Authors Born on June, 2st

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June, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
E. T. A. Hoffmann Quotes E. T. A. Hoffmann Critic 1822
Neil Abercrombie Quotes Neil Abercrombie Politician 1938
Spencer Abraham Quotes Spencer Abraham Politician 1952
J. J. Abrams Quotes J. J. Abrams Director 1966
Brooks Adams Quotes Brooks Adams Historian 1848
Isabelle Adjani Quotes Isabelle Adjani Actress 1955
Freddy Adu Quotes Freddy Adu Athlete 1989
Danny Aiello Quotes Danny Aiello Actor 1933
Anna Akhmatova Quotes Anna Akhmatova Poet 1889
Marv Albert Quotes Marv Albert Celebrity 1941
Eric Ambler Writer 1909
Greg Anderson Athlete 1964
Paul Thomas Anderson Quotes Paul Thomas Anderson Director 1970
Jean Anouilh Quotes Jean Anouilh Playwright 1910
Peter Asher Quotes Peter Asher Musician 1944
Robert Asprin Quotes Robert Asprin Author 1946
Chet Atkins Quotes Chet Atkins Musician 1924
George Axelrod Writer 1922
Kelly Ayotte Quotes Kelly Ayotte Politician 1968
Bruce Babbitt Quotes Bruce Babbitt Politician 1938
Morena Baccarin Quotes Morena Baccarin Actress 1979
Richard Bach Quotes Richard Bach Novelist 1936
Gaston Bachelard Philosopher 1884
Anna Letitia Barbauld Quotes Anna Letitia Barbauld Poet 1743
Howard Barker Playwright 1946
Djuna Barnes Quotes Djuna Barnes Novelist 1892
Peter Bart Editor 1932
Kathy Bates Quotes Kathy Bates Actress 1948
Ferdinand Christian Baur Quotes Ferdinand Christian Baur Theologian 1792
Meredith Baxter Quotes Meredith Baxter Actress 1947
Don Baylor Quotes Don Baylor Coach 1949
Peter Baynham Comedian 1963
Daniel Carter Beard Quotes Daniel Carter Beard Artist 1850
Jeff Beck Quotes Jeff Beck Musician 1944
Henry Ward Beecher Quotes Henry Ward Beecher Clergyman 1813
John S. Bell Quotes John S. Bell Physicist 1928
Bernard Berenson Historian 1865
Andrew Bernstein Philosopher 1949
Gary Bettman Quotes Gary Bettman Businessman 1952
Benazir Bhutto Quotes Benazir Bhutto Leader 1953
Ambrose Bierce Quotes Ambrose Bierce Journalist 1842
Selma Blair Quotes Selma Blair Actress 1972
Bill Blass Quotes Bill Blass Designer 1922
Hans Blix Quotes Hans Blix Diplomat 1928
Uwe Boll Quotes Uwe Boll Director 1965
Anthony Bourdain Quotes Anthony Bourdain Author 1956
John Bracken Quotes John Bracken Politician 1883
Ed Bradley Quotes Ed Bradley Journalist 1941
Wayne Brady Quotes Wayne Brady Comedian 1972
Tim Bray Quotes Tim Bray Inventor 1955
Berkeley Breathed Cartoonist 1957
Dave Bristol Celebrity 1933
Meredith Brooks Musician 1958
Mel Brooks Quotes Mel Brooks Comedian 1926
Big Bill Broonzy Quotes Big Bill Broonzy Composer 1893
Brigid Brophy Novelist 1929
Bryan Brown Quotes Bryan Brown Actor 1947
Dan Brown Quotes Dan Brown Author 1964
Dan Burton Quotes Dan Burton Politician 1938
Steve Burton Actor 1970
Octavia Butler Quotes Octavia Butler Writer 1947
Tony Buzan Quotes Tony Buzan Author 1942
Bruce Campbell Quotes Bruce Campbell Actor 1958
Linda Cardellini Quotes Linda Cardellini Actress 1975
