Authors Born on November, 4st

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November, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Margaret Anderson Editor 1886
Karen Armstrong Writer 1944
John Bacon Sculptor 1740
Travis Barker Quotes Travis Barker Musician 1975
Alben W. Barkley Quotes Alben W. Barkley Vice President 1877
Traian Basescu Quotes Traian Basescu Politician 1951
Pete Best Quotes Pete Best Musician 1941
Ian Botham Quotes Ian Botham Athlete 1955
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Quotes Boutros Boutros-Ghali Public Servant 1922
Louise Brooks Quotes Louise Brooks Actress 1906
William F. Buckley, Jr. Journalist 1925
Frances Hodgson Burnett Quotes Frances Hodgson Burnett Playwright 1849
Laura Bush Quotes Laura Bush First Lady 1946
Trishelle Cannatella Celebrity 1979
Jim Cantalupo Quotes Jim Cantalupo Businessman 1943
Wendy Carlos Musician 1939
Dale Carnegie Quotes Dale Carnegie Writer 1888
Art Carney Quotes Art Carney Actor 1918
Eric Carr Quotes Eric Carr Musician 1991
Prince Charles Quotes Prince Charles Royalty 1948
Martin Charnin Director 1934
Carlo Collodi Quotes Carlo Collodi Writer 1826
Billy Connolly Quotes Billy Connolly Comedian 1942
Aaron Copland Composer 1900
Walter Cronkite Quotes Walter Cronkite Journalist 1916
Denise Crosby Quotes Denise Crosby Actress 1957
Puff Daddy Quotes Puff Daddy Musician 1970
Grace Darling Quotes Grace Darling Celebrity 1815
Simon van der Meer Physicist 1925
Josh Duhamel Quotes Josh Duhamel Actor 1972
Stephen J. Field Quotes Stephen J. Field Judge 1816
Luis Figo Quotes Luis Figo Athlete 1972
Marlin Fitzwater Public Servant 1942
Bethenny Frankel Quotes Bethenny Frankel Businesswoman 1970
Stefano Gabbana Quotes Stefano Gabbana Designer 1962
Laura San Giacomo Quotes Laura San Giacomo Actress 1962
Dan Glickman Quotes Dan Glickman Politician 1944
Kathy Griffin Quotes Kathy Griffin Comedian 1961
Ruth Handler Quotes Ruth Handler Businesswoman 1916
Colin Hanks Quotes Colin Hanks Actor 1977
Katherine Heigl Quotes Katherine Heigl Actress 1978
Shirley Henderson Quotes Shirley Henderson Actress 1965
Bernard Hinault Quotes Bernard Hinault Athlete 1954
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Quotes Johann Nepomuk Hummel Composer 1778
King Hussein Quotes King Hussein Royalty 1935
King Hussein I Quotes King Hussein I Statesman 1935
Pope Theodoros II Quotes Pope Theodoros II Clergyman 1952
Valerie Jarrett Quotes Valerie Jarrett Lawyer 1956
Edward Whitacre, Jr. Businessman 1941
Garson Kanin Quotes Garson Kanin Playwright 1912
Alphonse Karr Quotes Alphonse Karr Critic 1808
Alfredo Kraus Musician 1927
Emir Kusturica Quotes Emir Kusturica Director 1954
Veronica Lake Quotes Veronica Lake Actress 1919
Harold Larwood Quotes Harold Larwood Athlete 1904
Astrid Lindgren Quotes Astrid Lindgren Author 1907
John Lindsay Quotes John Lindsay Politician 1921
Charles Lyell Quotes Charles Lyell Lawyer 1797
Norman MacCaig Quotes Norman MacCaig Poet 1910
Marya Mannes Journalist 1904
Robert Mapplethorpe Quotes Robert Mapplethorpe Photographer 1946
Steve Mariucci Quotes Steve Mariucci Coach 1955
Joseph R. McCarthy Quotes Joseph R. McCarthy Politician 1909
Matthew McConaughey Quotes Matthew McConaughey Actor 1969
Claude Monet Quotes Claude Monet Artist 1840
George Edward Moore Philosopher 1873
George Moscone Quotes George Moscone Politician 1929
Maureen Murphy Politician 1952
Jawaharlal Nehru Quotes Jawaharlal Nehru Leader 1889
Louise Nurding Quotes Louise Nurding Musician 1974
Alexander O'Neal Musician 1953
P. J. O'Rourke Comedian 1947
Eden Phillpotts Quotes Eden Phillpotts Novelist 1862
Jimmy Piersall Quotes Jimmy Piersall Athlete 1929
Dick Powell Quotes Dick Powell Actor 1904
Jeff Probst Quotes Jeff Probst Entertainer 1962
Michael Ramsey Quotes Michael Ramsey Clergyman 1904
Condoleezza Rice Quotes Condoleezza Rice Statesman 1954
Doris Roberts Quotes Doris Roberts Actress 1930
Oscar Robertson Quotes Oscar Robertson Athlete 1938
Spider Robinson Quotes Spider Robinson Writer 1948
Will Rogers Quotes Will Rogers Actor 1879
Rick Ross Quotes Rick Ross Celebrity 1952
Joseph Rotblat Quotes Joseph Rotblat Physicist 1908
Constance Rourke Quotes Constance Rourke Author 1885
Arundhati Roy Quotes Arundhati Roy Novelist 1961
Harrison Salisbury Journalist 1908
Curt Schilling Quotes Curt Schilling Athlete 1966
Alfred Schnittke Quotes Alfred Schnittke Composer 1934
Dwight Schultz Quotes Dwight Schultz Actor 1947
George Smathers Quotes George Smathers Politician 1913
Dana Snyder Quotes Dana Snyder Actor 1973
Baruch Spinoza Quotes Baruch Spinoza Philosopher 1632
William Steig Quotes William Steig Cartoonist 1907
Laurence Stern Quotes Laurence Stern Clergyman 1713
Laurence Sterne Quotes Laurence Sterne Novelist 1713
Stanley Smith Stevens Psychologist 1906
McLean Stevenson Quotes McLean Stevenson Actor 1929
Curtis Stone Quotes Curtis Stone Chef 1975
Anna Louise Strong Quotes Anna Louise Strong Journalist 1885
D. B. Sweeney Quotes D. B. Sweeney Actor 1961
Loretta Swit Quotes Loretta Swit Actress 1937
Zachary Taylor Quotes Zachary Taylor President 1784
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Quotes Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Artist 1864
Obie Trice Quotes Obie Trice Musician 1977
Linda Tripp Celebrity 1949
Frederick Jackson Turner Historian 1932
Dominique de Villepin Quotes Dominique de Villepin Diplomat 1953
Patrick Warburton Quotes Patrick Warburton Actor 1964
Mark Warkentin Athlete 1979
Douglas Wilson Entertainer 1964
Teddy Wilson Quotes Teddy Wilson Musician 1912
Zhang Yimou Director 1950
Gig Young Quotes Gig Young Actor 1913
James Young Musician 1949
Yanni Quotes Yanni Musician 1954