Authors Born on June, 3st

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June, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Anna Akhmatova Quotes Anna Akhmatova Poet 1889
Tim Allen Quotes Tim Allen Comedian 1953
Jean Anouilh Quotes Jean Anouilh Playwright 1910
Phil Anselmo Quotes Phil Anselmo Musician 1968
Thomas Arnold Quotes Thomas Arnold Educator 1795
Richard Bach Quotes Richard Bach Novelist 1936
Josephine Baker Quotes Josephine Baker Dancer 1906
Florence Ballard Quotes Florence Ballard Musician 1943
Robert Ballard Quotes Robert Ballard Scientist 1942
Fantasia Barrino Quotes Fantasia Barrino Musician 1984
Chuck Barris Quotes Chuck Barris Producer 1929
Roscoe Bartlett Quotes Roscoe Bartlett Politician 1926
Frederic Bastiat Quotes Frederic Bastiat Economist 1801
Augusto Roa Bastos Quotes Augusto Roa Bastos Novelist 1917
Paul Berg Quotes Paul Berg Scientist 1926
Selma Blair Quotes Selma Blair Actress 1972
Juan Bosch Statesman 1909
Marion Zimmer Bradley Quotes Marion Zimmer Bradley Writer 1930
Dave Bristol Celebrity 1933
Bryan Brown Quotes Bryan Brown Actor 1947
Fanny Burney Quotes Fanny Burney Novelist 1752
Smedley Butler Quotes Smedley Butler Soldier 1881
Simon Callow Quotes Simon Callow Actor 1949
June Carter Quotes June Carter Musician 1929
Donald J. Carty Quotes Donald J. Carty Businessman 1946
June Carter Cash Quotes June Carter Cash Musician 1929
Vinton Cerf Quotes Vinton Cerf Inventor 1943
Eric Church Quotes Eric Church Musician 1977
Stanley Clarke Quotes Stanley Clarke Musician 1951
Irvin S. Cobb Quotes Irvin S. Cobb Journalist 1876
Richard Cobden Quotes Richard Cobden Businessman 1804
Anderson Cooper Quotes Anderson Cooper Journalist 1967
Marton Csokas Quotes Marton Csokas Actor 1966
Tony Curtis Quotes Tony Curtis Actor 1925
Glenn Danzig Quotes Glenn Danzig Musician 1955
Jefferson Davis Quotes Jefferson Davis Leader 1808
Kat Dennings Quotes Kat Dennings Actress 1986
John Dickey Politician 1794
Robert Dold Quotes Robert Dold Politician 1969
Mark Van Doren Quotes Mark Van Doren Poet 1894
Ann Druyan Quotes Ann Druyan Writer 1949
Raoul Dufy Artist 1877
Georges Duhamel Quotes Georges Duhamel Novelist 1884
John Dykstra Scientist 1947
Joel Edgerton Quotes Joel Edgerton Actor 1974
Ethan Embry Actor 1978
Chris Evans Actor 1981
Adam Faith Quotes Adam Faith Musician 1940
Ma Ferguson Quotes Ma Ferguson Politician 1875
Laurence Fishburne Quotes Laurence Fishburne Actor 1961
Bob Fosse Quotes Bob Fosse Celebrity 1927
Emmet Fox Author 1886
Bruno Frank Author 1878
John Gay Poet 1685
Allen Ginsberg Quotes Allen Ginsberg Poet 1926
Mike Gordon Quotes Mike Gordon Musician 1965
Winston Graham Novelist 1908
Harold Grange Quotes Harold Grange Athlete 1903
Red Grange Quotes Red Grange Athlete 1903
David Alan Grier Quotes David Alan Grier Comedian 1955
Franz Halder Quotes Franz Halder Soldier 1884
Alan Hansen Quotes Alan Hansen Athlete 1955
Joe Henderson Quotes Joe Henderson Athlete 1943
Baron Hill Quotes Baron Hill Politician 1953
Gordon B. Hinckley Quotes Gordon B. Hinckley Clergyman 1910
Katie Hoff Quotes Katie Hoff Athlete 1989
Winifred Holtby Quotes Winifred Holtby Novelist 1898
William Hone Quotes William Hone Writer 1780
Lena Horne Quotes Lena Horne Actress 1917
Ian Hunter Musician 1939
James Hutton Quotes James Hutton Scientist 1726
Hale Irwin Quotes Hale Irwin Athlete 1945
Randy Jackson Quotes Randy Jackson Musician 1956
Mike James Quotes Mike James Athlete 1975
Kelly Jones Quotes Kelly Jones Musician 1974
Harry Blackstone, Jr. Celebrity 1934