Eric Carle Author 1929
Stokely Carmichael Quotes Stokely Carmichael Activist 1941
Allan Carr Quotes Allan Carr Director 1999
Alexis Carrel Quotes Alexis Carrel Scientist 1873
June Carter Quotes June Carter Musician 1929
Donald J. Carty Quotes Donald J. Carty Businessman 1946
Dana Carvey Quotes Dana Carvey Comedian 1955
June Carter Cash Quotes June Carter Cash Musician 1929
Michael N. Castle Quotes Michael N. Castle Politician 1939
Vinton Cerf Quotes Vinton Cerf Inventor 1943
Aime Cesaire Quotes Aime Cesaire Poet 1913
Claude Chabrol Quotes Claude Chabrol Director 1930
Gower Champion Quotes Gower Champion Director 1919
Jean Charest Quotes Jean Charest Lawyer 1968
Charles W. Chesnutt Novelist 1858
Stephen Chow Quotes Stephen Chow Actor 1962
John Ciardi Quotes John Ciardi Dramatist 1916
Lucille Clifton Quotes Lucille Clifton Poet 1936
Irvin S. Cobb Quotes Irvin S. Cobb Journalist 1876
Anthony Collins Quotes Anthony Collins Philosopher 1676
Paul Conrad Quotes Paul Conrad Cartoonist 1924
Pete Conrad Quotes Pete Conrad Astronaut 1930
Chick Corea Quotes Chick Corea Musician 1941
Alan Coren Writer 1938
Georges Courteline Dramatist 1858
Norman Cousins Quotes Norman Cousins Author 1915
Nikki Cox Quotes Nikki Cox Actress 1978
Wendy Craig Actress 1934
Ely Culbertson Writer 1891
Kenny Cunningham Athlete 1971
John Cusack Quotes John Cusack Actor 1966
Carson Daly Quotes Carson Daly Entertainer 1973
Glenn Danzig Quotes Glenn Danzig Musician 1955
Ray Davies Quotes Ray Davies Musician 1944
Rebecca Harding Davis Quotes Rebecca Harding Davis Author 1831
Jo Ann Davis Politician 1950
Bruce Davison Quotes Bruce Davison Actor 1946
Len Dawson Quotes Len Dawson Athlete 1935
Thomas Day Quotes Thomas Day Author 1748
Jacques Delille Poet 1738
Jacques Delors Quotes Jacques Delors Economist 1925
Brad Delp Quotes Brad Delp Musician 1951
Jack Dempsey Quotes Jack Dempsey Athlete 1895
James Van Der Zee Quotes James Van Der Zee Photographer 1886
Anita Desai Novelist 1937
Marceline Desbordes-Valmore Poet 1786
John Dickey Politician 1794
Harold W. Dodds Educator 1889
John Doerr Quotes John Doerr Businessman 1951
Don Dokken Quotes Don Dokken Musician 1953
Robert Dold Quotes Robert Dold Politician 1969
Eric Dolphy Quotes Eric Dolphy Musician 1928
James H. Douglas Quotes James H. Douglas Politician 1952
Olympia Dukakis Quotes Olympia Dukakis Actress 1931
Paul Laurence Dunbar Quotes Paul Laurence Dunbar Poet 1872
Katherine Dunham Quotes Katherine Dunham Dancer 1909
Crystal Eastman Quotes Crystal Eastman Lawyer 1881
Shirin Ebadi Quotes Shirin Ebadi Lawyer 1947
Nelson Eddy Quotes Nelson Eddy Musician 1901
Anthony Eden Quotes Anthony Eden Politician 1897
Joel Edgerton Quotes Joel Edgerton Actor 1974
Edward Elgar Quotes Edward Elgar Composer 1857
John Elway Athlete 1960
Robert Evans Director 1930
Harold Evans Quotes Harold Evans Journalist 1928
Frederick William Faber Quotes Frederick William Faber Theologian 1814
Adam Faith Quotes Adam Faith Musician 1940
