Authors Born on November, 5st

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November, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Franklin P. Adams Quotes Franklin P. Adams Journalist 1881
Frank Adams Quotes Frank Adams Mathematician 1930
Franklin Pierce Adams Quotes Franklin Pierce Adams Writer 1881
Bryan Adams Quotes Bryan Adams Musician 1959
Lily Aldridge Model 1985
Washington Allston Quotes Washington Allston Artist 1779
Poul Anderson Quotes Poul Anderson Writer 1926
Christina Applegate Quotes Christina Applegate Actress 1971
Victor Argo Quotes Victor Argo Actor 1934
Ed Asner Quotes Ed Asner Actor 1929
Howard Baker Quotes Howard Baker Statesman 1925
Howard H. Baker, Jr. Politician 1925
Daniel Barenboim Quotes Daniel Barenboim Musician 1942
Bob Barr Quotes Bob Barr Politician 1948
Isaac de Benserade Quotes Isaac de Benserade Poet 1613
John Berger Quotes John Berger Artist 1926
Aneurin Bevan Quotes Aneurin Bevan Politician 1897
John Bigelow Quotes John Bigelow Lawyer 1817
Jenna Bush Quotes Jenna Bush Celebrity 1981
Andrew Carnegie Businessman 1835
Roberto Cavalli Quotes Roberto Cavalli Designer 1940
Petula Clark Quotes Petula Clark Musician 1932
Johnny Damon Quotes Johnny Damon Athlete 1973
Eugene V. Debs Quotes Eugene V. Debs Politician 1855
Shelagh Delaney Playwright 1939
Paul Desmond Quotes Paul Desmond Musician 1924
Lord Patrick Devlin Lawyer 1905
Joe DiMaggio Quotes Joe DiMaggio Athlete 1914
Will Durant Quotes Will Durant Historian 1885
Bob Ehrlich Quotes Bob Ehrlich Politician 1957
Robert. L. Ehrlich Quotes Robert. L. Ehrlich Politician 1957
Kevin Eubanks Quotes Kevin Eubanks Musician 1957
Jim Evans Athlete 1946
Martin Feldstein Economist 1939
Jerry Ferrara Quotes Jerry Ferrara Actor 1979
Felix Frankfurter Quotes Felix Frankfurter Judge 1882
Helen Gahagan Quotes Helen Gahagan Actress 1900
Art Garfunkel Quotes Art Garfunkel Musician 1941
Joe Gibbs Quotes Joe Gibbs Coach 1940
Amy Grant Quotes Amy Grant Musician 1960
Jonny Greenwood Quotes Jonny Greenwood Musician 1971
Peter Hammill Quotes Peter Hammill Musician 1948
W. Averell Harriman Quotes W. Averell Harriman Politician 1891
Charlaine Harris Quotes Charlaine Harris Author 1951
Jill Hennessy Quotes Jill Hennessy Actress 1968
William Herschel Quotes William Herschel Scientist 1738
Jeffrey Hunter Quotes Jeffrey Hunter Actor 1926
Clifford Irving Writer 1930
Famke Janssen Quotes Famke Janssen Actress 1965
Charles Kennedy Quotes Charles Kennedy Politician 1959
Imran Khan Quotes Imran Khan Athlete 1952
Mwai Kibaki Quotes Mwai Kibaki Statesman 1931
Joel Kinnaman Actor 1979
Yaphet Kotto Actor 1937
Joseph Wood Krutch Quotes Joseph Wood Krutch Environmentalist 1893
Ted Kulongoski Quotes Ted Kulongoski Politician 1940
Aleksander Kwasniewski Quotes Aleksander Kwasniewski Politician 1954
Joseph Lancaster Quotes Joseph Lancaster Educator 1778
Johann Kaspar Lavater Theologian 1741
Virginie LeDoyen Quotes Virginie LeDoyen Actress 1976
Vivien Leigh Quotes Vivien Leigh Actress 1913
Curtis LeMay Quotes Curtis LeMay Soldier 1906
Ben Lindsey Judge 1869
John Lynch Politician 1952
Charles MacArthur Playwright 1895
Henry Mayhew Journalist 1812
Joyce Maynard Quotes Joyce Maynard Writer 1953
Jonny Lee Miller Quotes Jonny Lee Miller Actor 1972
Ricardo Montalban Actor 1920
Marianne Moore Quotes Marianne Moore Poet 1887
Carry Nation Quotes Carry Nation Activist 1846
Corin Nemec Quotes Corin Nemec Actor 1971
Peter Noone Quotes Peter Noone Actor 1947
Douglass North Economist 1920
Georgia O'Keeffe Artist 1887
Tatum O'Neal Actress 1963
Robert Patrick Quotes Robert Patrick Actor 1958
Augusto Pinochet Quotes Augusto Pinochet Soldier 1915
Alan G. Poindexter Quotes Alan G. Poindexter Astronaut 1961
Ben Quayle Quotes Ben Quayle Politician 1976
Jodi Rell Quotes Jodi Rell Politician 1946
Bill Richardson Quotes Bill Richardson Politician 1947
Jerome Richardson Musician 1920
Roy Rogers Quotes Roy Rogers Entertainer 1911
Erwin Rommel Quotes Erwin Rommel Soldier 1891
Isaac Rosenberg Quotes Isaac Rosenberg Poet 1890
John B. S. Haldane Quotes John B. S. Haldane Scientist 1892
Jeffrey Sachs Quotes Jeffrey Sachs Economist 1954
Arthur Schwartz Quotes Arthur Schwartz Composer 1900
Dougray Scott Actor 1965
George A. Sheehan Writer 1918
Thomas Shepard Clergyman 1605
Sam Shepard Quotes Sam Shepard Playwright 1943
Claus von Stauffenberg Quotes Claus von Stauffenberg Soldier 1907
Ben Stein Quotes Ben Stein Actor 1944
Tilda Swinton Quotes Tilda Swinton Actress 1960
Ida Tarbell Quotes Ida Tarbell Journalist 1857
Ellen Tauscher Quotes Ellen Tauscher Politician 1951
Lewis Thomas Scientist 1913
Virgil Thomson Quotes Virgil Thomson Composer 1896
Rachel True Actress 1966
Ike Turner Quotes Ike Turner Musician 1931
Lope de Vega Quotes Lope de Vega Playwright 1562
Bill Walton Quotes Bill Walton Athlete 1952
Sam Waterston Quotes Sam Waterston Actor 1940
Bubba Watson Quotes Bubba Watson Athlete 1978
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Quotes Ella Wheeler Wilcox Writer 1850
Frederica Wilson Quotes Frederica Wilson Politician 1942
Leonard Woolf Quotes Leonard Woolf Author 1880
Pope John XXIII Quotes Pope John XXIII Clergyman 1881