Authors Born on July, 2st

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July, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Bella Abzug Quotes Bella Abzug Lawyer 1920
Phillip Adams Quotes Phillip Adams Writer 1939
Carlos Alazraqui Quotes Carlos Alazraqui Actor 1962
Steve Albini Quotes Steve Albini Musician 1962
Gracie Allen Quotes Gracie Allen Comedian 1895
Fernando Alonso Quotes Fernando Alonso Celebrity 1981
Sharron Angle Quotes Sharron Angle Politician 1949
John Aniston Quotes John Aniston Actor 1937
Eberhard Arnold Theologian 1883
Gerard Arpey Businessman 1958
Timothy Garton Ash Quotes Timothy Garton Ash Author 1955
John Ashbery Quotes John Ashbery Poet 1927
Les Aspin Quotes Les Aspin Politician 1938
Norman Ralph Augustine Quotes Norman Ralph Augustine Author 1935
Arthur Balfour Quotes Arthur Balfour Statesman 1848
Theda Bara Quotes Theda Bara Actress 1885
Marston Bates Scientist 1906
Jean Baudrillard Quotes Jean Baudrillard Sociologist 1929
Kate Beckinsale Quotes Kate Beckinsale Actress 1973
Thomas Lovell Beddoes Quotes Thomas Lovell Beddoes Poet 1803
William Beebe Quotes William Beebe Explorer 1877
David Belasco Quotes David Belasco Playwright 1853
Melvin Belli Lawyer 1907
Hilaire Belloc Quotes Hilaire Belloc Poet 1870
Tibor Benedek Athlete 1972
Stephen Vincent Benet Quotes Stephen Vincent Benet Poet 1898
Thomas Berger Novelist 1924
Elizabeth Berkley Quotes Elizabeth Berkley Actress 1971
Milton Berle Quotes Milton Berle Comedian 1908
Claude Bernard Quotes Claude Bernard Psychologist 1813
Pierre Berton Quotes Pierre Berton Author 1920
Hans Bethe Quotes Hans Bethe Scientist 1906
John Stuart Blackie Quotes John Stuart Blackie Writer 1809
Susan Blackmore Quotes Susan Blackmore Writer 1951
Vida Blue Quotes Vida Blue Athlete 1949
Simon Bolivar Quotes Simon Bolivar Revolutionary 1783
Barry Bonds Quotes Barry Bonds Athlete 1964
Andre Boucourechliev Composer 1925
Clara Bow Quotes Clara Bow Actress 1905
Arthur Boyd Quotes Arthur Boyd Artist 1920
Bill Bradley Quotes Bill Bradley Politician 1943
Michelle Branch Quotes Michelle Branch Musician 1983
Harry Bridges Activist 1902
Albert Brooks Quotes Albert Brooks Actor 1947
Louise Brown Celebrity 1978
Troy Brown Athlete 1971
Sandra Bullock Quotes Sandra Bullock Actress 1964
Gisele Bundchen Quotes Gisele Bundchen Model 1980
Ken Burns Quotes Ken Burns Director 1953
Gary Busey Quotes Gary Busey Actor 1944
Yancy Butler Quotes Yancy Butler Actress 1970
Ruth Buzzi Quotes Ruth Buzzi Actress 1936
Rose Byrne Quotes Rose Byrne Actress 1979
Alexander Calder Quotes Alexander Calder Sculptor 1898
Thomas Campbell Poet 1777
Vincent Canby Critic 1924
Elias Canetti Quotes Elias Canetti Author 1905
Jose Canseco Quotes Jose Canseco Athlete 1964
Kim Carnes Quotes Kim Carnes Musician 1945
Charisma Carpenter Quotes Charisma Carpenter Actress 1970
Lisa Nicole Carson Actress 1969
Lynda Carter Quotes Lynda Carter Actress 1951
Lord Edward Cecil Quotes Lord Edward Cecil Soldier 1867
Oswald Chambers Quotes Oswald Chambers Theologian 1874
Priscilla Chan Musician 1965
Raymond Chandler Quotes Raymond Chandler Writer 1888
Brandi Chastain Quotes Brandi Chastain Athlete 1968
Parvesh Cheena Actor 1979
Kristin Chenoweth Quotes Kristin Chenoweth Actress 1968
Gary Cherone Quotes Gary Cherone Musician 1961
