Authors Born on June, 9st

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June, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Paula Abdul Quotes Paula Abdul Musician 1962
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Quotes Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Scientist 1836
George Axelrod Writer 1922
Herbert Baker Quotes Herbert Baker Architect 1862
Leslie Banks Quotes Leslie Banks Actor 1890
Andrew Bernstein Philosopher 1949
Stokely Carmichael Quotes Stokely Carmichael Activist 1941
Allan Carr Quotes Allan Carr Director 1999
Oxana Chusovitina Quotes Oxana Chusovitina Athlete 1975
Lester Cole Writer 1904
Jim Cooper Quotes Jim Cooper Politician 1954
Patricia Cornwell Quotes Patricia Cornwell Writer 1956
Alan Cranston Quotes Alan Cranston Politician 1914
Hugh Dancy Quotes Hugh Dancy Actor 1975
Jo Ann Davis Politician 1950
Johnny Depp Quotes Johnny Depp Actor 1963
James Van Der Zee Quotes James Van Der Zee Photographer 1886
John Doerr Quotes John Doerr Businessman 1951
Don Dokken Quotes Don Dokken Musician 1953
Jean Dujardin Quotes Jean Dujardin Actor 1972
Nelson Eddy Quotes Nelson Eddy Musician 1901
Robert Evans Director 1930
Abe Fortas Quotes Abe Fortas Judge 1910
Sam Walter Foss Quotes Sam Walter Foss Poet 1858
Michael J. Fox Quotes Michael J. Fox Actor 1961
Virginia Foxx Quotes Virginia Foxx Politician 1943
Sadie Frost Actress 1965
Thomas Fuller Quotes Thomas Fuller Clergyman 1608
Lou Gehrig Quotes Lou Gehrig Athlete 1903
Weedon Grossmith Quotes Weedon Grossmith Writer 1852
Douglas Haig Quotes Douglas Haig Soldier 1861
Ray Harryhausen Quotes Ray Harryhausen Director 1920
Colin Hay Musician 1953
Howell Heflin Quotes Howell Heflin Politician 1921
John Hench Quotes John Hench Artist 1908
Bernard Herrmann Quotes Bernard Herrmann Composer 1911
Arthur Hertzberg Theologian 1921
Moe Howard Quotes Moe Howard Actor 1897
Elbert Hubbard Quotes Elbert Hubbard Writer 1859
Ryan Hurst Quotes Ryan Hurst Actor 1976
M. F. Husain Quotes M. F. Husain Artist 2011
Joichi Ito Quotes Joichi Ito Businessman 1966
Katherine Jenkins Quotes Katherine Jenkins Musician 1980
Boris Johnson Quotes Boris Johnson Politician 1964
Pauline Kael Critic 1919
Harmon Killebrew Quotes Harmon Killebrew Athlete 1936
Vaclav Klaus Quotes Vaclav Klaus Statesman 1941
Giacomo Leopardi Quotes Giacomo Leopardi Poet 1798
Richard Lewis Comedian 1947
Anna Lindh Quotes Anna Lindh Politician 1957
Frank Loesser Quotes Frank Loesser Musician 1910
Jon Lord Quotes Jon Lord Musician 1941
Mia Maestro Actress 1978
Jackie Mason Quotes Jackie Mason Comedian 1931
William J. Mayo Quotes William J. Mayo Scientist 1861
Brian McBride Quotes Brian McBride Athlete 1972
Robert McNamara Quotes Robert McNamara Public Servant 1916
Poppy Montgomery Quotes Poppy Montgomery Actress 1975
Giorgio Napolitano Quotes Giorgio Napolitano Politician 1925
Joshua Nkomo Quotes Joshua Nkomo Politician 1917
Blaise Pascal Quotes Blaise Pascal Philosopher 1623
Amisha Patel Quotes Amisha Patel Actress 1979
Les Paul Quotes Les Paul Musician 1915
Collin C. Peterson Politician 1944
Kenneth L. Pike Quotes Kenneth L. Pike Sociologist 1912
Cole Porter Quotes Cole Porter Composer 1893
Natalie Portman Quotes Natalie Portman Actress 1981
William Powell Quotes William Powell Actor 1892
Phylicia Rashad Quotes Phylicia Rashad Actress 1948
Jose Rizal Quotes Jose Rizal Writer 1861
Mark Roberts Actor 1921
James Harvey Robinson Historian 1863
Gena Rowlands Quotes Gena Rowlands Actress 1930
Salman Rushdie Quotes Salman Rushdie Novelist 1947
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Quotes Antoine de Saint-Exupery Novelist 1900
Zoe Saldana Quotes Zoe Saldana Actor 1978
John Ralston Saul Quotes John Ralston Saul Author 1947
Julius Schwartz Quotes Julius Schwartz Editor 1915
Wallis Simpson Quotes Wallis Simpson Royalty 1895
Samantha Smith Quotes Samantha Smith Celebrity 1972
Aaron Sorkin Quotes Aaron Sorkin Producer 1961
Charles Spurgeon Quotes Charles Spurgeon Clergyman 1834
Clarence Stein Quotes Clarence Stein Architect 1882
George Stephenson Quotes George Stephenson Inventor 1781
Bertha von Suttner Quotes Bertha von Suttner Novelist 1843
Robin Tunney Quotes Robin Tunney Actress 1972
Ann Veneman Quotes Ann Veneman Public Servant 1949
John W. Vessey, Jr. Soldier 1922
Dick Vitale Celebrity 1939
Jim Walsh Politician 1947
James T. Walsh Politician 1947
Fred Waring Quotes Fred Waring Musician 1900
Ruth Warrick Quotes Ruth Warrick Musician 1915
Brian Welch Quotes Brian Welch Musician 1970
Samuel West Quotes Samuel West Actor 1966
Mae Whitman Quotes Mae Whitman Actress 1988
Ann Wilson Quotes Ann Wilson Musician 1950
Tobias Wolff Quotes Tobias Wolff Writer 1945
Ilya Yashin Quotes Ilya Yashin Activist 1983
Don Young Quotes Don Young Politician 1933
Macklemore Quotes Macklemore Musician 1983