Authors Born on September, 6st

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September, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Jane Addams Quotes Jane Addams Activist 1860
Lynn Anderson Quotes Lynn Anderson Musician 1947
Carl Andre Artist 1935
Marc Anthony Quotes Marc Anthony Musician 1969
Edward Appleton Scientist 1892
Sergio Aragones Quotes Sergio Aragones Cartoonist 1937
Jean Arp Quotes Jean Arp Sculptor 1886
Lauren Bacall Quotes Lauren Bacall Actress 1924
Georges Bataille Quotes Georges Bataille Writer 1897
Bruno Bauer Quotes Bruno Bauer Theologian 1809
Elgin Baylor Athlete 1934
Catharine Beecher Quotes Catharine Beecher Educator 1800
Clive Bell Quotes Clive Bell Critic 1881
Alexis Bledel Quotes Alexis Bledel Actress 1981
Anthony Blunt Historian 1907
Marc Bolan Quotes Marc Bolan Musician 1977
Tommy Bond Actor 1926
Nadia Boulanger Quotes Nadia Boulanger Musician 1887
Charles Bradlaugh Quotes Charles Bradlaugh Activist 1833
Jan Brewer Quotes Jan Brewer Politician 1944
Breyten Breytenbach Quotes Breyten Breytenbach Writer 1939
Foxy Brown Quotes Foxy Brown Musician 1979
Wilfred Burchett Journalist 1911
Isaac Butt Quotes Isaac Butt Politician 1813
Charlie Byrd Quotes Charlie Byrd Musician 1925
Henry Seidel Canby Critic 1878
Julian Castro Quotes Julian Castro Politician 1974
Jim Caviezel Quotes Jim Caviezel Actor 1968
George Chakiris Quotes George Chakiris Dancer 1934
Chris Christie Quotes Chris Christie Politician 1962
David Allan Coe Quotes David Allan Coe Musician 1939
John Coolidge Quotes John Coolidge Celebrity 1906
David Copperfield Quotes David Copperfield Celebrity 1956
Kirsty Coventry Athlete 1983
Jane Curtin Quotes Jane Curtin Actress 1947
John Dalton Quotes John Dalton Scientist 1766
Robyn Davidson Writer 1950
Donna Douglas Actress 1933
Andrea Dworkin Quotes Andrea Dworkin Critic 1946
T. S. Eliot Quotes T. S. Eliot Poet 1888
Jo Ann Emerson Quotes Jo Ann Emerson Politician 1950
Peter Falk Quotes Peter Falk Actor 1927
Bryan Ferry Quotes Bryan Ferry Musician 1945
Carly Fiorina Quotes Carly Fiorina Businesswoman 1954
Robert Fortune Scientist 1812
Jeff Foxworthy Quotes Jeff Foxworthy Comedian 1958
Allen Funt Quotes Allen Funt Celebrity 1914
Henry Louis Gates Quotes Henry Louis Gates Critic 1950
Theodore Gericault Quotes Theodore Gericault Artist 1791
George Gershwin Quotes George Gershwin Composer 1898
Julien Green Quotes Julien Green Novelist 1900
Mark Haddon Novelist 1962
Linda Hamilton Quotes Linda Hamilton Actress 1956
Guy Hamilton Director 1922
Charles Haughey Politician 1925
Martin Heidegger Quotes Martin Heidegger Philosopher 1889
Orel Hershiser Quotes Orel Hershiser Athlete 1958
James J. Hill Quotes James J. Hill Businessman 1838
Lewis Hine Quotes Lewis Hine Photographer 1874
Shannon Hoon Quotes Shannon Hoon Musician 1967
Karen Horney Quotes Karen Horney Psychologist 1885
Naveen Jain Quotes Naveen Jain Businessman 1959
Henry St. John Quotes Henry St. John Politician 1678
Robert Kagan Quotes Robert Kagan Writer 1958
William R. Keating Quotes William R. Keating Politician 1952
Sue Kelly Politician 1936
Joseph P. Kennedy Quotes Joseph P. Kennedy Diplomat 1888
B. B. King Quotes B. B. King Musician 1925
John Knowles Novelist 1926
Swoosie Kurtz Quotes Swoosie Kurtz Actress 1944
Mikhail Kutuzov Quotes Mikhail Kutuzov Soldier 1745
Marquis de Lafayette Quotes Marquis de Lafayette Revolutionary 1757
Carmen Laforet Author 1921
Jack LaLanne Quotes Jack LaLanne Athlete 1914
Julie London Quotes Julie London Musician 1926
Robert Staughton Lynd Sociologist 1892
Ricardo Flores Magon Quotes Ricardo Flores Magon Journalist 1874
Richard Marx Quotes Richard Marx Musician 1963
Eric Massa Politician 1959
Kent McCord Quotes Kent McCord Actor 1942
Kendrick Meek Quotes Kendrick Meek Politician 1966
Moses Mendelssohn Quotes Moses Mendelssohn Philosopher 1729
Christina Milian Quotes Christina Milian Musician 1981
Charles Munch Musician 1891
Fatos Nano Quotes Fatos Nano Statesman 1952
Alfred Noyes Quotes Alfred Noyes Poet 1880
Francis Parkman Quotes Francis Parkman Historian 1823
James Cash Penney Quotes James Cash Penney Businessman 1875
Rosie Perez Quotes Rosie Perez Actress 1964
Richard Perle Public Servant 1941
Laurence J. Peter Writer 1919
Robert M. Pirsig Quotes Robert M. Pirsig Philosopher 1928
Amy Poehler Quotes Amy Poehler Comedian 1971
Lawrence Clark Powell Quotes Lawrence Clark Powell Critic 1906
George Raft Quotes George Raft Actor 1895
Jimmy Reed Quotes Jimmy Reed Musician 1925
Marty Robbins Quotes Marty Robbins Musician 1925
Anne Robinson Celebrity 1944
Billy Rose Quotes Billy Rose Entertainer 1899
Nathan Meyer Rothschild Quotes Nathan Meyer Rothschild Businessman 1777
Mickey Rourke Quotes Mickey Rourke Actor 1956
Greg Rusedski Quotes Greg Rusedski Athlete 1973
Robert H. Schuller Quotes Robert H. Schuller Clergyman 1926
Nassau William Senior Quotes Nassau William Senior Economist 1790
Molly Shannon Quotes Molly Shannon Actress 1964
Yuan Shikai Quotes Yuan Shikai Soldier 1859
Manmohan Singh Quotes Manmohan Singh Statesman 1932
Jane Smiley Quotes Jane Smiley Writer 1949
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Quotes Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Scientist 1893
Jennifer Tilly Quotes Jennifer Tilly Actress 1958
Elizabeth Vargas Quotes Elizabeth Vargas Journalist 1962
Pope Paul VI Quotes Pope Paul VI Clergyman 1897
Roger Waters Quotes Roger Waters Musician 1943
Abraham Whipple Quotes Abraham Whipple Soldier 1733
Christine Todd Whitman Quotes Christine Todd Whitman Politician 1946
Serena Williams Quotes Serena Williams Athlete 1981
Michael Winslow Quotes Michael Winslow Actor 1958
Francis Wright Activist 1795
Trisha Yearwood Quotes Trisha Yearwood Musician 1964
Robin Yount Quotes Robin Yount Athlete 1955