Authors Born on May, 2st

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May, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Dan Abrams Journalist 1966
Charles Adams Activist 1770
Louis Agassiz Quotes Louis Agassiz Scientist 1807
William Maxwell Aitken Quotes William Maxwell Aitken Businessman 1879
Malin Akerman Quotes Malin Akerman Actress 1978
Isaac Albeniz Quotes Isaac Albeniz Musician 1860
Eddie Albert Quotes Eddie Albert Actor 2005
Mitch Albom Quotes Mitch Albom Writer 1958
Ted Allen Quotes Ted Allen Entertainer 1965
Margery Allingham Quotes Margery Allingham Writer 1889
Eugenie Anderson Quotes Eugenie Anderson Diplomat 1909
John Andre Quotes John Andre Celebrity 1750
Carmelo Anthony Quotes Carmelo Anthony Athlete 1984
Simon Armitage Poet 1963
James Arness Quotes James Arness Actor 1923
Mary Kay Ash Quotes Mary Kay Ash Businesswoman 1918
Mackenzie Astin Actor 1973
Christian Audigier Quotes Christian Audigier Designer 1958
Jason Babin Quotes Jason Babin Athlete 1980
Burt Bacharach Quotes Burt Bacharach Composer 1928
Richard Baker Politician 1948
Richard H. Baker Politician 1948
Robert Baldwin Quotes Robert Baldwin Politician 1804
Stephen Baldwin Quotes Stephen Baldwin Actor 1966
Fairuza Balk Quotes Fairuza Balk Actress 1974
Johnny Ball Entertainer 1938
Honore de Balzac Quotes Honore de Balzac Novelist 1799
John Kendrick Bangs Quotes John Kendrick Bangs Author 1862
Christine Baranski Quotes Christine Baranski Actress 1952
Lynn Barber Journalist 1944
John Bardeen Quotes John Bardeen Scientist 1908
Ana Beatriz Barros Quotes Ana Beatriz Barros Model 1982
John Barth Novelist 1930
Danny Bautista Athlete 1972
Lord Beaverbrook Quotes Lord Beaverbrook Businessman 1879
David Beckham Quotes David Beckham Athlete 1975
Paul Begala Quotes Paul Begala Journalist 1961
Annette Bening Quotes Annette Bening Actress 1958
Richard Benjamin Quotes Richard Benjamin Actor 1938
Andre Benjamin Quotes Andre Benjamin Musician 1975
Gottfried Benn Quotes Gottfried Benn Novelist 1886
Arnold Bennett Quotes Arnold Bennett Novelist 1867
Hans Berger Quotes Hans Berger Scientist 1873
Jeffrey Bernard Journalist 1932
Yogi Berra Quotes Yogi Berra Athlete 1925
George Best Quotes George Best Athlete 1946
Paul Bettany Quotes Paul Bettany Actor 1971
Joseph Beuys Quotes Joseph Beuys Artist 1921
Jason Biggs Quotes Jason Biggs Actor 1978
Theodore Bikel Quotes Theodore Bikel Actor 1924
Maeve Binchy Quotes Maeve Binchy Novelist 1940
Cilla Black Musician 1943
Antoinette Brown Blackwell Quotes Antoinette Brown Blackwell Clergyman 1825
Jayson Blair Journalist 1976
James Blish Quotes James Blish Author 1921
Maxwell Bodenheim Poet 1891
William Bolcom Composer 1938
George Phillips Bond Scientist 1825
Bruce Boxleitner Quotes Bruce Boxleitner Actor 1950
Chris A. Bridges Author 1965
Todd Bridges Quotes Todd Bridges Actor 1965
Poppy Z. Brite Quotes Poppy Z. Brite Author 1967
Jim Broadbent Quotes Jim Broadbent Actor 1949
Joseph Brodsky Quotes Joseph Brodsky Poet 1940
Arthur C. Brooks Author 1964
Rebekah Brooks Editor 1968
Earl Browder Quotes Earl Browder Activist 1891
Melanie Brown Quotes Melanie Brown Musician 1975
Robert McAfee Brown Theologian 1920
Zola Budd Athlete 1966
Harold Budd Quotes Harold Budd Composer 1936