Judy Chicago Quotes Judy Chicago Artist 1939
Arthur Christiansen Journalist 1904
Frank Church Quotes Frank Church Politician 1924
Cassandra Clare Author 1973
Kenneth Clarke Quotes Kenneth Clarke Politician 1940
Frances Cleveland Quotes Frances Cleveland First Lady 1864
Van Cliburn Quotes Van Cliburn Musician 1934
Jim Clyburn Quotes Jim Clyburn Politician 1940
Morris Raphael Cohen Philosopher 1880
Doug Collins Quotes Doug Collins Athlete 1951
Michael Connelly Quotes Michael Connelly Author 1956
Wendy Cope Poet 1945
Irwin Corey Quotes Irwin Corey Actor 1914
Chris Cornell Quotes Chris Cornell Musician 1964
Bill Cosby Quotes Bill Cosby Comedian 1937
Ronny Cox Quotes Ronny Cox Actor 1938
Alan Cox Quotes Alan Cox Inventor 1968
Larry Craig Politician 1945
Hart Crane Quotes Hart Crane Poet 1899
Charlie Crist Quotes Charlie Crist Politician 1956
Jon Crosby Musician 1976
Maria Grazia Cucinotta Quotes Maria Grazia Cucinotta Actress 1969
John Philpot Curran Public Servant 1750
Ken Curtis Quotes Ken Curtis Actor 1916
Charlotte Saunders Cushman Quotes Charlotte Saunders Cushman Actress 1816
Simon Dach Poet 1605
Willem Dafoe Quotes Willem Dafoe Actor 1955
Edward Dahlberg Novelist 1900
Chuck Daly Quotes Chuck Daly Coach 1930
Larry David Quotes Larry David Actor 1947
Alexander Jackson Davis Quotes Alexander Jackson Davis Architect 1803
Jim Davis Cartoonist 1945
Scott Dixon Quotes Scott Dixon Celebrity 1980
Donna Dixon Actress 1957
Elizabeth Dole Politician 1936
Bob Dole Quotes Bob Dole Politician 1923
Robert J. Dole Quotes Robert J. Dole Politician 1923
Stephen Dorff Quotes Stephen Dorff Actor 1973
Illeana Douglas Quotes Illeana Douglas Actress 1965
Alec Douglas-Home Quotes Alec Douglas-Home Politician 1903
Daniel Drew Quotes Daniel Drew Businessman 1797
Don Drysdale Quotes Don Drysdale Athlete 1936
Gilles Duceppe Quotes Gilles Duceppe Politician 1947
Marcel Duchamp Quotes Marcel Duchamp Artist 1887
Alexandre Dumas Quotes Alexandre Dumas Dramatist 1802
Alexander Dumas Quotes Alexander Dumas Novelist 1802
Alberto Santos Dumont Quotes Alberto Santos Dumont Aviator 1873
Jennifer Dunn Politician 1941
Lord Dunsany Quotes Lord Dunsany Novelist 1878
Jo Durie Quotes Jo Durie Athlete 1960
Leo Durocher Quotes Leo Durocher Athlete 1905
Sanjay Dutt Quotes Sanjay Dutt Actor 1959
Thomas Eakins Quotes Thomas Eakins Artist 1844
Amelia Earhart Quotes Amelia Earhart Aviator 1898
Leslie Easterbrook Quotes Leslie Easterbrook Actress 1949
George Eastman Quotes George Eastman Inventor 1854
Dick Ebersol Quotes Dick Ebersol Businessman 1947
Jim Edgar Politician 1946
Blake Edwards Quotes Blake Edwards Director 1922
Don Ellis Musician 1934
Buchi Emecheta Novelist 1944
Omar Epps Quotes Omar Epps Actor 1973
Elliott Erwitt Quotes Elliott Erwitt Photographer 1928
Marlen Esparza Quotes Marlen Esparza Athlete 1989
Donald Evans Quotes Donald Evans Public Servant 1946
Medgar Evers Quotes Medgar Evers Activist 1925
Ron Fairly Quotes Ron Fairly Athlete 1938
Oriana Fallaci Quotes Oriana Fallaci Journalist 1929
Frantz Fanon Quotes Frantz Fanon Psychologist 1925
Robert Fisk Quotes Robert Fisk Journalist 1946
Zelda Fitzgerald Quotes Zelda Fitzgerald Writer 1900
Robert J. Flaherty Quotes Robert J. Flaherty Director 1951
Peggy Fleming Quotes Peggy Fleming Athlete 1948