Georgie Fame Quotes Georgie Fame Musician 1943
Juan Manuel Fangio Quotes Juan Manuel Fangio Celebrity 1911
Warren Farrell Quotes Warren Farrell Writer 1943
Dianne Feinstein Quotes Dianne Feinstein Politician 1933
Adam Ferguson Quotes Adam Ferguson Philosopher 1723
Tim Finn Quotes Tim Finn Musician 1952
Mike Fitzpatrick Quotes Mike Fitzpatrick Politician 1963
Mick Fleetwood Quotes Mick Fleetwood Musician 1942
Eddie Floyd Quotes Eddie Floyd Musician 1935
Errol Flynn Quotes Errol Flynn Actor 1909
Esther Forbes Author 1891
Bob Fosse Quotes Bob Fosse Celebrity 1927
Virginia Foxx Quotes Virginia Foxx Politician 1943
Sam Francis Quotes Sam Francis Artist 1923
Anne Frank Quotes Anne Frank Writer 1929
Antonio Gaudi Quotes Antonio Gaudi Architect 1852
Peter Gay Historian 1923
Phyllis George Quotes Phyllis George Journalist 1949
David Gill Quotes David Gill Scientist 1843
Dorothy Gilman Quotes Dorothy Gilman Novelist 1923
Milton Glaser Quotes Milton Glaser Designer 1929
Iain Glen Actor 1961
Jim Goad Author 1961
Emma Goldman Quotes Emma Goldman Activist 1869
John Goodman Quotes John Goodman Actor 1952
Colin Greenwood Quotes Colin Greenwood Musician 1969
Moses Hadas Writer 1900
Uta Hagen Quotes Uta Hagen Actress 1919
H. Rider Haggard Quotes H. Rider Haggard Writer 1856
Conrad Hall Artist 1926
Lasse Hallstrom Quotes Lasse Hallstrom Director 1946
Pete Hamill Quotes Pete Hamill Journalist 1935
Marvin Hamlisch Quotes Marvin Hamlisch Composer 1944
Thomas Hardy Quotes Thomas Hardy Novelist 1840
Jane Harman Quotes Jane Harman Politician 1945
Roy Harper Quotes Roy Harper Musician 1941
Barbara Harris Clergyman 1930
Phil Harris Quotes Phil Harris Musician 1904
Ray Harryhausen Quotes Ray Harryhausen Director 1920
Norman Hartnell Quotes Norman Hartnell Designer 1901
Colin Hay Musician 1953
Sean Hayes Actor 1970
Lafcadio Hearn Quotes Lafcadio Hearn Author 1850
Lillian Hellman Quotes Lillian Hellman Dramatist 1905
Mark Helprin Novelist 1947
John Hench Quotes John Hench Artist 1908
Robert Henri Quotes Robert Henri Artist 1865
Bernard Herrmann Quotes Bernard Herrmann Composer 1911
Victor Francis Hess Quotes Victor Francis Hess Physicist 1883
Robert Hewison Historian 1943
Gilbert Highet Writer 1906
Baron Hill Quotes Baron Hill Politician 1953
Gordon B. Hinckley Quotes Gordon B. Hinckley Clergyman 1910
Al Hirschfeld Quotes Al Hirschfeld Cartoonist 1903
James P. Hogan Author 1941
Judy Holliday Quotes Judy Holliday Actress 1921
Brenda Holloway Quotes Brenda Holloway Musician 1946
Winifred Holtby Quotes Winifred Holtby Novelist 1898
Mike Honda Quotes Mike Honda Politician 1941
Michael M. Honda Quotes Michael M. Honda Politician 1941
William Hooper Quotes William Hooper Politician 1742
James Houston Artist 1921
Sidney Howard Quotes Sidney Howard Playwright 1891
Fred Hoyle Quotes Fred Hoyle Scientist 1915
Carl Hubbell Quotes Carl Hubbell Athlete 1903
William Hull Quotes William Hull Soldier 1753
Wilhelm von Humboldt Quotes Wilhelm von Humboldt Educator 1767
