Authors Born on October, 1st

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October, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
James Truslow Adams Historian 1878
Renata Adler Journalist 1938
Alexander Alekhine Quotes Alexander Alekhine Celebrity 1892
Louis Althusser Quotes Louis Althusser Philosopher 1918
Edmondo De Amicis Quotes Edmondo De Amicis Novelist 1846
Harry Anderson Quotes Harry Anderson Actor 1952
Walter Anderson Writer 1885
Julie Andrews Quotes Julie Andrews Actress 1935
Jean-Jacques Annaud Quotes Jean-Jacques Annaud Director 1943
Christopher Anstey Quotes Christopher Anstey Poet 1724
Susan Anton Quotes Susan Anton Actress 1950
George Archer Athlete 1939
Hannah Arendt Quotes Hannah Arendt Historian 1906
Malcolm Arnold Quotes Malcolm Arnold Composer 1921
Owen Arthur Quotes Owen Arthur Statesman 1949
Robert Atkins Celebrity 1930
Joseph Auslander Quotes Joseph Auslander Poet 1897
Amitabh Bachchan Quotes Amitabh Bachchan Actor 1942
Faith Baldwin Quotes Faith Baldwin Novelist 1893
Natalie Clifford Barney Quotes Natalie Clifford Barney Author 1876
John Barrow Quotes John Barrow Politician 1955
Stephen Bayley Critic 1951
Lyman Beecher Quotes Lyman Beecher Clergyman 1775
David Ben-Gurion Quotes David Ben-Gurion Statesman 1896
Henri Bergson Quotes Henri Bergson Philosopher 1859
Ruth Bernhard Quotes Ruth Bernhard Photographer 1905
Chuck Berry Quotes Chuck Berry Musician 1926
Paul Bert Quotes Paul Bert Scientist 1833
Annie Besant Quotes Annie Besant Philosopher 1847
Isabella Bird Quotes Isabella Bird Writer 1831
Maurice Bishop Quotes Maurice Bishop Politician 1983
Claudia Black Quotes Claudia Black Actress 1972
Edward Blake Quotes Edward Blake Politician 1833
Art Blakey Quotes Art Blakey Musician 1919
Matt Bomer Quotes Matt Bomer Actor 1977
Arna Bontemps Poet 1902
Daniel J. Boorstin Historian 1914
Tom Bosley Quotes Tom Bosley Actor 1927
Lester Bowie Quotes Lester Bowie Musician 1941
Geoffrey Boycott Quotes Geoffrey Boycott Athlete 1940
Anne Boyd Composer 1946
Peter Boyle Quotes Peter Boyle Actor 1935
Francois Bozize Quotes Francois Bozize Statesman 1946
Jimmy Breslin Quotes Jimmy Breslin Entertainer 1930
Ray Brown Musician 1926
Thomas Browne Quotes Thomas Browne Scientist 1605
Sylvia Browne Celebrity 1936
Lenny Bruce Quotes Lenny Bruce Comedian 1925
Jerome Bruner Psychologist 1915
Paul Brunton Quotes Paul Brunton Philosopher 1898
Georg Buchner Quotes Georg Buchner Dramatist 1813
Maria Bueno Quotes Maria Bueno Athlete 1939
Charlotte Bunch Quotes Charlotte Bunch Activist 1944
Arleigh Burke Quotes Arleigh Burke Soldier 1901
Leo Burnett Quotes Leo Burnett Businessman 1891
Billy Bush Entertainer 1971
Dino Buzzati Quotes Dino Buzzati Novelist 1906
Don Byas Musician 1912
George Washington Cable Quotes George Washington Cable Novelist 1844
Italo Calvino Journalist 1923
Kirk Cameron Quotes Kirk Cameron Actor 1970
John Candy Quotes John Candy Comedian 1950
Blu Cantrell Quotes Blu Cantrell Musician 1976
Maria Cantwell Quotes Maria Cantwell Politician 1958
Rod Carew Quotes Rod Carew Athlete 1945
Frank Carlucci Quotes Frank Carlucci Politician 1930
John le Carre Quotes John le Carre Writer 1931
