Authors Born on October, 8st

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October, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
James Truslow Adams Historian 1878
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Quotes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Statesman 1956
Jane Alexander Quotes Jane Alexander Actress 1939
M. Russell Ballard Clergyman 1928
Rona Barrett Quotes Rona Barrett Journalist 1936
Troian Bellisario Quotes Troian Bellisario Actress 1985
Craig Benson Politician 1954
Sandy Berger Quotes Sandy Berger Public Servant 1945
Henri Bergson Quotes Henri Bergson Philosopher 1859
Chuck Berry Quotes Chuck Berry Musician 1926
Peter Boyle Quotes Peter Boyle Actor 1935
Nick Cannon Quotes Nick Cannon Musician 1980
Lord Caradon Diplomat 1907
Frank Carlucci Quotes Frank Carlucci Politician 1930
David Carradine Quotes David Carradine Actor 1936
Chevy Chase Quotes Chevy Chase Comedian 1943
Matt Damon Quotes Matt Damon Actor 1970
Charlie Daniels Quotes Charlie Daniels Musician 1936
Carl Davis Composer 1936
David Dimbleby Quotes David Dimbleby Journalist 1938
Mike Ditka Quotes Mike Ditka Coach 1939
Zac Efron Quotes Zac Efron Actor 1987
William Allen Egan Quotes William Allen Egan Politician 1914
Jim Elliot Quotes Jim Elliot Clergyman 1927
Ian Hamilton Finlay Quotes Ian Hamilton Finlay Poet 1925
Dennis Franz Quotes Dennis Franz Actor 1944
John W. Gardner Quotes John W. Gardner Educator 1912
Bill Gates Quotes Bill Gates Businessman 1955
Jami Gertz Quotes Jami Gertz Actress 1965
Peter Greene Actor 1965
Gus Hall Quotes Gus Hall Businessman 1910
Darrell Hammond Quotes Darrell Hammond Comedian 1955
Ben Harper Quotes Ben Harper Musician 1969
Ian Hart Actor 1964
Reed Hastings Quotes Reed Hastings Businessman 1960
John Hay Quotes John Hay Writer 1838
Edith Head Quotes Edith Head Designer 1907
Thomas Hearns Quotes Thomas Hearns Athlete 1958
Jesse Helms Quotes Jesse Helms Politician 1921
Martin Henderson Quotes Martin Henderson Actor 1974
Matthew Henry Quotes Matthew Henry Clergyman 1662
Frank Herbert Quotes Frank Herbert Writer 1920
John Hewson Politician 1946
Reese Hoffa Quotes Reese Hoffa Athlete 1977
Paul Hogan Quotes Paul Hogan Actor 1939
Lauren Holly Quotes Lauren Holly Actress 1963
Miriam Hopkins Quotes Miriam Hopkins Actress 1902
Fannie Hurst Quotes Fannie Hurst Writer 1885
Jesse Jackson Quotes Jesse Jackson Activist 1941
Helen Hunt Jackson Quotes Helen Hunt Jackson Writer 1831
Bruce Jenner Quotes Bruce Jenner Athlete 1949
Angus T. Jones Quotes Angus T. Jones Actor 1993
Klaus Kinski Quotes Klaus Kinski Actor 1926
Lee Krasner Quotes Lee Krasner Artist 1908
Dennis Kucinich Quotes Dennis Kucinich Politician 1946
Bowie Kuhn Quotes Bowie Kuhn Athlete 1926
Elsa Lanchester Quotes Elsa Lanchester Actress 1902
A. J. Liebling Journalist 1904
Kristanna Loken Quotes Kristanna Loken Actress 1979
Walter Lord Quotes Walter Lord Author 1917
Albert Maltz Author 1908
Bruno Mars Quotes Bruno Mars Musician 1985
Wynton Marsalis Quotes Wynton Marsalis Musician 1961
Jonathan Mayhew Clergyman 1720
Terry McMillan Quotes Terry McMillan Author 1951
Melina Mercouri Quotes Melina Mercouri Actress 1920
Kiichi Miyazawa Quotes Kiichi Miyazawa Politician 1919
Rick Moody Quotes Rick Moody Novelist 1961
Erin Moran Quotes Erin Moran Actress 1961
Joe Morton Quotes Joe Morton Actor 1947
Martina Navratilova Quotes Martina Navratilova Athlete 1956
Indra Nooyi Quotes Indra Nooyi Businesswoman 1955
Laura Nyro Quotes Laura Nyro Musician 1947
Frank Ocean Quotes Frank Ocean Musician 1987
Mark Oliphant Quotes Mark Oliphant Scientist 1901
Harry Oppenheimer Businessman 1908
Marina Oswald Celebrity 1939
Brad Paisley Quotes Brad Paisley Musician 1972
Suzy Parker Quotes Suzy Parker Model 1932
Thomas Love Peacock Quotes Thomas Love Peacock Author 1785
Harvey Pekar Quotes Harvey Pekar Writer 1939
Joaquin Phoenix Quotes Joaquin Phoenix Actor 1974
Joan Plowright Actress 1929
Rodney Robert Porter Quotes Rodney Robert Porter Scientist 1917
Emily Procter Quotes Emily Procter Actress 1968
Johnny Ramone Quotes Johnny Ramone Musician 1951
John H. Reagan Politician 1818
Thomas Reed Politician 1839
Andy Richter Quotes Andy Richter Comedian 1966
Eddie Rickenbacker Quotes Eddie Rickenbacker Aviator 1890
Faith Ringgold Artist 1930
Julia Roberts Quotes Julia Roberts Actress 1967
John Romero Quotes John Romero Inventor 1967
Jonas Salk Quotes Jonas Salk Scientist 1914
Edgar Saltus Quotes Edgar Saltus Writer 1855
George C. Scott Quotes George C. Scott Actor 1927
Christopher Shays Quotes Christopher Shays Politician 1945
Alan Smith Athlete 1980
Logan Pearsall Smith Critic 1865
Edmund Clarence Stedman Poet 1833
R. L. Stine Quotes R. L. Stine Writer 1943
Charles R. Swindoll Clergyman 1934
Toru Takemitsu Quotes Toru Takemitsu Composer 1930
Jim Talent Politician 1956
Henry Taylor Dramatist 1800
Pierre Trudeau Quotes Pierre Trudeau Statesman 1919
Ivan Turgenev Quotes Ivan Turgenev Novelist 1818
Jean Claude Van Damme Quotes Jean Claude Van Damme Actor 1960
Bill Vaughan Journalist 1915
John T. Walton Quotes John T. Walton Businessman 1946
Zack Wamp Politician 1957
Zach Wamp Quotes Zach Wamp Politician 1957
Wendy Wasserstein Quotes Wendy Wasserstein Playwright 1950
Evelyn Waugh Quotes Evelyn Waugh Author 1903
Sigourney Weaver Quotes Sigourney Weaver Actress 1949
Cynthia Weil Quotes Cynthia Weil Musician 1940
Dawn Wells Quotes Dawn Wells Actress 1938
Lenny Wilkens 1937
Ellen Wilkinson Quotes Ellen Wilkinson Politician 1891
Stephanie Zimbalist Actress 1956
Daphne Zuniga Quotes Daphne Zuniga Actress 1962
Edward Zwick Quotes Edward Zwick Director 1952