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Politician 1803
Gary Burghoff Quotes Gary Burghoff Actor 1943
Raymond Burr Quotes Raymond Burr Actor 1917
Jane Byrne Quotes Jane Byrne Politician 1934
Gabriel Byrne Quotes Gabriel Byrne Actor 1950
James F. Byrnes Quotes James F. Byrnes Politician 1879
Alastair Campbell Quotes Alastair Campbell Journalist 1957
Naomi Campbell Quotes Naomi Campbell Model 1970
Eric Cantona Quotes Eric Cantona Athlete 1966
Roger Caras Activist 1928
Benjamin Cardozo Quotes Benjamin Cardozo Judge 1870
Drew Carey Quotes Drew Carey Actor 1961
George Carlin Quotes George Carlin Comedian 1937
Jay Carney Quotes Jay Carney Public Servant 1965
Helena Bonham Carter Quotes Helena Bonham Carter Actress 1966
Dixie Carter Quotes Dixie Carter Actor 1939
Rosanne Cash Quotes Rosanne Cash Musician 1955
Pat Cash Quotes Pat Cash Athlete 1965
Mary Cassatt Quotes Mary Cassatt Artist 1844
Nick Cassavetes Quotes Nick Cassavetes Actor 1959
Louis-Ferdinand Celine Quotes Louis-Ferdinand Celine Writer 1894
Bennett Cerf Quotes Bennett Cerf Journalist 1898
Michael Chabon Quotes Michael Chabon Author 1963
Leslie Charteris Quotes Leslie Charteris Writer 1907
John Cheever Quotes John Cheever Writer 1912
Caryl Chessman Celebrity 1921
Gilbert K. Chesterton Quotes Gilbert K. Chesterton Writer 1874
Tommy Chong Quotes Tommy Chong Actor 1938
Randolph Churchill Journalist 1911
Julian Clary Quotes Julian Clary Comedian 1959
Rosemary Clooney Quotes Rosemary Clooney Musician 1928
Bruce Cockburn Quotes Bruce Cockburn Musician 1945
Joe Cocker Quotes Joe Cocker Musician 1944
Mindy Cohn Actress 1966
James S. Coleman Sociologist 1926
Chris Colfer Quotes Chris Colfer Actor 1990
Joan Collins Quotes Joan Collins Actress 1933
Eddie Collins Quotes Eddie Collins Athlete 1887
Silvia Colloca Quotes Silvia Colloca Actress 1978
Jessi Colter Quotes Jessi Colter Musician 1943
Barry Commoner Scientist 1917
Tench Coxe Economist 1755
Michael Crapo Quotes Michael Crapo Politician 1951
Robert Creeley Poet 1926
Brandon Cruz Quotes Brandon Cruz Actor 1962
Peter Cushing Quotes Peter Cushing Actor 1913
Matt Czuchry Quotes Matt Czuchry Actor 1977
Tom Daley Quotes Tom Daley Athlete 1994
Paul Darrow Quotes Paul Darrow Actor 1941
Hal David Musician 1921
Lynn Davies Athlete 1942
Eric Davis Quotes Eric Davis Athlete 1962
Miles Davis Quotes Miles Davis Musician 1926
Moshe Dayan Quotes Moshe Dayan Soldier 1915
Peter DeFazio Politician 1947
Lea DeLaria Comedian 1958
Charlie Dent Quotes Charlie Dent Politician 1960
Cameron van der Burgh Quotes Cameron van der Burgh Athlete 1988
Indra Devi Quotes Indra Devi Celebrity 1899
Novak Djokovic Quotes Novak Djokovic Athlete 1987
Christopher Dodd Quotes Christopher Dodd Politician 1944
Im Dong-Hyun Athlete 1986
Thomas Dooley Athlete 1961
Arthur Conan Doyle Quotes Arthur Conan Doyle Writer 1859
Karen Duffy Actress 1962
Isadora Duncan Quotes Isadora Duncan Dancer 1877
John Gregory Dunne Quotes John Gregory Dunne Writer 1932
Albrecht Durer Quotes Albrecht Durer Artist 1471
Ian Dury Quotes Ian Dury Musician 1942
Lou Duva Quotes Lou Duva Coach 1922
Bob Dylan Quotes Bob Dylan Musician 1941
James Dyson Quotes James Dyson Designer 1947
Paul R. Ehrlich Quotes Paul R. Ehrlich Scientist 1932