Brit Hume Journalist 1943
William H. Hunt Quotes William H. Hunt Soldier 1823
John Hutton Educator 1965
Julian Huxley Quotes Julian Huxley Scientist 1887
Chris Isaak Quotes Chris Isaak Musician 1956
Randy Jackson Quotes Randy Jackson Musician 1956
Rona Jaffe Novelist 1932
Mike James Quotes Mike James Athlete 1975
Katherine Jenkins Quotes Katherine Jenkins Musician 1980
Derek Jeter Quotes Derek Jeter Athlete 1974
Donald Johanson Scientist 1943
Gwen John Quotes Gwen John Artist 1876
Junior Johnson Quotes Junior Johnson Celebrity 1931
Craig Johnston Athlete 1960
Bruce Johnston Quotes Bruce Johnston Musician 1944
Harry Johnston Quotes Harry Johnston Explorer 1858
Norton Juster Architect 1929
Mindy Kaling Quotes Mindy Kaling Actress 1979
Robert D. Kaplan Journalist 1952
Irving R. Kaufman Quotes Irving R. Kaufman Judge 1910
Stacy Keach Quotes Stacy Keach Actor 1941
Philip Kearny Quotes Philip Kearny Soldier 1815
Bob Keeshan Quotes Bob Keeshan Entertainer 1927
Helen Keller Quotes Helen Keller Author 1880
Sally Kellerman Quotes Sally Kellerman Actress 1937
Lord Kelvin Quotes Lord Kelvin Scientist 1824
Bruce Kent Activist 1929
Rockwell Kent Quotes Rockwell Kent Artist 1882
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Quotes Mikhail Khodorkovsky Businessman 1963
Nicole Kidman Quotes Nicole Kidman Actress 1967
Krzysztof Kieslowski Quotes Krzysztof Kieslowski Director 1941
Harmon Killebrew Quotes Harmon Killebrew Athlete 1936
Charles Kingsley Quotes Charles Kingsley Clergyman 1819
Alfred Kinsey Quotes Alfred Kinsey Scientist 1894
Luke Kirby Quotes Luke Kirby Actor 1978
Solange Knowles Quotes Solange Knowles Actress 1986
Jim Kolbe Quotes Jim Kolbe Politician 1942
Vladimir Kramnik Quotes Vladimir Kramnik Celebrity 1975
Kris Kristofferson Quotes Kris Kristofferson Musician 1936
Mercedes Lackey Quotes Mercedes Lackey Author 1950
Frank Lampard Quotes Frank Lampard Athlete 1978
Martin Landau Quotes Martin Landau Actor 1928
John Langdon Quotes John Langdon Politician 1741
Cyndi Lauper Quotes Cyndi Lauper Musician 1953
Pierre Laval Quotes Pierre Laval Politician 1883
Mark Lawrenson Athlete 1957
Nicholas Lea Actor 1962
Bill Lear Quotes Bill Lear Inventor 1902
David Leavitt Novelist 1961
Matt LeBlanc Quotes Matt LeBlanc Actor 1967
Laurie Lee Quotes Laurie Lee Poet 1914
Greg LeMond Quotes Greg LeMond Athlete 1961
Giacomo Leopardi Quotes Giacomo Leopardi Poet 1798
Michael Leunig Quotes Michael Leunig Cartoonist 1945
Edward Levi Quotes Edward Levi Public Servant 1911
Carl Levin Quotes Carl Levin Politician 1934
Richard Lewis Comedian 1947
Juliette Lewis Quotes Juliette Lewis Actress 1973
Adriana Lima Quotes Adriana Lima Model 1981
Anne Morrow Lindbergh Quotes Anne Morrow Lindbergh Writer 1906
George Lloyd Quotes George Lloyd Composer 1913
June Lockhart Quotes June Lockhart Actress 1925
Oliver Joseph Lodge Quotes Oliver Joseph Lodge Physicist 1851
Frank Loesser Quotes Frank Loesser Musician 1910
Justin Long Quotes Justin Long Actor 1978
