Authors Born on March, 5st

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March, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Ivan Allen Politician 1911
Toni Cade Bambara Quotes Toni Cade Bambara Author 1939
Matthew Barney Quotes Matthew Barney Artist 1967
Bela Bartok Quotes Bela Bartok Composer 1881
Alan Bean Quotes Alan Bean Astronaut 1932
William Beveridge Quotes William Beveridge Economist 1879
Jolene Blalock Quotes Jolene Blalock Actress 1975
Norman Borlaug Quotes Norman Borlaug Scientist 1914
Larry Bossidy Businessman 1935
Susie Bright Quotes Susie Bright Writer 1958
Young Buck Quotes Young Buck Musician 1981
Howard Cosell Quotes Howard Cosell Lawyer 1918
Martin Van Creveld Quotes Martin Van Creveld Historian 1946
David Cronenberg Quotes David Cronenberg Director 1943
Marcia Cross Quotes Marcia Cross Actress 1962
Kate DiCamillo Author 1964
Frank Dobson Politician 1940
Mary Douglas Quotes Mary Douglas Scientist 1921
Zhou Enlai Quotes Zhou Enlai Statesman 1898
John Ensign Quotes John Ensign Politician 1958
Edward Felten Quotes Edward Felten Scientist 1963
Aretha Franklin Quotes Aretha Franklin Musician 1942
John Frusciante Quotes John Frusciante Musician 1970
Andy Gibb Quotes Andy Gibb Musician 1958
Wolcott Gibbs Writer 1902
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes Ruth Bader Ginsburg Judge 1933
Philip Green Businessman 1952
Lady Gregory Dramatist 1852
Morgan Griffith Quotes Morgan Griffith Politician 1958
Renny Harlin Director 1959
Jeff Healey Quotes Jeff Healey Musician 1966
Judd Hirsch Actor 1935
Tim Holden Quotes Tim Holden Politician 1957
Mark Hoppus Quotes Mark Hoppus Musician 1972
Athenagoras I Quotes Athenagoras I Clergyman 1886
Harold L. Ickes Quotes Harold L. Ickes Politician 1874
Michael Irvin Quotes Michael Irvin Athlete 1966
Andrew Jackson Quotes Andrew Jackson President 1767
Penn Jillette Quotes Penn Jillette Entertainer 1955
Elton John Quotes Elton John Musician 1947
Daniel Kahneman Quotes Daniel Kahneman Psychologist 1934
John Kitzhaber Quotes John Kitzhaber Politician 1947
Takeru Kobayashi Quotes Takeru Kobayashi Celebrity 1978
Lucy Larcom Quotes Lucy Larcom Poet 1824
David Lean Quotes David Lean Director 1908
Phil Lesh Quotes Phil Lesh Musician 1940
Ryan Lewis Quotes Ryan Lewis Musician 1988
Jake Lloyd Quotes Jake Lloyd Actor 1989
Eva Longoria Quotes Eva Longoria Actress 1975
Mike Love Quotes Mike Love Musician 1941
James A. Lovell Quotes James A. Lovell Astronaut 1928
Matt Lucas Quotes Matt Lucas Actor 1974
Rosa Luxemburg Quotes Rosa Luxemburg Activist 1870
Teena Marie Quotes Teena Marie Musician 1956
Mark McGrath Quotes Mark McGrath Musician 1968
Katharine McPhee Quotes Katharine McPhee Musician 1984
William Lamb Melbourne Quotes William Lamb Melbourne Politician 1779
Eva Mendes Quotes Eva Mendes Actress 1974
Bret Michaels Quotes Bret Michaels Musician 1963
Thomas Monaghan Quotes Thomas Monaghan Soldier 1937
Haywood Nelson Quotes Haywood Nelson Actor 1960
Frank Norris Quotes Frank Norris Novelist 1870
Olusegun Obasanjo Quotes Olusegun Obasanjo Statesman 1937
Richard O'Brien Actor 1942
Flannery O'Connor Author 1925
Ben Okri Poet 1959
Joel Osteen Quotes Joel Osteen Clergyman 1963
A. J. P. Taylor Quotes A. J. P. Taylor Historian 1906
Elaine Paige Quotes Elaine Paige Musician 1948
Sarah Jessica Parker Quotes Sarah Jessica Parker Actress 1965
Pier Paolo Pasolini Quotes Pier Paolo Pasolini Director 1922
Danica Patrick Quotes Danica Patrick Celebrity 1982
Robert Quillen Journalist 1887
Karl Rahner Quotes Karl Rahner Theologian 1904
Matt Robinson Actor 1974
Andy Sawford Politician 1976
Paul Scott Novelist 1920
Big Sean Quotes Big Sean Musician 1988
Gene Shalit Quotes Gene Shalit Critic 1932
Don Sherwood Quotes Don Sherwood Politician 1941
Simone Signoret Quotes Simone Signoret Actress 1921
Mark E. Smith Quotes Mark E. Smith Musician 1957
Dee Snider Quotes Dee Snider Musician 1955
Gloria Steinem Quotes Gloria Steinem Activist 1934
Dean Stockwell Quotes Dean Stockwell Actor 1936
Sly Stone Quotes Sly Stone Musician 1944
George Sutherland Quotes George Sutherland Judge 1862
Jimmy Swaggart Quotes Jimmy Swaggart Clergyman 1935
Sheryl Swoopes Quotes Sheryl Swoopes Athlete 1971
Cecil Taylor Quotes Cecil Taylor Musician 1930
Niki Taylor Model 1975
Debi Thomas Athlete 1967
Lawrence Tierney Actor 1919
James Tobin Economist 1918
Arturo Toscanini Quotes Arturo Toscanini Musician 1867
Patrick Troughton Quotes Patrick Troughton Actor 1920
Jacques Verges Quotes Jacques Verges Lawyer 1925
Lew Wasserman Quotes Lew Wasserman Producer 1913
Mary Webb Quotes Mary Webb Novelist 1881