel Quotes Leon Edel Critic 1907
Anita Ekberg Quotes Anita Ekberg Actress 1931
Erika Eleniak Quotes Erika Eleniak Actress 1969
Cass Elliot Quotes Cass Elliot Musician 1941
Walter Elliot Politician 1888
Alice Thomas Ellis Writer 1932
Brian Epstein Quotes Brian Epstein Businessman 1934
Jimmy Fallon Quotes Jimmy Fallon Comedian 1974
Frances Farmer Quotes Frances Farmer Actress 1913
Enrico Fermi Quotes Enrico Fermi Physicist 1901
Lita Ford Quotes Lita Ford Musician 1958
Arthur Freed Producer 1894
Paulo Freire Quotes Paulo Freire Educator 1921
Greer Garson Quotes Greer Garson Actress 1908
Elizabeth Gaskell Quotes Elizabeth Gaskell Novelist 1810
Julia Gillard Quotes Julia Gillard Statesman 1961
William Golding Quotes William Golding Novelist 1911
Hugh Grant Quotes Hugh Grant Actor 1960
Macy Gray Quotes Macy Gray Musician 1970
Bryant Gumbel Quotes Bryant Gumbel Entertainer 1948
Hunter Hayes Quotes Hunter Hayes Musician 1991
James Hilton Quotes James Hilton Novelist 1900
Ralph Hodgson Poet 1871
Trevor Howard Quotes Trevor Howard Actor 1913
Rachel Hunter Quotes Rachel Hunter Model 1969
Gwen Ifill Quotes Gwen Ifill Journalist 1955
Jeremy Irons Quotes Jeremy Irons Actor 1948
Alphonso Jackson Quotes Alphonso Jackson Public Servant 1945
Leon Jaworski Quotes Leon Jaworski Public Servant 1905
Nick Johnson Quotes Nick Johnson Athlete 1978
Michael Keaton Quotes Michael Keaton Actor 1951
Mohammad Khatami Quotes Mohammad Khatami Philosopher 1943
William Kirby Quotes William Kirby Scientist 1759
Lajos Kossuth Quotes Lajos Kossuth Lawyer 1802
John Kricfalusi Quotes John Kricfalusi Artist 1955
Akshay Kumar Quotes Akshay Kumar Actor 1967
Alf Landon Quotes Alf Landon Politician 1887
Sanaa Lathan Quotes Sanaa Lathan Actress 1971
Tanith Lee Quotes Tanith Lee Writer 1947
Donna Leon Quotes Donna Leon Author 1942
Joseph E. Levine Producer 1905
Kurt Lewin Psychologist 1890
Jerry Lee Lewis Quotes Jerry Lee Lewis Musician 1935
Sol LeWitt Quotes Sol LeWitt Artist 1928
John Linder Quotes John Linder Politician 1942
James Lipton Quotes James Lipton Educator 1926
Joan Lunden Quotes Joan Lunden Celebrity 1950
Patrick Marber Writer 1964
David McCallum Quotes David McCallum Actor 1933
Pete McCloskey Politician 1927
John McHugh Politician 1948
John M. McHugh Quotes John M. McHugh Politician 1948
Ludwig von Mises Quotes Ludwig von Mises Economist 1881
Peter D. Mitchell Quotes Peter D. Mitchell Scientist 1920
Joe Morgan Quotes Joe Morgan Athlete 1943
Russell M. Nelson Clergyman 1924
Bill Nelson Quotes Bill Nelson Politician 1942
Horatio Nelson Quotes Horatio Nelson Soldier 1758
Lord Nelson Quotes Lord Nelson Soldier 1758
Beverley Nichols Writer 1898
Michael Novak Quotes Michael Novak Philosopher 1933
Soledad O'Brien Journalist 1966
Al Oerter Athlete 1936
Cesare Pavese Quotes Cesare Pavese Poet 1908
Sally Pearson Quotes Sally Pearson Athlete 1986
Bum Phillips Quotes Bum Phillips Coach 1923
Daniel Pipes Quotes Daniel Pipes Author 1949
Orson Pratt Quotes Orson Pratt Theologian 1811
Billy Preston Quotes Billy Preston Musician 1946
Walther Rathenau Quotes Walther Rathenau Businessman 1867
Haley Reinhart Quotes Haley Reinhart Musician 1990
Cardinal Richelieu Quotes Cardinal Richelieu Clergyman 1585
Dennis Ritchie Quotes Dennis Ritchie Scientist 1941
Nile Rodgers Quotes Nile Rodgers Musician 1952
Mike Royko Quotes Mike Royko Writer 1932
Colonel Sanders Quotes Colonel Sanders Celebrity 1890
Adam Sandler Quotes Adam Sandler Actor 1966
Tim Scott Quotes Tim Scott Politician 1965
Michael Servetus Quotes Michael Servetus Scientist 1511
John Sexton Educator 1942
Andriy Shevchenko Quotes Andriy Shevchenko Athlete 1976
Tom Sizemore Quotes Tom Sizemore Actor 1961
Cyrus Rowlett Smith Quotes Cyrus Rowlett Smith Businessman 1899
Duke Snider Quotes Duke Snider Athlete 1926
Eric Stonestreet Quotes Eric Stonestreet Actor 1971
Michael Symon Quotes Michael Symon Chef 1969
Joe Theismann Quotes Joe Theismann Athlete 1949
Henry Thomas Actor 1971
Leo Tolstoy Quotes Leo Tolstoy Novelist 1828
Richard Chenevix Trench Quotes Richard Chenevix Trench Clergyman 1807
Miguel de Unamuno Quotes Miguel de Unamuno Educator 1864
Charles Vest Educator 1941
Goran Visnjic Quotes Goran Visnjic Actor 1972
Lech Walesa Quotes Lech Walesa Politician 1943
Mika Waltari Quotes Mika Waltari Author 1908
Adam West Quotes Adam West Actor 1928
John Hall Wheelock Poet 1886
Michelle Williams Quotes Michelle Williams Actress 1980
Tom Wopat Actor 1951
Emil Zatopek Quotes Emil Zatopek Athlete 1922