Louise Fletcher Quotes Louise Fletcher Actress 1934
Michael Foot Quotes Michael Foot Politician 1913
C. S. Forester Quotes C. S. Forester Novelist 1899
Maureen Forrester Quotes Maureen Forrester Musician 1930
Peter Forsberg Quotes Peter Forsberg Athlete 1973
Bill Forsyth Director 1946
Terry Fox Quotes Terry Fox Athlete 1958
Vicente Fox Quotes Vicente Fox Statesman 1942
Rick Fox Quotes Rick Fox Actor 1969
Vincente Fox Quotes Vincente Fox Statesman 1942
Thomas Friedman Quotes Thomas Friedman Journalist 1953
Anna Friel Quotes Anna Friel Actress 1976
Alberto Fujimori Quotes Alberto Fujimori Statesman 1938
R. Buckminster Fuller Quotes R. Buckminster Fuller Inventor 1895
Charlotte Gainsbourg Quotes Charlotte Gainsbourg Actress 1971
Evan G. Galbraith Diplomat 1928
Paul Gallico Quotes Paul Gallico Writer 1897
Tim Gane Musician 1964
Nomar Garciaparra Quotes Nomar Garciaparra Athlete 1973
John Gardner Novelist 1933
Gareth Gates Musician 1984
Bobbie Gentry Musician 1944
Susan George Quotes Susan George Activist 1950
Estelle Getty Quotes Estelle Getty Actress 1923
William Gillette Quotes William Gillette Actor 1853
Danny Glover Quotes Danny Glover Actor 1947
Mark Goddard Quotes Mark Goddard Actor 1936
Linda M. Godwin Quotes Linda M. Godwin Astronaut 1952
Theo Van Gogh Director 1957
Andy Goldsworthy Artist 1956
Selena Gomez Quotes Selena Gomez Actress 1992
Oscar Goodman Lawyer 1939
Genevieve Gorder Designer 1974
Martin Gore Quotes Martin Gore Musician 1961
Stone Gossard Quotes Stone Gossard Musician 1966
Topher Grace Quotes Topher Grace Actor 1978
Robert Graves Quotes Robert Graves Novelist 1895
Sprague Grayden Quotes Sprague Grayden Actress 1980
Willie Green Quotes Willie Green Athlete 1981
George Grosz Quotes George Grosz Artist 1893
Philip Guston Quotes Philip Guston Artist 1913
Gary Gygax Quotes Gary Gygax Inventor 1938
Jerry Hall Quotes Jerry Hall Model 1956
Dorothy Hamill Quotes Dorothy Hamill Athlete 1956
Dag Hammarskjold Quotes Dag Hammarskjold Diplomat 1905
Oscar Hammerstein Quotes Oscar Hammerstein Writer 1895
Elizabeth Hardwick Critic 1916
Woody Harrelson Quotes Woody Harrelson Actor 1961
Anna Harrison Quotes Anna Harrison First Lady 1775
Mark Hatfield Quotes Mark Hatfield Politician 1922
Juliana Hatfield Quotes Juliana Hatfield Musician 1967
J. D. Hayworth Quotes J. D. Hayworth Politician 1958
Max Heindel Celebrity 1865
Gustav Heinemann Quotes Gustav Heinemann Politician 1899
Ernest Hemingway Quotes Ernest Hemingway Novelist 1899
Don Henley Quotes Don Henley Musician 1947
Ammon Hennacy Quotes Ammon Hennacy Activist 1893
Hermann Hesse Quotes Hermann Hesse Novelist 1877
Herman Hesse Quotes Herman Hesse Author 1877
David Heyman Quotes David Heyman Producer 1961
Jack Higgins Novelist 1929
Daniel H. Hill Quotes Daniel H. Hill Soldier 1821
Jimmy Hill Quotes Jimmy Hill Athlete 1928
Edmund Hillary Quotes Edmund Hillary Explorer 1919
S. E. Hinton Writer 1948
Eric Hoffer Writer 1902
Philip Seymour Hoffman Quotes Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor 1967
Josh Holloway Quotes Josh Holloway Actor 1969
Jenny Holzer Quotes Jenny Holzer Artist 1950
Gerard Manley Hopkins Quotes Gerard Manley Hopkins Poet 1844
Edward Hopper Quotes Edward Hopper Artist 1882
Douglas Horton Clergyman 1891
Julianne Hough Quotes Julianne Hough Musician 1988
