Authors Born on June, 1st

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June, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Paula Abdul Quotes Paula Abdul Musician 1962
Spencer Abraham Quotes Spencer Abraham Politician 1952
Red Adair Quotes Red Adair Celebrity 1915
Jack Adams Quotes Jack Adams Athlete 1895
Alvin Adams Quotes Alvin Adams Businessman 1804
Marv Albert Quotes Marv Albert Celebrity 1941
Jean Alesi Quotes Jean Alesi Celebrity 1964
Dante Alighieri Quotes Dante Alighieri Poet 1265
Tim Allen Quotes Tim Allen Comedian 1953
Chris Van Allsburg Quotes Chris Van Allsburg Author 1949
Emma Anderson Quotes Emma Anderson Musician 1967
Yuri Andropov Quotes Yuri Andropov Statesman 1914
Ion Antonescu Quotes Ion Antonescu Statesman 1882
Joan Van Ark Quotes Joan Van Ark Actress 1942
Thomas Arnold Quotes Thomas Arnold Educator 1795
Edwin Arnold Quotes Edwin Arnold Poet 1832
Joe Arpaio Quotes Joe Arpaio Public Servant 1932
John Aspinall Celebrity 1926
Eileen Atkins Writer 1934
Rene Auberjonois Quotes Rene Auberjonois Actor 1940
F. Lee Bailey Lawyer 1933
Alexander Bain Quotes Alexander Bain Philosopher 1818
Dusty Baker Quotes Dusty Baker Athlete 1949
Adrienne Barbeau Quotes Adrienne Barbeau Actress 1945
Djuna Barnes Quotes Djuna Barnes Novelist 1892
Gene Barry Quotes Gene Barry Actor 1919
Augusto Roa Bastos Quotes Augusto Roa Bastos Novelist 1917
Ferdinand Christian Baur Quotes Ferdinand Christian Baur Theologian 1792
Meredith Baxter Quotes Meredith Baxter Actress 1947
Daniel Carter Beard Quotes Daniel Carter Beard Artist 1850
Art Bell Quotes Art Bell Entertainer 1945
Saul Bellow Quotes Saul Bellow Novelist 1914
James Belushi Quotes James Belushi Actor 1954
Nicolas Bentley Author 1907
Peter Bergman Actor 1953
Henry Beston Writer 1888
Benazir Bhutto Quotes Benazir Bhutto Leader 1953
Jello Biafra Quotes Jello Biafra Musician 1958
Tim Bishop Quotes Tim Bishop Politician 1950
Giovanni Boccaccio Quotes Giovanni Boccaccio Author 1313
Wade Boggs Quotes Wade Boggs Athlete 1958
Pat Boone Quotes Pat Boone Musician 1934
Martin Bormann Quotes Martin Bormann Soldier 1900
Margaret Bourke-White Quotes Margaret Bourke-White Photographer 1906
Tim Bray Quotes Tim Bray Inventor 1955
Berkeley Breathed Cartoonist 1957
Barbara Broccoli Quotes Barbara Broccoli Producer 1960
Lou Brock Quotes Lou Brock Athlete 1939
Meredith Brooks Musician 1958
Brigid Brophy Novelist 1929
Harry Browne Quotes Harry Browne Writer 1933
Kurt Browning Quotes Kurt Browning Athlete 1966
James Buchan Quotes James Buchan Novelist 1954
Tory Burch Quotes Tory Burch Designer 1966
Fanny Burney Quotes Fanny Burney Novelist 1752
Dan Burton Quotes Dan Burton Politician 1938
Harry F. Byrd Quotes Harry F. Byrd Politician 1887
Sammy Cahn Quotes Sammy Cahn Musician 1913
Simon Callow Quotes Simon Callow Actor 1949
Julia Margaret Cameron Quotes Julia Margaret Cameron Photographer 1815
Lizzy Caplan Quotes Lizzy Caplan Actress 1982
Philip Caputo Author 1941
Jerome Cavanagh Quotes Jerome Cavanagh Politician 1928
