Authors Born on July, 3st

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July, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Lamar Alexander Quotes Lamar Alexander Politician 1940
Gloria Allred Quotes Gloria Allred Lawyer 1941
Paul Anka Quotes Paul Anka Musician 1941
Alan Autry Actor 1952
Isaac Babel Quotes Isaac Babel Journalist 1894
Andrea Barber Actress 1976
Dave Barry Quotes Dave Barry Journalist 1947
Marston Bates Scientist 1906
Peter Benenson Quotes Peter Benenson Lawyer 1921
William Bennett Quotes William Bennett Politician 1943
Michael Biehn Quotes Michael Biehn Actor 1956
Rob Bishop Politician 1951
Peter Bogdanovich Quotes Peter Bogdanovich Director 1939
Paul D. Boyer Scientist 1918
Emily Bronte Quotes Emily Bronte Novelist 1818
Scott Brooks Quotes Scott Brooks Coach 1965
Alton Brown Quotes Alton Brown Entertainer 1962
John Mason Brown Critic 1900
Betty Buckley Quotes Betty Buckley Actress 1947
Julie Burchill Journalist 1959
Delta Burke Quotes Delta Burke Actress 1956
Kate Bush Quotes Kate Bush Musician 1958
Earl Butz Quotes Earl Butz Public Servant 1909
Dean Cain Quotes Dean Cain Actor 1966
Quico Canseco Quotes Quico Canseco Politician 1949
Charisma Carpenter Quotes Charisma Carpenter Actress 1970
Bill Cartwright Quotes Bill Cartwright Athlete 1957
Will Champion Quotes Will Champion Musician 1978
Raymond Chandler Quotes Raymond Chandler Writer 1888
Geraldine Chaplin Quotes Geraldine Chaplin Actress 1944
John Clare Quotes John Clare Poet 1793
Corey Clark Quotes Corey Clark Celebrity 1980
Vince Clarke Quotes Vince Clarke Musician 1960
George M. Cohan Quotes George M. Cohan Actor 1878
Didi Conn Actress 1951
Deborah Cox Quotes Deborah Cox Musician 1973
Ronny Cox Quotes Ronny Cox Actor 1938
Dennis Crosby Quotes Dennis Crosby Actor 1934
Cameron Crowe Quotes Cameron Crowe Director 1957
Tom Cruise Quotes Tom Cruise Actor 1962
Mark Cuban Quotes Mark Cuban Businessman 1958
Charlotte Saunders Cushman Quotes Charlotte Saunders Cushman Actress 1816
Jonathan Dimbleby Writer 1944
Don Drysdale Quotes Don Drysdale Athlete 1936
Jean Dubuffet Quotes Jean Dubuffet Artist 1901
David Duke Quotes David Duke Celebrity 1950
Jean Claude Duvalier Quotes Jean Claude Duvalier Statesman 1951
Elizabeth Edwards Quotes Elizabeth Edwards Lawyer 1949
Tracey Emin Quotes Tracey Emin Artist 1963
Omar Epps Quotes Omar Epps Actor 1973
John Ericsson Quotes John Ericsson Inventor 1803
Ernst Fischer Writer 1899
Robert J. Flaherty Quotes Robert J. Flaherty Director 1951
Michael Foot Quotes Michael Foot Politician 1913
Henry Ford Quotes Henry Ford Businessman 1863
Harrison Ford Quotes Harrison Ford Actor 1942
Nathan Bedford Forrest Quotes Nathan Bedford Forrest Soldier 1821
Robert Forster Quotes Robert Forster Actor 1941
Pete Fountain Quotes Pete Fountain Musician 1930
Vivica Fox Quotes Vivica Fox Actress 1964
Milton Friedman Quotes Milton Friedman Economist 1912
Nomar Garciaparra Quotes Nomar Garciaparra Athlete 1973
William H. Gass Quotes William H. Gass Novelist 1924
Charlotte Perkins Gilman Quotes Charlotte Perkins Gilman Writer 1860
Theo Van Gogh Director 1957
Martin Gore Quotes Martin Gore Musician 1961
Curt Gowdy Celebrity 1919
Richard Griffiths Actor 1947
Buddy Guy Quotes Buddy Guy Musician 1936
Harriet Harman Quotes Harriet Harman Politician 1950
Woody Harrelson Quotes Woody Harrelson Actor 1961
Max Heindel Celebrity 1865
Gustav Heinemann Quotes Gustav Heinemann Politician 1899
Anita Hill Celebrity 1956
Ian Hislop Quotes Ian Hislop Editor 1960
Philip Seymour Hoffman Quotes Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor 1967
Elspeth Huxley Writer 1907
Don Imus Celebrity 1940
Hank Jones Quotes Hank Jones Musician 1918
Stanley Jordan Quotes Stanley Jordan Musician 1959
M. F. K. Fisher Writer 1908
Franz Kafka Quotes Franz Kafka Novelist 1883
Jack Kemp Quotes Jack Kemp Politician 1935
Anthony Kennedy Quotes Anthony Kennedy Judge 1936
Tom Kenny Quotes Tom Kenny Actor 1962
