Authors Born on May, 27st

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May, 27st

Image Author Type Birthyear
John Kendrick Bangs Quotes John Kendrick Bangs Author 1862
John Barth Novelist 1930
Danny Bautista Athlete 1972
Andre Benjamin Quotes Andre Benjamin Musician 1975
Arnold Bennett Quotes Arnold Bennett Novelist 1867
Jeffrey Bernard Journalist 1932
Paul Bettany Quotes Paul Bettany Actor 1971
Cilla Black Musician 1943
Todd Bridges Quotes Todd Bridges Actor 1965
Rebekah Brooks Editor 1968
Pat Cash Quotes Pat Cash Athlete 1965
Louis-Ferdinand Celine Quotes Louis-Ferdinand Celine Writer 1894
John Cheever Quotes John Cheever Writer 1912
Caryl Chessman Celebrity 1921
Bruce Cockburn Quotes Bruce Cockburn Musician 1945
Chris Colfer Quotes Chris Colfer Actor 1990
Peter DeFazio Politician 1947
Christopher Dodd Quotes Christopher Dodd Politician 1944
Harlan Ellison Quotes Harlan Ellison Writer 1934
Joseph Fiennes Quotes Joseph Fiennes Actor 1970
Neil Finn Quotes Neil Finn Musician 1958
Paul Gascoigne Quotes Paul Gascoigne Athlete 1967
John Gilmour Politician 1876
Jay Gould Quotes Jay Gould Businessman 1836
Alma Guillermoprieto Journalist 1949
Dashiell Hammett Quotes Dashiell Hammett Author 1894
Zahi Hawass Quotes Zahi Hawass Scientist 1947
Wild Bill Hickok Quotes Wild Bill Hickok Celebrity 1837
Tony Hillerman Quotes Tony Hillerman Author 1925
Julia Ward Howe Quotes Julia Ward Howe Activist 1819
Hubert H. Humphrey Quotes Hubert H. Humphrey Politician 1911
Sean Kinney Quotes Sean Kinney Musician 1966
Henry A. Kissinger Quotes Henry A. Kissinger Statesman 1923
Christopher Lee Quotes Christopher Lee Actor 1922
Peter Malkin Quotes Peter Malkin Public Servant 1927
Peter Marshall Clergyman 1902
Lee Meriwether Quotes Lee Meriwether Actress 1935
Frank S. Nugent Journalist 1908
Jamie Oliver Quotes Jamie Oliver Celebrity 1975
Denise Van Outen Quotes Denise Van Outen Actress 1975
William Petty Quotes William Petty Economist 1623
David Plouffe Quotes David Plouffe Public Servant 1967
Vincent Price Quotes Vincent Price Actor 1911
Sumner Redstone Businessman 1923
Georges Rouault Artist 1871
Sue Simmons Journalist 1943
Siouxsie Sioux Quotes Siouxsie Sioux Musician 1957
Sam Snead Quotes Sam Snead Athlete 1912
Cornelius Vanderbilt Quotes Cornelius Vanderbilt Businessman 1794
Wayne Williams 1958
James Q. Wilson Politician 1931
Frank Woolley Quotes Frank Woolley Athlete 1887
Herman Wouk Quotes Herman Wouk Novelist 1915