Authors Born on September, 1st

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September, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Creighton Abrams Quotes Creighton Abrams Soldier 1914
Roy Acuff Quotes Roy Acuff Musician 1903
Kate Adie Quotes Kate Adie Journalist 1945
Theodor Adorno Quotes Theodor Adorno Philosopher 1903
Daniel Akaka Quotes Daniel Akaka Politician 1924
Greg Akcelrod Actor 1982
Bashar al-Assad Quotes Bashar al-Assad Statesman 1965
Sherwood Anderson Quotes Sherwood Anderson Writer 1876
Tadao Ando Quotes Tadao Ando Architect 1941
Carl Andre Artist 1935
Ethel Percy Andrus Quotes Ethel Percy Andrus Activist 1884
Roger Angell Writer 1920
Marc Anthony Quotes Marc Anthony Musician 1969
Fiona Apple Quotes Fiona Apple Musician 1977
Lance Armstrong Quotes Lance Armstrong Athlete 1971
Jean Arp Quotes Jean Arp Sculptor 1886
Henry F. Ashurst Politician 1874
Leon Askin Quotes Leon Askin Actor 1907
Francis William Aston Quotes Francis William Aston Scientist 1877
Frankie Avalon Quotes Frankie Avalon Actor 1939
Roy Ayers Quotes Roy Ayers Musician 1940
Lauren Bacall Quotes Lauren Bacall Actress 1924
Josiah Bailey Politician 1873
Anne Bancroft Quotes Anne Bancroft Actress 1931
Maria Bartiromo Quotes Maria Bartiromo Journalist 1967
Steve Bartlett Quotes Steve Bartlett Politician 1947
Joe Barton Politician 1949
Georges Bataille Quotes Georges Bataille Writer 1897
Elgin Baylor Athlete 1934
Alison Bechdel Quotes Alison Bechdel Cartoonist 1960
Franz Beckenbauer Quotes Franz Beckenbauer Athlete 1945
Gerry Beckley Quotes Gerry Beckley Musician 1952
Clive Bell Quotes Clive Bell Critic 1881
Robert Benchley Quotes Robert Benchley Comedian 1889
Robert Foster Bennett Quotes Robert Foster Bennett Politician 1933
Eric Bentley Critic 1916
Vinoba Bhave Quotes Vinoba Bhave Educator 1895
Brad Bird Quotes Brad Bird Cartoonist 1957
Jacqueline Bisset Quotes Jacqueline Bisset Actress 1944
Alice Stone Blackwell Quotes Alice Stone Blackwell Journalist 1857
Robert Blake Quotes Robert Blake Actor 1933
George Blanda Quotes George Blanda Athlete 1927
Alexis Bledel Quotes Alexis Bledel Actress 1981
Countess of Blessington Quotes Countess of Blessington Novelist 1789
Allan Bloom Quotes Allan Bloom Philosopher 1930
Don Bluth Quotes Don Bluth Artist 1937
Marc Bolan Quotes Marc Bolan Musician 1977
Tommy Bond Actor 1926
Nadia Boulanger Quotes Nadia Boulanger Musician 1887
Scotty Bowman Quotes Scotty Bowman Coach 1933
Breyten Breytenbach Quotes Breyten Breytenbach Writer 1939
David Broder Journalist 1929
Fawn M. Brodie Author 1915
Jacob Bronowski Quotes Jacob Bronowski Scientist 1908
John Brough Quotes John Brough Politician 1811
Scott Brown Quotes Scott Brown Politician 1959
Sam Brownback Quotes Sam Brownback Politician 1956
Jerry Bruckheimer Quotes Jerry Bruckheimer Producer 1945
Bear Bryant Quotes Bear Bryant Coach 1913
Paul Bryant Coach 1913
John Bunny Quotes John Bunny Actor 1863
Wilfred Burchett Journalist 1911
Warren E. Burger Quotes Warren E. Burger Judge 1907
Anne Burrell Quotes Anne Burrell Chef 1969
Edgar Rice Burroughs Quotes Edgar Rice Burroughs Author 1875
Eric Butterworth Educator 1916
Charlie Byrd Quotes Charlie Byrd Musician 1925
J. F. C. Fuller Quotes J. F. C. Fuller Soldier 1878
George Cadbury Quotes George Cadbury Businessman 1839
