Authors Born on July, 1st

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July, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Willie Aames Actor 1960
Nicola Abbagnano Philosopher 1901
Berenice Abbott Quotes Berenice Abbott Photographer 1898
John Quincy Adams Quotes John Quincy Adams President 1767
Phillip Adams Quotes Phillip Adams Writer 1939
Kim Alexis Model 1960
Wally Amos Businessman 1936
Roald Amundsen Quotes Roald Amundsen Explorer 1872
Elena Anaya Quotes Elena Anaya Actress 1975
Pamela Anderson Quotes Pamela Anderson Actress 1967
Jean-Bertrand Aristide Quotes Jean-Bertrand Aristide Statesman 1953
Giorgio Armani Quotes Giorgio Armani Designer 1934
Rudolf Arnheim Quotes Rudolf Arnheim Artist 1904
Timothy Garton Ash Quotes Timothy Garton Ash Author 1955
Arthur Ashe Quotes Arthur Ashe Athlete 1943
Les Aspin Quotes Les Aspin Politician 1938
John Jacob Astor Quotes John Jacob Astor Businessman 1763
Alan Autry Actor 1952
Dan Aykroyd Quotes Dan Aykroyd Comedian 1952
Isaac Babel Quotes Isaac Babel Journalist 1894
Harvey Ball Quotes Harvey Ball Celebrity 1921
Kristen Bell Quotes Kristen Bell Actress 1980
Tibor Benedek Athlete 1972
Peter Benenson Quotes Peter Benenson Lawyer 1921
Walter Benjamin Quotes Walter Benjamin Critic 1892
William Bennett Quotes William Bennett Politician 1943
Edmund Clerihew Bentley Journalist 1875
Ingmar Bergman Quotes Ingmar Bergman Director 1918
Milton Berle Quotes Milton Berle Comedian 1908
Claude Bernard Quotes Claude Bernard Psychologist 1813
Claude Berri Director 1934
Pierre Berton Quotes Pierre Berton Author 1920
Mary McLeod Bethune Quotes Mary McLeod Bethune Educator 1875
Michael Biehn Quotes Michael Biehn Actor 1956
Harrison Birtwistle Quotes Harrison Birtwistle Composer 1934
Julie Bishop Quotes Julie Bishop Politician 1956
Rob Bishop Politician 1951
James W. Black Scientist 1924
Karen Black Quotes Karen Black Actress 1939
William Blackstone Quotes William Blackstone Judge 1723
Ruben Blades Quotes Ruben Blades Musician 1948
Harold Bloom Critic 1930
Edward Bond Quotes Edward Bond Playwright 1934
Lizzie Andrew Borden Quotes Lizzie Andrew Borden Celebrity 1860
Robert Bourassa Quotes Robert Bourassa Politician 1933
Thomas Bowdler Quotes Thomas Bowdler Scientist 1754
Paul D. Boyer Scientist 1918
Richard Branson Quotes Richard Branson Businessman 1950
Andre Braugher Actor 1962
David Brinkley Quotes David Brinkley Journalist 1920
James Brolin Quotes James Brolin Actor 1940
Anita Brookner Historian 1938
Scott Brooks Quotes Scott Brooks Coach 1965
David R. Brower Quotes David R. Brower Environmentalist 1912
Dennis Brown Quotes Dennis Brown Musician 1999
Anatole Broyard Quotes Anatole Broyard Critic 1920
Yul Brynner Quotes Yul Brynner Actor 1915
Frederick Buechner Quotes Frederick Buechner Clergyman 1926
Genevieve Bujold Actress 1942
Thomas Bulfinch Quotes Thomas Bulfinch Writer 1796
Heinrich Bullinger Quotes Heinrich Bullinger Clergyman 1504