Robert Cecil Quotes Robert Cecil Public Servant 1563
Jimmy Chamberlin Quotes Jimmy Chamberlin Musician 1964
Rene Char Quotes Rene Char Poet 1907
Linda Chavez Quotes Linda Chavez Author 1947
Anatoly Chubais Quotes Anatoly Chubais Politician 1955
Thomas Haden Church Quotes Thomas Haden Church Actor 1961
Alonzo Church Quotes Alonzo Church Mathematician 1903
Oxana Chusovitina Quotes Oxana Chusovitina Athlete 1975
Henry Cisneros Quotes Henry Cisneros Politician 1947
Amy Clampitt Poet 1920
Jason Clarke Actor 1969
Paul Coffey Quotes Paul Coffey Athlete 1961
Lester Cole Writer 1904
Cy Coleman Quotes Cy Coleman Composer 1929
Anthony Collins Quotes Anthony Collins Philosopher 1676
Mike Conaway Quotes Mike Conaway Politician 1948
John Constable Quotes John Constable Artist 1776
Frederick Albert Cook Quotes Frederick Albert Cook Explorer 1865
Jim Cooper Quotes Jim Cooper Politician 1954
Chick Corea Quotes Chick Corea Musician 1941
Gustave Courbet Quotes Gustave Courbet Artist 1819
Jacques Yves Cousteau Quotes Jacques Yves Cousteau Explorer 1910
Courteney Cox Quotes Courteney Cox Actress 1964
Alan Cranston Quotes Alan Cranston Politician 1914
Phil Crosby Businessman 1926
John C. Crosby Politician 1859
Ice Cube Quotes Ice Cube Musician 1969
Mario Cuomo Quotes Mario Cuomo Politician 1932
Hugh Dancy Quotes Hugh Dancy Actor 1975
Charles Davenport Quotes Charles Davenport Scientist 1866
Eileen Davidson Actress 1959
Ray Davies Quotes Ray Davies Musician 1944
Kim Deal Quotes Kim Deal Musician 1961
Brad Delp Quotes Brad Delp Musician 1951
Kat Dennings Quotes Kat Dennings Actress 1986
Andre Derain Quotes Andre Derain Artist 1880
Jim Dine Quotes Jim Dine Artist 1935
Mark Van Doren Quotes Mark Van Doren Poet 1894
James H. Douglas Quotes James H. Douglas Politician 1952
Lamont Dozier Quotes Lamont Dozier Musician 1941
John Drinkwater Poet 1882
Ann Druyan Quotes Ann Druyan Writer 1949
Al Dubin Musician 1891
Jean Dujardin Quotes Jean Dujardin Actor 1972
Roberto Duran Quotes Roberto Duran Athlete 1951
Charles Eames Quotes Charles Eames Designer 1907
John Eaton Politician 1790
Shirin Ebadi Quotes Shirin Ebadi Lawyer 1947
Roger Ebert Critic 1942
Anthony Eden Quotes Anthony Eden Politician 1897
John Edwards Politician 1953
Mohamed ElBaradei Quotes Mohamed ElBaradei Scientist 1942
Abby Elliott Actress 1987
Alexander John Ellis Quotes Alexander John Ellis Writer 1814
Robert F. Ellsworth Diplomat 1926
Ethan Embry Actor 1978
Arthur Erickson Quotes Arthur Erickson Architect 1924
Erik H. Erikson Quotes Erik H. Erikson Psychologist 1902
Erik Erikson Quotes Erik Erikson Psychologist 1902
M. C. Escher Quotes M. C. Escher Artist 1898
Faith Evans Quotes Faith Evans Musician 1973
Chris Evans Actor 1981
Chad Everett Quotes Chad Everett Actor 1936
Bobby Farrelly Quotes Bobby Farrelly Director 1958
Millicent Fawcett Activist 1847
Rebecca Latimer Felton Quotes Rebecca Latimer Felton Writer 1835
Ma Ferguson Quotes Ma Ferguson Politician 1875