Liz Carpenter Quotes Liz Carpenter Writer 1920
Jimmy Carr Quotes Jimmy Carr Comedian 1972
Benjamin Carson Quotes Benjamin Carson Scientist 1951
Nell Carter Quotes Nell Carter Actress 1948
William Cartwright Dramatist 1611
Pete Cashmore Quotes Pete Cashmore Businessman 1985
Julian Castro Quotes Julian Castro Politician 1974
Luis Cernuda Quotes Luis Cernuda Poet 1902
Peter Cetera Quotes Peter Cetera Musician 1944
George Chakiris Quotes George Chakiris Dancer 1934
Kyle Chandler Quotes Kyle Chandler Actor 1965
Ben Chandler Quotes Ben Chandler Politician 1959
Josh Charles Actor 1971
C. J. Cherryh Quotes C. J. Cherryh Writer 1942
Maurice Chevalier Quotes Maurice Chevalier Actor 1888
Agatha Christie Quotes Agatha Christie Writer 1890
John Clapham Economist 1873
J. Reuben Clark Quotes J. Reuben Clark Clergyman 1871
Jarvis Cocker Quotes Jarvis Cocker Musician 1963
Ethan Coen Quotes Ethan Coen Director 1957
Leonard Cohen Quotes Leonard Cohen Musician 1934
Claudette Colbert Quotes Claudette Colbert Actress 1903
Jerry Coleman Quotes Jerry Coleman Athlete 1924
Arthur H. Compton Quotes Arthur H. Compton Scientist 1892
Arthur Holly Compton Quotes Arthur Holly Compton Scientist 1892
Marquis de Condorcet Quotes Marquis de Condorcet Philosopher 1743
Cyril Connolly Journalist 1903
Tom Conway Quotes Tom Conway Actor 1904
Jackie Cooper Quotes Jackie Cooper Actor 1922
James F. Cooper Novelist 1789
David Copperfield Quotes David Copperfield Celebrity 1956
James J. Corbett Quotes James J. Corbett Athlete 1866
Kirsty Coventry Athlete 1983
Robert Crippen Quotes Robert Crippen Astronaut 1937
Mary Crosby Actress 1959
Henry Cuellar Quotes Henry Cuellar Politician 1955
Roald Dahl Quotes Roald Dahl Novelist 1916
Clifton Daniel Editor 1912
Henry Darrow Quotes Henry Darrow Actor 1933
Lincoln Davis Politician 1943
Jimmie Davis Quotes Jimmie Davis Politician 1899
Alan Dershowitz Quotes Alan Dershowitz Lawyer 1938
Jason Derulo Quotes Jason Derulo Musician 1989
Jared Diamond Quotes Jared Diamond Author 1937
John G. Diefenbaker Quotes John G. Diefenbaker Statesman 1895
Domenico Dolce Quotes Domenico Dolce Designer 1958
Hilda Doolittle Quotes Hilda Doolittle Poet 1886
Carl Van Doren Author 1885
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Educator 1939
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Quotes Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Novelist 1830
Jan Egeland Quotes Jan Egeland Public Servant 1957
Walter Elliot Politician 1888
Cass Elliot Quotes Cass Elliot Musician 1941
David James Elliott Quotes David James Elliott Actor 1960
Jo Ann Emerson Quotes Jo Ann Emerson Politician 1950
Gordon England Businessman 1937
Brian Epstein Quotes Brian Epstein Businessman 1934
Gloria Estefan Quotes Gloria Estefan Musician 1957
Bill Evans Quotes Bill Evans Musician 1980
Oliver Evans Quotes Oliver Evans Inventor 1755
Charles Evers Activist 1922
Siobhan Fahey Musician 1957
Peter Falk Quotes Peter Falk Actor 1927
Jimmy Fallon Quotes Jimmy Fallon Comedian 1974
Frances Farmer Quotes Frances Farmer Actress 1913
Richard Farnsworth Quotes Richard Farnsworth Actor 1920
Anselm Feuerbach Quotes Anselm Feuerbach Artist 1829
Debbi Fields Businesswoman 1956
Jessica Brown Findlay Actress 1989
Colin Firth Quotes Colin Firth Actor 1960
Geoffrey Fisher Quotes Geoffrey Fisher Clergyman 1972
