Authors Born on September, 2st

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September, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Diane Abbott Quotes Diane Abbott Politician 1953
William Adams Explorer 1564
Scott Adams Quotes Scott Adams Cartoonist 1957
Samuel Adams Quotes Samuel Adams Revolutionary 1722
Jason Alexander Quotes Jason Alexander Actor 1959
Pedro Almodovar Quotes Pedro Almodovar Director 1949
Henri Frederic Amiel Quotes Henri Frederic Amiel Philosopher 1821
Cleveland Amory Historian 1917
Namie Amuro Quotes Namie Amuro Musician 1977
Lynn Anderson Quotes Lynn Anderson Musician 1947
Ethel Percy Andrus Quotes Ethel Percy Andrus Activist 1884
Michelangelo Antonioni Quotes Michelangelo Antonioni Director 1912
Asia Argento Quotes Asia Argento Actress 1975
Tommy Armour Quotes Tommy Armour Athlete 1894
Louis Auchincloss Quotes Louis Auchincloss Novelist 1917
Red Auerbach Quotes Red Auerbach Coach 1917
Emilie Autumn Quotes Emilie Autumn Musician 1979
Edward Bach Scientist 1886
Randy Bachman Quotes Randy Bachman Musician 1943
Scott Baio Quotes Scott Baio Actor 1961
Ann Bancroft Quotes Ann Bancroft Explorer 1955
Brigitte Bardot Quotes Brigitte Bardot Actress 1934
Ronnie Barker Quotes Ronnie Barker Comedian 1929
Maurice Barres Quotes Maurice Barres Politician 1862
Bob Beauprez Politician 1948
Gerry Beckley Quotes Gerry Beckley Musician 1952
George Bentham Quotes George Bentham Scientist 1800
Robert Benton Director 1932
Silvio Berlusconi Quotes Silvio Berlusconi Statesman 1936
Nuno Bettencourt Quotes Nuno Bettencourt Musician 1966
Andrea Bocelli Quotes Andrea Bocelli Musician 1958
Sherwood Boehlert Quotes Sherwood Boehlert Politician 1936
Louis Bonaparte Quotes Louis Bonaparte Royalty 1778
Debby Boone Actress 1956
Francesco Borromini Quotes Francesco Borromini Architect 1599
Robert Bosch Quotes Robert Bosch Businessman 1861
Jacques Bossuet Quotes Jacques Bossuet Clergyman 1627
Paul Bourget Quotes Paul Bourget Novelist 1852
Muriel Box Writer 1905
Charles Bradlaugh Quotes Charles Bradlaugh Activist 1833
Terry Bradshaw Quotes Terry Bradshaw Athlete 1948
John O. Brennan Quotes John O. Brennan Public Servant 1955
Robert Bresson Quotes Robert Bresson Director 1907
Jan Brewer Quotes Jan Brewer Politician 1944
Wilford Brimley Actor 1924
Joyce Brothers Quotes Joyce Brothers Psychologist 1927
Norman O. Brown Philosopher 1913
Scott Brown Quotes Scott Brown Politician 1959
Sam Brownback Quotes Sam Brownback Politician 1956
Carrie Brownstein Quotes Carrie Brownstein Musician 1974
Jerry Bruckheimer Quotes Jerry Bruckheimer Producer 1945
Avery Brundage Quotes Avery Brundage Athlete 1887
William P. Bundy Historian 1917
John Bunny Quotes John Bunny Actor 1863
Anne Burrell Quotes Anne Burrell Chef 1969
Eric Butterworth Educator 1916
Al Capp Quotes Al Capp Cartoonist 1909
Ed Case Quotes Ed Case Politician 1952
Shaun Cassidy Musician 1958
Nick Cave Quotes Nick Cave Musician 1957