John Howard Quotes John Howard Statesman 1939
Robert Hughes Quotes Robert Hughes Critic 1938
Kay Bailey Hutchison Quotes Kay Bailey Hutchison Politician 1943
Aldous Huxley Quotes Aldous Huxley Novelist 1894
Elspeth Huxley Writer 1907
Rhys Ifans Quotes Rhys Ifans Actor 1967
Oscar Hammerstein II Quotes Oscar Hammerstein II Musician 1895
Don Imus Celebrity 1940
Bindi Irwin Quotes Bindi Irwin Celebrity 1998
Joseph Jackson Businessman 1929
Max Jacob Quotes Max Jacob Poet 1876
Mick Jagger Quotes Mick Jagger Musician 1943
Ahmad Jamal Quotes Ahmad Jamal Musician 1930
Peter Jennings Journalist 1938
Norman Jewison Quotes Norman Jewison Director 1926
Eyvind Johnson Quotes Eyvind Johnson Author 1900
Adam Johnson Quotes Adam Johnson Writer 1967
Lionel Jospin Quotes Lionel Jospin Statesman 1937
Carl Jung Quotes Carl Jung Psychologist 1875
John B. Keane Playwright 1928
Rose Kennedy Quotes Rose Kennedy Author 1890
Jackie Kennedy Quotes Jackie Kennedy First Lady 1929
Anthony Kennedy Quotes Anthony Kennedy Judge 1936
Richard Kerry Diplomat 1915
Andre Kertesz Quotes Andre Kertesz Photographer 1894
Randal Kleiser Director 1946
Don Knotts Quotes Don Knotts Actor 1924
Henry Knox Quotes Henry Knox Soldier 1750
Alison Krauss Quotes Alison Krauss Musician 1971
Allison Krauss Quotes Allison Krauss Musician 1971
Stanley Kubrick Quotes Stanley Kubrick Director 1928
Stanley Kunitz Quotes Stanley Kunitz Poet 1905
Oscar de la Renta Quotes Oscar de la Renta Designer 1932
Steve Lacy Quotes Steve Lacy Musician 1934
Cheryl Ladd Quotes Cheryl Ladd Actress 1951
James Lafferty Actor 1985
John Lahr Critic 1941
Willis Lamb Quotes Willis Lamb Scientist 1913
Ali Landry Quotes Ali Landry Model 1973
John Larson Quotes John Larson Politician 1948
John B. Larson Quotes John B. Larson Politician 1948
Emma Lazarus Quotes Emma Lazarus Poet 1849
Norman Lear Quotes Norman Lear Producer 1922
Geddy Lee Quotes Geddy Lee Musician 1953
John Leguizamo Quotes John Leguizamo Comedian 1964
Carol Leifer Quotes Carol Leifer Comedian 1956
Monica Lewinsky Quotes Monica Lewinsky Celebrity 1973
Bob Lilly Athlete 1939
Ted Lindsay Quotes Ted Lindsay Athlete 1925
Jesse Livermore Quotes Jesse Livermore Businessman 1877
Lindsay Lohan Quotes Lindsay Lohan Actress 1986
Jennifer Lopez Quotes Jennifer Lopez Musician 1970
Lori Loughlin Quotes Lori Loughlin Actress 1964
James Lovelock Quotes James Lovelock Scientist 1919
Jon Lovitz Quotes Jon Lovitz Actor 1957
Malcolm Lowry Quotes Malcolm Lowry Poet 1909
Antonio Machado Quotes Antonio Machado Poet 1875
John Gresham Machen Quotes John Gresham Machen Theologian 1881
Daniel Mainwaring Novelist 1902
Karl Malone Quotes Karl Malone Athlete 1963
Rudolph A. Marcus Quotes Rudolph A. Marcus Scientist 1923
Chris Marker Director 1921
Don Marquis Quotes Don Marquis Poet 1878
Alfred Marshall Quotes Alfred Marshall Economist 1842
Thurgood Marshall Quotes Thurgood Marshall Judge 1908
Alvin Martin Quotes Alvin Martin Athlete 1958
Judy Martz Politician 1943
Mireille Mathieu Quotes Mireille Mathieu Musician 1946
Andre Maurois Writer 1885
Martina McBride Quotes Martina McBride Musician 1966
Cormac McCarthy Writer 1933
Claire McCaskill Quotes Claire McCaskill Politician 1953
Edie McClurg Quotes Edie McClurg Actress 1951
Bill McCollum Quotes Bill McCollum Politician 1944