Rodney Carrington Comedian 1968
Amy Carter Quotes Amy Carter Celebrity 1967
Jimmy Carter Quotes Jimmy Carter President 1924
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Quotes Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Scientist 1910
Bobby Charlton Quotes Bobby Charlton Athlete 1937
Rufus Choate Quotes Rufus Choate Lawyer 1799
James Clavell Novelist 1924
Brian P. Cleary Author 1959
Montgomery Clift Quotes Montgomery Clift Actor 1920
Sacha Baron Cohen Quotes Sacha Baron Cohen Comedian 1971
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poet 1772
Michael Collins Leader 1890
Stephen Collins Quotes Stephen Collins Actor 1947
Charles W. Colson Quotes Charles W. Colson Lawyer 1931
Chuck Colson Quotes Chuck Colson Lawyer 1931
Charles Colson Quotes Charles Colson Lawyer 1931
George Combe Quotes George Combe Educator 1788
Steve Coogan Quotes Steve Coogan Comedian 1965
Julian Cope Quotes Julian Cope Musician 1957
Barry Corbin Quotes Barry Corbin Actor 1940
Peter Coyote Quotes Peter Coyote Actor 1941
Steve Crocker Businessman 1944
Joe Cronin Quotes Joe Cronin Athlete 1906
Steve Cropper Quotes Steve Cropper Musician 1941
Aleister Crowley Quotes Aleister Crowley Critic 1875
Celia Cruz Quotes Celia Cruz Musician 1924
e. e. cummings Quotes e. e. cummings Poet 1894
Joan Cusack Quotes Joan Cusack Actress 1962
Mary Daly Quotes Mary Daly Theologian 1928
Charles Dance Quotes Charles Dance Actor 1946
Beth Daniel Quotes Beth Daniel Athlete 1956
Jane Darwell Quotes Jane Darwell Actress 1879
Paige Davis Quotes Paige Davis Actress 1969
Patti Davis Celebrity 1952
Antonio Davis Quotes Antonio Davis Athlete 1968
John W. Dawson Politician 1820
Carlos Drummond de Andrade Quotes Carlos Drummond de Andrade Poet 1902
John Dean Quotes John Dean Lawyer 1938
W. Edwards Deming Quotes W. Edwards Deming Scientist 1900
Sunny Deol Quotes Sunny Deol Actor 1956
Emily Deschanel Quotes Emily Deschanel Actress 1976
Mike Ditka Quotes Mike Ditka Coach 1939
Henry Dodge Politician 1782
Thomas Dolby Quotes Thomas Dolby Musician 1958
David Herbert Donald Historian 1920
William O. Douglas Quotes William O. Douglas Judge 1898
Thomas Drummond Quotes Thomas Drummond Public Servant 1797
Vernon Duke Quotes Vernon Duke Composer 1903
John Edward Entertainer 1969
Zac Efron Quotes Zac Efron Actor 1987
Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes Dwight D. Eisenhower President 1890
John Engler Quotes John Engler Politician 1948
Thomas Erskine Quotes Thomas Erskine Theologian 1788
Will Estes Quotes Will Estes Actor 1978
Dale Evans Quotes Dale Evans Actress 1912
John Evelyn Quotes John Evelyn Musician 1620
Greg Evigan Quotes Greg Evigan Actor 1953
Brett Favre Quotes Brett Favre Athlete 1969
Jon Favreau Quotes Jon Favreau Actor 1966
Marsilio Ficino Quotes Marsilio Ficino Philosopher 1433
Carrie Fisher Quotes Carrie Fisher Actress 1956
Robert Fitzgerald Author 1910
Ari Fleischer Quotes Ari Fleischer Public Servant 1960
Whitey Ford Quotes Whitey Ford Athlete 1928
Luis Fortuno Quotes Luis Fortuno Politician 1960
Michel Foucault Quotes Michel Foucault Historian 1926
Dick Francis Quotes Dick Francis Author 1920
Miles Franklin Quotes Miles Franklin Writer 1879
