Authors Born on October, 2st

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October, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Drake Quotes Drake Musician 1986
Bud Abbott Quotes Bud Abbott Actor 1897
F. Murray Abraham Quotes F. Murray Abraham Actor 1939
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Quotes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Statesman 1956
Jane Alexander Quotes Jane Alexander Actress 1939
Alphonse Allais Quotes Alphonse Allais Writer 1854
Edmondo De Amicis Quotes Edmondo De Amicis Novelist 1846
Jon Anderson Quotes Jon Anderson Musician 1944
Susan Anton Quotes Susan Anton Actress 1950
Malcolm Arnold Quotes Malcolm Arnold Composer 1921
Enid Bagnold Quotes Enid Bagnold Author 1889
Ralph Bakshi Quotes Ralph Bakshi Director 1938
Haley Barbour Quotes Haley Barbour Politician 1947
Samantha Barks Musician 1990
Billy Barty Quotes Billy Barty Actor 1924
Amanda Beard Quotes Amanda Beard Athlete 1981
Lyman Beecher Quotes Lyman Beecher Clergyman 1775
Camilla Belle Quotes Camilla Belle Actress 1986
Troian Bellisario Quotes Troian Bellisario Actress 1985
Roberto Benigni Quotes Roberto Benigni Actor 1952
Constance Bennett Quotes Constance Bennett Actress 1904
Sandy Berger Quotes Sandy Berger Public Servant 1945
Luciano Berio Quotes Luciano Berio Composer 1925
Sarah Bernhardt Quotes Sarah Bernhardt Actress 1845
Daniel J. Bernstein Quotes Daniel J. Bernstein Mathematician 1971
John Berryman Quotes John Berryman Poet 1914
Georges Bizet Quotes Georges Bizet Composer 1838
Louis Blanc Quotes Louis Blanc Politician 1811
Felix Bloch Quotes Felix Bloch Scientist 1905
Brian Boitano Athlete 1963
Simon Le Bon Quotes Simon Le Bon Musician 1958
Mary Bono Quotes Mary Bono Politician 1961
Jan de Bont Director 1943
James Boswell Quotes James Boswell Lawyer 1740
Caprice Bourret Quotes Caprice Bourret Model 1974
Geoffrey Boycott Quotes Geoffrey Boycott Athlete 1940
Karin Boye Quotes Karin Boye Poet 1900
Danny Boyle Quotes Danny Boyle Director 1956
Lorraine Bracco Quotes Lorraine Bracco Actress 1954
Jeb Bradley Politician 1952
Fanny Brice Quotes Fanny Brice Comedian 1891
Robert Bridges Quotes Robert Bridges Poet 1844
Harold Brodkey Author 1930
Trevor Brooking Quotes Trevor Brooking Athlete 1948
Avery Brooks Quotes Avery Brooks Actor 1948
Graham Brown Actor 1924
Paul Brunton Quotes Paul Brunton Philosopher 1898
Art Buchwald Quotes Art Buchwald Journalist 1925
Jim Bunning Quotes Jim Bunning Politician 1931
Leo Burnett Quotes Leo Burnett Businessman 1891
John Burns Quotes John Burns Activist 1858
Augusten Burroughs Quotes Augusten Burroughs Writer 1965
Don Byas Musician 1912
John Byng Quotes John Byng Soldier 1704
Richard E. Byrd Quotes Richard E. Byrd Explorer 1888
George Washington Cable Quotes George Washington Cable Novelist 1844
Harry Callahan Photographer 1912
Kirk Cameron Quotes Kirk Cameron Actor 1970
Chris Cannon Politician 1950
Robert Capa Quotes Robert Capa Photographer 1913
Johnny Carson Quotes Johnny Carson Comedian 1925
Stephen Carter Lawyer 1954
Nancy Cartwright Quotes Nancy Cartwright Actress 1957
James Carville Quotes James Carville Lawyer 1944
Dan Castellaneta Quotes Dan Castellaneta Actor 1957
John Chafee Quotes John Chafee Politician 1922
Boozoo Chavis Quotes Boozoo Chavis Musician 1930