Jim Caviezel Quotes Jim Caviezel Actor 1968
Neil Cavuto Quotes Neil Cavuto Journalist 1958
Luis Cernuda Quotes Luis Cernuda Poet 1902
Miguel de Cervantes Quotes Miguel de Cervantes Novelist 1547
Ben Chandler Quotes Ben Chandler Politician 1959
William Chappell Writer 1809
Ray Charles Quotes Ray Charles Musician 1930
Lord Chesterfield Statesman 1694
Maurice Chevalier Quotes Maurice Chevalier Actor 1888
Marin Cilic Quotes Marin Cilic Athlete 1988
Tom C. Clark Quotes Tom C. Clark Politician 1899
Les Claypool Quotes Les Claypool Musician 1963
Georges Clemenceau Quotes Georges Clemenceau Leader 1841
Bob Clement Quotes Bob Clement Politician 1944
Sebastian Coe Quotes Sebastian Coe Politician 1956
Ethan Coen Quotes Ethan Coen Director 1957
Leonard Cohen Quotes Leonard Cohen Musician 1934
Gary Cole Quotes Gary Cole Actor 1956
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge Novelist 1861
Alan Colmes Quotes Alan Colmes Journalist 1950
John Coltrane Quotes John Coltrane Musician 1926
Jimmy Connors Quotes Jimmy Connors Athlete 1952
Bob Considine Quotes Bob Considine Journalist 1975
Pete Coors Businessman 1946
Don Cornelius Quotes Don Cornelius Director 1936
Jerry Costello Politician 1949
David Coverdale Quotes David Coverdale Musician 1951
Cheryl Crawford Actress 1902
James Cronin Quotes James Cronin Physicist 1931
Hansie Cronje Quotes Hansie Cronje Athlete 1969
Mackenzie Crook Quotes Mackenzie Crook Actor 1971
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Quotes Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Psychologist 1934
Mychael Danna Quotes Mychael Danna Musician 1958
Priscilla Davis Celebrity 1933
Danielle Dax Quotes Danielle Dax Musician 1958
Jack Dee Quotes Jack Dee Comedian 1962
Grazia Deledda Quotes Grazia Deledda Writer 1871
Paul Delvaux Quotes Paul Delvaux Artist 1897
Jim DeMint Quotes Jim DeMint Politician 1951
Jason Derulo Quotes Jason Derulo Musician 1989
James Dewar Quotes James Dewar Scientist 1842
Colin Dexter Novelist 1930
Mario Diaz-Balart Politician 1961
Eric Dickerson Quotes Eric Dickerson Athlete 1960
Ani DiFranco Quotes Ani DiFranco Musician 1970
Joe Donnelly Quotes Joe Donnelly Politician 1955
Donna Douglas Actress 1933
Michael Douglas Quotes Michael Douglas Actor 1944
Hilary Duff Quotes Hilary Duff Actress 1987
Jermaine Dupri Quotes Jermaine Dupri Musician 1972
Kevin Durant Quotes Kevin Durant Athlete 1988
Clea Duvall Quotes Clea Duvall Actress 1977
Andrea Dworkin Quotes Andrea Dworkin Critic 1946
Jan Egeland Quotes Jan Egeland Public Servant 1957
Anita Ekberg Quotes Anita Ekberg Actress 1931
Erika Eleniak Quotes Erika Eleniak Actress 1969
T. S. Eliot Quotes T. S. Eliot Poet 1888
David James Elliott Quotes David James Elliott Actor 1960
Albert Ellis Quotes Albert Ellis Psychologist 1913
William Empson Quotes William Empson Poet 1906
Sam Ervin Quotes Sam Ervin Politician 1896
Rima Fakih Quotes Rima Fakih Clergyman 1985