Louis Finkelstein Clergyman 1895
Carlisle Floyd Quotes Carlisle Floyd Composer 1926
Abe Fortas Quotes Abe Fortas Judge 1910
Sam Walter Foss Quotes Sam Walter Foss Poet 1858
Norman Foster Quotes Norman Foster Architect 1935
Dan Fouts Athlete 1951
Bruno Frank Author 1878
Anne Frank Quotes Anne Frank Writer 1929
Tommy Franks Quotes Tommy Franks Soldier 1945
Morgan Freeman Quotes Morgan Freeman Actor 1937
Sadie Frost Actress 1965
Thomas Fuller Quotes Thomas Fuller Clergyman 1608
Adam Garcia Quotes Adam Garcia Actor 1973
Judy Garland Quotes Judy Garland Actress 1922
Erroll Garner Quotes Erroll Garner Musician 1921
Lou Gehrig Quotes Lou Gehrig Athlete 1903
Boy George Quotes Boy George Musician 1961
Michael Gerber Writer 1969
Gina Gershon Quotes Gina Gershon Actress 1962
David Gill Quotes David Gill Scientist 1843
Newt Gingrich Quotes Newt Gingrich Politician 1943
Jim Goad Author 1961
Gail Godwin Quotes Gail Godwin Novelist 1937
Ivan Goncharov Quotes Ivan Goncharov Novelist 1812
Charles Gounod Quotes Charles Gounod Composer 1818
Steffi Graf Quotes Steffi Graf Athlete 1969
Katharine Graham Quotes Katharine Graham Businesswoman 1917
Katherine Graham Quotes Katherine Graham Publisher 1917
Ruth Graham Celebrity 1920
Red Grange Quotes Red Grange Athlete 1903
Harold Grange Quotes Harold Grange Athlete 1903
Jeff Greenfield Quotes Jeff Greenfield Journalist 1943
John Robert Gregg Quotes John Robert Gregg Inventor 1867
Edvard Grieg Quotes Edvard Grieg Composer 1843
Jon Gries Quotes Jon Gries Actor 1957
Andy Griffith Quotes Andy Griffith Actor 1926
Heinz Guderian Quotes Heinz Guderian Soldier 1888
Che Guevara Quotes Che Guevara Revolutionary 1928
Jurgen Habermas Quotes Jurgen Habermas Philosopher 1929
Uta Hagen Quotes Uta Hagen Actress 1919
Douglas Haig Quotes Douglas Haig Soldier 1861
Conrad Hall Artist 1926
Alan Hansen Quotes Alan Hansen Athlete 1955
John Marshall Harlan Quotes John Marshall Harlan Judge 1833
Roy Harper Quotes Roy Harper Musician 1941
Barbara Harris Clergyman 1930
Neil Patrick Harris Quotes Neil Patrick Harris Actor 1973
Norman Hartnell Quotes Norman Hartnell Designer 1901
Jeff Hawkins Quotes Jeff Hawkins Inventor 1957
Sessue Hayakawa Quotes Sessue Hayakawa Actor 1889
Howell Heflin Quotes Howell Heflin Politician 1921
Eric Heiden Quotes Eric Heiden Athlete 1958
Brad Henry Quotes Brad Henry Politician 1963
Auberon Herbert Quotes Auberon Herbert Writer 1838
John Hersey Quotes John Hersey Writer 1914
Al Hirschfeld Quotes Al Hirschfeld Cartoonist 1903
Isabelle Holland Writer 1920
Judy Holliday Quotes Judy Holliday Actress 1921
Brenda Holloway Quotes Brenda Holloway Musician 1946
John B. Hood Quotes John B. Hood Soldier 1831
James Houston Artist 1921
Moe Howard Quotes Moe Howard Actor 1897
Bart Howard Composer 1915
Irving Howe Quotes Irving Howe Historian 1920
Steny Hoyer Quotes Steny Hoyer Politician 1939
Elbert Hubbard Quotes Elbert Hubbard Writer 1859
Trevor Huddleston Quotes Trevor Huddleston Activist 1913
William H. Hunt Quotes William H. Hunt Soldier 1823
