Authors Born on March, 8st

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March, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Nelson Algren Quotes Nelson Algren Novelist 1909
George Allen Politician 1952
Richie Allen Athlete 1942
Robert Ashley Composer 1930
Ron Atkinson Quotes Ron Atkinson Athlete 1939
J. L. Austin Philosopher 1911
Steve Ballmer Quotes Steve Ballmer Businessman 1956
Russell Banks Quotes Russell Banks Author 1940
Rick Barry Quotes Rick Barry Athlete 1944
Warren Bennis Writer 1925
Nikolai Berdyaev Quotes Nikolai Berdyaev Philosopher 1874
Luc Besson Quotes Luc Besson Director 1959
Bonnie Blair Quotes Bonnie Blair Athlete 1964
Dirk Bogarde Quotes Dirk Bogarde Actor 1921
Jim Bouton Quotes Jim Bouton Athlete 1939
Aristide Briand Quotes Aristide Briand Statesman 1862
Zbigniew Brzezinski Quotes Zbigniew Brzezinski Politician 1928
John C. Calhoun Quotes John C. Calhoun Statesman 1782
Simon Cameron Quotes Simon Cameron Politician 1799
Jerry Cantrell Quotes Jerry Cantrell Musician 1966
Anthony Caro Quotes Anthony Caro Sculptor 1924
Edgar Cayce Quotes Edgar Cayce Celebrity 1877
Neville Chamberlain Quotes Neville Chamberlain Politician 1869
Iris Chang Quotes Iris Chang Historian 1968
Galeazzo Ciano Quotes Galeazzo Ciano Politician 1903
Thomas Clarkson Quotes Thomas Clarkson Activist 1760
Grover Cleveland Quotes Grover Cleveland President 1837
Howard Coble Politician 1931
Lily Collins Quotes Lily Collins Actress 1989
John Comenius Quotes John Comenius Educator 1592
Dane Cook Quotes Dane Cook Comedian 1972
Daniel Dennett Quotes Daniel Dennett Philosopher 1942
James Van Der Beek Quotes James Van Der Beek Actor 1977
Rudolf Diesel Quotes Rudolf Diesel Inventor 1858
Micky Dolenz Quotes Micky Dolenz Actor 1945
Brad Dourif Quotes Brad Dourif Actor 1950
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Quotes Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Musician 1714
Richard Eyre Director 1943
Leslie Fiedler Critic 1917
Gene Fowler Journalist 1890
Jerome Isaac Friedman Physicist 1930
Bill Frisell Quotes Bill Frisell Musician 1951
Lady Gaga Quotes Lady Gaga Musician 1986
Kenneth Grahame Quotes Kenneth Grahame Novelist 1859
Brian Griese Athlete 1975
Otto Hahn Quotes Otto Hahn Scientist 1879
Manly Hall Philosopher 1901
Anna Held Quotes Anna Held Entertainer 1872
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Judge 1841
Alan Hovhaness Quotes Alan Hovhaness Composer 1911
George M. Humphrey Quotes George M. Humphrey Lawyer 1890
George Humphrey Lawyer 1890
Douglas Hurd Quotes Douglas Hurd Politician 1930
Kathy Ireland Quotes Kathy Ireland Model 1963
Cheryl James Musician 1964
Nafisa Joseph Quotes Nafisa Joseph Model 1978
Karen Kain Dancer 1951
Constantine Karamanlis Quotes Constantine Karamanlis Leader 1907
Neil Kinnock Quotes Neil Kinnock Politician 1942
Boris Kodjoe Quotes Boris Kodjoe Actor 1973
Corliss Lamont Philosopher 1902
Queen Latifah Quotes Queen Latifah Musician 1970
Ruggero Leoncavallo Quotes Ruggero Leoncavallo Composer 1857
Adam Levine Quotes Adam Levine Musician 1979
Eric Linklater Writer 1899
Jay Livingston Composer 1915
Mario Vargas Llosa Quotes Mario Vargas Llosa Writer 1936
Henry Longhurst Journalist 1909
Mike Lowry Quotes Mike Lowry Politician 1939
Camryn Manheim Quotes Camryn Manheim Actress 1961
Karen McCarthy Politician 1947
Reba McEntire Quotes Reba McEntire Musician 1955
David McKinley Quotes David McKinley Politician 1947
John McPhee Quotes John McPhee Writer 1931
Frank Murkowski Quotes Frank Murkowski Politician 1933
W. H. Murray Athlete 1913
Edmund S. Muskie Quotes Edmund S. Muskie Politician 1914
Gary Numan Quotes Gary Numan Musician 1958
Saint Teresa of Avila Quotes Saint Teresa of Avila Saint 1515
Wilfred Owen Quotes Wilfred Owen Soldier 1893
Michael Parkinson Quotes Michael Parkinson Journalist 1935
George Plimpton Quotes George Plimpton Journalist 1927
Charley Pride Quotes Charley Pride Athlete 1938
Reince Priebus Quotes Reince Priebus Politician 1972
Aidan Quinn Quotes Aidan Quinn Actor 1959
Michael Rapaport Actor 1970
Rodrigo Rato Quotes Rodrigo Rato Politician 1949
Lynn Redgrave Quotes Lynn Redgrave Actress 1943
Jane Rule Quotes Jane Rule Author 1931
William Howard Russell Quotes William Howard Russell Journalist 1821
Julia Stiles Quotes Julia Stiles Actress 1981
Saint Teresa Saint 1515
Claire Trevor Quotes Claire Trevor Actress 1910
John Updike Quotes John Updike Novelist 1932
Vince Vaughn Quotes Vince Vaughn Actor 1970
Jennifer Weiner Writer 1970
Devon Werkheiser Quotes Devon Werkheiser Actor 1991
Paul Whiteman Quotes Paul Whiteman Celebrity 1890
Charlotte Whitton Quotes Charlotte Whitton Politician 1896
Dianne Wiest Quotes Dianne Wiest Actress 1948
Vanessa Williams Musician 1963
Christa Wolf Writer 1929