Authors Born on November, 3st

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November, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Clay Aiken Quotes Clay Aiken Musician 1978
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Quotes Ayaan Hirsi Ali Politician 1969
Adam Ant Quotes Adam Ant Musician 1954
Peter Arnett Quotes Peter Arnett Journalist 1934
Tom Atkins Politician 1935
Kenneth Baker Politician 1934
Roseanne Barr Quotes Roseanne Barr Actress 1952
John Barry Quotes John Barry Composer 1933
Jacques Barzun Quotes Jacques Barzun Educator 1907
Chris Bell Politician 1959
Gael Garcia Bernal Quotes Gael Garcia Bernal Actor 1978
Michael Beschloss Quotes Michael Beschloss Historian 1955
Edwin Booth Quotes Edwin Booth Actor 1833
Louis D. Brandeis Quotes Louis D. Brandeis Judge 1856
Justice Brandeis Quotes Justice Brandeis Lawyer 1856
Hjalmar Branting Quotes Hjalmar Branting Statesman 1860
Jeremy Brett Actor 1933
Charles Bronson Quotes Charles Bronson Actor 1920
Kelly Brook Quotes Kelly Brook Model 1979
Steven Brust Quotes Steven Brust Author 1955
William C. Bryant Poet 1794
Richard Burr Quotes Richard Burr Politician 1955
Gerard Butler Quotes Gerard Butler Actor 1969
Kate Capshaw Quotes Kate Capshaw Actress 1952
George Carey Quotes George Carey Clergyman 1935
Paul Celan Quotes Paul Celan Poet 1920
Shirley Chisholm Quotes Shirley Chisholm Politician 1924
Winston Churchill Quotes Winston Churchill Statesman 1874
Monique Coleman Quotes Monique Coleman Actress 1980
Kevin Conroy Quotes Kevin Conroy Actor 1955
Frances Conroy Actress 1953
Phil Crane Quotes Phil Crane Politician 1930
Kaley Cuoco Quotes Kaley Cuoco Actress 1985
Elisha Cuthbert Quotes Elisha Cuthbert Actress 1982
Miley Cyrus Quotes Miley Cyrus Musician 1992
Ignatius Donnelly Quotes Ignatius Donnelly Politician 1831
Jim Doyle Quotes Jim Doyle Politician 1945
Michael Dukakis Quotes Michael Dukakis Politician 1933
Joe Eszterhas Writer 1944
Walker Evans Quotes Walker Evans Photographer 1903
Brenda Fassie Quotes Brenda Fassie Musician 1964
Charles Simon Favart Quotes Charles Simon Favart Dramatist 1710
Oded Fehr Quotes Oded Fehr Actor 1970
Abraham Flexner Educator 1866
Whoopi Goldberg Quotes Whoopi Goldberg Actress 1949
Andrew Goodman Quotes Andrew Goodman Activist 1943
Klement Gottwald Politician 1896
Michael Gough Quotes Michael Gough Actor 1916
Lucas Grabeel Quotes Lucas Grabeel Actor 1984
Robert Guillaume Quotes Robert Guillaume Actor 1927
Bill Halter Quotes Bill Halter Politician 1960
Steve Harvey Quotes Steve Harvey Actor 1956
Noah Hathaway Quotes Noah Hathaway Actor 1971
George V. Higgins Novelist 1939
Mazie Hirono Quotes Mazie Hirono Politician 1947
Abbie Hoffman Quotes Abbie Hoffman Activist 1936
Bruce Hornsby Quotes Bruce Hornsby Musician 1954
Jerry Hunt Composer 1943
Billy Idol Quotes Billy Idol Musician 1955
Bo Jackson Quotes Bo Jackson Athlete 1962
Laurent Jalabert Quotes Laurent Jalabert Athlete 1968
Hans Janmaat Quotes Hans Janmaat Politician 1934
Franklin Jones Celebrity 1939
Tom Joyner Quotes Tom Joyner Celebrity 1949
Boris Karloff Quotes Boris Karloff Actor 1887
Phil Katz Scientist 1962
Jimmy Kimmel Quotes Jimmy Kimmel Celebrity 1967
Saku Koivu Quotes Saku Koivu Athlete 1974
Saul Kripke Quotes Saul Kripke Philosopher 1940
Mary Landrieu Quotes Mary Landrieu Politician 1955