Robert McFarlane Public Servant 1937
Marshall McLuhan Quotes Marshall McLuhan Sociologist 1911
Julian McMahon Quotes Julian McMahon Actor 1968
Christine McVie Musician 1943
Gregor Mendel Quotes Gregor Mendel Scientist 1822
Karl A. Menninger Quotes Karl A. Menninger Psychologist 1893
Barbara Mikulski Quotes Barbara Mikulski Politician 1936
Jonathan Miller Quotes Jonathan Miller Entertainer 1934
Alice Duer Miller Quotes Alice Duer Miller Poet 1874
Kelly Miller Sociologist 1863
Helen Mirren Quotes Helen Mirren Actress 1945
Joseph Mitchell Writer 1908
Thurston Moore Quotes Thurston Moore Musician 1958
Ferdinand Mount Writer 1939
Mick Mulvaney Quotes Mick Mulvaney Politician 1967
Walter Murch Quotes Walter Murch Editor 1943
Benito Mussolini Quotes Benito Mussolini Politician 1883
Riccardo Muti Celebrity 1941
Catherine Ndereba Quotes Catherine Ndereba Athlete 1972
John Negroponte Quotes John Negroponte Diplomat 1939
Pablo Neruda Quotes Pablo Neruda Writer 1904
John Newton Quotes John Newton Soldier 1725
Max Nordau Critic 1849
Charlie Norwood Quotes Charlie Norwood Politician 1941
Pat Oliphant Cartoonist 1935
Tony Oliva Quotes Tony Oliva Athlete 1940
William Osler Quotes William Osler Scientist 1849
Richard Owen Quotes Richard Owen Scientist 1804
Nam June Paik Quotes Nam June Paik Artist 1932
Anna Paquin Quotes Anna Paquin Actress 1982
Robert M. Parker, Jr. Critic 1947
Maxfield Parrish Quotes Maxfield Parrish Artist 1870
Coventry Patmore Quotes Coventry Patmore Poet 1823
Alexandra Paul Quotes Alexandra Paul Actress 1963
Walter Payton Quotes Walter Payton Athlete 1954
Aaron Peirsol Quotes Aaron Peirsol Athlete 1983
Troy Perry Quotes Troy Perry Clergyman 1940
Jeremy Piven Quotes Jeremy Piven Actor 1965
Karl Popper Quotes Karl Popper Philosopher 1902
Franka Potente Quotes Franka Potente Actress 1974
Beatrix Potter Quotes Beatrix Potter Author 1866
Matthew Prior Quotes Matthew Prior Poet 1664
Marc Racicot Politician 1948
Daniel Radcliffe Quotes Daniel Radcliffe Actor 1989
Pee Wee Reese Quotes Pee Wee Reese Athlete 1918
Karel Reisz Director 1926
Brad Renfro Quotes Brad Renfro Actor 1982
Janet Reno Quotes Janet Reno Public Servant 1938
Claudio Reyna Quotes Claudio Reyna Athlete 1973
Ruggiero Ricci Quotes Ruggiero Ricci Musician 1918
Beah Richards Quotes Beah Richards Actress 1926
Michael Richards Quotes Michael Richards Actor 1948
Elliot Richardson Quotes Elliot Richardson Lawyer 1920
Diana Rigg Quotes Diana Rigg Actress 1938
Tom Robbins Quotes Tom Robbins Author 1936
Alex Rodriguez Quotes Alex Rodriguez Athlete 1975
Michelle Rodriguez Quotes Michelle Rodriguez Actress 1978
Richard Rogers Quotes Richard Rogers Architect 1933
Sigmund Romberg Quotes Sigmund Romberg Composer 1887
Leonard Rose Quotes Leonard Rose Musician 1918
Cynthia Rowley Designer 1958
William Ruckelshaus Quotes William Ruckelshaus Lawyer 1932
Maya Rudolph Quotes Maya Rudolph Actress 1972
John Salazar Quotes John Salazar Politician 1953
Eriq La Salle Quotes Eriq La Salle Actor 1962
Gus Van Sant Quotes Gus Van Sant Director 1952
Carlos Santana Quotes Carlos Santana Musician 1947
Bob Schaffer Quotes Bob Schaffer Politician 1962
Otto Schily Public Servant 1932
Paul Schrader Quotes Paul Schrader Director 1946
Bruno Schulz Quotes Bruno Schulz Novelist 1892
Tony Scott Quotes Tony Scott Director 1944