Helen Hunt Quotes Helen Hunt Actress 1963
Ryan Hurst Quotes Ryan Hurst Actor 1976
Robert Hurt Politician 1969
Uday Hussein Quotes Uday Hussein Celebrity 1964
Joichi Ito Quotes Joichi Ito Businessman 1966
Burl Ives Quotes Burl Ives Musician 1909
Joshua Jackson Quotes Joshua Jackson Actor 1978
Francois Jacob Quotes Francois Jacob Scientist 1920
Rona Jaffe Novelist 1932
Waylon Jennings Quotes Waylon Jennings Musician 1937
Bobby Jindal Quotes Bobby Jindal Politician 1971
Mike Johanns Quotes Mike Johanns Politician 1950
James Weldon Johnson Quotes James Weldon Johnson Poet 1871
Boris Johnson Quotes Boris Johnson Politician 1964
Harry Johnston Quotes Harry Johnston Explorer 1858
Cobi Jones Quotes Cobi Jones Athlete 1970
Ben Jonson Quotes Ben Jonson Poet 1572
Kingman Brewster, Jr. Educator 1919
Pauline Kael Critic 1919
Oliver Kahn Quotes Oliver Kahn Athlete 1969
Carol Kane Actress 1952
Marcy Kaptur Politician 1946
Yasunari Kawabata Quotes Yasunari Kawabata Novelist 1899
Bill Keller Quotes Bill Keller Editor 1949
Rockwell Kent Quotes Rockwell Kent Artist 1882
Aly Khan Quotes Aly Khan Public Servant 1911
Amanullah Khan Quotes Amanullah Khan Statesman 1892
Nicole Kidman Quotes Nicole Kidman Actress 1967
Laura Kightlinger Comedian 1969
Charles Kingsley Quotes Charles Kingsley Clergyman 1819
Greg Kinnear Quotes Greg Kinnear Actor 1963
Luke Kirby Quotes Luke Kirby Actor 1978
Vaclav Klaus Quotes Vaclav Klaus Statesman 1941
Heidi Klum Quotes Heidi Klum Model 1973
William Standish Knowles Scientist 1917
Jerzy Kosinski Quotes Jerzy Kosinski Novelist 1933
Alfred L. Kroeber Quotes Alfred L. Kroeber Scientist 1876
Shia LaBeouf Quotes Shia LaBeouf Actor 1986
Kendrick Lamar Quotes Kendrick Lamar Musician 1987
Karl Landsteiner Quotes Karl Landsteiner Scientist 1868
Rick Larsen Politician 1965
Jacques-Henri Lartigue Photographer 1894
Christopher Lasch Quotes Christopher Lasch Historian 1932
Stan Laurel Quotes Stan Laurel Actor 1890
Hugh Laurie Quotes Hugh Laurie Comedian 1959
Henry Lawson Quotes Henry Lawson Writer 1867
Henri Lefebvre Sociologist 1901
Walter Legge Quotes Walter Legge Businessman 1906
Joshua Leonard Actor 1975
Juliette Lewis Quotes Juliette Lewis Actress 1973
Alan Lewis Athlete 1964
Mara Liasson Journalist 1955
Adriana Lima Quotes Adriana Lima Model 1981
Anna Lindh Quotes Anna Lindh Politician 1957
Tara Lipinski Quotes Tara Lipinski Athlete 1982
Kenneth Robert Livingstone Quotes Kenneth Robert Livingstone Politician 1945
Ken Livingstone Quotes Ken Livingstone Politician 1945
Oliver Joseph Lodge Quotes Oliver Joseph Lodge Physicist 1851
Frederick Loewe Quotes Frederick Loewe Composer 1904
Vince Lombardi Quotes Vince Lombardi Coach 1913
E. V. Lucas Quotes E. V. Lucas Writer 1868
William Lucking Actor 1941
Paul Lynde Quotes Paul Lynde Comedian 1926
Jeanette MacDonald Quotes Jeanette MacDonald Actress 1903
Mia Maestro Actress 1978
George Leigh Mallory Quotes George Leigh Mallory Celebrity 1886
Barry Manilow Quotes Barry Manilow Musician 1943