Mark Burnett Quotes Mark Burnett Businessman 1960
Kofi Busia Quotes Kofi Busia Statesman 1913
Geezer Butler Quotes Geezer Butler Musician 1949
Dick Button Quotes Dick Button Athlete 1929
Ryan Cabrera Quotes Ryan Cabrera Musician 1982
James Cagney Quotes James Cagney Actor 1899
James M. Cain Quotes James M. Cain Novelist 1892
Dean Cain Quotes Dean Cain Actor 1966
Mary Calderone Quotes Mary Calderone Scientist 1904
John Calvin Quotes John Calvin Theologian 1509
Arthur Capper Quotes Arthur Capper Politician 1865
Russ Carnahan Politician 1958
Leslie Caron Quotes Leslie Caron Actress 1931
Diahann Carroll Quotes Diahann Carroll Actress 1935
Lisa Nicole Carson Actress 1969
Lord Edward Cecil Quotes Lord Edward Cecil Soldier 1867
Brian Celio Novelist 1981
Owen Chamberlain Quotes Owen Chamberlain Scientist 1920
Robert Chambers Writer 1802
Will Champion Quotes Will Champion Musician 1978
John Chancellor Quotes John Chancellor Journalist 1927
Happy Chandler Quotes Happy Chandler Politician 1898
Geraldine Chaplin Quotes Geraldine Chaplin Actress 1944
Craig Charles Quotes Craig Charles Actor 1964
Brandi Chastain Quotes Brandi Chastain Athlete 1968
Kalpana Chawla Quotes Kalpana Chawla Astronaut 1961
Victor Cherbuliez Novelist 1829
Giorgio de Chirico Quotes Giorgio de Chirico Artist 1888
John Clare Quotes John Clare Poet 1793
Corey Clark Quotes Corey Clark Celebrity 1980
Frances Cleveland Quotes Frances Cleveland First Lady 1864
Van Cliburn Quotes Van Cliburn Musician 1934
Jim Clyburn Quotes Jim Clyburn Politician 1940
Larry Cohen Director 1941
Henry Cole Quotes Henry Cole Public Servant 1808
Doug Collins Quotes Doug Collins Athlete 1951
Didi Conn Actress 1951
Michael Connelly Quotes Michael Connelly Author 1956
Robert Conquest Historian 1917
Norman Cook Quotes Norman Cook Musician 1963
Wendy Cope Poet 1945
Stewart Copeland Quotes Stewart Copeland Musician 1952
Robert Cormier Quotes Robert Cormier Author 1925
Bill Cosby Quotes Bill Cosby Comedian 1937
Margaret Smith Court Quotes Margaret Smith Court Athlete 1942
Deborah Cox Quotes Deborah Cox Musician 1973
Roger Craig Athlete 1960
Hart Crane Quotes Hart Crane Poet 1899
Donald Creighton Historian 1902
Hume Cronyn Quotes Hume Cronyn Actor 1911
Dennis Crosby Quotes Dennis Crosby Actor 1934
Cameron Crowe Quotes Cameron Crowe Director 1957
Mark Cuban Quotes Mark Cuban Businessman 1958
Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes Benedict Cumberbatch Actor 1976
Clive Cussler Writer 1931
William Dampier Quotes William Dampier Explorer 1908
Andre Dawson Quotes Andre Dawson Athlete 1954
Edgar Degas Quotes Edgar Degas Artist 1834
Desmond Dekker Quotes Desmond Dekker Musician 1941
Bill Delahunt Quotes Bill Delahunt Politician 1941
Jacques Derrida Quotes Jacques Derrida Philosopher 1930
Princess Diana Quotes Princess Diana Royalty 1961
Jose de Diego Quotes Jose de Diego Poet 1918
Vin Diesel Quotes Vin Diesel Actor 1967
Kenelm Digby Quotes Kenelm Digby Celebrity 1603
