Authors Born on October, 3st

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October, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
John Abbott Quotes John Abbott Statesman 1893
John Adams President 1735
Joe Adcock Quotes Joe Adcock Athlete 1927
Alexander Alekhine Quotes Alexander Alekhine Celebrity 1892
Christopher Anstey Quotes Christopher Anstey Poet 1724
Louis Aragon Quotes Louis Aragon Poet 1897
George Bancroft Quotes George Bancroft Historian 1800
John Perry Barlow Quotes John Perry Barlow Writer 1947
Natalie Clifford Barney Quotes Natalie Clifford Barney Author 1876
John Barrow Quotes John Barrow Politician 1955
Karen Bass Quotes Karen Bass Politician 1953
Stephen Bayley Critic 1951
Jeff Bingaman Quotes Jeff Bingaman Politician 1943
Edward Blake Quotes Edward Blake Politician 1833
Felix Bloch Quotes Felix Bloch Scientist 1905
Pierre Bonnard Quotes Pierre Bonnard Artist 1867
Arna Bontemps Poet 1902
Antoine Bourdelle Sculptor 1861
Bobby Bragan Quotes Bobby Bragan Athlete 1917
Robert Bridges Quotes Robert Bridges Poet 1844
Ray Brown Musician 1926
Lenny Bruce Quotes Lenny Bruce Comedian 1925
Erik Bruhn Quotes Erik Bruhn Dancer 1928
Lindsey Buckingham Quotes Lindsey Buckingham Musician 1949
Charlotte Bunch Quotes Charlotte Bunch Activist 1944
Jim Bunning Quotes Jim Bunning Politician 1931
Augusten Burroughs Quotes Augusten Burroughs Writer 1965
Billy Bush Entertainer 1971
Neve Campbell Quotes Neve Campbell Actress 1973
John Candy Quotes John Candy Comedian 1950
Maria Cantwell Quotes Maria Cantwell Politician 1958
Robert Caro Quotes Robert Caro Writer 1935
Johnny Carson Quotes Johnny Carson Comedian 1925
Ahmed Chalabi Quotes Ahmed Chalabi Statesman 1944
Boozoo Chavis Quotes Boozoo Chavis Musician 1930
Chubby Checker Quotes Chubby Checker Musician 1941
Sacha Baron Cohen Quotes Sacha Baron Cohen Comedian 1971
Roscoe Conkling Quotes Roscoe Conkling Politician 1829
Fred Couples Quotes Fred Couples Athlete 1959
Michael Crichton Quotes Michael Crichton Author 1942
James Daly Actor 1918
Antonio Davis Quotes Antonio Davis Athlete 1968
Robin Day Journalist 1923
Carlos Drummond de Andrade Quotes Carlos Drummond de Andrade Poet 1902
Cat Deeley Quotes Cat Deeley Celebrity 1976
John Doolittle Politician 1950
Douglas Dunn Poet 1942
Eleanora Duse Quotes Eleanora Duse Actress 1858
Eleonora Duse Quotes Eleonora Duse Actress 1858
Dennis Eckersley Quotes Dennis Eckersley Athlete 1954
Thomas Erskine Quotes Thomas Erskine Theologian 1788
Dale Evans Quotes Dale Evans Actress 1912
John Evelyn Quotes John Evelyn Musician 1620
Timothy Findley Quotes Timothy Findley Novelist 1930
Ari Fleischer Quotes Ari Fleischer Public Servant 1960
Doug Flutie Quotes Doug Flutie Athlete 1962
Timothy Thomas Fortune Writer 1856
Luis Fortuno Quotes Luis Fortuno Politician 1960
Dick Francis Quotes Dick Francis Author 1920
Roland Freisler Quotes Roland Freisler Politician 1893
Fred W. Friendly Quotes Fred W. Friendly Producer 1915
Virginia Gildersleeve Celebrity 1877
Ruth Gordon Quotes Ruth Gordon Actress 1896
Ronald Graham Quotes Ronald Graham Mathematician 1935
Lee Grant Quotes Lee Grant Actress 1927
