Authors Born on May, 8st

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May, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Robert Adams Photographer 1937
Louis Agassiz Quotes Louis Agassiz Scientist 1807
Eddy Arnold Quotes Eddy Arnold Musician 1918
David Attenborough Quotes David Attenborough Journalist 1926
Leonard Bailey Inventor 1825
Peter Benchley Quotes Peter Benchley Author 1940
Maeve Binchy Quotes Maeve Binchy Novelist 1940
Robert McAfee Brown Theologian 1920
John Bruton Quotes John Bruton Politician 1947
Ann Marie Buerkle Quotes Ann Marie Buerkle Politician 1951
Joseph Butler Quotes Joseph Butler Clergyman 1692
Frank Capra Quotes Frank Capra Director 1897
Rudolf Carnap Philosopher 1891
Jack Charlton Athlete 1935
Randolph Churchill Journalist 1911
Barry Commoner Scientist 1917
Perry Como Quotes Perry Como Musician 1912
Tom Cora Quotes Tom Cora Musician 1909
Brandon Cruz Quotes Brandon Cruz Actor 1962
Jessica Cutler Quotes Jessica Cutler Celebrity 1978
Josephus Daniels Quotes Josephus Daniels Politician 1862
Patrick Dennis Author 1921
James Donald Actor 1917
Roddy Doyle Quotes Roddy Doyle Novelist 1958
Diane Duane Quotes Diane Duane Writer 1952
Lou Duva Quotes Lou Duva Coach 1922
Giovanni Falcone Quotes Giovanni Falcone Judge 1939
Tina Fey Quotes Tina Fey Comedian 1970
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau Musician 1925
Ian Fleming Quotes Ian Fleming Author 1908
John Fogerty Quotes John Fogerty Musician 1945
Margot Fonteyn Dancer 1919
Luke Ford Quotes Luke Ford Writer 1966
Chris Frantz Quotes Chris Frantz Musician 1951
Romain Gary Novelist 1914
Kirk Gibson Quotes Kirk Gibson Athlete 1957
Roland Gift Quotes Roland Gift Actor 1962
Melissa Gilbert Quotes Melissa Gilbert Actress 1964
Rudy Giuliani Quotes Rudy Giuliani Politician 1944
Gary Glitter Quotes Gary Glitter Musician 1944
Michel Gondry Quotes Michel Gondry Writer 1963
Ekaterina Gordeeva Quotes Ekaterina Gordeeva Athlete 1971
Benjamin Graham Quotes Benjamin Graham Economist 1894
Joseph Greenberg Writer 1915
Walter Gropius Quotes Walter Gropius Architect 1883
Alex Van Halen Quotes Alex Van Halen Musician 1953
Dwayne Hickman Quotes Dwayne Hickman Actor 1934
John Higgins Quotes John Higgins Celebrity 1975
Thora Hird Quotes Thora Hird Actress 1911
Ethan A. Hitchcock Quotes Ethan A. Hitchcock Soldier 1798
Enrique Iglesias Quotes Enrique Iglesias Musician 1975
Nicholas II Quotes Nicholas II Royalty 1868
Reggie Jackson Quotes Reggie Jackson Athlete 1946
Keith Jarrett Quotes Keith Jarrett Composer 1945
Robert Johnson Quotes Robert Johnson Psychologist 1911
Lynn Johnston Cartoonist 1947
Andreas Katsulas Quotes Andreas Katsulas Actor 1946
Monica Keena Quotes Monica Keena Actress 1979
David Keith Quotes David Keith Actor 1954
Jack Kevorkian Quotes Jack Kevorkian Activist 1928
Steve King Quotes Steve King Politician 1949
Naomi Klein Quotes Naomi Klein Journalist 1970
Gladys Knight Quotes Gladys Knight Musician 1944