Preston Manning Quotes Preston Manning Politician 1942
Jacques Marquette Quotes Jacques Marquette Clergyman 1637
Harriet Martineau Quotes Harriet Martineau Writer 1802
John Masefield Quotes John Masefield Poet 1878
Kathy Mattea Quotes Kathy Mattea Musician 1959
James C. Maxwell Quotes James C. Maxwell Mathematician 1831
Robert Maxwell Quotes Robert Maxwell Soldier 1923
Thabo Mbeki Quotes Thabo Mbeki Statesman 1942
Brian McBride Quotes Brian McBride Athlete 1972
Mary McCarthy Author 1912
Paul McCartney Quotes Paul McCartney Musician 1942
Barbara McClintock Quotes Barbara McClintock Scientist 1902
Scott McCloud Quotes Scott McCloud Cartoonist 1960
Colleen McCullough Author 1937
Hattie McDaniel Quotes Hattie McDaniel Actress 1895
Bob McDonnell Quotes Bob McDonnell Politician 1954
Malcolm McDowell Quotes Malcolm McDowell Actor 1943
Ian Mcewan Quotes Ian Mcewan Author 1948
William McFee Writer 1881
Dorothy McGuire Quotes Dorothy McGuire Actress 1916
Mack McLarty Quotes Mack McLarty Politician 1946
Walter Russell Mead Quotes Walter Russell Mead Educator 1952
Jason Mewes Quotes Jason Mewes Actor 1974
Phil Mickelson Quotes Phil Mickelson Athlete 1970
Robert Mondavi Quotes Robert Mondavi Businessman 1913
Bob Monkhouse Comedian 1928
Marilyn Monroe Quotes Marilyn Monroe Actress 1926
Poppy Montgomery Quotes Poppy Montgomery Actress 1975
Frank Morgan Quotes Frank Morgan Actor 1890
Alanis Morissette Quotes Alanis Morissette Musician 1974
Alison Moyet Quotes Alison Moyet Musician 1961
John Forbes Nash Quotes John Forbes Nash Mathematician 1928
John Forbes Nash, Jr. Mathematician 1928
Ingrid Newkirk Quotes Ingrid Newkirk Activist 1949
Reinhold Niebuhr Quotes Reinhold Niebuhr Theologian 1892
Harry Nilsson Quotes Harry Nilsson Musician 1941
Joshua Nkomo Quotes Joshua Nkomo Politician 1917
Eleanor Holmes Norton Quotes Eleanor Holmes Norton Politician 1937
Paavo Nurmi Quotes Paavo Nurmi Athlete 1897
Joyce Carol Oates Quotes Joyce Carol Oates Novelist 1938
Dan O'Brien Athlete 1966
Paul O'Grady Comedian 1955
Marvin Olasky Educator 1950
Ashley Olsen Quotes Ashley Olsen Actress 1986
Mary-Kate Olsen Quotes Mary-Kate Olsen Actress 1986
Mehmet Oz Quotes Mehmet Oz Entertainer 1960
Rod Paige Quotes Rod Paige Politician 1933
Blaise Pascal Quotes Blaise Pascal Philosopher 1623
Fernando Pessoa Quotes Fernando Pessoa Author 1888
Prince Philip Quotes Prince Philip Royalty 1921
Simeon Poisson Quotes Simeon Poisson Mathematician 1781
William Pollard Clergyman 1828
Enoch Powell Quotes Enoch Powell Politician 1912
Robert Powell Actor 1944
Richard Powers Novelist 1957
Chris Pratt Quotes Chris Pratt Actor 1979
Hugo Pratt Quotes Hugo Pratt Cartoonist 1927
Jonathan Raban Quotes Jonathan Raban Author 1942
Raymond Radiguet Quotes Raymond Radiguet Author 1903
Kathleen Raine Quotes Kathleen Raine Poet 1908
Charles Rangel Quotes Charles Rangel Politician 1930
Jeannette Rankin Politician 1880
Jeanette Rankin Politician 1880
Phylicia Rashad Quotes Phylicia Rashad Actress 1948