Georg Groddeck Scientist 1866
Sammy Hagar Quotes Sammy Hagar Musician 1947
Deidre Hall Quotes Deidre Hall Actress 1947
William Halsey Quotes William Halsey Soldier 1882
Harry Hamlin Quotes Harry Hamlin Actor 1951
Mike Harding Quotes Mike Harding Musician 1944
Vicky Hartzler Quotes Vicky Hartzler Politician 1960
Joe Heck Quotes Joe Heck Politician 1961
Heidi Heitkamp Quotes Heidi Heitkamp Politician 1955
James Herriot Quotes James Herriot Writer 1916
John Hines Clergyman 1910
Pete Hoekstra Quotes Pete Hoekstra Politician 1953
Larry Holmes Quotes Larry Holmes Athlete 1949
Roy Horn Quotes Roy Horn Entertainer 1944
Richard Howard Poet 1929
Richard Morris Hunt Quotes Richard Morris Hunt Architect 1827
Vanilla Ice Quotes Vanilla Ice Musician 1968
Frank Iero Quotes Frank Iero Musician 1981
Peter Jackson Quotes Peter Jackson Director 1961
Francis Jeffrey Quotes Francis Jeffrey Judge 1773
Jerry Jones Quotes Jerry Jones Businessman 1942
Christopher Judge Quotes Christopher Judge Actor 1964
Roger Kahn Quotes Roger Kahn Writer 1927
Chiang Kai-shek Quotes Chiang Kai-shek Soldier 1887
Philip Kaufman Director 1936
John Keats Quotes John Keats Poet 1795
Barrie Keeffe Dramatist 1945
Nancy Kerrigan Quotes Nancy Kerrigan Athlete 1969
Sally Kirkland Quotes Sally Kirkland Actress 1944
Lee Konitz Quotes Lee Konitz Musician 1927
Talib Kweli Quotes Talib Kweli Musician 1975
Michael Landon Quotes Michael Landon Actor 1936
Lillie Langtry Quotes Lillie Langtry Actress 1853
James Laughlin Quotes James Laughlin Poet 1914
Marie Laurencin Quotes Marie Laurencin Artist 1883
Ang Lee Quotes Ang Lee Director 1954
Al Leiter Quotes Al Leiter Athlete 1965
Gilbert Newton Lewis Quotes Gilbert Newton Lewis Scientist 1875
B. H. Liddell Hart Quotes B. H. Liddell Hart Historian 1895
Nastia Liukin Quotes Nastia Liukin Athlete 1989
John Lone Quotes John Lone Actor 1952
Nia Long Quotes Nia Long Actress 1970
Juliette Gordon Low Quotes Juliette Gordon Low Leader 1860
Louis Malle Quotes Louis Malle Director 1932
Diego Maradona Quotes Diego Maradona Athlete 1960
Mel Martinez Quotes Mel Martinez Politician 1946
Eddie Mathews Quotes Eddie Mathews Athlete 1931
Charlie Melancon Politician 1947
Tiffeny Milbrett Athlete 1972
Andrea Mitchell Quotes Andrea Mitchell Journalist 1946
Yves Montand Quotes Yves Montand Actor 1921
Cleo Moore Quotes Cleo Moore Actress 1928
Nana Mouskouri Quotes Nana Mouskouri Musician 1934
Larry Mullen Quotes Larry Mullen Musician 1961
Axel Munthe Quotes Axel Munthe Writer 1857
Daniel Nathans Scientist 1928
Helmut Newton Quotes Helmut Newton Photographer 1920
Albert J. Nock Philosopher 1870
Dave Obey Quotes Dave Obey Politician 1938
David Obey Quotes David Obey Politician 1938
Marie Osmond Quotes Marie Osmond Musician 1959
Carl von Ossietzky Quotes Carl von Ossietzky Activist 1889
Clive Owen Quotes Clive Owen Actor 1964
Jane Pauley Quotes Jane Pauley Journalist 1950
Harvey Penick Athlete 1904
Piper Perabo Quotes Piper Perabo Actress 1976
Paul Pierce Quotes Paul Pierce Athlete 1977
Ted Poe Quotes Ted Poe Politician 1948
John Pople Scientist 1925
Ezra Pound Quotes Ezra Pound Poet 1885
Kelly Preston Quotes Kelly Preston Actress 1962
