Authors Born on May, 5st

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May, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Roger Ailes Businessman 1940
William Maxwell Aitken Quotes William Maxwell Aitken Businessman 1879
Richard Avedon Quotes Richard Avedon Photographer 1923
L. Frank Baum Quotes L. Frank Baum Author 1856
James Beard Author 1903
Lord Beaverbrook Quotes Lord Beaverbrook Businessman 1879
Ulrich Beck Quotes Ulrich Beck Sociologist 1944
Arthur Berger Composer 1912
Nellie Bly Quotes Nellie Bly Journalist 1864
Barbara Taylor Bradford Novelist 1933
George Brett Quotes George Brett Athlete 1953
Poppy Z. Brite Quotes Poppy Z. Brite Author 1967
Chris Brown Quotes Chris Brown Musician 1989
Thomas Edward Brown Poet 1830
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Politician 1803
Kenneth Burke Quotes Kenneth Burke Philosopher 1897
Prescott Bush Quotes Prescott Bush Politician 1895
Alastair Campbell Quotes Alastair Campbell Journalist 1957
Dixie Carter Quotes Dixie Carter Actor 1939
Bennett Cerf Quotes Bennett Cerf Journalist 1898
Julian Clary Quotes Julian Clary Comedian 1959
Jessi Colter Quotes Jessi Colter Musician 1943
Jean-Francois Cope Quotes Jean-Francois Cope Politician 1964
Pierre Curie Quotes Pierre Curie Scientist 1859
Richard J. Daley Quotes Richard J. Daley Politician 1902
Hal David Musician 1921
Cameron van der Burgh Quotes Cameron van der Burgh Athlete 1988
Ted Dexter Athlete 1935
Caroline Dhavernas Quotes Caroline Dhavernas Actress 1978
Kyan Douglas Quotes Kyan Douglas Celebrity 1970
John Gregory Dunne Quotes John Gregory Dunne Writer 1932
Andrew Eldritch Quotes Andrew Eldritch Musician 1959
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson Poet 1803
Brian Eno Quotes Brian Eno Musician 1948
Clifton Fadiman Quotes Clifton Fadiman Writer 1904
Margaret Forster Author 1938
Simon Fowler Quotes Simon Fowler Musician 1965
Max Frisch Quotes Max Frisch Novelist 1911
James Gadsden Politician 1788
Charlie Gonzalez Politician 1945
John Mason Good Scientist 1764
Joe Grant Artist 1908
Richard E. Grant Quotes Richard E. Grant Actor 1957
Wavy Gravy Quotes Wavy Gravy Activist 1936
Tom T. Hall Musician 1936
Anne Heche Quotes Anne Heche Actress 1969
Lance Henriksen Quotes Lance Henriksen Actor 1940
Theodore Hesburgh Quotes Theodore Hesburgh Clergyman 1917
George Hickenlooper Quotes George Hickenlooper Director 1963
Frank Hornby Quotes Frank Hornby Inventor 1863
Michael Patrick Jann Actor 1970
Jasper Johns Quotes Jasper Johns Artist 1930
Akhmad Kadyrov Quotes Akhmad Kadyrov Statesman 1909
Janis Karpinski Quotes Janis Karpinski Soldier 1953
Vincent Kartheiser Actor 1979
John Keegan Historian 1934
Jamie Kennedy Quotes Jamie Kennedy Actor 1970
Soren Kierkegaard Quotes Soren Kierkegaard Philosopher 1813
Amy Klobuchar Quotes Amy Klobuchar Politician 1960
David Krumholtz Quotes David Krumholtz Actor 1978
Ray Lewis Quotes Ray Lewis Athlete 1975
Kurt Loder Journalist 1945
Trini Lopez Quotes Trini Lopez Musician 1937
Robert Ludlum Novelist 1927
Tran Duc Luong Quotes Tran Duc Luong Statesman 1937
Demetri Martin Quotes Demetri Martin Comedian 1973
Karl Marx Quotes Karl Marx Philosopher 1818
Douglas Mawson Quotes Douglas Mawson Explorer 1882
Ian Mckellen Quotes Ian Mckellen Actor 1939
Prince Metternich Quotes Prince Metternich Politician 1773
Helmuth von Moltke Quotes Helmuth von Moltke Soldier 1848
Claudio Monteverdi Quotes Claudio Monteverdi Composer 1567
Christopher Morley Author 1890
John Raleigh Mott Quotes John Raleigh Mott Celebrity 1865
Andy Murray Quotes Andy Murray Athlete 1987
Mike Myers Quotes Mike Myers Comedian 1963
Don Nelson Quotes Don Nelson Coach 1940
Mike Oldfield Quotes Mike Oldfield Musician 1953
Frank Oz Actor 1944
Tim Page Photographer 1944
Chazz Palminteri Quotes Chazz Palminteri Actor 1952
Zara Phillips Quotes Zara Phillips Royalty 1981
Bernard Pivot Quotes Bernard Pivot Journalist 1935
Katherine Anne Porter Quotes Katherine Anne Porter Journalist 1890
Aly Raisman Quotes Aly Raisman Athlete 1994
Jean Renoir Quotes Jean Renoir Director 1894
Gordon Richards Celebrity 1904
Jonathan Richman Quotes Jonathan Richman Musician 1951
Theodore Roethke Quotes Theodore Roethke Poet 1908
Charles Rosen Musician 1927
Robert Baldwin Ross Quotes Robert Baldwin Ross Celebrity 1869
Sonia Rykiel Quotes Sonia Rykiel Designer 1930
Stan Sakai Quotes Stan Sakai Cartoonist 1953
Paul Samuelson Quotes Paul Samuelson Economist 1915
Kathleen Sebelius Quotes Kathleen Sebelius Politician 1948
Connie Sellecca Quotes Connie Sellecca Actress 1955
Peter Shaffer Playwright 1926
Mark Shields Journalist 1937
Henryk Sienkiewicz Quotes Henryk Sienkiewicz Novelist 1846
Igor Sikorsky Quotes Igor Sikorsky Aviator 1889
Beverly Sills Quotes Beverly Sills Musician 1929
Molly Sims Quotes Molly Sims Model 1973
Emmitt Smith Quotes Emmitt Smith Athlete 1969
Gordon Smith Politician 1952
Sally Stanford Celebrity 1903
Ralph Steadman Quotes Ralph Steadman Cartoonist 1936
Joseph Stefano Quotes Joseph Stefano Writer 1922
Jack Steinberger Quotes Jack Steinberger Physicist 1921
Ethan Suplee Quotes Ethan Suplee Actor 1976
Kurt Sutter Quotes Kurt Sutter Director 1966
John J. Sweeney Quotes John J. Sweeney Businessman 1934
Gene Tunney Quotes Gene Tunney Athlete 1897
Anthea Turner Quotes Anthea Turner Entertainer 1960
Ken Venturi Athlete 1931
Archibald Wavell Quotes Archibald Wavell Soldier 1883
Jackie Weaver Quotes Jackie Weaver Actress 1947
Paul Weller Quotes Paul Weller Musician 1958
Jonny Wilkinson Quotes Jonny Wilkinson Athlete 1979
Brian Williams Quotes Brian Williams Journalist 1959
Tammy Wynette Quotes Tammy Wynette Musician 1942
Tina Yothers Actress 1973
Ahmet Zappa Musician 1974
Abraham Zapruder Quotes Abraham Zapruder Businessman 1905
Pieter Zeeman Quotes Pieter Zeeman Physicist 1865
Adele Quotes Adele Musician 1988