Michael Faraday Quotes Michael Faraday Scientist 1791
Tom Felton Quotes Tom Felton Actor 1987
Enrico Fermi Quotes Enrico Fermi Physicist 1901
Bryan Ferry Quotes Bryan Ferry Musician 1945
Anselm Feuerbach Quotes Anselm Feuerbach Artist 1829
Eugene Field Quotes Eugene Field Poet 1850
Peter Finch Quotes Peter Finch Actor 1916
F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald Author 1896
Fannie Flagg Author 1941
Ben Folds Quotes Ben Folds Musician 1966
Liam Fox Quotes Liam Fox Politician 1961
Henry Fox Statesman 1705
E. Franklin Frazier Quotes E. Franklin Frazier Sociologist 1894
Bruce Froemming Athlete 1939
Sigmar Gabriel Quotes Sigmar Gabriel Politician 1959
Liam Gallagher Quotes Liam Gallagher Musician 1972
Janeane Garofalo Quotes Janeane Garofalo Comedian 1964
Greer Garson Quotes Greer Garson Actress 1908
Elizabeth Gaskell Quotes Elizabeth Gaskell Novelist 1810
Robert M. Gates Quotes Robert M. Gates Politician 1943
Henry George Quotes Henry George Economist 1839
Theodore Gericault Quotes Theodore Gericault Artist 1791
George Gershwin Quotes George Gershwin Composer 1898
Julia Gillard Quotes Julia Gillard Statesman 1961
Tom Glazer Musician 1914
Bob Goodlatte Quotes Bob Goodlatte Politician 1952
Maggie Grace Quotes Maggie Grace Actress 1983
Linda Gray Quotes Linda Gray Actress 1942
Philip Greenspun Quotes Philip Greenspun Scientist 1963
Andy Grove Quotes Andy Grove Businessman 1936
Bryant Gumbel Quotes Bryant Gumbel Entertainer 1948
Mark Haddon Novelist 1962
Larry Hagman Quotes Larry Hagman Actor 1931
Dante Hall Quotes Dante Hall Athlete 1978
Mark Hamill Quotes Mark Hamill Actor 1951
Linda Hamilton Quotes Linda Hamilton Actress 1956
Chico Hamilton Quotes Chico Hamilton Musician 1921
Mark Hanna Quotes Mark Hanna Businessman 1837
Marcus A. Hanna Quotes Marcus A. Hanna Politician 1837
Mark Harmon Quotes Mark Harmon Actor 1951
Phil Hartman Quotes Phil Hartman Actor 1948
Salma Hayek Quotes Salma Hayek Actress 1966
Martin Heidegger Quotes Martin Heidegger Philosopher 1889
Jim Henson Quotes Jim Henson Entertainer 1936
Alan Patrick Herbert Quotes Alan Patrick Herbert Novelist 1890
A. P. Herbert Quotes A. P. Herbert Statesman 1890
Lewis B. Hershey Quotes Lewis B. Hershey Soldier 1893
Faith Hill Musician 1967
Ian Holm Quotes Ian Holm Actor 1931
Bell Hooks Quotes Bell Hooks Critic 1952
Shannon Hoon Quotes Shannon Hoon Musician 1967
Trevor Howard Quotes Trevor Howard Actor 1913
Jennifer Hudson Quotes Jennifer Hudson Musician 1981
Charles Brenton Huggins Quotes Charles Brenton Huggins Scientist 1901
Billy Hughes Quotes Billy Hughes Politician 1862
William Morris Hughes Quotes William Morris Hughes Politician 1862
Clara Hughes Quotes Clara Hughes Athlete 1972
Bonnie Hunt Quotes Bonnie Hunt Actress 1961
Kristin Hunter Writer 1931
Gwen Ifill Quotes Gwen Ifill Journalist 1955
Julio Iglesias Quotes Julio Iglesias Musician 1943
Robert Irvine Chef 1965
Igor Ivanov Quotes Igor Ivanov Statesman 1945
George Jackson Activist 1941