Rebecca Loos Quotes Rebecca Loos Celebrity 1978
Lance Loud Quotes Lance Loud Actor 1951
Josh Lucas Quotes Josh Lucas Actor 1971
Sidney Lumet Quotes Sidney Lumet Director 1924
Lydia Lunch Quotes Lydia Lunch Musician 1959
Bill Luther Politician 1945
Tobey Maguire Quotes Tobey Maguire Actor 1975
John Mahoney Quotes John Mahoney Actor 1940
Jeff Malone Athlete 1961
Pete Maravich Quotes Pete Maravich Athlete 1947
Yann Martel Quotes Yann Martel Author 1963
Stephen Martin Politician 1948
Harriet Martineau Quotes Harriet Martineau Writer 1802
Mary Stuart Masterson Quotes Mary Stuart Masterson Actress 1966
Jerry Mathers Quotes Jerry Mathers Actor 1948
Kathy Mattea Quotes Kathy Mattea Musician 1959
William J. Mayo Quotes William J. Mayo Scientist 1861
Giuseppe Mazzini Quotes Giuseppe Mazzini Activist 1805
Mary McAleese Quotes Mary McAleese Statesman 1951
Mary McCarthy Author 1912
Frances McDormand Quotes Frances McDormand Actress 1957
Ian Mcewan Quotes Ian Mcewan Author 1948
Mark McKinney Quotes Mark McKinney Comedian 1959
Walter Russell Mead Quotes Walter Russell Mead Educator 1952
James Meade Quotes James Meade Economist 1907
Louise Mensch Author 1971
James Meredith Quotes James Meredith Celebrity 1933
Lionel Messi Quotes Lionel Messi Athlete 1987
Jason Mewes Quotes Jason Mewes Actor 1974
George Michael Quotes George Michael Musician 1963
Arthur Middleton Quotes Arthur Middleton Politician 1742
Jeff Miller Politician 1959
Wentworth Miller Quotes Wentworth Miller Actor 1972
Hermann Minkowski Quotes Hermann Minkowski Mathematician 1864
Art Modell Quotes Art Modell Businessman 1925
John Monash Quotes John Monash Soldier 1865
Ashley Montagu Quotes Ashley Montagu Scientist 1905
Giorgio Morandi Quotes Giorgio Morandi Artist 1890
George Morgan Musician 1924
Edward P. Morgan Journalist 1910
Augustus de Morgan Quotes Augustus de Morgan Mathematician 1806
Pat Morita Quotes Pat Morita Actor 1932
Nicholas Mosley Novelist 1923
Jean Moulin Quotes Jean Moulin Activist 1899
Lord Mountbatten Quotes Lord Mountbatten Soldier 1900
Jason Mraz Quotes Jason Mraz Musician 1977
Paul Muldoon Poet 1951
Audie Murphy Quotes Audie Murphy Soldier 1924
Elon Musk Quotes Elon Musk Businessman 1971
Giorgio Napolitano Quotes Giorgio Napolitano Politician 1925
Michael Newdow Quotes Michael Newdow Lawyer 1953
Francis W. Newman Writer 1805
Reinhold Niebuhr Quotes Reinhold Niebuhr Theologian 1892
Jim Nussle Quotes Jim Nussle Politician 1960
Hermann Oberth Quotes Hermann Oberth Scientist 1894
William Odom Quotes William Odom Soldier 1932
Chris O'Donnell Actor 1970
David Ogilvy Businessman 1911
Sandra Oh Quotes Sandra Oh Actress 1971
Frank O'Hara Poet 1926
Marvin Olasky Educator 1950
George Orwell Quotes George Orwell Author 1903
Doug Ose Politician 1955
Major R. Owens Politician 1936
Major Owens Politician 1936
Leon Panetta Quotes Leon Panetta Public Servant 1938
Colonel Tom Parker Quotes Colonel Tom Parker Celebrity 1909
Charles Stewart Parnell Quotes Charles Stewart Parnell Politician 1846