Jay Chiat Businessman 1931
Deepak Chopra Quotes Deepak Chopra Philosopher 1946
Warren Christopher Quotes Warren Christopher Statesman 1925
William Christopher Quotes William Christopher Actor 1932
Ward Churchill Quotes Ward Churchill Educator 1947
Emanuel Cleaver Quotes Emanuel Cleaver Politician 1944
John Cleese Quotes John Cleese Actor 1939
Hillary Clinton Quotes Hillary Clinton Politician 1947
Johnnie Cochran Quotes Johnnie Cochran Lawyer 1937
Sasha Cohen Quotes Sasha Cohen Athlete 1984
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poet 1772
Bootsy Collins Quotes Bootsy Collins Musician 1951
George Combe Quotes George Combe Educator 1788
Henry Steele Commager Historian 1902
Bill Condon Director 1955
Pat Conroy Writer 1945
James Cook Quotes James Cook Explorer 1728
Jack Kent Cooke Businessman 1912
Julian Cope Quotes Julian Cope Musician 1957
Stephen Covey Quotes Stephen Covey Businessman 1932
Michael Crichton Quotes Michael Crichton Author 1942
Joe Cronin Quotes Joe Cronin Athlete 1906
Steve Cropper Quotes Steve Cropper Musician 1941
Aleister Crowley Quotes Aleister Crowley Critic 1875
George Crumb Composer 1929
Celia Cruz Quotes Celia Cruz Musician 1924
Stephanie Cutter Quotes Stephanie Cutter Businesswoman 1968
Bao Dai Quotes Bao Dai Statesman 1913
James Daly Actor 1918
Charlie Daniels Quotes Charlie Daniels Musician 1936
Georges Jacques Danton Quotes Georges Jacques Danton Revolutionary 1759
Doug Davidson Actor 1954
Carl Davis Composer 1936
Patti Davis Celebrity 1952
Geoff Davis Quotes Geoff Davis Politician 1958
John W. Dawson Politician 1820
Robin Day Journalist 1923
Ruby Dee Quotes Ruby Dee Actress 1924
Cat Deeley Quotes Cat Deeley Celebrity 1976
Ted Demme Director 1963
Catherine Deneuve Quotes Catherine Deneuve Actress 1943
John Dewey Quotes John Dewey Philosopher 1859
David Dimbleby Quotes David Dimbleby Journalist 1938
Henry Dodge Politician 1782
Snoop Dogg Quotes Snoop Dogg Musician 1971
Tommy Douglas Quotes Tommy Douglas Clergyman 1904
Lord Alfred Douglas Quotes Lord Alfred Douglas Poet 1870
Alfred Douglas Quotes Alfred Douglas Poet 1870
Richard Dreyfuss Quotes Richard Dreyfuss Actor 1947
Matt Drudge Celebrity 1966
Douglas Dunn Poet 1942
Cary Elwes Quotes Cary Elwes Actor 1962
Hope Emerson Actress 1897
John Engler Quotes John Engler Politician 1948
Desiderius Erasmus Quotes Desiderius Erasmus Philosopher 1466
Levi Eshkol Quotes Levi Eshkol Statesman 1895
Will Estes Quotes Will Estes Actor 1978
Paul Farmer Quotes Paul Farmer Educator 1959
Brendan Fehr Quotes Brendan Fehr Actor 1977
Ian Hamilton Finlay Quotes Ian Hamilton Finlay Poet 1925
Jack Finney Author 1911
Joely Fisher Quotes Joely Fisher Actress 1967
Carrie Fisher Quotes Carrie Fisher Actress 1956
Robert Fitzgerald Author 1910
Peter G. Fitzgerald Quotes Peter G. Fitzgerald Politician 1960
Doug Flutie Quotes Doug Flutie Athlete 1962
Ferdinand Foch Quotes Ferdinand Foch Soldier 1851
Whitey Ford Quotes Whitey Ford Athlete 1928
Arlene Francis Quotes Arlene Francis Entertainer 1907
Philip Francis Politician 1740
Dennis Franz Quotes Dennis Franz Actor 1944
Dave Freudenthal Quotes Dave Freudenthal Politician 1950
Annette Funicello Quotes Annette Funicello Actress 1942
Dan Gable Athlete 1948
Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Mahatma Gandhi Leader 1869