Fannie Flagg Author 1941
Ben Folds Quotes Ben Folds Musician 1966
June Foray Quotes June Foray Actress 1917
Lita Ford Quotes Lita Ford Musician 1958
Faith Ford Quotes Faith Ford Actress 1964
Robert Fortune Scientist 1812
Leon Foucault Quotes Leon Foucault Inventor 1819
Paulo Freire Quotes Paulo Freire Educator 1921
Doug E. Fresh Quotes Doug E. Fresh Musician 1966
Allen Funt Quotes Allen Funt Celebrity 1914
Sigmar Gabriel Quotes Sigmar Gabriel Politician 1959
Liam Gallagher Quotes Liam Gallagher Musician 1972
James Gandolfini Quotes James Gandolfini Actor 1961
Greta Garbo Quotes Greta Garbo Actress 1905
Marguerite Gardiner Quotes Marguerite Gardiner Writer 1789
Hamlin Garland Quotes Hamlin Garland Novelist 1860
Vittorio Gassman Quotes Vittorio Gassman Actor 1922
Henry Louis Gates Quotes Henry Louis Gates Critic 1950
Murray Gell-Mann Quotes Murray Gell-Mann Physicist 1929
Barry Gibb Quotes Barry Gibb Musician 1946
Nelson Gidding Dramatist 1919
Tony Gilroy Quotes Tony Gilroy Writer 1956
William Golding Quotes William Golding Novelist 1911
Paul Goodman Writer 1911
Stephen Jay Gould Quotes Stephen Jay Gould Scientist 1941
John Gould Quotes John Gould Writer 1804
Maggie Grace Quotes Maggie Grace Actress 1983
Charles Grassley Quotes Charles Grassley Politician 1933
Chuck Grassley Quotes Chuck Grassley Politician 1933
Linda Gray Quotes Linda Gray Actress 1942
Ruud Gullit Quotes Ruud Gullit Athlete 1962
Larry Hagman Quotes Larry Hagman Actor 1931
Philip Gilbert Hamerton Artist 1834
Guy Hamilton Director 1922
Chico Hamilton Quotes Chico Hamilton Musician 1921
Daniel Hannan Quotes Daniel Hannan Politician 1971
Eduard Hanslick Writer 1825
Tim Hardaway Athlete 1966
Tom Hardy Quotes Tom Hardy Actor 1977
Julius Charles Hare Quotes Julius Charles Hare Clergyman 1795
Serge Haroche Quotes Serge Haroche Physicist 1944
Sydney Harris Journalist 1917
Sydney J. Harris Journalist 1917
Elizabeth Harrison First Lady 1849
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Quotes Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Writer 1934
Prince Harry Quotes Prince Harry Royalty 1984
Mickey Hart Quotes Mickey Hart Musician 1943
Charles Haughey Politician 1925
John Hawkes Actor 1959
Gabriel Heatter Journalist 1890
Arthur Henderson Quotes Arthur Henderson Politician 1863
O. Henry Quotes O. Henry Writer 1862
Lewis B. Hershey Quotes Lewis B. Hershey Soldier 1893
Orel Hershiser Quotes Orel Hershiser Athlete 1958
Chaim Herzog Quotes Chaim Herzog Statesman 1918
Damon Hill Quotes Damon Hill Athlete 1960
James J. Hill Quotes James J. Hill Businessman 1838
Faith Hill Musician 1967
Lewis Hine Quotes Lewis Hine Photographer 1874
Ian Holm Quotes Ian Holm Actor 1931
Tom Holt Novelist 1961
Mark Hopkins Educator 1813
Samuel Hopkins Clergyman 1721
Niall Horan Quotes Niall Horan Musician 1993
Karen Horney Quotes Karen Horney Psychologist 1885
Samuel Horsley Quotes Samuel Horsley Clergyman 1733
Kin Hubbard Quotes Kin Hubbard Journalist 1868
Jennifer Hudson Quotes Jennifer Hudson Musician 1981
Kristin Hunter Writer 1931
Robert Indiana Quotes Robert Indiana Artist 1928
Jeremy Irons Quotes Jeremy Irons Actor 1948
Amy Irving Quotes Amy Irving Actress 1953
Goran Ivanisevic Quotes Goran Ivanisevic Athlete 1971
Phil Jackson Quotes Phil Jackson Coach 1945
Bill Janklow Quotes Bill Janklow Politician 1939