Basil Rathbone Quotes Basil Rathbone Actor 1892
Terence Rattigan Quotes Terence Rattigan Dramatist 1911
Allan Ray Quotes Allan Ray Athlete 1984
John Redwood Politician 1951
Leah Remini Actress 1970
Rick Renzi Politician 1958
Mercer Reynolds Businessman 1945
Stephanie Rice Quotes Stephanie Rice Athlete 1988
Charles Richards Politician 1879
Jose Rizal Quotes Jose Rizal Writer 1861
Donny Robinson Athlete 1983
David Rockefeller Businessman 1915
Jay Rockefeller Quotes Jay Rockefeller Politician 1937
Brande Roderick Quotes Brande Roderick Model 1974
Dana Rohrabacher Quotes Dana Rohrabacher Politician 1947
David Rose Quotes David Rose Musician 1910
Isabella Rossellini Quotes Isabella Rossellini Actress 1952
Gena Rowlands Quotes Gena Rowlands Actress 1930
Lucille Roybal-Allard Quotes Lucille Roybal-Allard 1941
Salman Rushdie Quotes Salman Rushdie Novelist 1947
Graham Russell Quotes Graham Russell Musician 1950
Cameron Russell Quotes Cameron Russell Model 1987
Jane Russell Quotes Jane Russell Actress 1921
Burt Rutan Quotes Burt Rutan Scientist 1943
Lee Ryan Quotes Lee Ryan Musician 1983
Francoise Sagan Playwright 1935
Zoe Saldana Quotes Zoe Saldana Actor 1978
Pierre Salinger Public Servant 1925
Joey Santiago Quotes Joey Santiago Musician 1965
Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes Jean-Paul Sartre Philosopher 1905
John Ralston Saul Quotes John Ralston Saul Author 1947
Dorothy L. Sayers Quotes Dorothy L. Sayers Author 1893
Gerald Scarfe Artist 1936
Egon Schiele Quotes Egon Schiele Artist 1890
Julius Schwartz Quotes Julius Schwartz Editor 1915
Hazel Scott Quotes Hazel Scott Musician 1920
Leah Ward Sears Judge 1955
Erich Segal Quotes Erich Segal Novelist 1937
Jay Alan Sekulow Quotes Jay Alan Sekulow Lawyer 1956
Maurice Sendak Quotes Maurice Sendak Artist 1928
Jim Sensenbrenner Quotes Jim Sensenbrenner Politician 1943
Idries Shah Quotes Idries Shah Author 1924
Tupac Shakur Quotes Tupac Shakur Musician 1971
Ally Sheedy Quotes Ally Sheedy Actress 1962
Bobby Sheehan Musician 1968
Blake Shelton Quotes Blake Shelton Musician 1976
Antony Sher Writer 1949
Richard M. Sherman Quotes Richard M. Sherman Musician 1928
Li Ka Shing Quotes Li Ka Shing Businessman 1928
Nigel Short Quotes Nigel Short Celebrity 1965
Elisabeth Shue Quotes Elisabeth Shue Actress 1963
Herbert Simon Quotes Herbert Simon Scientist 1916
Wallis Simpson Quotes Wallis Simpson Royalty 1895
Matthew Simpson Quotes Matthew Simpson Clergyman 1811
George Gaylord Simpson Quotes George Gaylord Simpson Scientist 1902
Iain Sinclair Writer 1943
Stellan Skarsgard Quotes Stellan Skarsgard Actor 1951
Delia Smith Entertainer 1941
Tony Snow Quotes Tony Snow Journalist 1955
Alberto Sordi Quotes Alberto Sordi Actor 1920
Thomas Spence Writer 1750
Eliot Spitzer Quotes Eliot Spitzer Lawyer 1959
John Shelby Spong Quotes John Shelby Spong Clergyman 1931
Charles Spurgeon Quotes Charles Spurgeon Clergyman 1834
Josiah Stamp Businessman 1880
Johannes Stark Quotes Johannes Stark Physicist 1957