Dawn French Quotes Dawn French Comedian 1957
Dave Freudenthal Quotes Dave Freudenthal Politician 1950
John Kenneth Galbraith Quotes John Kenneth Galbraith Economist 1908
Michael Gambon Actor 1940
Martin Gardner Quotes Martin Gardner Mathematician 1914
Alberto Giacometti Quotes Alberto Giacometti Sculptor 1901
Dizzy Gillespie Quotes Dizzy Gillespie Musician 1917
Elinor Glyn Quotes Elinor Glyn Author 1864
Virgil Goode Quotes Virgil Goode Politician 1946
Ronald Graham Quotes Ronald Graham Mathematician 1935
Lee Grant Quotes Lee Grant Actress 1927
Gunther Grass Quotes Gunther Grass Author 1927
Gunter Grass Quotes Gunter Grass Author 1927
Breaux Greer Athlete 1976
Dick Gregory Quotes Dick Gregory Comedian 1932
George Grenville Quotes George Grenville Statesman 1712
Jane Grey Quotes Jane Grey Royalty 1537
Georg Groddeck Scientist 1866
Sammy Hagar Quotes Sammy Hagar Musician 1947
Deidre Hall Quotes Deidre Hall Actress 1947
Daryl Hall Quotes Daryl Hall Musician 1946
Ryan Hall Athlete 1982
Nhat Hanh Quotes Nhat Hanh Activist 1926
Desmond Harrington Quotes Desmond Harrington Actor 1976
Richard Harris Quotes Richard Harris Actor 1930
Vicky Hartzler Quotes Vicky Hartzler Politician 1960
Laurence Harvey Quotes Laurence Harvey Actor 1928
Childe Hassam Quotes Childe Hassam Artist 1859
Helen Hayes Quotes Helen Hayes Actress 1900
Justin Hayward Quotes Justin Hayward Musician 1946
Rita Hayworth Quotes Rita Hayworth Actress 1919
Thomas Hearns Quotes Thomas Hearns Athlete 1958
Henry J. Heinz Quotes Henry J. Heinz Businessman 1844
Jesse Helms Quotes Jesse Helms Politician 1921
Matthew Henry Quotes Matthew Henry Clergyman 1662
Billy Higgins Musician 1936
David Hobson Politician 1936
Evander Holyfield Quotes Evander Holyfield Athlete 1962
Tom Hooper Director 1972
Miriam Hopkins Quotes Miriam Hopkins Actress 1902
Vladimir Horowitz Quotes Vladimir Horowitz Musician 1904
Richard Howard Poet 1929
Cal Hubbard Quotes Cal Hubbard Athlete 1900
Doris Humphrey Quotes Doris Humphrey Dancer 1895
Leigh Hunt Poet 1784
Richard Morris Hunt Quotes Richard Morris Hunt Architect 1827
Evan Hunter Quotes Evan Hunter Author 1926
Fannie Hurst Quotes Fannie Hurst Writer 1885
Josh Hutcherson Quotes Josh Hutcherson Actor 1992
Lee Iacocca Quotes Lee Iacocca Businessman 1924
Vanilla Ice Quotes Vanilla Ice Musician 1968
Frank Iero Quotes Frank Iero Musician 1981
Paul Ince Quotes Paul Ince Athlete 1967
Bob Inglis Quotes Bob Inglis Politician 1959
Patricia Ireland Activist 1945
Hugh Jackman Quotes Hugh Jackman Actor 1968
Alan Jackson Quotes Alan Jackson Musician 1958
Peter Jackson Quotes Peter Jackson Director 1961
Tito Jackson Quotes Tito Jackson Musician 1953
Helen Hunt Jackson Quotes Helen Hunt Jackson Writer 1831
Jeremy Jackson Actor 1980
Roman Jakobson Scientist 1896
Wyclef Jean Quotes Wyclef Jean Musician 1972
Richard Mentor Johnson Quotes Richard Mentor Johnson Politician 1780
Jerry Jones Quotes Jerry Jones Businessman 1942
Marion Jones Quotes Marion Jones Athlete 1975
Christopher Judge Quotes Christopher Judge Actor 1964
Mike Judge Quotes Mike Judge Producer 1962
Roger Kahn Quotes Roger Kahn Writer 1927
Chiang Kai-shek Quotes Chiang Kai-shek Soldier 1887