Joseph Jarman Musician 1937
Maurice Jarre Composer 1924
Leon Jaworski Quotes Leon Jaworski Public Servant 1905
James Jeans Quotes James Jeans Physicist 1877
Henry St. John Quotes Henry St. John Politician 1678
Randy Johnson Quotes Randy Johnson Athlete 1963
Samuel Johnson Quotes Samuel Johnson Author 1709
Nick Johnson Quotes Nick Johnson Athlete 1978
Michael Johnson Athlete 1967
Georgia Douglas Johnson Quotes Georgia Douglas Johnson Poet 1880
George Jones Quotes George Jones Musician 1931
Chuck Jones Quotes Chuck Jones Director 1912
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Politician 1949
Paula Jones Celebrity 1966
Tommy Lee Jones Quotes Tommy Lee Jones Actor 1946
Hamilton Jordan Quotes Hamilton Jordan Public Servant 1944
Chief Joseph Quotes Chief Joseph Leader 1904
Carmen Kass Quotes Carmen Kass Model 1978
Florence Kelley Quotes Florence Kelley Activist 1859
Charles Kelley Quotes Charles Kelley Musician 1981
Frederick Kelly Athlete 1891
Adrienne Kennedy Playwright 1931
Ken Kesey Quotes Ken Kesey Author 1935
B. B. King Quotes B. B. King Musician 1925
William Kirby Quotes William Kirby Scientist 1759
Mark Kirk Quotes Mark Kirk Politician 1959
Lawrence R. Klein Economist 1920
John Kluge Quotes John Kluge Businessman 1914
Alfred A. Knopf Publisher 1892
John Knowles Novelist 1926
Walter Koenig Quotes Walter Koenig Actor 1936
Alberto Korda Quotes Alberto Korda Photographer 1928
Harmony Korine Quotes Harmony Korine Director 1974
Lajos Kossuth Quotes Lajos Kossuth Lawyer 1802
Leo Kottke Quotes Leo Kottke Musician 1945
Charles Kuralt Quotes Charles Kuralt Journalist 1934
Bill Kurtis Journalist 1940
Mikhail Kutuzov Quotes Mikhail Kutuzov Soldier 1745
Francois de La Rochefoucauld Quotes Francois de La Rochefoucauld Writer 1613
Karl Lagerfeld Quotes Karl Lagerfeld Designer 1938
Ricki Lake Quotes Ricki Lake Entertainer 1968
Padma Lakshmi Quotes Padma Lakshmi Chef 1970
Richard Lamm Politician 1935
Tom Landry Quotes Tom Landry Coach 1924
Serge Lang Quotes Serge Lang Mathematician 2005
Christian Lous Lange Quotes Christian Lous Lange Politician 1869
Sanaa Lathan Quotes Sanaa Lathan Actress 1971
Stephen Lawrence Quotes Stephen Lawrence Celebrity 1974
David Herbert Lawrence Quotes David Herbert Lawrence Writer 1885
Tanith Lee Quotes Tanith Lee Writer 1947
Stanislaw Lem Quotes Stanislaw Lem Writer 1921
Melissa Leo Quotes Melissa Leo Actress 1960
Ron Lewis Politician 1946
James Lipton Quotes James Lipton Educator 1926
Desmond Llewelyn Quotes Desmond Llewelyn Actor 1914
Alison Lohman Quotes Alison Lohman Actress 1979
Herbert Lom Actor 1917
Donna A. Lopiano Businessman 1946
Joan Lunden Quotes Joan Lunden Celebrity 1950
Joseph Lyons Quotes Joseph Lyons Statesman 1879
Jack Ma Quotes Jack Ma Businessman 1964
Louis MacNeice Quotes Louis MacNeice Poet 1907
Virginia Madsen Quotes Virginia Madsen Actress 1963
Ricardo Flores Magon Quotes Ricardo Flores Magon Journalist 1874
Thomas E. Mann Sociologist 1944
Patrick Marber Writer 1964
Rocky Marciano Quotes Rocky Marciano Athlete 1923
Ferdinand Marcos Quotes Ferdinand Marcos Statesman 1917
Dan Marino Quotes Dan Marino Athlete 1961
James Marsden Quotes James Marsden Actor 1973
Judith Martin Quotes Judith Martin Author 1938
Walter Martin Clergyman 1928
Richard Marx Quotes Richard Marx Musician 1963