Donald Judd Quotes Donald Judd Artist 1928
Robert D. Kaplan Journalist 1952
Aly Khan Quotes Aly Khan Public Servant 1911
Laura Kightlinger Comedian 1969
Kerry King Quotes Kerry King Musician 1964
Alfred Kinsey Quotes Alfred Kinsey Scientist 1894
Alfred Korzybski Quotes Alfred Korzybski Scientist 1879
Bert Lance Politician 1931
Jacques-Henri Lartigue Photographer 1894
David Leavitt Novelist 1961
Lawrence Lessig Quotes Lawrence Lessig Educator 1961
Mara Liasson Journalist 1955
Paul Lynde Quotes Paul Lynde Comedian 1926
Dudley Field Malone Politician 1882
Sterling Marlin Quotes Sterling Marlin Athlete 1957
James C. Maxwell Quotes James C. Maxwell Mathematician 1831
Curtis Mayfield Quotes Curtis Mayfield Musician 1942
Frances McDormand Quotes Frances McDormand Actress 1957
Malcolm McDowell Quotes Malcolm McDowell Actor 1943
Larry McMurtry Quotes Larry McMurtry Writer 1936
James Meade Quotes James Meade Economist 1907
Art Modell Quotes Art Modell Businessman 1925
Edward P. Morgan Journalist 1910
Jason Mraz Quotes Jason Mraz Musician 1977
Rafael Nadal Quotes Rafael Nadal Athlete 1986
John Forbes Nash Quotes John Forbes Nash Mathematician 1928
John Forbes Nash, Jr. Mathematician 1928
Christopher Nolan Quotes Christopher Nolan Director 1970
John Norman Writer 1931
Eleanor Holmes Norton Quotes Eleanor Holmes Norton Politician 1937
Paavo Nurmi Quotes Paavo Nurmi Athlete 1897
William Odom Quotes William Odom Soldier 1932
David Ogilvy Businessman 1911
Mary-Kate Olsen Quotes Mary-Kate Olsen Actress 1986
Ashley Olsen Quotes Ashley Olsen Actress 1986
Solomon Ortiz Politician 1937
Chan Ho Park Quotes Chan Ho Park Athlete 1973
C. Northcote Parkinson Historian 1909
Russell Pearce Quotes Russell Pearce Politician 1947
Fernando Pessoa Quotes Fernando Pessoa Author 1888
Michael Phelps Quotes Michael Phelps Athlete 1985
James Purefoy Quotes James Purefoy Actor 1964
Suzi Quatro Quotes Suzi Quatro Musician 1950
Philippe Quinault Dramatist 1635
Basil Rathbone Quotes Basil Rathbone Actor 1892
Alain Resnais Quotes Alain Resnais Director 1922
Brande Roderick Quotes Brande Roderick Model 1974
Dave Van Ronk Musician 1936
Wilma Rudolph Quotes Wilma Rudolph Athlete 1940
Esa-Pekka Salonen Quotes Esa-Pekka Salonen Musician 1958
Dorothy L. Sayers Quotes Dorothy L. Sayers Author 1893
Leah Ward Sears Judge 1955
Ted Shackelford Actor 1946
Ally Sheedy Quotes Ally Sheedy Actress 1962
Li Ka Shing Quotes Li Ka Shing Businessman 1928
Howard Simons Editor 1929
Gordon Sinclair Quotes Gordon Sinclair Journalist 1900
Stellan Skarsgard Quotes Stellan Skarsgard Actor 1951
Sydney Smith Quotes Sydney Smith Clergyman 1771
Stanley Spencer Quotes Stanley Spencer Artist 1891
Hannah Storm Quotes Hannah Storm Journalist 1962
Whitley Strieber Quotes Whitley Strieber Writer 1945
Christine Taylor Actress 1971
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Quotes Aaron Taylor-Johnson Actor 1900
Clarence Thomas Quotes Clarence Thomas Judge 1948
Alan Turing Quotes Alan Turing Mathematician 1912
Mike Tyson Quotes Mike Tyson Athlete 1966
Walter Ulbricht Quotes Walter Ulbricht Politician 1893
Giambattista Vico Quotes Giambattista Vico Philosopher 1668
Edward VIII Quotes Edward VIII Royalty 1894
King Edward VIII Quotes King Edward VIII Royalty 1894
Joss Whedon Quotes Joss Whedon Writer 1964
Mary Whitehouse Quotes Mary Whitehouse Activist 1910
Penelope Wilton Actress 1946
William Butler Yeats Quotes William Butler Yeats Poet 1865
Zinedine Zidane Quotes Zinedine Zidane Athlete 1972
Christo Quotes Christo Artist 1935