Danny Elfman Quotes Danny Elfman Musician 1953
Harlan Ellison Quotes Harlan Ellison Writer 1934
Lincoln Ellsworth Quotes Lincoln Ellsworth Explorer 1880
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson Poet 1803
Emilio Estevez Quotes Emilio Estevez Actor 1962
Melissa Etheridge Quotes Melissa Etheridge Musician 1961
Max Euwe Quotes Max Euwe Celebrity 1901
Rupert Everett Quotes Rupert Everett Actor 1959
Tom Feeney Athlete 1958
Joseph Fiennes Quotes Joseph Fiennes Actor 1970
Werner Finck Comedian 1902
Neil Finn Quotes Neil Finn Musician 1958
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau Musician 1925
Ian Fleming Quotes Ian Fleming Author 1908
John Fogerty Quotes John Fogerty Musician 1945
William Cameron Forbes Quotes William Cameron Forbes Diplomat 1870
Luke Ford Quotes Luke Ford Writer 1966
George Formby Quotes George Formby Musician 1904
Eugene Forsey Quotes Eugene Forsey Politician 1904
Margaret Forster Author 1938
Harry Emerson Fosdick Quotes Harry Emerson Fosdick Clergyman 1878
Simon Fowler Quotes Simon Fowler Musician 1965
Genie Francis Actress 1962
Hans Frank Quotes Hans Frank Public Servant 1900
Otto Frank Quotes Otto Frank Celebrity 1889
Al Franken Quotes Al Franken Comedian 1951
Malcolm Fraser Quotes Malcolm Fraser Politician 1930
Jim Frey Coach 1931
Elizabeth Fry Quotes Elizabeth Fry Clergyman 1780
Margaret Fuller Quotes Margaret Fuller Critic 1810
Noel Gallagher Quotes Noel Gallagher Musician 1967
Paul Gascoigne Quotes Paul Gascoigne Athlete 1967
Kirk Gibson Quotes Kirk Gibson Athlete 1957
Roland Gift Quotes Roland Gift Actor 1962
John Gilling Director 1912
John Gilmour Politician 1876
Nadia Giosia Chef 1980
Rudy Giuliani Quotes Rudy Giuliani Politician 1944
James Gleason Quotes James Gleason Actor 1882
Domhnall Gleeson Quotes Domhnall Gleeson Actor 1983
Mikhail Glinka Quotes Mikhail Glinka Composer 1804
George Gobel Quotes George Gobel Comedian 1919
Thomas Gold Quotes Thomas Gold Scientist 1920
Tony Goldwyn Quotes Tony Goldwyn Actor 1960
Edmond de Goncourt Quotes Edmond de Goncourt Writer 1822
John Mason Good Scientist 1764
Ekaterina Gordeeva Quotes Ekaterina Gordeeva Athlete 1971
Lesley Gore Quotes Lesley Gore Musician 1946
Phyllis Gotlieb Novelist 1926
Jay Gould Quotes Jay Gould Businessman 1836
Lou Gramm Quotes Lou Gramm Musician 1950
Joseph Greenberg Writer 1915
Pam Grier Quotes Pam Grier Actress 1949
Alma Guillermoprieto Journalist 1949
Kay Hagan Quotes Kay Hagan Politician 1953
Marvin Hagler Quotes Marvin Hagler Athlete 1954
Tom T. Hall Musician 1936
Robert Hall Clergyman 1764
Philippe Halsman Photographer 1906
Armand Hammer Businessman 1898
Dashiell Hammett Quotes Dashiell Hammett Author 1894
Susan Hampshire Actress 1937
Tony Hancock Quotes Tony Hancock Comedian 1924
John Harsanyi Quotes John Harsanyi Educator 1920
Richard Hatch Quotes Richard Hatch Actor 1946
Zahi Hawass Quotes Zahi Hawass Scientist 1947
Tony Hawk Quotes Tony Hawk Athlete 1968
Anne Heche Quotes Anne Heche Actress 1969
Dave Heineman Quotes Dave Heineman Politician 1948
Levon Helm Quotes Levon Helm Musician 1940
Patrick Henry Quotes Patrick Henry Politician 1736
Katharine Hepburn Quotes Katharine Hepburn Actress 1907
Barbara Hepworth Quotes Barbara Hepworth Artist 1903
Wally Herger Politician 1945