Jan Masaryk Quotes Jan Masaryk Diplomat 1886
Aslan Maskhadov Quotes Aslan Maskhadov Politician 1951
Eric Massa Politician 1959
Pat Mastelotto Quotes Pat Mastelotto Musician 1955
Robert Matsui Politician 1941
Bob Matsui Politician 1941
David McCallum Quotes David McCallum Actor 1933
Stella McCartney Quotes Stella McCartney Designer 1971
Robert McCloskey Author 1914
Jim McCrery Politician 1949
Roddy McDowall Quotes Roddy McDowall Actor 1928
Phil McGraw Quotes Phil McGraw Psychologist 1950
Claude McKay Quotes Claude McKay Writer 1889
H. L. Mencken Quotes H. L. Mencken Writer 1880
Agnes de Mille Quotes Agnes de Mille Dancer 1905
Rebecca Miller Quotes Rebecca Miller Director 1962
Kate Millett Quotes Kate Millett Activist 1934
Little Milton Quotes Little Milton Musician 1934
Yao Ming Quotes Yao Ming Athlete 1980
John N. Mitchell Quotes John N. Mitchell Politician 1913
Jessica Mitford Journalist 1917
Bill Monroe Quotes Bill Monroe Musician 1911
Roh Moo-hyun Quotes Roh Moo-hyun Politician 1946
Clayton Moore Quotes Clayton Moore Actor 1914
Joe Morgan Quotes Joe Morgan Athlete 1943
Karl Philipp Moritz Quotes Karl Philipp Moritz Author 1756
Rob Morrow Quotes Rob Morrow Actor 1962
Stirling Moss Quotes Stirling Moss Celebrity 1929
Constance Baker Motley Activist 1921
Bridget Moynahan Actress 1970
William Mulholland Quotes William Mulholland Scientist 1855
Tim Murphy Quotes Tim Murphy Politician 1952
Sunny Murray Quotes Sunny Murray Musician 1936
Bill Murray Quotes Bill Murray Actor 1950
Dave Mustaine Quotes Dave Mustaine Musician 1961
Dee Dee Myers Quotes Dee Dee Myers Public Servant 1961
Fatos Nano Quotes Fatos Nano Statesman 1952
Sam Neill Quotes Sam Neill Actor 1947
Peter Nelson Actor 1959
Kwame Nkrumah Quotes Kwame Nkrumah Statesman 1909
Jessye Norman Musician 1945
Marsha Norman Quotes Marsha Norman Dramatist 1947
Alfred Noyes Quotes Alfred Noyes Poet 1880
Soledad O'Brien Journalist 1966
Frank O'Connor Author 1903
Al Oerter Athlete 1936
Mary Oliver Poet 1935
Merlin Olsen Quotes Merlin Olsen Athlete 1940
Ted Olson Quotes Ted Olson Politician 1940
Michael Ondaatje Quotes Michael Ondaatje Author 1943
Lupe Ontiveros Quotes Lupe Ontiveros Actress 1942
Bill O'Reilly Journalist 1949
Jesse Owens Quotes Jesse Owens Athlete 1913
Bob Packwood Politician 1932
Brian De Palma Quotes Brian De Palma Director 1940
Arnold Palmer Quotes Arnold Palmer Athlete 1929
Joe Pantoliano Quotes Joe Pantoliano Actor 1951
Robert B. Parker Quotes Robert B. Parker Writer 1932
Francis Parkman Quotes Francis Parkman Historian 1823
Arvo Part Quotes Arvo Part Composer 1935
Scott Patterson Actor 1958
Ivan Pavlov Quotes Ivan Pavlov Psychologist 1849
Sally Pearson Quotes Sally Pearson Athlete 1986
Neil Peart Quotes Neil Peart Musician 1952
James Cash Penney Quotes James Cash Penney Businessman 1875
Richard Perle Public Servant 1941
Tyler Perry Quotes Tyler Perry Actor 1969
Gaylord Perry Quotes Gaylord Perry Athlete 1938
Laurence J. Peter Writer 1919
Cassandra Peterson Quotes Cassandra Peterson Comedian 1949
Ryan Phillippe Quotes Ryan Phillippe Actor 1974
Grant-Lee Phillips Quotes Grant-Lee Phillips Musician 1963
Renzo Piano Quotes Renzo Piano Architect 1937
Guy Picciotto Musician 1965
William Pierce Celebrity 1933
Steven Pinker Quotes Steven Pinker Scientist 1954
Rick Pitino Quotes Rick Pitino Athlete 1952
