Authors Born on October, 4st

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October, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Drake Quotes Drake Musician 1986
F. Murray Abraham Quotes F. Murray Abraham Actor 1939
Christopher Alexander Architect 1936
Harry Anderson Quotes Harry Anderson Actor 1952
Hannah Arendt Quotes Hannah Arendt Historian 1906
Armand Assante Actor 1949
Luciano Berio Quotes Luciano Berio Composer 1925
Ruth Bernhard Quotes Ruth Bernhard Photographer 1905
Mary Bono Quotes Mary Bono Politician 1961
Caprice Bourret Quotes Caprice Bourret Model 1974
Francois Bozize Quotes Francois Bozize Statesman 1946
H. Rap Brown Quotes H. Rap Brown Activist 1943
Graham Brown Actor 1924
Jackie Collins Quotes Jackie Collins Author 1937
Steve Coogan Quotes Steve Coogan Comedian 1965
Rachael Leigh Cook Quotes Rachael Leigh Cook Actress 1979
Stephen Covey Quotes Stephen Covey Businessman 1932
Francesco Crispi Quotes Francesco Crispi Politician 1819
George Crumb Composer 1929
e. e. cummings Quotes e. e. cummings Poet 1894
Beth Daniel Quotes Beth Daniel Athlete 1956
Doug Davidson Actor 1954
Clifton Davis Quotes Clifton Davis Actor 1945
John Dean Quotes John Dean Lawyer 1938
W. Edwards Deming Quotes W. Edwards Deming Scientist 1900
Thomas Dolby Quotes Thomas Dolby Musician 1958
Leroy Van Dyke Musician 1929
Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes Dwight D. Eisenhower President 1890
Roy Evans Athlete 1948
Greg Evigan Quotes Greg Evigan Actor 1953
Miles Franklin Quotes Miles Franklin Writer 1879
Kenichi Fukui Quotes Kenichi Fukui Scientist 1918
Brendan Gill Critic 1914
Willis Goldbeck Dramatist 1898
George Grenville Quotes George Grenville Statesman 1712
Francois Guizot Quotes Francois Guizot Historian 1787
Chuck Hagel Quotes Chuck Hagel Politician 1946
Sarah Josepha Hale Quotes Sarah Josepha Hale Writer 1788
Ryan Hall Athlete 1982
Marv Harshman Coach 1917
Moss Hart Quotes Moss Hart Playwright 1904
Steven Hatfill Scientist 1953
Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes Rutherford B. Hayes President 1822
Justin Hayward Quotes Justin Hayward Musician 1946
Charlton Heston Quotes Charlton Heston Actor 1923
Kurt Huber Quotes Kurt Huber Celebrity 1893
Marjorie Joyner Businesswoman 1896
Roy Blount, Jr. Writer 1941
Raul Julia Quotes Raul Julia Actor 1994
Ernst Kaltenbrunner Quotes Ernst Kaltenbrunner Soldier 1903
Bob Kane Quotes Bob Kane Artist 1916
Buster Keaton Quotes Buster Keaton Actor 1895
Thomas Keller Quotes Thomas Keller Celebrity 1955
Joseph P. Kennedy III Quotes Joseph P. Kennedy III Politician 1980
Kevin Kline Quotes Kevin Kline Actor 1947
C. Everett Koop Quotes C. Everett Koop Public Servant 1916
Ralph Lauren Quotes Ralph Lauren Designer 1939
Belva Lockwood Quotes Belva Lockwood Lawyer 1830
Chris Lowe Quotes Chris Lowe Musician 1959
James Mackintosh Quotes James Mackintosh Judge 1765
Katherine Mansfield Quotes Katherine Mansfield Author 1888
Jacqueline McKenzie Actress 1967
Linda McMahon Quotes Linda McMahon Businesswoman 1948
Adrian Mitchell Poet 1932
Isaac Mizrahi Quotes Isaac Mizrahi Designer 1961
Roger Moore Quotes Roger Moore Actor 1927
Michael Mullen Quotes Michael Mullen Soldier 1946
William Penn Quotes William Penn Leader 1644
Daniela Pestova Model 1970
Jay Pharoah Actor 1987
Zac Posen Quotes Zac Posen Designer 1980
Walter Rauschenbusch Quotes Walter Rauschenbusch Writer 1861
Bernice Johnson Reagon Quotes Bernice Johnson Reagon Musician 1942
Frederic Remington Quotes Frederic Remington Artist 1861
Anne Rice Quotes Anne Rice Novelist 1941
Cliff Richard Quotes Cliff Richard Musician 1940
Wayne Rooney Quotes Wayne Rooney Athlete 1985
Richard Rorty Quotes Richard Rorty Philosopher 1931
Mike Rounds Quotes Mike Rounds Politician 1954
Damon Runyon Quotes Damon Runyon Journalist 1880
Susan Sarandon Quotes Susan Sarandon Actress 1946
Liev Schreiber Quotes Liev Schreiber Actor 1967
Jon Secada Quotes Jon Secada Musician 1962
Jose Serrano Politician 1943
Silvan Shalom Quotes Silvan Shalom Politician 1958
Brad Sherman Quotes Brad Sherman Politician 1954
George Sidney Director 1916
Russell Simmons Quotes Russell Simmons Businessman 1957
David Strickland Actor 1969
Steve Swallow Quotes Steve Swallow Musician 1940
Sonny Terry Musician 1911
Alvin Toffler Quotes Alvin Toffler Author 1928
Pia Toscano Quotes Pia Toscano Musician 1988
Malcolm Turnbull Quotes Malcolm Turnbull Politician 1954
Brenda Ueland Quotes Brenda Ueland Writer 1891
Eamon de Valera Quotes Eamon de Valera Statesman 1882
Christoph Waltz Quotes Christoph Waltz Actor 1956
Mia Wasikowska Quotes Mia Wasikowska Actress 1989
Pat Williams Athlete 1972
John Wooden Quotes John Wooden Coach 1910
Bill Wyman Quotes Bill Wyman Musician 1936
La Monte Young Quotes La Monte Young Composer 1935
Benh Zeitlin Quotes Benh Zeitlin Director 1982
Usher Quotes Usher Musician 1978