Rob James-Collier Actor 1976
Jerry B. Jenkins Novelist 1949
Stephan Jenkins Quotes Stephan Jenkins Musician 1964
Joan Jett Quotes Joan Jett Musician 1958
Hiram Johnson Quotes Hiram Johnson Politician 1866
Kristen Johnston Quotes Kristen Johnston Actress 1967
Van Jones Quotes Van Jones Activist 1968
Henry Arthur Jones Quotes Henry Arthur Jones Dramatist 1851
Jeffrey Jones Actor 1946
George Jones Quotes George Jones Musician 1931
Chuck Jones Quotes Chuck Jones Director 1912
Hamilton Jordan Quotes Hamilton Jordan Public Servant 1944
Chief Joseph Quotes Chief Joseph Leader 1904
Harry Connick, Jr. Musician 1967
Louis C. K. Quotes Louis C. K. Comedian 1967
Robert Kagan Quotes Robert Kagan Writer 1958
William Kapell Musician 1922
Wilhelm Keitel Quotes Wilhelm Keitel Celebrity 1882
Florence Kelley Quotes Florence Kelley Activist 1859
Frederick Kelly Athlete 1891
Sue Kelly Politician 1936
Felicity Kendal Actress 1946
Elizabeth Kenny Quotes Elizabeth Kenny Celebrity 1880
Steve Kerr Quotes Steve Kerr Athlete 1965
Kublai Khan Quotes Kublai Khan Statesman 1215
Mohammad Khatami Quotes Mohammad Khatami Philosopher 1943
Ben E. King Quotes Ben E. King Musician 1938
John Kluge Quotes John Kluge Businessman 1914
Alfred A. Knopf Publisher 1892
Sylvia Kristel Quotes Sylvia Kristel Actress 1952
Bill Kurtis Journalist 1940
Guy Lafleur Quotes Guy Lafleur Athlete 1951
Ricki Lake Quotes Ricki Lake Entertainer 1968
Jack LaLanne Quotes Jack LaLanne Athlete 1914
Guy Laliberte Quotes Guy Laliberte Businessman 1959
Richard Lamm Politician 1935
Serge Lang Quotes Serge Lang Mathematician 2005
Steve Largent Quotes Steve Largent Athlete 1954
Tommy Lasorda Quotes Tommy Lasorda Coach 1927
Andy Lau Quotes Andy Lau Actor 1961
Avril Lavigne Quotes Avril Lavigne Musician 1984
Stanislaw Lem Quotes Stanislaw Lem Writer 1921
Bob Lemon Quotes Bob Lemon Athlete 1920
Donna Leon Quotes Donna Leon Author 1942
Shane Leslie Diplomat 1885
Lennox Lewis Quotes Lennox Lewis Athlete 1965
Jerry Lee Lewis Quotes Jerry Lee Lewis Musician 1935
Alphonsus Liguori Quotes Alphonsus Liguori Clergyman 1696
Walter Lippmann Quotes Walter Lippmann Journalist 1889
Desmond Llewelyn Quotes Desmond Llewelyn Actor 1914
Meat Loaf Quotes Meat Loaf Musician 1951
Heather Locklear Quotes Heather Locklear Actress 1961
Julie London Quotes Julie London Musician 1926
Augustus Baldwin Longstreet Quotes Augustus Baldwin Longstreet Lawyer 1790
Sophia Loren Quotes Sophia Loren Actress 1934
Arthur Lowe Quotes Arthur Lowe Actor 1915
Robert Staughton Lynd Sociologist 1892
Diosdado Macapagal Quotes Diosdado Macapagal Politician 1910
Peter MacKay Quotes Peter MacKay Politician 1965
Louis MacNeice Quotes Louis MacNeice Poet 1907
Michael Madsen Quotes Michael Madsen Actor 1958
Lata Mangeshkar Quotes Lata Mangeshkar Musician 1929
Bam Margera Quotes Bam Margera Celebrity 1979
Marc Maron Quotes Marc Maron Entertainer 1963
John Marshall Quotes John Marshall Judge 1755