Adelaide Anne Procter Quotes Adelaide Anne Procter Poet 1825
Karl Radek Quotes Karl Radek Politician 1885
Sam Raimi Quotes Sam Raimi Director 1959
Dan Rather Quotes Dan Rather Journalist 1931
Stephen Rea Quotes Stephen Rea Actor 1946
Steve Reich Quotes Steve Reich Composer 1936
Ryan Reynolds Quotes Ryan Reynolds Actor 1976
Jerry Rice Quotes Jerry Rice Athlete 1962
Kevin Richardson Musician 1971
Mickey Rivers Quotes Mickey Rivers Athlete 1948
Frank Rizzo Quotes Frank Rizzo Politician 1920
Anita Roddick Businesswoman 1942
Chi Chi Rodriguez Quotes Chi Chi Rodriguez Athlete 1935
Roy Romer Politician 1928
Ned Rorem Composer 1923
Gavin Rossdale Quotes Gavin Rossdale Musician 1967
Jean Rostand Scientist 1894
George Saintsbury Quotes George Saintsbury Writer 1845
Andrew Sarris Critic 1928
Rob Schneider Quotes Rob Schneider Comedian 1963
Bill Schuette Quotes Bill Schuette Public Servant 1953
Allyson Schwartz Quotes Allyson Schwartz Politician 1948
Sean William Scott Quotes Sean William Scott Actor 1976
Seann William Scott Quotes Seann William Scott Actor 1976
Marco Scutaro Quotes Marco Scutaro Athlete 1975
Al Sharpton Quotes Al Sharpton Politician 1954
Richard Sheridan Quotes Richard Sheridan Playwright 1751
Richard Brinsley Sheridan Quotes Richard Brinsley Sheridan Playwright 1751
Fred Shero Quotes Fred Shero Athlete 1925
Frank Shorter Quotes Frank Shorter Athlete 1947
Norodom Sihanouk Quotes Norodom Sihanouk Royalty 1922
Paul Simon Quotes Paul Simon Musician 1941
Ashlee Simpson Quotes Ashlee Simpson Musician 1984
Alfred Sisley Quotes Alfred Sisley Artist 1839
Jennifer Sky Actress 1976
Grace Slick Quotes Grace Slick Musician 1939
Shannyn Sossamon Quotes Shannyn Sossamon Musician 1979
Catherine Helen Spence Quotes Catherine Helen Spence Author 1825
Gwen Stefani Musician 1969
Neal Stephenson Quotes Neal Stephenson Writer 1959
Juliet Stevenson Quotes Juliet Stevenson Actress 1956
David Ogden Stiers Actor 1942
Stijn Streuvels Quotes Stijn Streuvels Writer 1871
Art Tatum Quotes Art Tatum Musician 1909
Bill Terry Quotes Bill Terry Athlete 1898
Margaret Thatcher Quotes Margaret Thatcher Leader 1925
Ian Thorpe Quotes Ian Thorpe Athlete 1982
Ivanka Trump Quotes Ivanka Trump Businesswoman 1981
Alanna Ubach Actress 1975
Paul Valery Quotes Paul Valery Poet 1871
Mordechai Vanunu Quotes Mordechai Vanunu Scientist 1954
Stevie Ray Vaughan Quotes Stevie Ray Vaughan Musician 1954
Gore Vidal Quotes Gore Vidal Novelist 1925
Alicia Vikander Quotes Alicia Vikander Actress 1988
Rudolf Virchow Quotes Rudolf Virchow Politician 1821
Jack Wagner Actor 1959
Ian Walker Athlete 1971
Marc Wallice Actor 1959
Kate Walsh Quotes Kate Walsh Actress 1967
Peter Warlock Quotes Peter Warlock Composer 1894
Ethel Waters Quotes Ethel Waters Musician 1896
Otis Williams Quotes Otis Williams Musician 1939
Dave Winfield Quotes Dave Winfield Athlete 1951
Henry Winkler Quotes Henry Winkler Actor 1945
Michael Winner Quotes Michael Winner Producer 1935
Thomas Wolfe Quotes Thomas Wolfe Novelist 1900
Al Yankovic Quotes Al Yankovic Comedian 1959
Dwight Yoakam Quotes Dwight Yoakam Musician 1956
Alain-Fournier Author 1886
Pele Quotes Pele Athlete 1940