Andrei Platonov Writer 1899
Amy Poehler Quotes Amy Poehler Comedian 1971
Marco Polo Quotes Marco Polo Explorer 1254
Orson Pratt Quotes Orson Pratt Theologian 1811
J. B. Priestley Quotes J. B. Priestley Writer 1894
Samuel Prout Quotes Samuel Prout Artist 1783
Hesham Qandil Quotes Hesham Qandil Politician 1962
Francisco de Quevedo Quotes Francisco de Quevedo Writer 1580
Dee Dee Ramone Quotes Dee Dee Ramone Musician 1952
John Edward Redmond Quotes John Edward Redmond Politician 1856
Walter Reed Quotes Walter Reed Soldier 1851
Walter Reuther Quotes Walter Reuther Leader 1907
Alfonso Ribeiro Quotes Alfonso Ribeiro Actor 1971
Ann Richards Quotes Ann Richards Politician 1933
Nicole Richie Quotes Nicole Richie Actress 1981
Cedric Richmond Quotes Cedric Richmond Politician 1973
Guy Ritchie Quotes Guy Ritchie Director 1968
John Ritter Quotes John Ritter Actor 1948
Nile Rodgers Quotes Nile Rodgers Musician 1952
Jim Rohn Businessman 1930
Mike Ross Politician 1961
Emmy Rossum Quotes Emmy Rossum Actress 1986
Nathan Meyer Rothschild Quotes Nathan Meyer Rothschild Businessman 1777
Mickey Rourke Quotes Mickey Rourke Actor 1956
Mike Royko Quotes Mike Royko Writer 1932
Kevin Rudd Quotes Kevin Rudd Politician 1957
Rita Rudner Quotes Rita Rudner Comedian 1955
Nipsey Russell Quotes Nipsey Russell Comedian 1918
John Rutledge Quotes John Rutledge Politician 1739
Leverett Saltonstall Quotes Leverett Saltonstall Politician 1892
Oscar Arias Sanchez Quotes Oscar Arias Sanchez Statesman 1941
Ryne Sandberg Quotes Ryne Sandberg Athlete 1959
Margaret Sanger Quotes Margaret Sanger Activist 1879
Ben Savage Quotes Ben Savage Actor 1980
Girolamo Savonarola Quotes Girolamo Savonarola Clergyman 1452
Elsa Schiaparelli Quotes Elsa Schiaparelli Designer 1890
Arnold Schoenberg Quotes Arnold Schoenberg Composer 1874
Robert H. Schuller Quotes Robert H. Schuller Clergyman 1926
Clara Schumann Quotes Clara Schumann Musician 1819
Tim Scott Quotes Tim Scott Politician 1965
Peter Scott Quotes Peter Scott Artist 1909
Benjamin Shahn Quotes Benjamin Shahn Artist 1898
Ben Shahn Quotes Ben Shahn Artist 1898
Albert Shanker Quotes Albert Shanker Educator 1928
Molly Shannon Quotes Molly Shannon Actress 1964
Tommy Shaw Quotes Tommy Shaw Musician 1953
Barry Sheene Quotes Barry Sheene Celebrity 1950
Dinah Sheridan Quotes Dinah Sheridan Actress 1920
Will Shields Quotes Will Shields Athlete 1971
Yuan Shikai Quotes Yuan Shikai Soldier 1859
Peter Shilton Quotes Peter Shilton Athlete 1949
Bobby Short Quotes Bobby Short Musician 1924
Lydia Sigourney Poet 1791
Charles Simonyi Quotes Charles Simonyi Businessman 1948
Bryan Singer Quotes Bryan Singer Director 1965
Leonard Slatkin Celebrity 1944
Tavis Smiley Quotes Tavis Smiley Author 1964
Jada Pinkett Smith Quotes Jada Pinkett Smith Actress 1971
Duke Snider Quotes Duke Snider Athlete 1926
Robert C. Solomon Educator 1942
David H. Souter Quotes David H. Souter Judge 1939
Larry Speakes Public Servant 1939
Scott Speedman Quotes Scott Speedman Actor 1975
Norman Spinrad Quotes Norman Spinrad Author 1940
Jason Statham Quotes Jason Statham Actor 1972
W. Richard Stevens Scientist 1999
Mary Stewart Novelist 1916
Henry L. Stimson Quotes Henry L. Stimson Statesman 1867
Oliver Stone Quotes Oliver Stone Director 1946
Joseph Story Quotes Joseph Story Judge 1779