Aslan Maskhadov Quotes Aslan Maskhadov Politician 1951
Marcello Mastroianni Quotes Marcello Mastroianni Actor 1924
Christa McAuliffe Quotes Christa McAuliffe Astronaut 1948
Chi McBride Quotes Chi McBride Actor 1961
Linda McCartney Quotes Linda McCartney Photographer 1941
Pete McCloskey Politician 1927
Kent McCord Quotes Kent McCord Actor 1942
Norma McCorvey Celebrity 1947
Malachy McCourt Quotes Malachy McCourt Actor 1931
John McHugh Politician 1948
John M. McHugh Quotes John M. McHugh Politician 1948
Jim McKay Quotes Jim McKay Journalist 1921
Jayne Meadows Quotes Jayne Meadows Actress 1920
H. L. Mencken Quotes H. L. Mencken Writer 1880
Alice Meynell Quotes Alice Meynell Poet 1847
Christina Milian Quotes Christina Milian Musician 1981
Yao Ming Quotes Yao Ming Athlete 1980
Ludwig von Mises Quotes Ludwig von Mises Economist 1881
Peter D. Mitchell Quotes Peter D. Mitchell Scientist 1920
Cherrie Moraga Activist 1952
Kenneth More Quotes Kenneth More Actor 1914
Thomas Hunt Morgan Quotes Thomas Hunt Morgan Scientist 1866
Rob Morrow Quotes Rob Morrow Actor 1962
Bridget Moynahan Actress 1970
Robert Muldoon Quotes Robert Muldoon Statesman 1921
George Muller Clergyman 1805
Charles Munch Musician 1891
Paul Muni Quotes Paul Muni Actor 1895
Sunny Murray Quotes Sunny Murray Musician 1936
Bill Murray Quotes Bill Murray Actor 1950
Guru Nanak Quotes Guru Nanak Philosopher 1539
Horatio Nelson Quotes Horatio Nelson Soldier 1758
Bill Nelson Quotes Bill Nelson Politician 1942
Lord Nelson Quotes Lord Nelson Soldier 1758
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Quotes Louise Berliawsky Nevelson Sculptor 1899
Claude Nicollier Quotes Claude Nicollier Astronaut 1944
Kwame Nkrumah Quotes Kwame Nkrumah Statesman 1909
Marsha Norman Quotes Marsha Norman Dramatist 1947
Donald O'Connor Musician 2003
Michael Ondaatje Quotes Michael Ondaatje Author 1943
Baroness Orczy Quotes Baroness Orczy Novelist 1865
John Boyd Orr Quotes John Boyd Orr Politician 1880
Wilhelm Ostwald Quotes Wilhelm Ostwald Scientist 1853
Carre Otis Model 1968
Rudolf Otto Quotes Rudolf Otto Theologian 1869
Jesse Owens Quotes Jesse Owens Athlete 1913
Clementine Paddleford Journalist 1898
William S. Paley Quotes William S. Paley Businessman 1901
Rafael Palmeiro Quotes Rafael Palmeiro Athlete 1964
Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes Gwyneth Paltrow Actress 1972
Joe Pantoliano Quotes Joe Pantoliano Actor 1951
Neil Peart Quotes Neil Peart Musician 1952
Henry Pelham Quotes Henry Pelham Statesman 1694
Elizabeth Pena Actress 1961
Charles H. Percy Quotes Charles H. Percy Politician 1919
Ellis Peters Quotes Ellis Peters Author 1913
Bum Phillips Quotes Bum Phillips Coach 1923
Phillip Phillips Quotes Phillip Phillips Musician 1990
Walter Pidgeon Quotes Walter Pidgeon Actor 1897
Karl Pilkington Quotes Karl Pilkington Actor 1972
Billie Piper Quotes Billie Piper Actress 1982
Victor Ponta Quotes Victor Ponta Politician 1972