Martin Gardner Quotes Martin Gardner Mathematician 1914
Michael Gartner Journalist 1938
Bill Gates Quotes Bill Gates Businessman 1955
Jami Gertz Quotes Jami Gertz Actress 1965
Dizzy Gillespie Quotes Dizzy Gillespie Musician 1917
Giovanni Giolitti Quotes Giovanni Giolitti Statesman 1842
Willis Goldbeck Dramatist 1898
Jeff Goldblum Quotes Jeff Goldblum Actor 1952
Richard Goldstone Quotes Richard Goldstone Judge 1938
Peter Green Quotes Peter Green Musician 1946
Theodore F. Green Quotes Theodore F. Green Politician 1867
Henry Green Novelist 1905
Graham Greene Quotes Graham Greene Playwright 1904
Lee Greenwood Quotes Lee Greenwood Musician 1942
Dick Gregory Quotes Dick Gregory Comedian 1932
Jane Grey Quotes Jane Grey Royalty 1537
Alfred Whitney Griswold Quotes Alfred Whitney Griswold Educator 1906
Lewis Grizzard Writer 1946
H. R. Haldeman Quotes H. R. Haldeman Politician 1926
Sarah Josepha Hale Quotes Sarah Josepha Hale Writer 1788
Edmond Halley Quotes Edmond Halley Scientist 1656
Ayumi Hamasaki Quotes Ayumi Hamasaki Musician 1978
Zac Hanson Quotes Zac Hanson Musician 1985
Mike Harding Quotes Mike Harding Musician 1944
Ben Harper Quotes Ben Harper Musician 1969
Moss Hart Quotes Moss Hart Playwright 1904
Steven Hatfill Scientist 1953
Matthew Hayden Quotes Matthew Hayden Athlete 1971
Edith Head Quotes Edith Head Designer 1907
Jon Heder Quotes Jon Heder Actor 1977
John Heisman Quotes John Heisman Coach 1869
Richard Hell Quotes Richard Hell Musician 1949
Keith Hernandez Quotes Keith Hernandez Athlete 1953
John Hewson Politician 1946
Napoleon Hill Quotes Napoleon Hill Writer 1883
Napolean Hill Quotes Napolean Hill Author 1883
Paul von Hindenburg Quotes Paul von Hindenburg Soldier 1847
Glenn Hoddle Quotes Glenn Hoddle Athlete 1957
Lauren Holly Quotes Lauren Holly Actress 1963
Philip Hone Quotes Philip Hone Politician 1780
Bob Hoskins Quotes Bob Hoskins Actor 1942
Curly Howard Quotes Curly Howard Actor 1903
Ma Huateng Businessman 1971
Kurt Huber Quotes Kurt Huber Celebrity 1893
Thomas Hughes Quotes Thomas Hughes Judge 1822
Cordell Hull Quotes Cordell Hull Public Servant 1871
Josh Hutcherson Quotes Josh Hutcherson Actor 1992
Stanislaus I Quotes Stanislaus I Royalty 1677
Paul Ince Quotes Paul Ince Athlete 1967
Charles Ives Quotes Charles Ives Composer 1874
Hugh Jackman Quotes Hugh Jackman Actor 1968
Kate Jackson Quotes Kate Jackson Actress 1948
Mahalia Jackson Quotes Mahalia Jackson Musician 1911
Wanda Jackson Quotes Wanda Jackson Musician 1937
Derek Jacobi Quotes Derek Jacobi Actor 1938
J. A. Jance Author 1944
Francis Jeffrey Quotes Francis Jeffrey Judge 1773
Elfriede Jelinek Quotes Elfriede Jelinek Playwright 1946
Bruce Jenner Quotes Bruce Jenner Athlete 1949
Judy Johnson Quotes Judy Johnson Athlete 1899
Eddie Jones Athlete 1971
Marion Jones Quotes Marion Jones Athlete 1975
Leila Josefowicz Musician 1977
Marjorie Joyner Businesswoman 1896
Raul Julia Quotes Raul Julia Actor 1994
Bob Kane Quotes Bob Kane Artist 1916
Donna Karan Quotes Donna Karan Designer 1948
Kim Kardashian Quotes Kim Kardashian Celebrity 1980
Philip Kaufman Director 1936
Patrick Kavanagh Quotes Patrick Kavanagh Poet 1904
Dirk Kempthorne Quotes Dirk Kempthorne Politician 1951
John P. Kennedy Quotes John P. Kennedy Soldier 1795
Persis Khambatta Actress 1950