Theodor Herzl Quotes Theodor Herzl Journalist 1860
Theodore Hesburgh Quotes Theodore Hesburgh Clergyman 1917
William Reddington Hewlett Quotes William Reddington Hewlett Businessman 1913
George Hickenlooper Quotes George Hickenlooper Director 1963
Kenny Hickey Quotes Kenny Hickey Musician 1966
Wild Bill Hickok Quotes Wild Bill Hickok Celebrity 1837
Lauryn Hill Quotes Lauryn Hill Musician 1975
Tony Hillerman Quotes Tony Hillerman Author 1925
Thora Hird Quotes Thora Hird Actress 1911
Simon Hoggart Journalist 1946
Anthony Holden Journalist 1947
Thomas Hood Quotes Thomas Hood Poet 1799
Bob Hope Quotes Bob Hope Comedian 1903
Hedda Hopper Quotes Hedda Hopper Actress 1885
Julia Ward Howe Quotes Julia Ward Howe Activist 1819
Sarah Hughes Quotes Sarah Hughes Athlete 1985
Hubert H. Humphrey Quotes Hubert H. Humphrey Politician 1911
David Hunt Politician 1942
Charlie Hunter Quotes Charlie Hunter Musician 1967
Michael Ignatieff Quotes Michael Ignatieff Politician 1947
Walter Isaacson Quotes Walter Isaacson Writer 1952
LaToya Jackson Quotes LaToya Jackson Musician 1956
Bianca Jagger Quotes Bianca Jagger Celebrity 1945
Ken Jennings Quotes Ken Jennings Celebrity 1974
Jerome K. Jerome Quotes Jerome K. Jerome Author 1859
John Jewel Clergyman 1522
Pamela Hansford Johnson Critic 1912
Dwayne Johnson Quotes Dwayne Johnson Actor 1972
Lynn Johnston Cartoonist 1947
Janos Kadar Quotes Janos Kadar Statesman 1912
Janis Karpinski Quotes Janis Karpinski Soldier 1953
Anatoly Karpov Quotes Anatoly Karpov Celebrity 1951
Monica Keena Quotes Monica Keena Actress 1979
Jamie Kennedy Quotes Jamie Kennedy Actor 1970
John F. Kennedy Quotes John F. Kennedy President 1917
Riley Keough Actress 1989
Jack Kevorkian Quotes Jack Kevorkian Activist 1928
Jewel Kilcher Quotes Jewel Kilcher Musician 1974
Steve King Quotes Steve King Politician 1949
Sean Kinney Quotes Sean Kinney Musician 1966
Henry A. Kissinger Quotes Henry A. Kissinger Statesman 1923
Franz Kline Quotes Franz Kline Artist 1910
Amy Klobuchar Quotes Amy Klobuchar Politician 1960
Gladys Knight Quotes Gladys Knight Musician 1944
Erich Wolfgang Korngold Quotes Erich Wolfgang Korngold Composer 1897
Lenny Kravitz Quotes Lenny Kravitz Musician 1964
Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes Jiddu Krishnamurti Philosopher 1895
Patti LaBelle Quotes Patti LaBelle Musician 1944
Dorothea Lange Quotes Dorothea Lange Photographer 1895
A. J. Langer Actress 1974
Edward Lear Quotes Edward Lear Artist 1812
Joshua Lederberg Quotes Joshua Lederberg Scientist 1925
Peggy Lee Quotes Peggy Lee Musician 1920
Robert N. Lee Writer 1890
Christopher Lee Quotes Christopher Lee Actor 1922
James Levine Musician 1943
Ted Levine Quotes Ted Levine Actor 1958
Daniel Libeskind Quotes Daniel Libeskind Architect 1946
Gyorgy Ligeti Quotes Gyorgy Ligeti Composer 1923
Otto Lilienthal Quotes Otto Lilienthal Aviator 1848
Beatrice Lillie Quotes Beatrice Lillie Actress 1894
Arto Lindsay Quotes Arto Lindsay Musician 1953
Carolus Linnaeus Quotes Carolus Linnaeus Scientist 1707
Edward Livingston Quotes Edward Livingston Judge 1764
Henry Cabot Lodge Quotes Henry Cabot Lodge Politician 1850
Jonah Lomu Quotes Jonah Lomu Athlete 1975
Robert Ludlum Novelist 1927
Jamie Luner Quotes Jamie Luner Actress 1971