George R. R. Martin Quotes George R. R. Martin Author 1948
George Raft Quotes George Raft Actor 1895
Jean Philippe Rameau Quotes Jean Philippe Rameau Composer 1683
Walther Rathenau Quotes Walther Rathenau Businessman 1867
Myrtle Reed Author 1874
Christopher Reeve Quotes Christopher Reeve Actor 1952
Keanu Reeves Quotes Keanu Reeves Actor 1964
Alfonso Ribeiro Quotes Alfonso Ribeiro Actor 1971
Elmer Rice Quotes Elmer Rice Playwright 1892
Burton Richardson Entertainer 1949
Nicole Richie Quotes Nicole Richie Actress 1981
David Riesman Sociologist 1909
Sam Rivers Quotes Sam Rivers Musician 1923
Phil Rizzuto Quotes Phil Rizzuto Celebrity 1918
Marty Robbins Quotes Marty Robbins Musician 1925
Anne Robinson Celebrity 1944
Mickey Rooney Quotes Mickey Rooney Actor 1920
Emmy Rossum Quotes Emmy Rossum Actress 1986
Mark Rothko Quotes Mark Rothko Artist 1903
Kevin Rudd Quotes Kevin Rudd Politician 1957
Martin Ryle Scientist 1918
Titus Salt Quotes Titus Salt Businessman 1803
Girolamo Savonarola Quotes Girolamo Savonarola Clergyman 1452
John Sayles Quotes John Sayles Director 1950
Dick Schaap Journalist 1934
Max Schmeling Quotes Max Schmeling Athlete 1905
Mike Schmidt Quotes Mike Schmidt Athlete 1949
Florent Schmitt Quotes Florent Schmitt Composer 1870
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quotes Debbie Wasserman Schultz Politician 1966
Martha Scott Quotes Martha Scott Actress 1912
Jaroslav Seifert Quotes Jaroslav Seifert Poet 1901
Nassau William Senior Quotes Nassau William Senior Economist 1790
Michael Servetus Quotes Michael Servetus Scientist 1511
John Sevier Quotes John Sevier Politician 1745
John Sexton Educator 1942
Ben Shahn Quotes Ben Shahn Artist 1898
Benjamin Shahn Quotes Benjamin Shahn Artist 1898
Bill Shankly Quotes Bill Shankly Athlete 1913
Matt Sharp Quotes Matt Sharp Musician 1969
Andriy Shevchenko Quotes Andriy Shevchenko Athlete 1976
Florence Scovel Shinn Quotes Florence Scovel Shinn Artist 1871
Dimitri Shostakovich Quotes Dimitri Shostakovich Composer 1906
Shel Silverstein Quotes Shel Silverstein Poet 1930
Alan K. Simpson Quotes Alan K. Simpson Politician 1931
George Robert Sims Quotes George Robert Sims Journalist 1847
Upton Sinclair Quotes Upton Sinclair Author 1878
Manmohan Singh Quotes Manmohan Singh Statesman 1932
Tom Sizemore Quotes Tom Sizemore Actor 1961
Josef Skvorecky Quotes Josef Skvorecky Writer 1924
Jane Smiley Quotes Jane Smiley Writer 1949
Red Smith Journalist 1905
Stevie Smith Quotes Stevie Smith Poet 1902
Will Smith Quotes Will Smith Actor 1968
Lisa Snowdon Model 1974
Vic Snyder Politician 1947
Frederick Soddy Quotes Frederick Soddy Scientist 1877
William Somerville Poet 1675
Kevin Sorbo Quotes Kevin Sorbo Actor 1958
Mira Sorvino Quotes Mira Sorvino Actress 1970
Al Spalding Quotes Al Spalding Athlete 1850
Hal Sparks Quotes Hal Sparks Actor 1969
Stephen Spender Quotes Stephen Spender Poet 1909
Bruce Springsteen Quotes Bruce Springsteen Musician 1949