Ralph Kiner Quotes Ralph Kiner Athlete 1922
Maxine Hong Kingston Quotes Maxine Hong Kingston Writer 1940
Kevin Kline Quotes Kevin Kline Actor 1947
Bobby Knight Quotes Bobby Knight Coach 1940
Lawrence Kohlberg Educator 1927
John Krasinski Quotes John Krasinski Actor 1979
Lee Krasner Quotes Lee Krasner Artist 1908
Bowie Kuhn Quotes Bowie Kuhn Athlete 1926
Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes Alphonse de Lamartine Poet 1790
Elsa Lanchester Quotes Elsa Lanchester Actress 1902
Ursula K. Le Guin Quotes Ursula K. Le Guin Writer 1929
Timothy Leary Quotes Timothy Leary Educator 1920
Simon LeBon Quotes Simon LeBon Musician 1958
Fran Lebowitz Quotes Fran Lebowitz Journalist 1951
Chris LeDoux Quotes Chris LeDoux Musician 1948
Ang Lee Quotes Ang Lee Director 1954
Al Leiter Quotes Al Leiter Athlete 1965
Martin Lel Quotes Martin Lel Athlete 1978
Doris Lessing Quotes Doris Lessing Writer 1919
Gilbert Newton Lewis Quotes Gilbert Newton Lewis Scientist 1875
Willy Ley Quotes Willy Ley Writer 1906
Roy Lichtenstein Quotes Roy Lichtenstein Artist 1923
Franz Liszt Quotes Franz Liszt Composer 1811
Belva Lockwood Quotes Belva Lockwood Lawyer 1830
John D. Long Quotes John D. Long Politician 1838
Bela Lugosi Quotes Bela Lugosi Actor 1882
Shelby Lynne Quotes Shelby Lynne Musician 1968
Thomas Macaulay Quotes Thomas Macaulay Poet 1800
Seth MacFarlane Quotes Seth MacFarlane Cartoonist 1973
James Mackintosh Quotes James Mackintosh Judge 1765
Vanessa Mae Quotes Vanessa Mae Musician 1978
Magnus Magnusson Journalist 1929
Michelle Malkin Quotes Michelle Malkin Writer 1970
Albert Maltz Author 1908
Peter Mandelson Quotes Peter Mandelson Politician 1953
Manfred Mann Quotes Manfred Mann Musician 1940
Mickey Mantle Quotes Mickey Mantle Athlete 1931
Marla Maples Actress 1963
Juan Marichal Quotes Juan Marichal Athlete 1937
Pedro Martinez Quotes Pedro Martinez Athlete 1971
Mel Martinez Quotes Mel Martinez Politician 1946
Groucho Marx Quotes Groucho Marx Comedian 1895
Bill Mauldin Quotes Bill Mauldin Cartoonist 1921
Dylan McDermott Quotes Dylan McDermott Actor 1961
Patrick McHenry Quotes Patrick McHenry Politician 1975
Jacqueline McKenzie Actress 1967
Don McLean Quotes Don McLean Musician 1945
Pat Meehan Quotes Pat Meehan Politician 1955
Natalie Merchant Quotes Natalie Merchant Musician 1963
Tiffeny Milbrett Athlete 1972
Bode Miller Quotes Bode Miller Athlete 1977
Dorie Miller Quotes Dorie Miller Celebrity 1919
Dannii Minogue Quotes Dannii Minogue Musician 1971
Adrian Mitchell Poet 1932
Francois Mitterrand Quotes Francois Mitterrand Statesman 1916
Elizabeth Montagu Writer 1718
Eugenio Montale Quotes Eugenio Montale Poet 1896
Tom Moody Quotes Tom Moody Coach 1965
Evo Morales Quotes Evo Morales Statesman 1959
Jan Morris Quotes Jan Morris Writer 1926
Shelley Morrison Quotes Shelley Morrison Actress 1936
Viggo Mortensen Quotes Viggo Mortensen Actor 1958
Jelly Roll Morton Quotes Jelly Roll Morton Musician 1885
Kate Mosse Quotes Kate Mosse Author 1961
Andrew Motion Quotes Andrew Motion Poet 1952
Anne M. Mulcahy Businesswoman 1952
Thomas Muster Quotes Thomas Muster Athlete 1967
Anna Neagle Quotes Anna Neagle Actress 1904
Benjamin Netanyahu Quotes Benjamin Netanyahu Leader 1949
Jean Nidetch Businessman 1923
Alfred Nobel Quotes Alfred Nobel Scientist 1833