Clarence Stein Quotes Clarence Stein Architect 1882
Saul Steinberg Artist 1914
Jackie Stewart Quotes Jackie Stewart Athlete 1939
Carl Stokes Quotes Carl Stokes Politician 1927
Hannah Storm Quotes Hannah Storm Journalist 1962
Harriet Beecher Stowe Quotes Harriet Beecher Stowe Author 1811
Richard Strauss Quotes Richard Strauss Composer 1864
Igor Stravinsky Quotes Igor Stravinsky Composer 1882
Whitley Strieber Quotes Whitley Strieber Writer 1945
William Styron Quotes William Styron Novelist 1925
Pat Summitt Quotes Pat Summitt Coach 1952
Greta Van Susteren Quotes Greta Van Susteren Journalist 1955
Henry Ossawa Tanner Quotes Henry Ossawa Tanner Artist 1859
Billy Tauzin Quotes Billy Tauzin Politician 1943
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Quotes Aaron Taylor-Johnson Actor 1900
Scott Thompson Comedian 1959
Mac Thornberry Quotes Mac Thornberry Politician 1958
Todd Tiahrt Quotes Todd Tiahrt Politician 1951
Anna Torv Quotes Anna Torv Actress 1978
Jeanne Tripplehorn Quotes Jeanne Tripplehorn Actress 1963
Donald Trump Quotes Donald Trump Businessman 1946
Nicola Trussardi Designer 1942
John Tukey Quotes John Tukey Scientist 1915
Robin Tunney Quotes Robin Tunney Actress 1972
Mo Udall Quotes Mo Udall Politician 1922
Jim Varney Quotes Jim Varney Actor 1949
Carl Van Vechten Quotes Carl Van Vechten Writer 1880
Linda Vester Entertainer 1965
William Vickrey Quotes William Vickrey Educator 1914
Alexandre Vinet Critic 1797
Renee Vivien Poet 1877
Georg Henrik von Wright Quotes Georg Henrik von Wright Philosopher 1916
George H. W. Bush Quotes George H. W. Bush President 1924
Larry Wachowski Quotes Larry Wachowski Director 1965
George Herbert Walker Businessman 1875
Benjamin Walker Actor 1982
James T. Walsh Politician 1947
Jim Walsh Politician 1947
Len Wein Quotes Len Wein Cartoonist 1948
Ezer Weizman Quotes Ezer Weizman Statesman 1924
Brian Welch Quotes Brian Welch Musician 1970
Carolyn Wells Author 1862
Shane West Quotes Shane West Actor 1978
Samuel West Quotes Samuel West Actor 1966
Mary Whitehouse Quotes Mary Whitehouse Activist 1910
Frank Whittle Quotes Frank Whittle Inventor 1907
Leon Wieseltier Writer 1952
Gene Wilder Quotes Gene Wilder Actor 1933
Prince William Quotes Prince William Royalty 1982
Rowan D. Williams Clergyman 1950
Venus Williams Quotes Venus Williams Athlete 1980
Rowan Williams Quotes Rowan Williams Theologian 1950
E. O. Wilson Quotes E. O. Wilson Scientist 1929
Ann Wilson Quotes Ann Wilson Musician 1950
Kip Winger Quotes Kip Winger Musician 1961
Tobias Wolff Quotes Tobias Wolff Writer 1945
Ron Wood Quotes Ron Wood Musician 1947
Fernando Wood Quotes Fernando Wood Politician 1812
Lalu Prasad Yadav Quotes Lalu Prasad Yadav Politician 1947
William Butler Yeats Quotes William Butler Yeats Poet 1865
John Yoo Quotes John Yoo Educator 1967
Brigham Young Quotes Brigham Young Leader 1801
Macklemore Quotes Macklemore Musician 1983
Weegee Quotes Weegee Photographer 1899
Christo Quotes Christo Artist 1935