Abdul Kalam Quotes Abdul Kalam Statesman 1931
Kim Kardashian Quotes Kim Kardashian Celebrity 1980
Chris Kattan Quotes Chris Kattan Comedian 1970
Patrick Kavanagh Quotes Patrick Kavanagh Poet 1904
John Keats Quotes John Keats Poet 1795
Barrie Keeffe Dramatist 1945
Thomas Keller Quotes Thomas Keller Celebrity 1955
Gary Kemp Quotes Gary Kemp Musician 1959
Nancy Kerrigan Quotes Nancy Kerrigan Athlete 1969
Margot Kidder Quotes Margot Kidder Actress 1948
Klaus Kinski Quotes Klaus Kinski Actor 1926
Sally Kirkland Quotes Sally Kirkland Actress 1944
Chris Kirkpatrick Quotes Chris Kirkpatrick Musician 1971
Fletcher Knebel Author 1911
Evel Knievel Quotes Evel Knievel Entertainer 1938
Lee Konitz Quotes Lee Konitz Musician 1927
C. Everett Koop Quotes C. Everett Koop Public Servant 1916
Chiaki Kuriyama Quotes Chiaki Kuriyama Actress 1984
Emeril Lagasse Quotes Emeril Lagasse Celebrity 1959
Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes Alphonse de Lamartine Poet 1790
Michael Landon Quotes Michael Landon Actor 1936
Artie Lange Quotes Artie Lange Actor 1967
Lillie Langtry Quotes Lillie Langtry Actress 1853
Angela Lansbury Quotes Angela Lansbury Actress 1925
Robert Lansing Quotes Robert Lansing Politician 1864
Ralph Lauren Quotes Ralph Lauren Designer 1939
Marie Laurencin Quotes Marie Laurencin Artist 1883
Linda Lavin Quotes Linda Lavin Actress 1937
Ursula K. Le Guin Quotes Ursula K. Le Guin Writer 1929
Jim Leach Quotes Jim Leach Politician 1942
James A. Leach Quotes James A. Leach Politician 1942
Annie Leibovitz Quotes Annie Leibovitz Photographer 1949
Mikhail Lermontov Quotes Mikhail Lermontov Poet 1814
Saunders Lewis Quotes Saunders Lewis Poet 1893
B. H. Liddell Hart Quotes B. H. Liddell Hart Historian 1895
A. J. Liebling Journalist 1904
Bai Ling Quotes Bai Ling Actress 1970
John Lithgow Quotes John Lithgow Actor 1945
Leonard Little Athlete 1974
John Lone Quotes John Lone Actor 1952
Mario Lopez Quotes Mario Lopez Actor 1973
Juliette Gordon Low Quotes Juliette Gordon Low Leader 1860
Edward Luck Author 1948
Norm MacDonald Quotes Norm MacDonald Actor 1963
Matthew Macfadyen Quotes Matthew Macfadyen Actor 1974
Samora Machel Quotes Samora Machel Leader 1986
Cameron Mackintosh Quotes Cameron Mackintosh Businessman 1946
Magnus Magnusson Journalist 1929
Peter Mandelson Quotes Peter Mandelson Politician 1953
Manfred Mann Quotes Manfred Mann Musician 1940
Katherine Mansfield Quotes Katherine Mansfield Author 1888
Vanessa Marcil Actress 1969
Cindy Margolis Quotes Cindy Margolis Model 1965
Ziggy Marley Quotes Ziggy Marley Musician 1968
Wynton Marsalis Quotes Wynton Marsalis Musician 1961
Burke Marshall Lawyer 1922
Penny Marshall Quotes Penny Marshall Actress 1942
Daniel Massey Actor 1933
Eddie Mathews Quotes Eddie Mathews Athlete 1931
Walter Matthau Quotes Walter Matthau Actor 1920
Francois Mauriac Quotes Francois Mauriac Novelist 1885
Peter Max Quotes Peter Max Artist 1937
Theresa May Quotes Theresa May Politician 1956
John Mayer Quotes John Mayer Musician 1977
David McFadden Poet 1940
Barry McGuire Quotes Barry McGuire Musician 1937
Mark McGwire Quotes Mark McGwire Athlete 1963
Michael McKean Quotes Michael McKean Actor 1947