Indra Nooyi Quotes Indra Nooyi Businesswoman 1955
James Northcote Quotes James Northcote Artist 1746
Jana Novotna Quotes Jana Novotna Athlete 1968
Frank Ocean Quotes Frank Ocean Musician 1987
Bob Odenkirk Quotes Bob Odenkirk Actor 1962
Queen Marie of Romania Quotes Queen Marie of Romania Royalty 1875
Harry Oppenheimer Businessman 1908
Jerry Orbach Quotes Jerry Orbach Actor 1935
Kelly Osbourne Quotes Kelly Osbourne Actress 1984
John Otway Quotes John Otway Musician 1952
Bill Owens Politician 1950
Niccolo Paganini Quotes Niccolo Paganini Musician 1782
Chuck Pagano Quotes Chuck Pagano Coach 1960
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Quotes Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Royalty 1919
Brad Paisley Quotes Brad Paisley Musician 1972
Franz von Papen Quotes Franz von Papen Politician 1879
Suzy Parker Quotes Suzy Parker Model 1932
Adam Pascal Quotes Adam Pascal Actor 1970
Luciano Pavarotti Quotes Luciano Pavarotti Musician 1935
Minnie Pearl Quotes Minnie Pearl Musician 1912
Harvey Penick Athlete 1904
Anne Perry Quotes Anne Perry Novelist 1938
Katy Perry Quotes Katy Perry Musician 1984
Tom Petty Quotes Tom Petty Musician 1953
Joaquin Phoenix Quotes Joaquin Phoenix Actor 1974
Pablo Picasso Quotes Pablo Picasso Artist 1881
Sylvia Plath Quotes Sylvia Plath Poet 1932
Joan Plowright Actress 1929
Zac Posen Quotes Zac Posen Designer 1980
Emily Post Quotes Emily Post Author 1872
Roscoe Pound Quotes Roscoe Pound Lawyer 1870
Keith Preston Activist 1966
Richard Price Quotes Richard Price Writer 1949
Sam Raimi Quotes Sam Raimi Director 1959
Aron Ralston Quotes Aron Ralston Celebrity 1975
William Ramsay Quotes William Ramsay Scientist 1852
Anthony Rapp Quotes Anthony Rapp Actor 1971
Burton Rascoe Journalist 1892
Robert Rauschenberg Quotes Robert Rauschenberg Artist 1925
Helen Reddy Quotes Helen Reddy Actress 1941
Rex Reed Critic 1938
John Reed Journalist 1887
Ivan Reitman Quotes Ivan Reitman Actor 1946
David Remnick Quotes David Remnick Journalist 1958
Ryan Reynolds Quotes Ryan Reynolds Actor 1976
Mandy Rice-Davies Model 1944
Adam Rich Actor 1968
Andy Richter Quotes Andy Richter Comedian 1966
Arthur Rimbaud Quotes Arthur Rimbaud Poet 1854
Kelly Ripa Quotes Kelly Ripa Entertainer 1970
Frank Rizzo Quotes Frank Rizzo Politician 1920
Julia Roberts Quotes Julia Roberts Actress 1967
Anita Roddick Businesswoman 1942
John Romero Quotes John Romero Inventor 1967
Wayne Rooney Quotes Wayne Rooney Athlete 1985
Theodore Roosevelt Quotes Theodore Roosevelt President 1858
Ned Rorem Composer 1923
Hilary Rosen Quotes Hilary Rosen Businesswoman 1958
Marion Ross Quotes Marion Ross Actor 1928
Mike Rounds Quotes Mike Rounds Politician 1954
Ed Royce Quotes Ed Royce Politician 1951
Ann Rule Writer 1935
Robert Runcie Quotes Robert Runcie Clergyman 1921
Ian Rush Athlete 1961
Henry Norris Russell Scientist 1877
Mike Rutherford Quotes Mike Rutherford Musician 1950
Winona Ryder Quotes Winona Ryder Actress 1971
Steve Sabol Quotes Steve Sabol Director 1942
George Saintsbury Quotes George Saintsbury Writer 1845
Pat Sajak Quotes Pat Sajak Entertainer 1946
Jonas Salk Quotes Jonas Salk Scientist 1914
Fritz Sauckel Quotes Fritz Sauckel Soldier 1894
Julian Schnabel Quotes Julian Schnabel Artist 1951
Tom Schulman Writer 1950