Cheryl Strayed Quotes Cheryl Strayed Writer 1968
Ruben Studdard Quotes Ruben Studdard Musician 1978
Jason Sudeikis Quotes Jason Sudeikis Actor 1975
Arthur Hays Sulzberger Publisher 1891
Cass Sunstein Quotes Cass Sunstein Lawyer 1954
John Sununu Politician 1964
Han Suyin Writer 1917
Henry Sweet Quotes Henry Sweet Writer 1845
Thomas Sydenham Quotes Thomas Sydenham Scientist 1624
Michael Symon Quotes Michael Symon Chef 1969
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Quotes Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Scientist 1893
William Howard Taft Quotes William Howard Taft President 1857
Graham Taylor Quotes Graham Taylor Coach 1944
James Thomson Musician 1700
Jennifer Tilly Quotes Jennifer Tilly Actress 1958
Lily Tomlin Quotes Lily Tomlin Actress 1939
Michael Torke Composer 1961
Nancy Travis Quotes Nancy Travis Actress 1961
Luke Treadaway Actor 1984
Conway Twitty Quotes Conway Twitty Musician 1933
Aisha Tyler Quotes Aisha Tyler Actress 1970
Carl Clinton Van Doren Critic 1885
Jean Vanier Quotes Jean Vanier Philosopher 1928
Jhonen Vasquez Quotes Jhonen Vasquez Cartoonist 1974
Johnny Vegas Quotes Johnny Vegas Comedian 1971
Lesley Visser Quotes Lesley Visser Journalist 1953
Max Walker Quotes Max Walker Athlete 1948
Paul Walker Quotes Paul Walker Actor 1973
Gerald Walpin Public Servant 1931
Neale Donald Walsch Quotes Neale Donald Walsch Author 1943
Mika Waltari Quotes Mika Waltari Author 1908
Bruno Walter Quotes Bruno Walter Composer 1876
Rachel Ward Quotes Rachel Ward Actress 1957
Shane Warne Quotes Shane Warne Athlete 1969
Charles Dudley Warner Journalist 1829
Mercy Otis Warren Quotes Mercy Otis Warren Playwright 1728
Don Was Musician 1952
Henry Waxman Quotes Henry Waxman Politician 1939
Allen Weinstein Quotes Allen Weinstein Public Servant 1937
H. G. Wells Quotes H. G. Wells Author 1866
David Wenham Quotes David Wenham Actor 1965
Bernard Werber Quotes Bernard Werber Writer 1961
Franz Werfel Quotes Franz Werfel Author 1890
Adam West Quotes Adam West Actor 1928
Barry White Quotes Barry White Musician 1944
Fred Willard Quotes Fred Willard Comedian 1939
Hank Williams Quotes Hank Williams Musician 1923
Luke Wilson Quotes Luke Wilson Actor 1971
Samuel Wilson Quotes Samuel Wilson Public Servant 1766
James Wilson Quotes James Wilson Politician 1742
Amy Winehouse Quotes Amy Winehouse Musician 1984
Robert Wise Quotes Robert Wise Producer 1914
James Woolsey Quotes James Woolsey Public Servant 1941
Fay Wray Quotes Fay Wray Actress 1907
Chauncey Wright Quotes Chauncey Wright Philosopher 1830
Albert Wynn Politician 1951
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Writer 1942
Trisha Yearwood Quotes Trisha Yearwood Musician 1964
Francis Parker Yockey Writer 1917
Jacob Young Quotes Jacob Young Actor 1979
Robin Yount Quotes Robin Yount Athlete 1955
Timothy Zahn Quotes Timothy Zahn Writer 1951
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Quotes Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Politician 1988
Emil Zatopek Quotes Emil Zatopek Athlete 1922
Carl Zeiss Quotes Carl Zeiss Scientist 1816
Oleksandr Zhuravliov Athlete 1945
Anthony Zinni Quotes Anthony Zinni Statesman 1943
Rachel Zoe Quotes Rachel Zoe Designer 1971
Anastacia Quotes Anastacia Musician 1973
Moby Quotes Moby Musician 1965
Ludacris Quotes Ludacris Musician 1976