Tom McMillan Politician 1945
Terry McMillan Quotes Terry McMillan Author 1951
Michael Medved Quotes Michael Medved Journalist 1948
Rick Mercer Quotes Rick Mercer Comedian 1969
Melina Mercouri Quotes Melina Mercouri Actress 1920
Charles E. Merrill Businessman 1885
Pras Michel Musician 1972
Adam Michnik Quotes Adam Michnik Editor 1946
Larry Miller Comedian 1953
Gary Miller Quotes Gary Miller Politician 1948
Bode Miller Quotes Bode Miller Athlete 1977
Arthur Miller Quotes Arthur Miller Playwright 1915
Dorie Miller Quotes Dorie Miller Celebrity 1919
William Minto Writer 1845
Isaac Mizrahi Quotes Isaac Mizrahi Designer 1961
Thelonious Monk Musician 1917
Eugenio Montale Quotes Eugenio Montale Poet 1896
Yves Montand Quotes Yves Montand Actor 1921
Rick Moody Quotes Rick Moody Novelist 1961
Roger Moore Quotes Roger Moore Actor 1927
Cleo Moore Quotes Cleo Moore Actress 1928
Esai Morales Quotes Esai Morales Actor 1962
Erin Moran Quotes Erin Moran Actress 1961
David Morse Actor 1953
Joe Morton Quotes Joe Morton Actor 1947
Bob Mould Quotes Bob Mould Musician 1960
Nana Mouskouri Quotes Nana Mouskouri Musician 1934
Anne M. Mulcahy Businesswoman 1952
Larry Mullen Quotes Larry Mullen Musician 1961
Lewis Mumford Quotes Lewis Mumford Sociologist 1895
Louis Mumford Historian 1895
Axel Munthe Quotes Axel Munthe Writer 1857
Patty Murray Quotes Patty Murray Politician 1950
Matt Nagle Scientist 1979
Mira Nair Quotes Mira Nair Director 1957
Fridtjof Nansen Quotes Fridtjof Nansen Explorer 1861
Martina Navratilova Quotes Martina Navratilova Athlete 1956
David Neeleman Quotes David Neeleman Businessman 1959
Benjamin Netanyahu Quotes Benjamin Netanyahu Leader 1949
James Newman Astronaut 1956
Gavin Newsom Quotes Gavin Newsom Politician 1967
Helmut Newton Quotes Helmut Newton Photographer 1920
Jean Nidetch Businessman 1923
Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher 1844
Alfred Nobel Quotes Alfred Nobel Scientist 1833
Albert J. Nock Philosopher 1870
Grover Norquist Quotes Grover Norquist Politician 1956
Laura Nyro Quotes Laura Nyro Musician 1947
Gus O'Donnell Economist 1952
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Model 1978
Eugene O'Neill Dramatist 1888
Marie Osmond Quotes Marie Osmond Musician 1959
Marina Oswald Celebrity 1939
Jim Palmer Quotes Jim Palmer Athlete 1945
Lucas Papademos Quotes Lucas Papademos Politician 1947
Trey Parker Quotes Trey Parker Artist 1969
Jane Pauley Quotes Jane Pauley Journalist 1950
Luciano Pavarotti Quotes Luciano Pavarotti Musician 1935
Thomas Love Peacock Quotes Thomas Love Peacock Author 1785
Leonard Peikoff Quotes Leonard Peikoff Philosopher 1933
William Penn Quotes William Penn Leader 1644
Ty Pennington Quotes Ty Pennington Entertainer 1964
George Peppard Quotes George Peppard Actor 1928
Piper Perabo Quotes Piper Perabo Actress 1976
William J. Perry Quotes William J. Perry Politician 1927
Luke Perry Quotes Luke Perry Actor 1966
Anne Perry Quotes Anne Perry Novelist 1938
Daniela Pestova Model 1970
Jay Pharoah Actor 1987
Arthur Phillip Quotes Arthur Phillip Soldier 1738
James Jarrell Pickle Politician 1913
Paul Pierce Quotes Paul Pierce Athlete 1977