Rusty Schweickart Quotes Rusty Schweickart Astronaut 1935
C. P. Scott Quotes C. P. Scott Journalist 1846
Bobby Seale Quotes Bobby Seale Activist 1936
Jose Serrano Politician 1943
John Shadegg Politician 1949
Lal Bahadur Shastri Quotes Lal Bahadur Shastri Leader 1904
Ted Shawn Quotes Ted Shawn Dancer 1891
Neil Sheehan Journalist 1936
Brad Sherman Quotes Brad Sherman Politician 1954
Fred Shero Quotes Fred Shero Athlete 1925
Jane Siberry Quotes Jane Siberry Musician 1955
Navjot Singh Sidhu Quotes Navjot Singh Sidhu Entertainer 1963
Robin Skelton Writer 1925
Chad Smith Quotes Chad Smith Musician 1961
Daniel Smith Politician 1748
Jaclyn Smith Quotes Jaclyn Smith Actress 1947
Alan Smith Athlete 1980
Carrie Snodgress Quotes Carrie Snodgress Actress 1946
Hilda Solis Quotes Hilda Solis Politician 1957
Georg Solti Quotes Georg Solti Musician 1912
Edith Stein Quotes Edith Stein Saint 1891
Wallace Stevens Quotes Wallace Stevens Poet 1879
Alexander Turney Stewart Quotes Alexander Turney Stewart Businessman 1803
Max Stirner Quotes Max Stirner Philosopher 1806
Ichiro Suzuki Quotes Ichiro Suzuki Athlete 1973
Candice Swanepoel Quotes Candice Swanepoel Model 1988
Oliver Tambo Quotes Oliver Tambo Politician 1917
Henry John Temple Quotes Henry John Temple Statesman 1784
Sonny Terry Musician 1911
Dylan Thomas Quotes Dylan Thomas Poet 1914
Bobby Thomson Quotes Bobby Thomson Athlete 1923
Glenn Tipton Quotes Glenn Tipton Musician 1948
Dick Trickle Quotes Dick Trickle Celebrity 1941
Leon Trotsky Quotes Leon Trotsky Revolutionary 1879
Lyman Trumbull Politician 1813
Ivan Turgenev Quotes Ivan Turgenev Novelist 1818
Malcolm Turnbull Quotes Malcolm Turnbull Politician 1954
Nat Turner Activist 1800
Aaron Tveit Quotes Aaron Tveit Actor 1983
Paul Twitchell Celebrity 1908
Anne Tyler Novelist 1941
Edward Burnett Tylor Quotes Edward Burnett Tylor Scientist 1832
Brenda Ueland Quotes Brenda Ueland Writer 1891
Gabrielle Union Quotes Gabrielle Union Actress 1972
Keith Urban Quotes Keith Urban Musician 1967
Benjamin F. Wade Quotes Benjamin F. Wade Politician 1800
Edward Wadsworth Quotes Edward Wadsworth Artist 1889
Helmut Walcha Musician 1907
George H. Walker Quotes George H. Walker Businessman 1811
Chris Wallace Quotes Chris Wallace Journalist 1947
Zach Wamp Quotes Zach Wamp Politician 1957
Zack Wamp Politician 1957
Craig Washington Politician 1941
Evelyn Waugh Quotes Evelyn Waugh Author 1903
Scott Weiland Quotes Scott Weiland Musician 1967
Arsene Wenger Quotes Arsene Wenger Coach 1949
Timothy West Quotes Timothy West Actor 1934
Carlos Wilcox Poet 1794
Lenny Wilkens 1937
Pat Williams Athlete 1972
Ralph Vaughan Williams Quotes Ralph Vaughan Williams Composer 1872
A. N. Wilson Writer 1950
Rita Wilson Quotes Rita Wilson Actress 1958
Earl Wilson Athlete 1934
Smokey Joe Wood Quotes Smokey Joe Wood Athlete 1889
Christopher Wren Quotes Christopher Wren Architect 1632
Chely Wright Quotes Chely Wright Musician 1970
Teresa Wright Quotes Teresa Wright Actress 1918
Bill Wyman Quotes Bill Wyman Musician 1936
Al Yankovic Quotes Al Yankovic Comedian 1959
Dwight Yoakam Quotes Dwight Yoakam Musician 1956
Owen D. Young Businessman 1874
Daphne Zuniga Quotes Daphne Zuniga Actress 1962
Pele Quotes Pele Athlete 1940
Sting Quotes Sting Musician 1951
TobyMac Quotes TobyMac Musician 1964