Drew Lewis Quotes Drew Lewis Businessman 1931
G. Gordon Liddy Quotes G. Gordon Liddy Entertainer 1929
Hal Lindsey Writer 1929
Gary Lineker Quotes Gary Lineker Athlete 1960
El Lissitzky Quotes El Lissitzky Artist 1890
Russell B. Long Quotes Russell B. Long Politician 1918
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Quotes Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Politician 1953
Andre Malraux Quotes Andre Malraux Author 1901
David Mamet Quotes David Mamet Dramatist 1947
Joe Mantegna Quotes Joe Mantegna Actor 1947
Garry Marshall Quotes Garry Marshall Actor 1934
Harpo Marx Quotes Harpo Marx Comedian 1888
John McCrae Quotes John McCrae Poet 1872
Brownie McGhee Musician 1915
Millicent Carey McIntosh Educator 1898
Scott McNealy Quotes Scott McNealy Businessman 1954
Dennis Miller Quotes Dennis Miller Comedian 1953
Iskander Mirza Quotes Iskander Mirza Statesman 1899
Jim Mitchell Director 1943
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka Quotes Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka Politician 1955
Colin Mochrie Quotes Colin Mochrie Actor 1957
L. M. Montgomery Quotes L. M. Montgomery Author 1874
Lucy Maud Montgomery Quotes Lucy Maud Montgomery Educator 1874
Daniel Keys Moran Quotes Daniel Keys Moran Writer 1962
Dylan Moran Quotes Dylan Moran Comedian 1971
Franco Nero Quotes Franco Nero Actor 1941
Ernest Newman Critic 1868
Kristi Noem Quotes Kristi Noem Politician 1971
Chris Noth Quotes Chris Noth Actor 1954
Conor Cruise O'Brien Politician 1917
Barney Oliver Scientist 1995
Gilbert Parker Quotes Gilbert Parker Politician 1862
Gordon Parks Quotes Gordon Parks Photographer 1912
Mandy Patinkin Quotes Mandy Patinkin Actor 1952
Franklin Pierce Quotes Franklin Pierce President 1804
Nicole Polizzi Quotes Nicole Polizzi Celebrity 1987
Antonio Porchia Poet 1886
Asafa Powell Quotes Asafa Powell Athlete 1982
Paul Quantrill Athlete 1968
James Reston Journalist 1909
Albert Reynolds Politician 1932
Gary Ross Actor 1956
Bobby Rush Politician 1946
Edith Schaeffer Author 1914
Charles Schumer Quotes Charles Schumer Politician 1950
Ridley Scott Quotes Ridley Scott Director 1937
Amartya Sen Quotes Amartya Sen Philosopher 1933
Tom Shales Writer 1948
William Shenstone Quotes William Shenstone Poet 1714
Allan Sherman Quotes Allan Sherman Musician 1924
Philip Sidney Quotes Philip Sidney Soldier 1554
Phil Simms Quotes Phil Simms Athlete 1955
Vilhjalmur Stefansson Quotes Vilhjalmur Stefansson Explorer 1879
Robert Louis Stevenson Quotes Robert Louis Stevenson Writer 1850
Clyfford Still Quotes Clyfford Still Artist 1904
Ben Stiller Quotes Ben Stiller Comedian 1965
Alfredo Stroessner Quotes Alfredo Stroessner Statesman 1912
Lawrence Summers Quotes Lawrence Summers Economist 1954
Jonathan Swift Quotes Jonathan Swift Writer 1667
Henry Taube Quotes Henry Taube Scientist 1915
Edward Teach Quotes Edward Teach Celebrity 1675
Robert Towne Quotes Robert Towne Actor 1934
Nigel Tranter Historian 1909
Mark Twain Quotes Mark Twain Author 1835
Bruce Vilanch Quotes Bruce Vilanch Comedian 1948
Gemma Ward Quotes Gemma Ward Actress 1987
Oskar Werner Quotes Oskar Werner Actor 1922
Paul Westphal Athlete 1950
Howard Wilkinson Coach 1943
Alfonso X Quotes Alfonso X Royalty 1221
Steve Zahn Quotes Steve Zahn Actor 1967
Jamie Zawinski Scientist 1968