Phyllis Diller Quotes Phyllis Diller Comedian 1917
Jonathan Dimbleby Writer 1944
David Dinkins Quotes David Dinkins Politician 1927
Ronnie James Dio Quotes Ronnie James Dio Musician 1942
Willie Dixon Quotes Willie Dixon Musician 1915
Cory Doctorow Quotes Cory Doctorow Journalist 1971
Thomas A. Dorsey Quotes Thomas A. Dorsey Musician 1899
Jerry Doyle Quotes Jerry Doyle Actor 1956
Jean Dubuffet Quotes Jean Dubuffet Artist 1901
David Duke Quotes David Duke Celebrity 1950
Finley Peter Dunne Quotes Finley Peter Dunne Journalist 1867
Buenaventura Durruti Quotes Buenaventura Durruti Revolutionary 1896
Esther Dyson Quotes Esther Dyson Scientist 1951
George Dzundza Actor 1945
George Eastman Quotes George Eastman Inventor 1854
Mary Baker Eddy Quotes Mary Baker Eddy Theologian 1821
Anthony Edwards Quotes Anthony Edwards Actor 1962
Atom Egoyan Quotes Atom Egoyan Director 1960
Chiwetel Ejiofor Quotes Chiwetel Ejiofor Actor 1974
Missy Elliot Quotes Missy Elliot Musician 1971
Buchi Emecheta Novelist 1944
John Ericsson Quotes John Ericsson Inventor 1803
Mari Evans Poet 1923
Ron Fairly Quotes Ron Fairly Athlete 1938
Nick Faldo Quotes Nick Faldo Athlete 1957
Jamie Farr Quotes Jamie Farr Actor 1934
Douglas Feith Quotes Douglas Feith Public Servant 1953
Corey Feldman Quotes Corey Feldman Actor 1971
Abel Ferrara Quotes Abel Ferrara Director 1951
Will Ferrell Quotes Will Ferrell Comedian 1967
Dorothy Fields Quotes Dorothy Fields Musician 1905
Gerald Finzi Quotes Gerald Finzi Composer 1901
Robert Fisk Quotes Robert Fisk Journalist 1946
Michael Flatley Quotes Michael Flatley Dancer 1958
Bela Fleck Quotes Bela Fleck Musician 1958
Scott Foley Actor 1972
Steve Forbes Quotes Steve Forbes Businessman 1947
Harrison Ford Quotes Harrison Ford Actor 1942
Gerald R. Ford Quotes Gerald R. Ford President 1913
Claire Forlani Quotes Claire Forlani Actress 1972
Nathan Bedford Forrest Quotes Nathan Bedford Forrest Soldier 1821
Robert Forster Quotes Robert Forster Actor 1941
Matthew Fox Quotes Matthew Fox Actor 1966
Milton Friedman Quotes Milton Friedman Economist 1912
Anna Friel Quotes Anna Friel Actress 1976
Charles Frohman Quotes Charles Frohman Producer 1860
Northrop Frye Quotes Northrop Frye Critic 1912
R. Buckminster Fuller Quotes R. Buckminster Fuller Inventor 1895
John Gallagher Businessman 1916
Tim Gane Musician 1964
John Gardner Novelist 1933
Howard Gardner Psychologist 1943
Gareth Gates Musician 1984
Sunil Gavaskar Quotes Sunil Gavaskar Athlete 1949
Elbridge Gerry Quotes Elbridge Gerry Politician 1744
Jonathan Gilbert Actor 1968
Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes Elizabeth Gilbert Novelist 1969
Ron Glass Quotes Ron Glass Actor 1945
John Glenn Quotes John Glenn Astronaut 1921
Evelyn Glennie Quotes Evelyn Glennie Musician 1965
Seth Godin Quotes Seth Godin Writer 1960
Sarah Good Celebrity 1655
Seth Gordon Quotes Seth Gordon Director 1974
Alan Gorrie Musician 1946
Gordon Gould Quotes Gordon Gould Physicist 1920
