Authors Born on September, 3st

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September, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Jason Alexander Quotes Jason Alexander Actor 1959
Trey Anastasio Quotes Trey Anastasio Musician 1964
Sherwood Anderson Quotes Sherwood Anderson Writer 1876
Carl D. Anderson Quotes Carl D. Anderson Scientist 1905
Tadao Ando Quotes Tadao Ando Architect 1941
Fiona Apple Quotes Fiona Apple Musician 1977
Henry F. Ashurst Politician 1874
Michael D. Barnes Quotes Michael D. Barnes Politician 1943
Monica Bellucci Quotes Monica Bellucci Actress 1964
Jacqueline Bisset Quotes Jacqueline Bisset Actress 1944
Don Bluth Quotes Don Bluth Artist 1937
Kjell Magne Bondevik Quotes Kjell Magne Bondevik Statesman 1947
Robert Bosch Quotes Robert Bosch Businessman 1861
Paul Bremer Quotes Paul Bremer Statesman 1941
Eileen Brennan Quotes Eileen Brennan Artist 1935
Truman Capote Quotes Truman Capote Novelist 1924
Kitty Carlisle Quotes Kitty Carlisle Musician 1910
Nell Carter Quotes Nell Carter Actress 1948
Peter Cetera Quotes Peter Cetera Musician 1944
Lacey Chabert Quotes Lacey Chabert Actress 1982
Ray Charles Quotes Ray Charles Musician 1930
John Clapham Economist 1873
Tom C. Clark Quotes Tom C. Clark Politician 1899
Bob Clement Quotes Bob Clement Politician 1944
Claudette Colbert Quotes Claudette Colbert Actress 1903
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge Novelist 1861
John Coltrane Quotes John Coltrane Musician 1926
Marion Cotillard Quotes Marion Cotillard Actress 1975
Kieran Culkin Quotes Kieran Culkin Actor 1982
Roald Dahl Quotes Roald Dahl Novelist 1916
Lincoln Davis Politician 1943
Danielle Dax Quotes Danielle Dax Musician 1958
James Dean Quotes James Dean Actor 1955
Paul Delvaux Quotes Paul Delvaux Artist 1897
Savitri Devi Writer 1905
Angie Dickinson Quotes Angie Dickinson Actress 1931
Ani DiFranco Quotes Ani DiFranco Musician 1970
Domenico Dolce Quotes Domenico Dolce Designer 1958
Fran Drescher Quotes Fran Drescher Actress 1957
Jermaine Dupri Quotes Jermaine Dupri Musician 1972
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Quotes Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Novelist 1830
Loren Eiseley Quotes Loren Eiseley Scientist 1907
Jenna Elfman Quotes Jenna Elfman Actress 1971
Oliver Evans Quotes Oliver Evans Inventor 1755
Jennie Finch Quotes Jennie Finch Athlete 1980
Eduardo Galeano Quotes Eduardo Galeano Journalist 1940
Malcolm Gladwell Quotes Malcolm Gladwell Author 1963
Justin Halpern Author 1980
Julius Charles Hare Quotes Julius Charles Hare Clergyman 1795
Arthur Henderson Quotes Arthur Henderson Politician 1863
Martina Hingis Quotes Martina Hingis Athlete 1980
Tom Holt Novelist 1961
Niall Horan Quotes Niall Horan Musician 1993
Charles Hamilton Houston Lawyer 1895
Michael Huffington Quotes Michael Huffington Politician 1947
Julio Iglesias Quotes Julio Iglesias Musician 1943
Robert Indiana Quotes Robert Indiana Artist 1928
Shintaro Ishihara Quotes Shintaro Ishihara Politician 1932
William Eardley IV Public Servant 1964
Goran Ivanisevic Quotes Goran Ivanisevic Athlete 1971
Igor Ivanov Quotes Igor Ivanov Statesman 1945
George Jackson Activist 1941
