Authors Born on June, 6st

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June, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Neil Abercrombie Quotes Neil Abercrombie Politician 1938
Alvin Adams Quotes Alvin Adams Businessman 1804
Paul Thomas Anderson Quotes Paul Thomas Anderson Director 1970
Virginia C. Andrews Quotes Virginia C. Andrews Author 1923
Tom Araya Quotes Tom Araya Musician 1961
Joan Van Ark Quotes Joan Van Ark Actress 1942
Eileen Atkins Writer 1934
Bernard Berenson Historian 1865
Isaiah Berlin Quotes Isaiah Berlin Philosopher 1909
Sandra Bernhard Quotes Sandra Bernhard Actress 1955
Marsha Blackburn Politician 1952
David Blunkett Quotes David Blunkett Politician 1947
Giovanni Boccaccio Quotes Giovanni Boccaccio Author 1313
David Bonior Politician 1945
Bjorn Borg Quotes Bjorn Borg Athlete 1956
Allen Boyd Quotes Allen Boyd Politician 1945
Big Bill Broonzy Quotes Big Bill Broonzy Composer 1893
Pearl S. Buck Quotes Pearl S. Buck Novelist 1892
Rocco Buttiglione Quotes Rocco Buttiglione Politician 1948
Eric Cantor Quotes Eric Cantor Politician 1963
Jerome Cavanagh Quotes Jerome Cavanagh Politician 1928
Anatoly Chubais Quotes Anatoly Chubais Politician 1955
Alexander Cockburn Quotes Alexander Cockburn Lawyer 1941
Pierre Corneille Quotes Pierre Corneille Dramatist 1606
Harry Crews Novelist 1935
George Deukmejian Quotes George Deukmejian Politician 1928
Bill Dickey Quotes Bill Dickey Athlete 1907
Jim Dine Quotes Jim Dine Artist 1935
Lamont Dozier Quotes Lamont Dozier Musician 1941
David Dukes Actor 1945
Roberto Duran Quotes Roberto Duran Athlete 1951
Marian Wright Edelman Quotes Marian Wright Edelman Activist 1939
Abby Elliott Actress 1987
Robert Englund Quotes Robert Englund Actor 1949
Georgie Fame Quotes Georgie Fame Musician 1943
Warren Farrell Quotes Warren Farrell Writer 1943
Harvey Fierstein Quotes Harvey Fierstein Actor 1954
Paul Giamatti Quotes Paul Giamatti Actor 1967
Milton Glaser Quotes Milton Glaser Designer 1929
Katherine Graham Quotes Katherine Graham Publisher 1917
Katharine Graham Quotes Katharine Graham Businesswoman 1917
Colin Greenwood Quotes Colin Greenwood Musician 1969
Nathan Hale Quotes Nathan Hale Revolutionary 1755
Sean Hayes Actor 1970
Isabelle Holland Writer 1920
Sidney Howard Quotes Sidney Howard Playwright 1891
Robert Hurt Politician 1969
King Albert II Royalty 1934
Dean Inge Quotes Dean Inge Author 1860
William Ralph Inge Quotes William Ralph Inge Clergyman 1860
Jason Isaacs Quotes Jason Isaacs Actor 1963
Chris Isaak Quotes Chris Isaak Musician 1956
Derek Jeter Quotes Derek Jeter Athlete 1974
Cobi Jones Quotes Cobi Jones Athlete 1970
Lord Kelvin Quotes Lord Kelvin Scientist 1824
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Quotes Mikhail Khodorkovsky Businessman 1963
John Langdon Quotes John Langdon Politician 1741
Stan Laurel Quotes Stan Laurel Actor 1890
Bill Lear Quotes Bill Lear Inventor 1902
Laurie Lee Quotes Laurie Lee Poet 1914
Henri Lefebvre Sociologist 1901
Greg LeMond Quotes Greg LeMond Athlete 1961
Edward Levi Quotes Edward Levi Public Servant 1911
Tony Levin Quotes Tony Levin Musician 1946
Lance Loud Quotes Lance Loud Actor 1951
Richard Lovelace Quotes Richard Lovelace Poet 1908
Thomas Mann Quotes Thomas Mann Writer 1875
Barbara McClintock Quotes Barbara McClintock Scientist 1902
Mark McKinney Quotes Mark McKinney Comedian 1959
Mignon McLaughlin Journalist 1913
Phil Mickelson Quotes Phil Mickelson Athlete 1970
Arthur Middleton Quotes Arthur Middleton Politician 1742
Jack Miller Politician 1916
Gustave Moreau Quotes Gustave Moreau Artist 1826
Bill Moyers Quotes Bill Moyers Journalist 1934
Holly Near Quotes Holly Near Musician 1949
Henry Newbolt Quotes Henry Newbolt Author 1862
Joyce Carol Oates Quotes Joyce Carol Oates Novelist 1938
Chris O'Donnell Actor 1970
Tim O'Reilly Businessman 1954
Colonel Tom Parker Quotes Colonel Tom Parker Celebrity 1909
Enoch Powell Quotes Enoch Powell Politician 1912
Colin Quinn Quotes Colin Quinn Comedian 1959
Rene Rivkin Businessman 1944
Chuck Robb Quotes Chuck Robb Politician 1939
Virginia Satir Quotes Virginia Satir Psychologist 1916
Jason Schwartzman Quotes Jason Schwartzman Actor 1980
Robert Falcon Scott Quotes Robert Falcon Scott Explorer 1868
Erich Segal Quotes Erich Segal Novelist 1937
Idries Shah Quotes Idries Shah Author 1924
Tupac Shakur Quotes Tupac Shakur Musician 1971
R. C. Sherriff Quotes R. C. Sherriff Writer 1896
George Gaylord Simpson Quotes George Gaylord Simpson Scientist 1902
George A. Smith Clergyman 1817
John Shelby Spong Quotes John Shelby Spong Clergyman 1931
Danny Strong Quotes Danny Strong Actor 1974
Stuart Symington Quotes Stuart Symington Businessman 1901
John Trumbull Quotes John Trumbull Artist 1756
John Tukey Quotes John Tukey Scientist 1915
Steve Vai Quotes Steve Vai Musician 1960
Ninette de Valois Quotes Ninette de Valois Dancer 1898
Michael Vick Quotes Michael Vick Athlete 1980
Gedde Watanabe Actor 1955
Paul Dudley White Scientist 1886
Gretchen Wilson Quotes Gretchen Wilson Musician 1973
Colin Wilson Quotes Colin Wilson Writer 1931
Colin Henry Wilson Quotes Colin Henry Wilson Writer 1931
Dwight York Celebrity 1945
Babe Didrikson Zaharias Quotes Babe Didrikson Zaharias Athlete 1911