Authors Born on July, 5st

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July, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Willie Aames Actor 1960
Nicola Abbagnano Philosopher 1901
Marcel Achard Playwright 1899
Harold Acton Quotes Harold Acton Historian 1904
Todd Akin Quotes Todd Akin Politician 1947
Kim Alexis Model 1960
Frederick Lewis Allen Editor 1890
Jean-Bertrand Aristide Quotes Jean-Bertrand Aristide Statesman 1953
Rudolf Arnheim Quotes Rudolf Arnheim Artist 1904
Arthur Balfour Quotes Arthur Balfour Statesman 1848
P. T. Barnum Quotes P. T. Barnum Entertainer 1810
David Belasco Quotes David Belasco Playwright 1853
Walter Benjamin Quotes Walter Benjamin Critic 1892
Harrison Birtwistle Quotes Harrison Birtwistle Composer 1934
Louise Brown Celebrity 1978
Thomas Bulfinch Quotes Thomas Bulfinch Writer 1796
Elias Canetti Quotes Elias Canetti Author 1905
Hollie Cavanagh Musician 1993
Frank Church Quotes Frank Church Politician 1924
Chuck Close Quotes Chuck Close Artist 1940
Jean Cocteau Quotes Jean Cocteau Director 1889
Morris Raphael Cohen Philosopher 1880
Larry Cohen Director 1941
Henry Cole Quotes Henry Cole Public Servant 1808
Robert Conquest Historian 1917
Mandell Creighton Quotes Mandell Creighton Historian 1843
Donald Creighton Historian 1902
Jon Crosby Musician 1976
Clive Cussler Writer 1931
Jacques Derrida Quotes Jacques Derrida Philosopher 1930
Illeana Douglas Quotes Illeana Douglas Actress 1965
Thomas Eakins Quotes Thomas Eakins Artist 1844
Julie Nixon Eisenhower Quotes Julie Nixon Eisenhower Celebrity 1948
Don Ellis Musician 1934
Edie Falco Quotes Edie Falco Actress 1963
Dorothy Fields Quotes Dorothy Fields Musician 1905
Shane Filan Quotes Shane Filan Musician 1979
Scott Foley Actor 1972
Maureen Forrester Quotes Maureen Forrester Musician 1930
Estelle Getty Quotes Estelle Getty Actress 1923
Seth Gordon Quotes Seth Gordon Director 1974
Brian Austin Green Quotes Brian Austin Green Actor 1973
Eva Green Quotes Eva Green Actress 1980
Anna Harrison Quotes Anna Harrison First Lady 1775
Dave Haywood Quotes Dave Haywood Musician 1982
Eric Hoffer Writer 1902
Thomas Hooker Quotes Thomas Hooker Celebrity 1586
Trevor Horn Quotes Trevor Horn Musician 1949
Arianna Huffington Quotes Arianna Huffington Journalist 1950
Alex Karras Quotes Alex Karras Athlete 1935
Ayatollah Khamenei Quotes Ayatollah Khamenei Statesman 1939
Chuck Klosterman Quotes Chuck Klosterman Critic 1972
Shirley Knight Quotes Shirley Knight Actress 1936
Henry Knox Quotes Henry Knox Soldier 1750
Diane Kruger Quotes Diane Kruger Model 1976
James Lafferty Actor 1985
Wanda Landowska Quotes Wanda Landowska Musician 1879
Franklin Knight Lane Quotes Franklin Knight Lane Politician 1864
Huey Lewis Quotes Huey Lewis Musician 1950
Dan Lipinski Politician 1966
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. Politician 1902
Nita Lowey Quotes Nita Lowey Politician 1937
Amelie Mauresmo Quotes Amelie Mauresmo Athlete 1979
Ernst Mayr Quotes Ernst Mayr Scientist 1904
David Miliband Quotes David Miliband Politician 1965
Thurston Moore Quotes Thurston Moore Musician 1958
Clement Clarke Moore Quotes Clement Clarke Moore Writer 1779
Iris Murdoch Quotes Iris Murdoch Author 1919
Victor Saul Navasky Educator 1932
Bob Ney Politician 1954
Brigitte Nielsen Quotes Brigitte Nielsen Actress 1963
Lord Northcliffe Publisher 1865
Vilfredo Pareto Quotes Vilfredo Pareto Economist 1848
Maxfield Parrish Quotes Maxfield Parrish Artist 1870
Walter Payton Quotes Walter Payton Athlete 1954
Georges Pompidou Quotes Georges Pompidou Statesman 1911
Brad Renfro Quotes Brad Renfro Actor 1982
Cecil Rhodes Quotes Cecil Rhodes Statesman 1853
Scott Ritter Quotes Scott Ritter Public Servant 1961
Linda Ronstadt Quotes Linda Ronstadt Musician 1946
Don Rose Entertainer 1934
Richard Russo Quotes Richard Russo Novelist 1949
Adam Savage Quotes Adam Savage Entertainer 1967
William Thomas Stead Quotes William Thomas Stead Journalist 1849
Johnny Thunders Quotes Johnny Thunders Musician 1952
Jesse Ventura Quotes Jesse Ventura Politician 1952
George Voinovich Quotes George Voinovich Politician 1936
Bill Watterson Cartoonist 1958
Paul Watzlawick Quotes Paul Watzlawick Psychologist 1921
Michael Welch Actor 1987
Forest Whitaker Quotes Forest Whitaker Actor 1961
Roger Wicker Quotes Roger Wicker Politician 1951
Robert Winston Quotes Robert Winston Scientist 1940
Geoffrey Zakarian Quotes Geoffrey Zakarian Chef 1959
Clara Zetkin Quotes Clara Zetkin Politician 1857