Humphrey Lyttelton Quotes Humphrey Lyttelton Musician 1921
Robert A. M. Stern Architect 1939
Dolley Madison Quotes Dolley Madison First Lady 1768
Mohsen Makhmalbaf Quotes Mohsen Makhmalbaf Director 1957
Peter Malkin Quotes Peter Malkin Public Servant 1927
Nick Mancuso Quotes Nick Mancuso Actor 1948
Jean-Paul Marat Quotes Jean-Paul Marat Scientist 1743
Peter Marshall Clergyman 1902
Herbert Marshall Quotes Herbert Marshall Actor 1890
Demetri Martin Quotes Demetri Martin Comedian 1973
Jules Massenet Quotes Jules Massenet Composer 1842
Gerald Massey Quotes Gerald Massey Poet 1828
Philip Massinger Quotes Philip Massinger Poet 1908
Adolfo Lopez Mateos Quotes Adolfo Lopez Mateos Statesman 1909
Samantha Mathis Actress 1970
Peter Matthiessen Quotes Peter Matthiessen Writer 1927
Elsa Maxwell Quotes Elsa Maxwell Writer 1883
Scott McCallum Quotes Scott McCallum Politician 1950
Gary McCord Quotes Gary McCord Athlete 1948
Bruce McCulloch Actor 1961
Aaron McGruder Quotes Aaron McGruder Artist 1974
Martin McGuinness Quotes Martin McGuinness Politician 1950
Ian Mckellen Quotes Ian Mckellen Actor 1939
Cathy McMorris Quotes Cathy McMorris Politician 1969
Jon Meacham Editor 1969
Bernard Meltzer Lawyer 1916
Lee Meriwether Quotes Lee Meriwether Actress 1935
Stan Mikita Quotes Stan Mikita Athlete 1940
Harvey Milk Quotes Harvey Milk Politician 1930
John Stuart Mill Quotes John Stuart Mill Philosopher 1806
Roger Milla Quotes Roger Milla Athlete 1952
J. Irwin Miller Quotes J. Irwin Miller Businessman 1909
C. Wright Mills Quotes C. Wright Mills Sociologist 1916
Wilbur Mills Quotes Wilbur Mills Politician 1909
Kylie Minogue Quotes Kylie Minogue Musician 1968
Alfred Molina Quotes Alfred Molina Actor 1953
Helmuth von Moltke Quotes Helmuth von Moltke Soldier 1848
Mary Wortley Montagu Quotes Mary Wortley Montagu Writer 1689
Robert Moog Quotes Robert Moog Inventor 1934
Thomas Moore Quotes Thomas Moore Poet 1779
Jerry Moran Quotes Jerry Moran Politician 1954
Masaharu Morimoto Quotes Masaharu Morimoto Chef 1955
Robert Morley Quotes Robert Morley Actor 1908
Steven Patrick Morrissey Quotes Steven Patrick Morrissey Musician 1959
Steven Morrissey Quotes Steven Morrissey Musician 1959
John Raleigh Mott Quotes John Raleigh Mott Celebrity 1865
Carey Mulligan Quotes Carey Mulligan Actress 1985
Lisa Murkowski Quotes Lisa Murkowski Politician 1957
Brent Musburger Quotes Brent Musburger Celebrity 1939
Mike Myers Quotes Mike Myers Comedian 1963
Alla Nazimova Quotes Alla Nazimova Actress 1879
Gerard De Nerval Quotes Gerard De Nerval Novelist 1808
Richard John Neuhaus Writer 1936
John Newcombe Quotes John Newcombe Athlete 1944
Stevie Nicks Quotes Stevie Nicks Musician 1948
Florence Nightingale Quotes Florence Nightingale Activist 1820
Yoshihiko Noda Quotes Yoshihiko Noda Statesman 1957
Rich Nugent Quotes Rich Nugent Politician 1951
Frank S. Nugent Journalist 1908
Alexander Dale Oen Athlete 1985
Sadaharu Oh Quotes Sadaharu Oh Athlete 1940
George Andrew Olah Quotes George Andrew Olah Scientist 1927
Jamie Oliver Quotes Jamie Oliver Celebrity 1975
Laurence Olivier Quotes Laurence Olivier Actor 1907
Johnny Olson Quotes Johnny Olson Entertainer 1910
Timothy Olyphant Quotes Timothy Olyphant Actor 1968
