Authors Born on June, 7st

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June, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
J. J. Abrams Quotes J. J. Abrams Director 1966
Isabelle Adjani Quotes Isabelle Adjani Actress 1955
Kelly Ayotte Quotes Kelly Ayotte Politician 1968
Bruce Babbitt Quotes Bruce Babbitt Politician 1938
Gaston Bachelard Philosopher 1884
Art Bell Quotes Art Bell Entertainer 1945
Ahmed Best Quotes Ahmed Best Actor 1974
Jello Biafra Quotes Jello Biafra Musician 1958
Martin Bormann Quotes Martin Bormann Soldier 1900
Elizabeth Bowen Quotes Elizabeth Bowen Novelist 1899
Gwendolyn Brooks Quotes Gwendolyn Brooks Poet 1917
Harry Browne Quotes Harry Browne Writer 1933
Tory Burch Quotes Tory Burch Designer 1966
Linda Chavez Quotes Linda Chavez Author 1947
Thomas Haden Church Quotes Thomas Haden Church Actor 1961
Jason Clarke Actor 1969
Lucille Clifton Quotes Lucille Clifton Poet 1936
Henri Coanda Quotes Henri Coanda Inventor 1886
Paul Conrad Quotes Paul Conrad Cartoonist 1924
Alan Coren Writer 1938
Samuel McChord Crothers Writer 1857
Paul Laurence Dunbar Quotes Paul Laurence Dunbar Poet 1872
Charles Eames Quotes Charles Eames Designer 1907
Mohamed ElBaradei Quotes Mohamed ElBaradei Scientist 1942
Louise Erdrich Quotes Louise Erdrich Writer 1954
M. C. Escher Quotes M. C. Escher Artist 1898
Bobby Farrelly Quotes Bobby Farrelly Director 1958
Tommy Franks Quotes Tommy Franks Soldier 1945
Paul Gauguin Quotes Paul Gauguin Artist 1848
Newt Gingrich Quotes Newt Gingrich Politician 1943
Nikki Giovanni Quotes Nikki Giovanni Poet 1943
Emma Goldman Quotes Emma Goldman Activist 1869
Charles Gounod Quotes Charles Gounod Composer 1818
John Robert Gregg Quotes John Robert Gregg Inventor 1867
Jon Gries Quotes Jon Gries Actor 1957
Red Grooms Quotes Red Grooms Sculptor 1937
Heinz Guderian Quotes Heinz Guderian Soldier 1888
Lafcadio Hearn Quotes Lafcadio Hearn Author 1850
John Hersey Quotes John Hersey Writer 1914
Damien Hirst Quotes Damien Hirst Artist 1965
James P. Hogan Author 1941
Mike Honda Quotes Mike Honda Politician 1941
Michael M. Honda Quotes Michael M. Honda Politician 1941
Allen Iverson Quotes Allen Iverson Athlete 1975
Francois Jacob Quotes Francois Jacob Scientist 1920
Ian St. John Athlete 1938
James Weldon Johnson Quotes James Weldon Johnson Poet 1871
Tom Jones Quotes Tom Jones Musician 1940
Kingman Brewster, Jr. Educator 1919
Marcy Kaptur Politician 1946
Bob Keeshan Quotes Bob Keeshan Entertainer 1927
Vivien Kellems Quotes Vivien Kellems Activist 1896
Helen Keller Quotes Helen Keller Author 1880
Krzysztof Kieslowski Quotes Krzysztof Kieslowski Director 1941
Greg Kinnear Quotes Greg Kinnear Actor 1963
Anna Kournikova Quotes Anna Kournikova Athlete 1981
Kendrick Lamar Quotes Kendrick Lamar Musician 1987
Henry Lawson Quotes Henry Lawson Writer 1867
Joshua Leonard Actor 1975
Ken Livingstone Quotes Ken Livingstone Politician 1945
Kenneth Robert Livingstone Quotes Kenneth Robert Livingstone Politician 1945
William Lucking Actor 1941
Bill Luther Politician 1945
Tobey Maguire Quotes Tobey Maguire Actor 1975
Barry Manilow Quotes Barry Manilow Musician 1943
Dean Martin Quotes Dean Martin Actor 1917
Mary McAleese Quotes Mary McAleese Statesman 1951
Jeff Miller Politician 1959
John Monash Quotes John Monash Soldier 1865
Augustus de Morgan Quotes Augustus de Morgan Mathematician 1806
J. B. Morton Writer 1893
Dave Navarro Quotes Dave Navarro Musician 1967
Liam Neeson Quotes Liam Neeson Actor 1952
Francis W. Newman Writer 1805
Jim Nussle Quotes Jim Nussle Politician 1960
Frank O'Hara Poet 1926
Larisa Oleynik Actress 1981
Doug Ose Politician 1955
Rod Paige Quotes Rod Paige Politician 1933
Charles Stewart Parnell Quotes Charles Stewart Parnell Politician 1846
Jason Patric Actor 1966
Mike Pence Quotes Mike Pence Politician 1959
Ross Perot Quotes Ross Perot Businessman 1930
Antoinette Perry Actress 1888
Taylor Phinney Quotes Taylor Phinney Athlete 1990
Kevin Pietersen Quotes Kevin Pietersen Athlete 1980
Allan Ray Quotes Allan Ray Athlete 1984
Mercer Reynolds Businessman 1945
Stephanie Rice Quotes Stephanie Rice Athlete 1988
Donny Robinson Athlete 1983
Burt Rutan Quotes Burt Rutan Scientist 1943
Lee Ryan Quotes Lee Ryan Musician 1983
Charlie Simpson Quotes Charlie Simpson Musician 1985
James Young Simpson Quotes James Young Simpson Scientist 1811
Dorothy Stang Quotes Dorothy Stang Clergyman 1931
Brooks Stevens Designer 1911
Igor Stravinsky Quotes Igor Stravinsky Composer 1882
George Szell Quotes George Szell Composer 1897
Jessica Tandy Quotes Jessica Tandy Actress 1909
Deborah Tannen Sociologist 1945
Nicola Trussardi Designer 1942
John Turner Quotes John Turner Statesman 1929
Karl Urban Quotes Karl Urban Actor 1972
Carl Van Vechten Quotes Carl Van Vechten Writer 1880
Alexandre Vinet Critic 1797
Vera Wang Quotes Vera Wang Designer 1949
Venus Williams Quotes Venus Williams Athlete 1980
Marguerite Yourcenar Quotes Marguerite Yourcenar Novelist 1903
Prince Musician 1958