Ed Pastor Politician 1943
George Pataki Quotes George Pataki Politician 1945
Jason Patric Actor 1966
Russell Pearce Quotes Russell Pearce Politician 1947
Jean-Marie Le Pen Quotes Jean-Marie Le Pen Politician 1928
Martin Lewis Perl Quotes Martin Lewis Perl Physicist 1927
Ross Perot Quotes Ross Perot Businessman 1930
Antoinette Perry Actress 1888
Collin C. Peterson Politician 1944
Taylor Phinney Quotes Taylor Phinney Athlete 1990
Kevin Pietersen Quotes Kevin Pietersen Athlete 1980
Luigi Pirandello Quotes Luigi Pirandello Playwright 1867
Simeon Poisson Quotes Simeon Poisson Mathematician 1781
William Powell Quotes William Powell Actor 1892
Chris Pratt Quotes Chris Pratt Actor 1979
Freddie Prinze Quotes Freddie Prinze Comedian 1954
Amrish Puri Quotes Amrish Puri Actor 1932
Georgi Purvanov Quotes Georgi Purvanov Statesman 1957
Barbara Pym Novelist 1913
Zachary Quinto Quotes Zachary Quinto Actor 1977
Gilda Radner Quotes Gilda Radner Comedian 1946
Mary Lynn Rajskub Quotes Mary Lynn Rajskub Actress 1971
Christie Rampone Quotes Christie Rampone Athlete 1975
Jamie Redknapp Quotes Jamie Redknapp Athlete 1973
Willis Reed Athlete 1942
Robert Reich Quotes Robert Reich Economist 1946
Erich Maria Remarque Quotes Erich Maria Remarque Writer 1898
Frank Rich Journalist 1949
Charles Richards Politician 1879
Lionel Richie Quotes Lionel Richie Musician 1949
Terry Riley Quotes Terry Riley Composer 1935
Chuck Robb Quotes Chuck Robb Politician 1939
Brian Roberts Quotes Brian Roberts Businessman 1959
James Harvey Robinson Historian 1863
Richard Rodgers Quotes Richard Rodgers Composer 1902
Jai Rodriguez Quotes Jai Rodriguez Actor 1977
Robert Rodriguez Quotes Robert Rodriguez Director 1968
Dana Rohrabacher Quotes Dana Rohrabacher Politician 1947
Philip Roth Novelist 1943
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Quotes Jean-Jacques Rousseau Philosopher 1712
Lucille Roybal-Allard Quotes Lucille Roybal-Allard 1941
Peter Paul Rubens Quotes Peter Paul Rubens Artist 1577
Wilma Rudolph Quotes Wilma Rudolph Athlete 1940
Todd Rundgren Quotes Todd Rundgren Musician 1948
Jane Russell Quotes Jane Russell Actress 1921
Marquis de Sade Quotes Marquis de Sade Novelist 1740
Francoise Sagan Playwright 1935
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Quotes Antoine de Saint-Exupery Novelist 1900
Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes Jean-Paul Sartre Philosopher 1905
Virginia Satir Quotes Virginia Satir Psychologist 1916
Egon Schiele Quotes Egon Schiele Artist 1890
Adam Schiff Quotes Adam Schiff Politician 1960
Jason Schwartzman Quotes Jason Schwartzman Actor 1980
Kurt Schwitters Quotes Kurt Schwitters Artist 1887
Luke Scott Quotes Luke Scott Athlete 1978
Harry Seidler Quotes Harry Seidler Architect 1923
Ted Shackelford Actor 1946
Bobby Sheehan Musician 1968
Rupert Sheldrake Quotes Rupert Sheldrake Scientist 1942
Richard M. Sherman Quotes Richard M. Sherman Musician 1928
Carly Simon Quotes Carly Simon Musician 1945