George Osborne Quotes George Osborne Politician 1971
Denise Van Outen Quotes Denise Van Outen Actress 1975
Frank Oz Actor 1944
Vance Packard Quotes Vance Packard Writer 1914
Tim Page Photographer 1944
Lilli Palmer Quotes Lilli Palmer Actress 1914
Chris Patten Quotes Chris Patten Politician 1944
M. Scott Peck Psychologist 1936
Walker Percy Writer 1916
Alan Garcia Perez Quotes Alan Garcia Perez Statesman 1949
William Petty Quotes William Petty Economist 1623
T. Boone Pickens Quotes T. Boone Pickens Businessman 1928
Charles W. Pickering Judge 1937
Arthur Wing Pinero Quotes Arthur Wing Pinero Actor 1855
William Pitt Quotes William Pitt Leader 1759
David Plouffe Quotes David Plouffe Public Servant 1967
Alexander Pope Quotes Alexander Pope Poet 1688
Priscilla Presley Quotes Priscilla Presley Actress 1945
Katie Price Quotes Katie Price Model 1978
Vincent Price Quotes Vincent Price Actor 1911
Martin Puryear Sculptor 1941
Glenn Quinn Quotes Glenn Quinn Actor 1970
Nick Rahall Quotes Nick Rahall Politician 1949
Aly Raisman Quotes Aly Raisman Athlete 1994
Dieter Rams Quotes Dieter Rams Designer 1932
Satyajit Ray Quotes Satyajit Ray Director 1921
Ron Reagan Quotes Ron Reagan Journalist 1958
Sumner Redstone Businessman 1923
Theodor Reik Psychologist 1888
John C. Reilly Quotes John C. Reilly Actor 1965
Judge Reinhold Quotes Judge Reinhold Actor 1957
Ving Rhames Actor 1959
Busta Rhymes Quotes Busta Rhymes Musician 1972
Marc Ribot Quotes Marc Ribot Musician 1954
Manfred von Richthofen Quotes Manfred von Richthofen Aviator 1892
Adam Rickitt Actor 1978
Sally Ride Quotes Sally Ride Astronaut 1951
Scott Rigell Quotes Scott Rigell Politician 1960
Harold Robbins Author 1916
Henry Martyn Robert Quotes Henry Martyn Robert Celebrity 1837
John Buchanan Robinson Politician 1846
Mary Robinson Quotes Mary Robinson Statesman 1944
Gene Robinson Quotes Gene Robinson Clergyman 1947
Cathy McMorris Rodgers Quotes Cathy McMorris Rodgers Politician 1969
Theodore Roethke Quotes Theodore Roethke Poet 1908
Mick Ronson Quotes Mick Ronson Musician 1946
Robert Baldwin Ross Quotes Robert Baldwin Ross Celebrity 1869
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Quotes Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poet 1828
Georges Rouault Artist 1871
Henri Rousseau Quotes Henri Rousseau Artist 1844
John Rowland Politician 1957
Marco Rubio Quotes Marco Rubio Politician 1971
Sonia Rykiel Quotes Sonia Rykiel Designer 1930
Stan Sakai Quotes Stan Sakai Cartoonist 1953
Andrei Sakharov Quotes Andrei Sakharov Physicist 1921
Antonis Samaras Politician 1951
Mark Sanford Quotes Mark Sanford Politician 1960
Jan Schakowsky Quotes Jan Schakowsky Politician 1944
Connie Sellecca Quotes Connie Sellecca Actress 1955
Betty Shabazz Quotes Betty Shabazz Activist 1936
Artie Shaw Quotes Artie Shaw Musician 1910
Archie Shepp Quotes Archie Shepp Musician 1937
Mark Shields Journalist 1937
Igor Sikorsky Quotes Igor Sikorsky Aviator 1889
Beverly Sills Quotes Beverly Sills Musician 1929
Sue Simmons Journalist 1943
Molly Sims Quotes Molly Sims Model 1973
Tarsem Singh Quotes Tarsem Singh Director 1961
Siouxsie Sioux Quotes Siouxsie Sioux Musician 1957
Alfred P. Sloan Businessman 1875
Joe Slovo Politician 1926
Gordon Smith Politician 1952
L. Neil Smith Writer 1946
