Authors Born on July, 8st

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July, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Richard Aldington Writer 1892
Roone Arledge Journalist 1931
John Ashbery Quotes John Ashbery Poet 1927
Kevin Bacon Quotes Kevin Bacon Actor 1958
Kristen Bell Quotes Kristen Bell Actress 1980
Elizabeth Berkley Quotes Elizabeth Berkley Actress 1971
John Stuart Blackie Quotes John Stuart Blackie Writer 1809
Vida Blue Quotes Vida Blue Athlete 1949
Edward Bond Quotes Edward Bond Playwright 1934
Andre Boucourechliev Composer 1925
Bill Bradley Quotes Bill Bradley Politician 1943
Richard Branson Quotes Richard Branson Businessman 1950
Harry Bridges Activist 1902
James Brolin Quotes James Brolin Actor 1940
A. Whitney Brown Comedian 1952
Heinrich Bullinger Quotes Heinrich Bullinger Clergyman 1504
Sophia Bush Quotes Sophia Bush Actress 1982
Dick Button Quotes Dick Button Athlete 1929
Ryan Cabrera Quotes Ryan Cabrera Musician 1982
Joseph Chamberlain Quotes Joseph Chamberlain Politician 1836
Priscilla Chan Musician 1965
Hume Cronyn Quotes Hume Cronyn Actor 1911
Billy Crudup Quotes Billy Crudup Actor 1968
Jim Davis Cartoonist 1945
Bill Delahunt Quotes Bill Delahunt Politician 1941
Vin Diesel Quotes Vin Diesel Actor 1967
John Dingell Quotes John Dingell Politician 1926
Marcel Duchamp Quotes Marcel Duchamp Artist 1887
Dick Ebersol Quotes Dick Ebersol Businessman 1947
Billy Eckstine Quotes Billy Eckstine Musician 1914
Nick Faldo Quotes Nick Faldo Athlete 1957
Marty Feldman Quotes Marty Feldman Comedian 1933
Schuyler Fisk Quotes Schuyler Fisk Actress 1982
Steve Forbes Quotes Steve Forbes Businessman 1947
Terry Fox Quotes Terry Fox Athlete 1958
Alberto Fujimori Quotes Alberto Fujimori Statesman 1938
Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes Elizabeth Gilbert Novelist 1969
Ian Gilmour Politician 1926
John Glenn Quotes John Glenn Astronaut 1921
Phil Graham Quotes Phil Graham Businessman 1915
Phil Gramm Quotes Phil Gramm Politician 1942
Willie Green Quotes Willie Green Athlete 1981
Andrei A. Gromyko Quotes Andrei A. Gromyko Politician 1909
S. I. Hayakawa Politician 1906
Roald Hoffmann Quotes Roald Hoffmann Scientist 1937
Gerard Manley Hopkins Quotes Gerard Manley Hopkins Poet 1844
Laurence Housman Playwright 1865
Robert Hughes Quotes Robert Hughes Critic 1938
Anjelica Huston Quotes Anjelica Huston Actress 1951
Jack Irons Quotes Jack Irons Musician 1962
Elizabeth Jennings Poet 1926
Philip Johnson Quotes Philip Johnson Architect 1906
Hanns Johst Quotes Hanns Johst Playwright 1890
Louis Jordan Quotes Louis Jordan Musician 1908
Robbie Keane Quotes Robbie Keane Athlete 1980
Toby Keith Quotes Toby Keith Musician 1961
Jackie Kennedy Quotes Jackie Kennedy First Lady 1929
Walter Kerr Critic 1913
Richard Kerry Diplomat 1915
Mohammed Daud Khan Quotes Mohammed Daud Khan Statesman 1909
Kathe Kollwitz Quotes Kathe Kollwitz Artist 1867
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Psychologist 1926
Thomas Kuhn Quotes Thomas Kuhn Writer 1922
Jean de La Fontaine Quotes Jean de La Fontaine Poet 1621
Margaret Laurence Quotes Margaret Laurence Novelist 1926
Jack Layton Quotes Jack Layton Politician 1950
Lori Loughlin Quotes Lori Loughlin Actress 1964
Malcolm Lowry Quotes Malcolm Lowry Poet 1909
John Gresham Machen Quotes John Gresham Machen Theologian 1881
Nelson Mandela Quotes Nelson Mandela Statesman 1918
Herbert Marcuse Quotes Herbert Marcuse Philosopher 1898
Judy Martz Politician 1943
Kurt Masur Quotes Kurt Masur Musician 1927
Elizabeth McGovern Quotes Elizabeth McGovern Actress 1961
Vincent McNabb Clergyman 1868
Alice Duer Miller Quotes Alice Duer Miller Poet 1874
John Money Psychologist 1921
Erin Morgenstern Quotes Erin Morgenstern Writer 1978
Riccardo Muti Celebrity 1941
Harriet Nelson Quotes Harriet Nelson Actress 1909
Clifford Odets Quotes Clifford Odets Playwright 1906
Sam Olens Public Servant 1957
Fritz Perls Quotes Fritz Perls Psychologist 1893
Peace Pilgrim Quotes Peace Pilgrim Activist 1908
Karl Popper Quotes Karl Popper Philosopher 1902
Beatrix Potter Quotes Beatrix Potter Author 1866
J. F. Powers Quotes J. F. Powers Novelist 1917
Wolfgang Puck Quotes Wolfgang Puck Celebrity 1949
Anna Quindlen Quotes Anna Quindlen Journalist 1953
Martha Reeves Quotes Martha Reeves Musician 1941
Kathleen Robertson Quotes Kathleen Robertson Actress 1973
Nelson Rockefeller Quotes Nelson Rockefeller Vice President 1908
John D. Rockefeller Quotes John D. Rockefeller Businessman 1839
Nathalie Sarraute Quotes Nathalie Sarraute Lawyer 1900
George Savile Politician 1726
Ricky Skaggs Quotes Ricky Skaggs Musician 1954
Red Skelton Quotes Red Skelton Comedian 1913
Sally Struthers Quotes Sally Struthers Actress 1948
Jeffrey Tambor Quotes Jeffrey Tambor Actor 1944
Lee Tergesen Quotes Lee Tergesen Actor 1965
William Makepeace Thackeray Quotes William Makepeace Thackeray Novelist 1811
Kevin Thomas Athlete 1978
Hunter S. Thompson Quotes Hunter S. Thompson Journalist 1937
Joe Torre Quotes Joe Torre Athlete 1940
Mark Udall Quotes Mark Udall Politician 1950
Jerry Vale Quotes Jerry Vale Musician 1932
Milo Ventimiglia Quotes Milo Ventimiglia Actor 1977
Alec Waugh Novelist 1898
Jessamyn West Author 1902
Gilbert White Quotes Gilbert White Scientist 1720
Anthony A. Williams Politician 1951
Marianne Williamson Author 1952
Chill Wills Quotes Chill Wills Actor 1903
Charles Erwin Wilson Businessman 1890
Rick Wright Quotes Rick Wright Musician 1945
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Quotes Yevgeny Yevtushenko Poet 1933
Beck Quotes Beck Musician 1970