Harold Pinter Quotes Harold Pinter Dramatist 1930
Ted Poe Quotes Ted Poe Politician 1948
John Polkinghorne Quotes John Polkinghorne Physicist 1930
John Pople Scientist 1925
Lucy Powell Quotes Lucy Powell Politician 1974
Kelly Preston Quotes Kelly Preston Actress 1962
Richard Price Quotes Richard Price Writer 1949
Philip Pullman Quotes Philip Pullman Writer 1946
Mario Puzo Quotes Mario Puzo Novelist 1921
Randy Quaid Quotes Randy Quaid Actor 1950
Karl Radek Quotes Karl Radek Politician 1885
Kimi Raikkonen Quotes Kimi Raikkonen Celebrity 1979
Dan Rather Quotes Dan Rather Journalist 1931
Stephen Rea Quotes Stephen Rea Actor 1946
Robert Reed Quotes Robert Reed Actor 1932
Thomas Reed Politician 1839
William Rehnquist Quotes William Rehnquist Judge 1924
Charles Revson Businessman 1906
Jerry Rice Quotes Jerry Rice Athlete 1962
Mandy Rice-Davies Model 1944
Adam Rich Actor 1968
Cliff Richard Quotes Cliff Richard Musician 1940
Andre Rieu Quotes Andre Rieu Musician 1949
Mickey Rivers Quotes Mickey Rivers Athlete 1948
Tim Robbins Quotes Tim Robbins Actor 1958
Jerome Robbins Quotes Jerome Robbins Dancer 1918
Graham Roberts Quotes Graham Roberts Actor 1929
Nora Roberts Quotes Nora Roberts Author 1950
Chi Chi Rodriguez Quotes Chi Chi Rodriguez Athlete 1935
Jim Rogers Quotes Jim Rogers Businessman 1942
Roy Romer Politician 1928
Zhu Rongji Quotes Zhu Rongji Statesman 1928
Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady 1884
David Lee Roth Quotes David Lee Roth Musician 1954
Ed Royce Quotes Ed Royce Politician 1951
Shawn Ryan Quotes Shawn Ryan Writer 1966
Thomas Sankara Quotes Thomas Sankara Politician 1987
Andrew Sarris Critic 1928
Graeme Le Saux Quotes Graeme Le Saux Athlete 1968
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Historian 1917
Rob Schneider Quotes Rob Schneider Comedian 1963
Bill Schuette Quotes Bill Schuette Public Servant 1953
George C. Scott Quotes George C. Scott Actor 1927
Yitzhak Shamir Quotes Yitzhak Shamir Statesman 1915
Eric Shanteau Quotes Eric Shanteau Athlete 1983
Moshe Sharett Quotes Moshe Sharett Statesman 1894
Robert Gould Shaw Quotes Robert Gould Shaw Soldier 1837
Ted Shawn Quotes Ted Shawn Dancer 1891
Christopher Shays Quotes Christopher Shays Politician 1945
Frank Shorter Quotes Frank Shorter Athlete 1947
Jane Siberry Quotes Jane Siberry Musician 1955
Norodom Sihanouk Quotes Norodom Sihanouk Royalty 1922
Paul Simon Quotes Paul Simon Musician 1941
Robin Skelton Writer 1925
Jennifer Sky Actress 1976
George Adam Smith Clergyman 1856
Martha Smith Actress 1953
Logan Pearsall Smith Critic 1865
Todd Solondz Quotes Todd Solondz Writer 1959
Georg Solti Quotes Georg Solti Musician 1912
Suzanne Somers Quotes Suzanne Somers Actress 1946
Catherine Helen Spence Quotes Catherine Helen Spence Author 1825
Michael Steele Quotes Michael Steele Politician 1958
Edith Stein Quotes Edith Stein Saint 1891
Neal Stephenson Quotes Neal Stephenson Writer 1959
Dan Stevens Quotes Dan Stevens Actor 1982
Alexander Turney Stewart Quotes Alexander Turney Stewart Businessman 1803
David Ogden Stiers Actor 1942
Harlan Stone Quotes Harlan Stone Lawyer 1872
Marie Stopes Quotes Marie Stopes Author 1880
Marie Carmichael Stopes Quotes Marie Carmichael Stopes Author 1880