James Kent Judge 1763
Dorothy Kilgallen Quotes Dorothy Kilgallen Actress 1913
Jurgen Klinsmann Quotes Jurgen Klinsmann Athlete 1964
Allison Krauss Quotes Allison Krauss Musician 1971
Alison Krauss Quotes Alison Krauss Musician 1971
Lisa Kudrow Quotes Lisa Kudrow Actress 1963
Irv Kupcinet Quotes Irv Kupcinet Journalist 1912
Steve Lacy Quotes Steve Lacy Musician 1934
Sandra Lee Author 1966
Thomas Leonard Businessman 1955
George Leonard Lawyer 1729
Primo Levi Quotes Primo Levi Scientist 1919
Monica Lewinsky Quotes Monica Lewinsky Celebrity 1973
Richard Linklater Quotes Richard Linklater Director 1960
Gabriel Lippmann Quotes Gabriel Lippmann Scientist 1921
Cheech Marin Quotes Cheech Marin Comedian 1946
Misty May-Treanor Quotes Misty May-Treanor Athlete 1977
Edie McClurg Quotes Edie McClurg Actress 1951
Roger McGuinn Quotes Roger McGuinn Musician 1942
Kelly Miller Sociologist 1863
Henry Moore Quotes Henry Moore Sculptor 1898
Olivia Munn Quotes Olivia Munn Actress 1980
Margaret Murray Quotes Margaret Murray Scientist 1863
Connie Nielsen Quotes Connie Nielsen Actress 1965
Robert M. Parker, Jr. Critic 1947
Coventry Patmore Quotes Coventry Patmore Poet 1823
Aaron Peirsol Quotes Aaron Peirsol Athlete 1983
Munshi Premchand Quotes Munshi Premchand Writer 1880
Jaime Pressly Quotes Jaime Pressly Dancer 1977
Paul Prudhomme Quotes Paul Prudhomme Celebrity 1940
Hilary Putnam Quotes Hilary Putnam Philosopher 1926
Daniel Radcliffe Quotes Daniel Radcliffe Actor 1989
Pee Wee Reese Quotes Pee Wee Reese Athlete 1918
Jean Reno Quotes Jean Reno Actor 1948
Theodore Robinson Quotes Theodore Robinson Artist 1852
Richard Rogers Quotes Richard Rogers Architect 1933
Samuel Rogers Quotes Samuel Rogers Poet 1763
J. K. Rowling Quotes J. K. Rowling Author 1965
Erno Rubik Quotes Erno Rubik Inventor 1944
Ken Russell Quotes Ken Russell Director 1927
Eriq La Salle Quotes Eriq La Salle Actor 1962
David Sanborn Quotes David Sanborn Musician 1945
George Sanders Quotes George Sanders Actor 1906
Richard Scaife Businessman 1932
Jack Schmitt Quotes Jack Schmitt Astronaut 1935
Patricia Schroeder Leader 1940
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes Arnold Schwarzenegger Actor 1947
Ashley Scott Quotes Ashley Scott Actress 1977
Haile Selassie Quotes Haile Selassie Statesman 1892
Bud Selig Quotes Bud Selig Celebrity 1934
Kurtwood Smith Quotes Kurtwood Smith Actor 1943
Yeardley Smith Quotes Yeardley Smith Actress 1964
Wesley Snipes Quotes Wesley Snipes Actor 1962
Hope Solo Quotes Hope Solo Athlete 1981
Thomas Sowell Economist 1930
Wole Soyinka Quotes Wole Soyinka Dramatist 1934
Frank Stallone Quotes Frank Stallone Actor 1950
Casey Stengel Quotes Casey Stengel Athlete 1890
Craig Stevens Quotes Craig Stevens Athlete 1980
Patrick Stewart Quotes Patrick Stewart Actor 1940
Tom Stoppard Quotes Tom Stoppard Dramatist 1937
David Storey Novelist 1933
Yvonne Strahovski Quotes Yvonne Strahovski Actress 1982
Simeon Strunsky Writer 1879
Hilary Swank Quotes Hilary Swank Actress 1974
Daley Thompson Quotes Daley Thompson Athlete 1958
Julia Gardiner Tyler Quotes Julia Gardiner Tyler First Lady 1820
Hunter Tylo Quotes Hunter Tylo Actress 1962
Giorgio Vasari Quotes Giorgio Vasari Artist 1511
Thorstein Veblen Quotes Thorstein Veblen Economist 1857
Simone Veil Quotes Simone Veil Lawyer 1927
Sebastian Vettel Quotes Sebastian Vettel Celebrity 1987
Sidney Webb Quotes Sidney Webb Scientist 1859
William Weld Quotes William Weld Politician 1945
Bill Weld Quotes Bill Weld Politician 1945
Michael Wilding Actor 1912
John Sharp Williams Quotes John Sharp Williams Politician 1854
Montel Williams Quotes Montel Williams Entertainer 1956
Joe Wilson Politician 1947
Elizabeth Wurtzel Quotes Elizabeth Wurtzel Writer 1967
Louis XI Quotes Louis XI Royalty 1423
Liu Xiang Quotes Liu Xiang Athlete 1983
Whitney M. Young Quotes Whitney M. Young Activist 1921
Edward Young Quotes Edward Young Poet 1683
Slash Quotes Slash Musician 1965