Authors Born on June, 4st

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June, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Brooks Adams Quotes Brooks Adams Historian 1848
Jack Adams Quotes Jack Adams Athlete 1895
Joe Arpaio Quotes Joe Arpaio Public Servant 1932
Gene Barry Quotes Gene Barry Actor 1919
Peter Bart Editor 1932
Cecilia Bartoli Quotes Cecilia Bartoli Musician 1966
John Bauer Artist 1882
Jeff Beck Quotes Jeff Beck Musician 1944
Henry Ward Beecher Quotes Henry Ward Beecher Clergyman 1813
Nicolas Bentley Author 1907
Ambrose Bierce Quotes Ambrose Bierce Journalist 1842
Margaret Bourke-White Quotes Margaret Bourke-White Photographer 1906
Russell Brand Quotes Russell Brand Comedian 1975
Frank Buchman Quotes Frank Buchman Clergyman 1878
Claude Chabrol Quotes Claude Chabrol Director 1930
Rene Char Quotes Rene Char Poet 1907
Jean Charest Quotes Jean Charest Lawyer 1968
Alonzo Church Quotes Alonzo Church Mathematician 1903
John Ciardi Quotes John Ciardi Dramatist 1916
Cy Coleman Quotes Cy Coleman Composer 1929
Norman Cousins Quotes Norman Cousins Author 1915
Harry Crosby Quotes Harry Crosby Writer 1898
Keith David Quotes Keith David Actor 1956
Rebecca Harding Davis Quotes Rebecca Harding Davis Author 1831
Jack Dempsey Quotes Jack Dempsey Athlete 1895
Bruce Dern Quotes Bruce Dern Actor 1936
Anita Desai Novelist 1937
Katherine Dunham Quotes Katherine Dunham Dancer 1909
Alexander John Ellis Quotes Alexander John Ellis Writer 1814
Arthur Erickson Quotes Arthur Erickson Architect 1924
Juan Manuel Fangio Quotes Juan Manuel Fangio Celebrity 1911
Freddy Fender Quotes Freddy Fender Musician 1937
Louis Finkelstein Clergyman 1895
Mick Fleetwood Quotes Mick Fleetwood Musician 1942
Robert Fulghum Quotes Robert Fulghum Author 1937
Boy George Quotes Boy George Musician 1961
Michael Gerber Writer 1969
Iain Glen Actor 1961
Matt Gonzalez Quotes Matt Gonzalez Politician 1965
Steffi Graf Quotes Steffi Graf Athlete 1969
Rachel Griffiths Actress 1968
Che Guevara Quotes Che Guevara Revolutionary 1928
Pete Hamill Quotes Pete Hamill Journalist 1935
Phil Harris Quotes Phil Harris Musician 1904
Victor Francis Hess Quotes Victor Francis Hess Physicist 1883
Steny Hoyer Quotes Steny Hoyer Politician 1939
Fred Hoyle Quotes Fred Hoyle Scientist 1915
William Hull Quotes William Hull Soldier 1753
John Hutton Educator 1965
George III Quotes George III Royalty 1738
Burl Ives Quotes Burl Ives Musician 1909
Bruce Johnston Quotes Bruce Johnston Musician 1944
Angelina Jolie Quotes Angelina Jolie Actress 1975
Mindy Kaling Quotes Mindy Kaling Actress 1979
Irving R. Kaufman Quotes Irving R. Kaufman Judge 1910
Yasunari Kawabata Quotes Yasunari Kawabata Novelist 1899
Solange Knowles Quotes Solange Knowles Actress 1986
Mercedes Lackey Quotes Mercedes Lackey Author 1950
Karl Landsteiner Quotes Karl Landsteiner Scientist 1868
Linda Lingle Quotes Linda Lingle Politician 1953
Stephen Martin Politician 1948
John McCormack Musician 1884
Dorothy McGuire Quotes Dorothy McGuire Actress 1916
Mack McLarty Quotes Mack McLarty Politician 1946
Robert Merrill Musician 1919
Lionel Messi Quotes Lionel Messi Athlete 1987
Howard Metzenbaum Quotes Howard Metzenbaum Poet 1917
Joyce Meyer Quotes Joyce Meyer Author 1943
Gaylord Nelson Quotes Gaylord Nelson Politician 1916
Michael Newdow Quotes Michael Newdow Lawyer 1953
George Noory Journalist 1950
Paul O'Grady Comedian 1955
George Pataki Quotes George Pataki Politician 1945
Martin Lewis Perl Quotes Martin Lewis Perl Physicist 1927
Francois Quesnay Quotes Francois Quesnay Economist 1694
Jonathan Raban Quotes Jonathan Raban Author 1942
Kathleen Raine Quotes Kathleen Raine Poet 1908
Christie Rampone Quotes Christie Rampone Athlete 1975
Bar Refaeli Quotes Bar Refaeli Model 1985
Robert Reich Quotes Robert Reich Economist 1946
Terry Riley Quotes Terry Riley Composer 1935
Theo Rossi Quotes Theo Rossi Actor 1975
Philip Roth Novelist 1943
Jacques Roumain Writer 1907
Rosalind Russell Quotes Rosalind Russell Actress 1908
Cameron Russell Quotes Cameron Russell Model 1987
Pierre Salinger Public Servant 1925
Izabella Scorupco Actress 1970
Jim Sensenbrenner Quotes Jim Sensenbrenner Politician 1943
Antony Sher Writer 1949
Parker Stevenson Actor 1952
Harriet Beecher Stowe Quotes Harriet Beecher Stowe Author 1811
Sherry Stringfield Actress 1967
Pat Summitt Quotes Pat Summitt Coach 1952
Billy Tauzin Quotes Billy Tauzin Politician 1943
Donald Trump Quotes Donald Trump Businessman 1946
Georg Henrik von Wright Quotes Georg Henrik von Wright Philosopher 1916
Gordon Waller Quotes Gordon Waller Musician 1945
Jim Wallis Quotes Jim Wallis Writer 1948
Dennis Weaver Quotes Dennis Weaver Actor 1924
Mary Wesley Novelist 1912
Ruth Westheimer Quotes Ruth Westheimer Psychologist 1928
Leon Wieseltier Writer 1952
Rowan D. Williams Clergyman 1950
Rowan Williams Quotes Rowan Williams Theologian 1950
Scott Wolf Quotes Scott Wolf Actor 1968
Fernando Wood Quotes Fernando Wood Politician 1812
Noah Wyle Quotes Noah Wyle Actor 1971