Authors Born on November, 7st

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November, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Grace Abbott Quotes Grace Abbott Activist 1878
James Agee Quotes James Agee Novelist 1909
David Amram Composer 1930
Katharine Anthony Quotes Katharine Anthony Writer 1877
Curtis Armstrong Actor 1953
Charles A. Beard Quotes Charles A. Beard Historian 1874
Charlie Bell Businessman 1960
Leslie Bibb Quotes Leslie Bibb Actress 1974
Kathryn Bigelow Quotes Kathryn Bigelow Director 1952
Manolo Blahnik Quotes Manolo Blahnik Designer 1942
John Boehner Quotes John Boehner Politician 1949
Pam Bondi Quotes Pam Bondi Public Servant 1965
Terry Branstad Quotes Terry Branstad Politician 1946
Jeff Buckley Quotes Jeff Buckley Musician 1966
Albert Camus Philosopher 1913
Silvia Cartwright Quotes Silvia Cartwright Statesman 1943
Gene Clark Quotes Gene Clark Musician 1944
Voltairine de Cleyre Quotes Voltairine de Cleyre Activist 1866
Richard J. Codey Quotes Richard J. Codey Politician 1946
Stanley Cohen Scientist 1922
Peter Cook Quotes Peter Cook Writer 1937
Marie Curie Quotes Marie Curie Scientist 1867
Gavyn Davies Businessman 1950
L. Sprague de Camp Quotes L. Sprague de Camp Author 1907
Howard Dean Quotes Howard Dean Politician 1948
Danny DeVito Quotes Danny DeVito Actor 1944
Alexandr Dolgopolov Quotes Alexandr Dolgopolov Athlete 1988
Alexander Dubcek Quotes Alexander Dubcek Politician 1921
Rio Ferdinand Quotes Rio Ferdinand Athlete 1978
Nick Ferguson Quotes Nick Ferguson Athlete 1974
Shelby Foote Quotes Shelby Foote Author 1916
Daisy Fuentes Quotes Daisy Fuentes Actress 1966
Helen Garner Novelist 1942
Robin Givens Actress 1964
Victoria Gotti Celebrity 1962
Billy Graham Quotes Billy Graham Clergyman 1918
Stephen Greenblatt Quotes Stephen Greenblatt Critic 1943
David Guetta Quotes David Guetta Musician 1967
Marilyn Hacker Poet 1942
Isaac Hanson Quotes Isaac Hanson Musician 1980
Jimi Hendrix Quotes Jimi Hendrix Musician 1942
Paul Hirsch Politician 1868
Al Hirt Quotes Al Hirt Musician 1922
Soichiro Honda Businessman 1906
Rock Hudson Quotes Rock Hudson Actor 1925
Lauren Hutton Quotes Lauren Hutton Model 1944
James Inhofe Politician 1934
Richard Jewell Celebrity 1962
Roland Joffe Quotes Roland Joffe Director 1945
Caroline Kennedy Quotes Caroline Kennedy Celebrity 1957
Callie Khouri Quotes Callie Khouri Writer 1957
Frank Knight Economist 1885
Christopher Knight Actor 1957
Rem Koolhaas Quotes Rem Koolhaas Architect 1944
Brooke Langton Actress 1970
Edmund Leach Quotes Edmund Leach Scientist 1910
Bruce Lee Quotes Bruce Lee Actor 1940
Gordon Lightfoot Quotes Gordon Lightfoot Musician 1938
Jeremy London Actor 1972
Konrad Lorenz Quotes Konrad Lorenz Scientist 1903
Robert Lowth Quotes Robert Lowth Author 1710
Herman J. Mankiewicz Quotes Herman J. Mankiewicz Writer 1897
Sophie Marceau Quotes Sophie Marceau Actress 1966
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Actress 1958
Konosuke Matsushita Businessman 1894
Barry McCaffrey Quotes Barry McCaffrey Soldier 1942
Bryant H. McGill Quotes Bryant H. McGill Poet 1969
David Merrick Producer 1912
Lorne Michaels Quotes Lorne Michaels Producer 1944
Joni Mitchell Quotes Joni Mitchell Musician 1943
Bernard Law Montgomery Quotes Bernard Law Montgomery Soldier 1887
Philip Morrison Quotes Philip Morrison Scientist 1915
Isamu Noguchi Quotes Isamu Noguchi Sculptor 1904
Bill Nye Quotes Bill Nye Educator 1955
Robert Dale Owen Politician 1801
Luis Palau Clergyman 1934
Bob Parsons Quotes Bob Parsons Businessman 1950
Tim Pawlenty Quotes Tim Pawlenty Politician 1960
Tom Peters Businessman 1942
David Petraeus Quotes David Petraeus Soldier 1952
Ruth Pitter Musician 1897
Dana Plato Quotes Dana Plato Actress 1964
Susan Rice Quotes Susan Rice Statesman 1964
Johnny Rivers Quotes Johnny Rivers Musician 1942
Stephen Root Quotes Stephen Root Actor 1951
Jon Runyan Quotes Jon Runyan Politician 1973
Jil Sander Designer 1943
August Sander Quotes August Sander Photographer 1876
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg Quotes Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg Celebrity 1957
Angelo Scola Quotes Angelo Scola Clergyman 1941
Martin Scorsese Quotes Martin Scorsese Director 1942
Richard G. Scott Clergyman 1928
Tom Seaver Quotes Tom Seaver Athlete 1944
Gail Sheehy Writer 1937
Charles Scott Sherrington Quotes Charles Scott Sherrington Scientist 1857
William E. Simon Quotes William E. Simon Public Servant 1927
Arthur Smith Comedian 1954
Morgan Spurlock Quotes Morgan Spurlock Director 1970
Fisher Stevens Quotes Fisher Stevens Actor 1963
Lee Strasberg Quotes Lee Strasberg Director 1901
Dick Stuart Quotes Dick Stuart Athlete 1932
Helen Suzman Quotes Helen Suzman Politician 1917
Immanuel Velikovsky Historian 1979
Auberon Waugh Author 1939
Chaim Weizmann Quotes Chaim Weizmann Leader 1874
Eugene Wigner Quotes Eugene Wigner Physicist 1902
Crane Wilbur Quotes Crane Wilbur Writer 1886
Laura Wilkinson Athlete 1977
Ernie Wise Quotes Ernie Wise Comedian 1925
Louis XVIII Quotes Louis XVIII Royalty 1755