Haile Selassie Quotes Haile Selassie Statesman 1892
Yahoo Serious Director 1953
Arthur Seyss-Inquart Quotes Arthur Seyss-Inquart Soldier 1892
George Bernard Shaw Quotes George Bernard Shaw Dramatist 1856
Jean Shepherd Quotes Jean Shepherd Writer 1921
Bobby Sherman Quotes Bobby Sherman Musician 1943
Ron Silver Quotes Ron Silver Actor 1946
Richard Simmons Quotes Richard Simmons Celebrity 1948
Keeth Smart Quotes Keeth Smart Athlete 1978
F. E. Smith Quotes F. E. Smith Statesman 1872
Kevin Spacey Quotes Kevin Spacey Actor 1959
David Spade Quotes David Spade Actor 1964
Terence Stamp Quotes Terence Stamp Actor 1939
Ken Starr Quotes Ken Starr Lawyer 1946
Kenneth Starr Quotes Kenneth Starr Lawyer 1946
Isaac Stern Quotes Isaac Stern Musician 1920
Craig Stevens Quotes Craig Stevens Athlete 1980
Cat Stevens Quotes Cat Stevens Musician 1948
Richard H. Stoddard Critic 1825
Simeon Strunsky Writer 1879
Sally Struthers Quotes Sally Struthers Actress 1948
Keith Sweat Quotes Keith Sweat Musician 1961
David Swift Director 1919
Wislawa Szymborska Quotes Wislawa Szymborska Poet 1923
Junichiro Tanizaki Quotes Junichiro Tanizaki Author 1886
Booth Tarkington Quotes Booth Tarkington Novelist 1869
Paul Taylor Dancer 1930
Dave Thomas Businessman 1932
Kevin Thomas Athlete 1978
Henry David Thoreau Quotes Henry David Thoreau Author 1817
Howard Thurston Quotes Howard Thurston Celebrity 1869
Ashley Tisdale Quotes Ashley Tisdale Actress 1985
Alexis de Tocqueville Quotes Alexis de Tocqueville Historian 1805
Robert Toombs Quotes Robert Toombs Politician 1810
Alex Trebek Quotes Alex Trebek Entertainer 1940
Garry Trudeau Quotes Garry Trudeau Cartoonist 1948
Richard Trumka Quotes Richard Trumka Activist 1949
Charles Tupper Quotes Charles Tupper Statesman 1821
Julia Gardiner Tyler Quotes Julia Gardiner Tyler First Lady 1820
Amy Vanderbilt Author 1908
Nana Visitor Quotes Nana Visitor Actress 1957
Diana Vreeland Quotes Diana Vreeland Editor 1906
Rufus Wainwright Quotes Rufus Wainwright Musician 1973
Stephen M. Walt Quotes Stephen M. Walt Educator 1955
David Warner Quotes David Warner Actor 1941
Paul Watzlawick Quotes Paul Watzlawick Psychologist 1921
William Weaver Author 1923
Amy Weber Actress 1972
Frank Wedekind Quotes Frank Wedekind Playwright 1864
Michael Welch Actor 1987
Curt Weldon Quotes Curt Weldon Politician 1947
Paul Wellstone Politician 1944
Donald E. Westlake Quotes Donald E. Westlake Writer 1933
Wil Wheaton Quotes Wil Wheaton Actor 1972
John Whitehead 1948
Margaret Whiting Quotes Margaret Whiting Musician 1924
Jordyn Wieber Quotes Jordyn Wieber Athlete 1995
Michael Wilding Actor 1912
Paul Williams Quotes Paul Williams 1939
Anthony A. Williams Politician 1951
Robin Williams Quotes Robin Williams Comedian 1952
Shirley Williams Quotes Shirley Williams Politician 1930
Olivia Williams Quotes Olivia Williams Actress 1968
Torrie Wilson Quotes Torrie Wilson Celebrity 1975
Natalie Wood Quotes Natalie Wood Actress 1938
Rick Wright Quotes Rick Wright Musician 1945
Andrew Wyeth Quotes Andrew Wyeth Artist 1917
Kristi Yamaguchi Quotes Kristi Yamaguchi Athlete 1971
Donnie Yen Quotes Donnie Yen Actor 1963
Geoffrey Zakarian Quotes Geoffrey Zakarian Chef 1959
Slash Quotes Slash Musician 1965
Petrarch Quotes Petrarch Poet 1304
Gallagher Comedian 1946