Philip Stanhope Quotes Philip Stanhope Statesman 1694
Charles Stanley Clergyman 1932
Jason Statham Quotes Jason Statham Actor 1972
Mary Stewart Novelist 1916
Henry L. Stimson Quotes Henry L. Stimson Statesman 1867
Leo Strauss Quotes Leo Strauss Philosopher 1899
Erich von Stroheim Quotes Erich von Stroheim Actor 1885
Ruben Studdard Quotes Ruben Studdard Musician 1978
Ed Sullivan Quotes Ed Sullivan Entertainer 1902
Arthur Hays Sulzberger Publisher 1891
Cass Sunstein Quotes Cass Sunstein Lawyer 1954
Han Suyin Writer 1917
Antonio Tabucchi Quotes Antonio Tabucchi Writer 1943
John S. Tanner Politician 1944
Jane Taylor Poet 1783
Harold Taylor Politician 1914
Mary Church Terrell Quotes Mary Church Terrell Activist 1863
Cheryl Tiegs Model 1947
Michael Torke Composer 1961
Nancy Travis Quotes Nancy Travis Actress 1961
Abraham Tucker Quotes Abraham Tucker Philosopher 1705
Aida Turturro Quotes Aida Turturro Actress 1962
Peter Ueberroth Quotes Peter Ueberroth Businessman 1937
Miguel de Unamuno Quotes Miguel de Unamuno Educator 1864
Nia Vardalos Quotes Nia Vardalos Actress 1962
Pope Paul VI Quotes Pope Paul VI Clergyman 1897
Lech Walesa Quotes Lech Walesa Politician 1943
Paul Walker Quotes Paul Walker Actor 1973
Max Walker Quotes Max Walker Athlete 1948
David Walker 1785
Horace Walpole Quotes Horace Walpole Author 1717
J. T. Walsh Quotes J. T. Walsh Actor 1943
Barbara Walters Quotes Barbara Walters Journalist 1931
Rachel Ward Quotes Rachel Ward Actress 1957
Charles Dudley Warner Journalist 1829
Dee Dee Warwick Quotes Dee Dee Warwick Musician 1945
Naomi Watts Quotes Naomi Watts Actress 1968
Henry Waxman Quotes Henry Waxman Politician 1939
Lil Wayne Quotes Lil Wayne Musician 1982
Dean Ween Quotes Dean Ween Musician 1970
Fay Weldon Novelist 1931
H. G. Wells Quotes H. G. Wells Author 1866
Irvine Welsh Quotes Irvine Welsh Novelist 1961
David Wenham Quotes David Wenham Actor 1965
Abraham Whipple Quotes Abraham Whipple Soldier 1733
Barry White Quotes Barry White Musician 1944
Christine Todd Whitman Quotes Christine Todd Whitman Politician 1946
Frances E. Willard Quotes Frances E. Willard Activist 1839
Serena Williams Quotes Serena Williams Athlete 1981
Anson Williams Actor 1949
Charles Williams Editor 1886
Bridgette Wilson Actress 1973
Luke Wilson Quotes Luke Wilson Actor 1971
Victoria Woodhull Quotes Victoria Woodhull Activist 1838
James Woolsey Quotes James Woolsey Public Servant 1941
Jeremiah Wright Quotes Jeremiah Wright Clergyman 1941
Lu Xun Quotes Lu Xun Author 1881
Chen Ning Yang Quotes Chen Ning Yang Physicist 1922
Shigeru Yoshida Quotes Shigeru Yoshida Politician 1878
Cao Yu Quotes Cao Yu Playwright 1910
Moon Unit Zappa Quotes Moon Unit Zappa Musician 1967
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Quotes Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Politician 1988
Catherine Zeta-Jones Quotes Catherine Zeta-Jones Actress 1969
John Zorn Quotes John Zorn Composer 1953