Rob James-Collier Actor 1976
Bill Janklow Quotes Bill Janklow Politician 1939
Al Jardine Quotes Al Jardine Musician 1942
Maurice Jarre Composer 1924
Jerry B. Jenkins Novelist 1949
Sarah Orne Jewett Quotes Sarah Orne Jewett Author 1849
Michael Johnson Athlete 1967
Harry Connick, Jr. Musician 1967
Adrienne Kennedy Playwright 1931
Deborah Kerr Quotes Deborah Kerr Actress 1921
Kublai Khan Quotes Kublai Khan Statesman 1215
Alan Ladd Quotes Alan Ladd Actor 1913
Blanche Lincoln Quotes Blanche Lincoln Politician 1960
Walter Lippmann Quotes Walter Lippmann Journalist 1889
Alison Lurie Novelist 1926
Lester Maddox Quotes Lester Maddox Politician 1915
Judith Martin Quotes Judith Martin Author 1938
Johnny Mathis Quotes Johnny Mathis Musician 1935
Chi McBride Quotes Chi McBride Actor 1961
Stella McCartney Quotes Stella McCartney Designer 1971
W. S. Merwin Quotes W. S. Merwin Poet 1927
Bill Monroe Quotes Bill Monroe Musician 1911
Dave Mustaine Quotes Dave Mustaine Musician 1961
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Quotes Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Sculptor 1899
Ehud Olmert Quotes Ehud Olmert Politician 1945
John Olver Quotes John Olver Politician 1936
Baroness Orczy Quotes Baroness Orczy Novelist 1865
John Boyd Orr Quotes John Boyd Orr Politician 1880
Elizabeth Pena Actress 1961
Walter Pidgeon Quotes Walter Pidgeon Actor 1897
Karl Pilkington Quotes Karl Pilkington Actor 1972
Ferdinand Porsche Quotes Ferdinand Porsche Designer 1875
J. B. Priestley Quotes J. B. Priestley Writer 1894
Dixie Lee Ray Quotes Dixie Lee Ray Politician 1914
Walter Reed Quotes Walter Reed Soldier 1851
Buddy Rich Quotes Buddy Rich Musician 1917
Cedric Richmond Quotes Cedric Richmond Politician 1973
Robin Roberts Quotes Robin Roberts Athlete 1926
Mickey Rooney Quotes Mickey Rooney Actor 1920
Oscar Arias Sanchez Quotes Oscar Arias Sanchez Statesman 1941
Jim Sasser Politician 1936
Ben Savage Quotes Ben Savage Actor 1980
Arnold Schoenberg Quotes Arnold Schoenberg Composer 1874
Clara Schumann Quotes Clara Schumann Musician 1819
Jaroslav Seifert Quotes Jaroslav Seifert Poet 1901
John Sevier Quotes John Sevier Politician 1745
Charlie Sheen Quotes Charlie Sheen Actor 1965
Hugh Sidey Journalist 1927
Tavis Smiley Quotes Tavis Smiley Author 1964
Dorothee Solle Theologian 1929
Larry Speakes Public Servant 1939
Bruce Springsteen Quotes Bruce Springsteen Musician 1949
Eric Stoltz Quotes Eric Stoltz Actor 1961
Louis Sullivan Quotes Louis Sullivan Architect 1856
James Joseph Sylvester Quotes James Joseph Sylvester Mathematician 1814
Antonio Tabucchi Quotes Antonio Tabucchi Writer 1943
Jane Taylor Poet 1783
Mary Church Terrell Quotes Mary Church Terrell Activist 1863
Claude Vorilhon Celebrity 1946
Mort Walker Artist 1923
Shane Warne Quotes Shane Warne Athlete 1969
Don Was Musician 1952
Dominic West Quotes Dominic West Actor 1968
Shaun White Quotes Shaun White Athlete 1986
Elie Wiesel Quotes Elie Wiesel Novelist 1928
Jack Wild Quotes Jack Wild Actor 1952
Barry Williams Quotes Barry Williams Actor 1954
Samuel Wilson Quotes Samuel Wilson Public Servant 1766
Amy Winehouse Quotes Amy Winehouse Musician 1984
Victoria Woodhull Quotes Victoria Woodhull Activist 1838