Matthew Simpson Quotes Matthew Simpson Clergyman 1811
George A. Smith Clergyman 1817
Samantha Smith Quotes Samantha Smith Celebrity 1972
Sonia Sotomayor Quotes Sonia Sotomayor Judge 1954
Thomas Spence Writer 1750
Josiah Stamp Businessman 1880
Johannes Stark Quotes Johannes Stark Physicist 1957
William Howard Stein Quotes William Howard Stein Scientist 1911
Carl Stokes Quotes Carl Stokes Politician 1927
Meryl Streep Quotes Meryl Streep Actress 1949
George Edmund Street Quotes George Edmund Street Architect 1824
Sherry Stringfield Actress 1967
Stuart Symington Quotes Stuart Symington Businessman 1901
Henry Ossawa Tanner Quotes Henry Ossawa Tanner Artist 1859
Clarence Thomas Quotes Clarence Thomas Judge 1948
Scott Thompson Comedian 1959
Mike Todd Quotes Mike Todd Producer 1909
Michael Todd Producer 1909
Alan Turing Quotes Alan Turing Mathematician 1912
George Vancouver Quotes George Vancouver Explorer 1757
Ann Veneman Quotes Ann Veneman Public Servant 1949
Robert Venturi Quotes Robert Venturi Architect 1925
John W. Vessey, Jr. Soldier 1922
Michael Vick Quotes Michael Vick Athlete 1980
William Vickrey Quotes William Vickrey Educator 1914
Giambattista Vico Quotes Giambattista Vico Philosopher 1668
King Edward VIII Quotes King Edward VIII Royalty 1894
Edward VIII Quotes Edward VIII Royalty 1894
George H. W. Bush Quotes George H. W. Bush President 1924
Larry Wachowski Quotes Larry Wachowski Director 1965
Lindsay Wagner Quotes Lindsay Wagner Actress 1949
Benjamin Walker Actor 1982
Jimmie Walker Quotes Jimmie Walker Actor 1947
Dreama Walker Quotes Dreama Walker Actress 1986
Vera Wang Quotes Vera Wang Designer 1949
Lalla Ward Actor 1951
Elizabeth Warren Quotes Elizabeth Warren Public Servant 1949
Ruth Warrick Quotes Ruth Warrick Musician 1915
Martha Washington Quotes Martha Washington First Lady 1731
Gedde Watanabe Actor 1955
Daniel Waters Soldier 1731
Frank Waters Writer 1902
Charlie Watts Quotes Charlie Watts Musician 1941
Steve Waugh Quotes Steve Waugh Athlete 1965
Len Wein Quotes Len Wein Cartoonist 1948
Johnny Weissmuller Quotes Johnny Weissmuller Actor 1904
Mary Wesley Novelist 1912
Cornel West Quotes Cornel West Educator 1953
Dorothy West Quotes Dorothy West Novelist 1907
Joss Whedon Quotes Joss Whedon Writer 1964
Dan Wheldon Quotes Dan Wheldon Celebrity 1978
William Whitelaw Quotes William Whitelaw Politician 1918
Billy Wilder Quotes Billy Wilder Director 1906
Prince William Quotes Prince William Royalty 1982
Colin Henry Wilson Quotes Colin Henry Wilson Writer 1931
Colin Wilson Quotes Colin Wilson Writer 1931
Gretchen Wilson Quotes Gretchen Wilson Musician 1973
Kip Winger Quotes Kip Winger Musician 1961
Ilya Yashin Quotes Ilya Yashin Activist 1983
Dwight York Celebrity 1945
Terence Young Director 1915
Babe Didrikson Zaharias Quotes Babe Didrikson Zaharias Athlete 1911
Zinedine Zidane Quotes Zinedine Zidane Athlete 1972
Konrad Zuse Quotes Konrad Zuse Inventor 1910
Weegee Quotes Weegee Photographer 1899