Paul Strand Quotes Paul Strand Photographer 1890
Julius Streicher Quotes Julius Streicher Soldier 1946
David Strickland Actor 1969
Julia Sweeney Quotes Julia Sweeney Comedian 1961
Charles R. Swindoll Clergyman 1934
Jim Talent Politician 1956
Art Tatum Quotes Art Tatum Musician 1909
Henry Taylor Dramatist 1800
Margaret Thatcher Quotes Margaret Thatcher Leader 1925
Peter Thiel Quotes Peter Thiel Businessman 1967
Ian Thorpe Quotes Ian Thorpe Athlete 1982
Michael Tolkin Quotes Michael Tolkin Writer 1950
Evangelista Torricelli Quotes Evangelista Torricelli Scientist 1608
Pia Toscano Quotes Pia Toscano Musician 1988
Peter Tosh Quotes Peter Tosh Musician 1944
Michelle Trachtenberg Quotes Michelle Trachtenberg Actress 1985
Laurence Tribe Lawyer 1941
David Trimble Quotes David Trimble Politician 1944
Robert Trout Journalist 1909
Pierre Trudeau Quotes Pierre Trudeau Statesman 1919
Lyman Trumbull Politician 1813
Tanya Tucker Quotes Tanya Tucker Musician 1958
Aaron Tveit Quotes Aaron Tveit Actor 1983
Nathan F. Twining Quotes Nathan F. Twining Soldier 1897
Midge Ure Quotes Midge Ure Musician 1953
Andrew Vachss Author 1942
Eamon de Valera Quotes Eamon de Valera Statesman 1882
Jean Claude Van Damme Quotes Jean Claude Van Damme Actor 1960
Mordechai Vanunu Quotes Mordechai Vanunu Scientist 1954
Giuseppe Verdi Quotes Giuseppe Verdi Composer 1813
Ben Vereen Quotes Ben Vereen Actor 1946
Rudolf Virchow Quotes Rudolf Virchow Politician 1821
Grete Waitz Quotes Grete Waitz Athlete 1953
Ian Walker Athlete 1971
Murray Walker Quotes Murray Walker Entertainer 1923
Chris Wallace Quotes Chris Wallace Journalist 1947
Kate Walsh Quotes Kate Walsh Actress 1967
Jessie Ware Quotes Jessie Ware Musician 1984
Craig Washington Politician 1941
Mia Wasikowska Quotes Mia Wasikowska Actress 1989
Wendy Wasserstein Quotes Wendy Wasserstein Playwright 1950
Ethel Waters Quotes Ethel Waters Musician 1896
Crystal Waters Musician 1964
Noah Webster Quotes Noah Webster Writer 1758
Cynthia Weil Quotes Cynthia Weil Musician 1940
Bob Weir Quotes Bob Weir Musician 1947
Dawn Wells Quotes Dawn Wells Actress 1938
George Wendt Quotes George Wendt Actor 1948
Benjamin West Quotes Benjamin West Artist 1738
Nathanael West Writer 1903
Bradley Whitford Quotes Bradley Whitford Actor 1959
Michelle Wie Quotes Michelle Wie Athlete 1989
Oscar Wilde Quotes Oscar Wilde Dramatist 1854
John Wilkes Quotes John Wilkes Journalist 1727
Walter Jon Williams Quotes Walter Jon Williams Writer 1953
Ralph Vaughan Williams Quotes Ralph Vaughan Williams Composer 1872
Charles Wilson Public Servant 1882
Edith Wilson Quotes Edith Wilson First Lady 1872
Kathleen Winsor Author 1919
P. G. Wodehouse Quotes P. G. Wodehouse Writer 1881
Ed Wood Quotes Ed Wood Director 1924
John Wooden Quotes John Wooden Coach 1910
Jim Woodring Quotes Jim Woodring Artist 1952
John Woolman Clergyman 1720
La Monte Young Quotes La Monte Young Composer 1935
Lin Yutang Author 1895
Benh Zeitlin Quotes Benh Zeitlin Director 1982
Zhao Ziyang Quotes Zhao Ziyang Statesman 1919
David Zucker Director 1947
Eminem Quotes Eminem Musician 1972
Jamelia Quotes Jamelia Musician 1981
Usher Quotes Usher Musician 1978