Authors Born on May, 6st

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May, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Eddie Albert Quotes Eddie Albert Actor 2005
Eugenie Anderson Quotes Eugenie Anderson Diplomat 1909
Dave Anderson Writer 1929
Elizabeth Andrews Politician 1943
Simon Armitage Poet 1963
James Arness Quotes James Arness Actor 1923
Marvin J. Ashton Clergyman 1915
H. E. Bates Quotes H. E. Bates Writer 1905
Tom Bergeron Quotes Tom Bergeron Celebrity 1955
Tony Blair Quotes Tony Blair Statesman 1953
Maxwell Bodenheim Poet 1891
William Bolcom Composer 1938
David Boreanaz Quotes David Boreanaz Actor 1969
Ludwig Borne Quotes Ludwig Borne Writer 1786
Pierce Brosnan Quotes Pierce Brosnan Actor 1953
Chester Brown Quotes Chester Brown Cartoonist 1960
Zola Budd Athlete 1966
John Bulwer Quotes John Bulwer Scientist 1606
Tucker Carlson Quotes Tucker Carlson Journalist 1969
Helena Bonham Carter Quotes Helena Bonham Carter Actress 1966
Sydney Carter Poet 1915
Betty Carter Quotes Betty Carter Musician 1930
Emanuel Celler Quotes Emanuel Celler Politician 1888
George Clooney Quotes George Clooney Actor 1961
Dan Coats Quotes Dan Coats Politician 1943
John Conyers Quotes John Conyers Politician 1929
Yvonne Craig Quotes Yvonne Craig Actress 1937
Peter Cushing Quotes Peter Cushing Actor 1913
Miles Davis Quotes Miles Davis Musician 1926
Jeffery Deaver Quotes Jeffery Deaver Writer 1950
Martin Delany Quotes Martin Delany Soldier 1812
Ariel Dorfman Quotes Ariel Dorfman Novelist 1942
Roma Downey Actress 1960
Isadora Duncan Quotes Isadora Duncan Dancer 1877
Bob Edwards Quotes Bob Edwards Journalist 1947
Henry Fonda Quotes Henry Fonda Actor 1905
George Formby Quotes George Formby Musician 1904
Megan Fox Quotes Megan Fox Actress 1986
Genie Francis Actress 1962
Sigmund Freud Quotes Sigmund Freud Psychologist 1856
Jim Frey Coach 1931
Tracey Gold Quotes Tracey Gold Actress 1969
Harry Golden Writer 1902
Edmond de Goncourt Quotes Edmond de Goncourt Writer 1822
Phyllis Gotlieb Novelist 1926
Pam Grier Quotes Pam Grier Actress 1949
Kay Hagan Quotes Kay Hagan Politician 1953
Edward T. Hall Quotes Edward T. Hall Scientist 1914
Levon Helm Quotes Levon Helm Musician 1940
Woody Herman Quotes Woody Herman Musician 1913
Dana Hill Actress 1964
Lauryn Hill Quotes Lauryn Hill Musician 1975
Simon Hoggart Journalist 1946
Jim Hunt Quotes Jim Hunt Politician 1937
Tom Hunter Businessman 1961
Janet Jackson Quotes Janet Jackson Musician 1966
Randall Jarrell Quotes Randall Jarrell Poet 1914
William Jay Clergyman 1769
Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Businessman 1955
Harry Carey, Jr. Actor 1921
Janos Kadar Quotes Janos Kadar Statesman 1912
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Quotes Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Artist 1880
Olga Korbut Quotes Olga Korbut Athlete 1955
Lenny Kravitz Quotes Lenny Kravitz Musician 1964
Christian Lacroix Quotes Christian Lacroix Designer 1951
Dorothea Lange Quotes Dorothea Lange Photographer 1895
Peggy Lee Quotes Peggy Lee Musician 1920
Karl Lehmann Quotes Karl Lehmann Clergyman 1936
Robert Jay Lifton Quotes Robert Jay Lifton Psychologist 1926
Edward Livingston Quotes Edward Livingston Judge 1764
Charles A. Lockwood Quotes Charles A. Lockwood Soldier 1890
Kamisese Mara Quotes Kamisese Mara Statesman 1920
Billy Martin Quotes Billy Martin Businessman 1928
Adolfo Lopez Mateos Quotes Adolfo Lopez Mateos Statesman 1909
Kevin McDonald Quotes Kevin McDonald Comedian 1961
J. Irwin Miller Quotes J. Irwin Miller Businessman 1909
Merton Miller Quotes Merton Miller Economist 1923
Mary Wortley Montagu Quotes Mary Wortley Montagu Writer 1689
James P. Moran Quotes James P. Moran Politician 1945
Christian Morgenstern Quotes Christian Morgenstern Poet 1871
Masaharu Morimoto Quotes Masaharu Morimoto Chef 1955
Robert Morley Quotes Robert Morley Actor 1908
Brent Musburger Quotes Brent Musburger Celebrity 1939
Stevie Nicks Quotes Stevie Nicks Musician 1948
Krist Novoselic Quotes Krist Novoselic Musician 1965
Rich Nugent Quotes Rich Nugent Politician 1951
Anne Parillaud Quotes Anne Parillaud Actress 1960
Chris Paul Quotes Chris Paul Athlete 1985
Jon Porter Politician 1955
Jim Ramstad Politician 1946
Bill Rancic Quotes Bill Rancic Businessman 1971
Adrienne Rich Quotes Adrienne Rich Poet 1929
Sally Ride Quotes Sally Ride Astronaut 1951
Maximilien Robespierre Quotes Maximilien Robespierre Leader 1758
Mick Ronson Quotes Mick Ronson Musician 1946
Juan Rulfo Quotes Juan Rulfo Novelist 1917
Jan Schakowsky Quotes Jan Schakowsky Politician 1944
Bob Seger Quotes Bob Seger Musician 1945
William H. Seward Quotes William H. Seward Statesman 1801
Richard Shelby Quotes Richard Shelby Politician 1934
Kyle Shewfelt Quotes Kyle Shewfelt Athlete 1982
Carol Shields Author 1935
Tarsem Singh Quotes Tarsem Singh Director 1961
Tori Spelling Quotes Tori Spelling Actress 1973
Matt Stone Quotes Matt Stone Producer 1971
Rabindranath Tagore Quotes Rabindranath Tagore Poet 1861
Studs Terkel Quotes Studs Terkel Journalist 1912
Glenn Turner Athlete 1947
Rudolph Valentino Quotes Rudolph Valentino Actor 1895
John Walters Musician 1938
John Wayne Quotes John Wayne Actor 1907
Andre Weil Quotes Andre Weil Mathematician 1906
Orson Welles Quotes Orson Welles Actor 1915
Theodore White Journalist 1915
Alexander Wiley Politician 1884
Debra Winger Quotes Debra Winger Actor 1955
Mary Wortley Quotes Mary Wortley Royalty 1689
Liberace Quotes Liberace Entertainer 1919