Chantal Kreviazuk Quotes Chantal Kreviazuk Musician 1974
Allen Leech Quotes Allen Leech Actor 1981
Miranda Leek Athlete 1993
Graham Leonard Clergyman 1921
Gyorgy Ligeti Quotes Gyorgy Ligeti Composer 1923
Arto Lindsay Quotes Arto Lindsay Musician 1953
Sonny Liston Quotes Sonny Liston Athlete 1932
Matt Long Actor 1980
Ronnie Lott Quotes Ronnie Lott Athlete 1959
Josie Maran Quotes Josie Maran Model 1978
Don Martin Cartoonist 1931
C. Wright Mills Quotes C. Wright Mills Sociologist 1916
Kylie Minogue Quotes Kylie Minogue Musician 1968
Thomas Moore Quotes Thomas Moore Poet 1779
Jerry Moss Businessman 1935
Mark Mothersbaugh Quotes Mark Mothersbaugh Musician 1950
Carey Mulligan Quotes Carey Mulligan Actress 1985
Ricky Nelson Quotes Ricky Nelson Musician 1940
Yannick Noah Quotes Yannick Noah Athlete 1960
Pope John Paul II Quotes Pope John Paul II Clergyman 1920
Walker Percy Writer 1916
Fred Perry Quotes Fred Perry Athlete 1909
William Pitt Quotes William Pitt Leader 1759
Beilby Porteus Quotes Beilby Porteus Clergyman 1731
Thomas Pynchon Writer 1937
Francis Quarles Quotes Francis Quarles Poet 1592
Glenn Quinn Quotes Glenn Quinn Actor 1970
Don Rickles Quotes Don Rickles Comedian 1926
Scott Rigell Quotes Scott Rigell Politician 1960
Jane Roberts Quotes Jane Roberts Author 1929
Roberto Rossellini Quotes Roberto Rossellini Director 1906
Marco Rubio Quotes Marco Rubio Politician 1971
Warren Rudman Quotes Warren Rudman Politician 1930
Bertrand Russell Quotes Bertrand Russell Philosopher 1872
Fred Saberhagen Quotes Fred Saberhagen Author 1930
Mark Sanford Quotes Mark Sanford Politician 1960
W. G. Sebald Writer 1944
Betty Shabazz Quotes Betty Shabazz Activist 1936
Fulton J. Sheen Quotes Fulton J. Sheen Clergyman 1895
Walter Sisulu Quotes Walter Sisulu Activist 1912
Gary Snyder Quotes Gary Snyder Poet 1930
Theodore C. Sorensen Quotes Theodore C. Sorensen Lawyer 1928
Anthony Storr Author 1920
George Strait Quotes George Strait Musician 1952
Danny Sugerman Musician 1909
Shunryu Suzuki Quotes Shunryu Suzuki Leader 1904
James R. Thompson Quotes James R. Thompson Politician 1936
Jim Thorpe Quotes Jim Thorpe Athlete 1887
Harry S. Truman Quotes Harry S. Truman President 1884
Tom Udall Quotes Tom Udall Politician 1948
William Henry Vanderbilt Quotes William Henry Vanderbilt Businessman 1821
Friedrich August von Hayek Quotes Friedrich August von Hayek Economist 1899
Rick Wakeman Quotes Rick Wakeman Musician 1949
Ai Weiwei Quotes Ai Weiwei Artist 1957
Eric West Musician 1982
Jerry West Quotes Jerry West Artist 1938
Patrick White Quotes Patrick White Author 1912
Wendy O. Williams Quotes Wendy O. Williams Musician 1949
Mary Lou Williams Quotes Mary Lou Williams Musician 1910
John Wilson Writer 1785
Sloan Wilson Novelist 1920
Edmund Wilson Quotes Edmund Wilson Critic 1895
George Woodcock Writer 1912
Chow Yun-Fat Quotes Chow Yun-Fat Actor 1955
Terry Zwigoff Quotes Terry Zwigoff Director 1949