Howard K. Smith Quotes Howard K. Smith Journalist 1914
Sam Snead Quotes Sam Snead Athlete 1912
Tom Snyder Quotes Tom Snyder Celebrity 1936
Oswald Spengler Quotes Oswald Spengler Philosopher 1880
Benjamin Spock Quotes Benjamin Spock Scientist 1903
Jack Steinberger Quotes Jack Steinberger Physicist 1921
Frank Stella Quotes Frank Stella Artist 1936
James Stewart Quotes James Stewart Actor 1908
Tony Stewart Quotes Tony Stewart Celebrity 1971
Jimmy Stewart Quotes Jimmy Stewart Actor 1908
Matt Stone Quotes Matt Stone Producer 1971
Kurt Student Quotes Kurt Student Soldier 1890
Ethan Suplee Quotes Ethan Suplee Actor 1976
Bernie Taupin Quotes Bernie Taupin Writer 1950
Helen B. Taussig Quotes Helen B. Taussig Scientist 1898
Kristin Scott Thomas Quotes Kristin Scott Thomas Actress 1960
Jim Thorpe Quotes Jim Thorpe Athlete 1887
Jean Tinguely Quotes Jean Tinguely Sculptor 1925
Goh Chok Tong Quotes Goh Chok Tong Statesman 1941
Paul Tournier Quotes Paul Tournier Author 1898
William Trevor Writer 1928
Gene Tunney Quotes Gene Tunney Athlete 1897
Anthea Turner Quotes Anthea Turner Entertainer 1960
Glenn Turner Athlete 1947
Sigrid Undset Quotes Sigrid Undset Novelist 1882
Al Unser Quotes Al Unser Athlete 1939
Emily VanCamp Quotes Emily VanCamp Actress 1986
Cornelius Vanderbilt Quotes Cornelius Vanderbilt Businessman 1794
Donatella Versace Quotes Donatella Versace Designer 1955
Queen Victoria Quotes Queen Victoria Royalty 1819
Fay Vincent Quotes Fay Vincent Lawyer 1938
David Viscott Quotes David Viscott Psychologist 1938
Abdoulaye Wade Quotes Abdoulaye Wade Statesman 1926
Richard Wagner Quotes Richard Wagner Composer 1813
Fats Waller Quotes Fats Waller Musician 1904
John Wayne Quotes John Wayne Actor 1907
Jackie Weaver Quotes Jackie Weaver Actress 1947
Mike Weir Quotes Mike Weir Athlete 1970
Peter Welch Quotes Peter Welch Politician 1947
Paul Weller Quotes Paul Weller Musician 1958
David Wells Quotes David Wells Athlete 1963
Arnold Wesker Quotes Arnold Wesker Dramatist 1932
Jerry West Quotes Jerry West Artist 1938
Lisa Whelchel Actor 1963
William Whewell Quotes William Whewell Philosopher 1794
Patrick White Quotes Patrick White Author 1912
T. H. White Writer 1906
Alexander Wiley Politician 1884
Jonny Wilkinson Quotes Jonny Wilkinson Athlete 1979
Wayne Williams 1958
George C. Williams Quotes George C. Williams Scientist 1926
Wendy O. Williams Quotes Wendy O. Williams Musician 1949
Ricky Williams Quotes Ricky Williams Athlete 1977
Gary Wills Author 1934
James Q. Wilson Politician 1931
Dave Winer Quotes Dave Winer Scientist 1955
Paul Winfield Quotes Paul Winfield Actor 1941
Robert Charles Winthrop Quotes Robert Charles Winthrop Politician 1809
Steve Winwood Quotes Steve Winwood Musician 1948
Frank Woolley Quotes Frank Woolley Athlete 1887
Mary Wortley Quotes Mary Wortley Royalty 1689
Herman Wouk Quotes Herman Wouk Novelist 1915
Link Wray Quotes Link Wray Musician 1929
Philip Wylie Quotes Philip Wylie Writer 1902
Aaron Yoo Quotes Aaron Yoo Actor 1979
Coleman Young Quotes Coleman Young Politician 1918
Pieter Zeeman Quotes Pieter Zeeman Physicist 1865
Ron Ziegler Politician 1939
Novalis Quotes Novalis Poet 1772
Cher Quotes Cher Musician 1946
Jewel Quotes Jewel Musician 1974
Gotye Quotes Gotye Musician 1980