Curt Gowdy Celebrity 1919
Topher Grace Quotes Topher Grace Actor 1978
Phil Graham Quotes Phil Graham Businessman 1915
Sprague Grayden Quotes Sprague Grayden Actress 1980
Brian Austin Green Quotes Brian Austin Green Actor 1973
Adrian Grenier Quotes Adrian Grenier Actor 1976
Richard Griffiths Actor 1947
Erwin Griswold Quotes Erwin Griswold Lawyer 1904
Stanislav Grof Quotes Stanislav Grof Psychologist 1931
Andrei A. Gromyko Quotes Andrei A. Gromyko Politician 1909
Arlo Guthrie Quotes Arlo Guthrie Musician 1947
Woody Guthrie Quotes Woody Guthrie Musician 1912
Joseph Hall Clergyman 1574
Lawrence Halprin Quotes Lawrence Halprin Architect 1916
Natasha Hamilton Quotes Natasha Hamilton Musician 1982
Oscar Hammerstein Quotes Oscar Hammerstein Writer 1895
Debbie Harry Quotes Debbie Harry Musician 1945
Albert Bushnell Hart Quotes Albert Bushnell Hart Historian 1854
David Hasselhoff Quotes David Hasselhoff Actor 1952
Mark Hatfield Quotes Mark Hatfield Politician 1922
Olivia De Havilland Quotes Olivia De Havilland Actress 1916
S. I. Hayakawa Politician 1906
J. D. Hayworth Quotes J. D. Hayworth Politician 1958
Arthur Helps Quotes Arthur Helps Historian 1813
Ernest Hemingway Quotes Ernest Hemingway Novelist 1899
Jerry Herman Quotes Jerry Herman Composer 1933
Alexis Herman Public Servant 1947
Daniel H. Hill Quotes Daniel H. Hill Soldier 1821
Ian Hislop Quotes Ian Hislop Editor 1960
Roald Hoffmann Quotes Roald Hoffmann Scientist 1937
Trevor Horn Quotes Trevor Horn Musician 1949
Laurence Housman Playwright 1865
Arianna Huffington Quotes Arianna Huffington Journalist 1950
Tab Hunter Quotes Tab Hunter Actor 1931
Anne Hutchinson Quotes Anne Hutchinson Clergyman 1591
Oscar Hammerstein II Quotes Oscar Hammerstein II Musician 1895
Miguel Indurain Quotes Miguel Indurain Athlete 1964
Jack Irons Quotes Jack Irons Musician 1962
Shoeless Joe Jackson Quotes Shoeless Joe Jackson Athlete 1889
Max Jacob Quotes Max Jacob Poet 1876
Elizabeth Jennings Poet 1926
Norman Jewison Quotes Norman Jewison Director 1926
Jimmy Johnson Coach 1943
Adam Johnson Quotes Adam Johnson Writer 1967
Hank Jones Quotes Hank Jones Musician 1918
Stanley Jordan Quotes Stanley Jordan Musician 1959
Lionel Jospin Quotes Lionel Jospin Statesman 1937
Leon Jouhaux Quotes Leon Jouhaux Leader 1879
William Strunk, Jr. Writer 1869
Alex Karras Quotes Alex Karras Athlete 1935
Walter Kaufmann Philosopher 1921
John B. Keane Playwright 1928
Gottfried Keller Quotes Gottfried Keller Writer 1819
Jack Kemp Quotes Jack Kemp Politician 1935
Claudia Kennedy Quotes Claudia Kennedy Soldier 1947
Patrick J. Kennedy Quotes Patrick J. Kennedy Politician 1967
Tom Kenny Quotes Tom Kenny Actor 1962
James Kent Judge 1763
Jean Kerr Playwright 1923
Ayatollah Khamenei Quotes Ayatollah Khamenei Statesman 1939
Mohammed Daud Khan Quotes Mohammed Daud Khan Statesman 1909
Gustav Klimt Quotes Gustav Klimt Artist 1862
Don Knotts Quotes Don Knotts Actor 1924
Diane Kruger Quotes Diane Kruger Model 1976
Thomas Kuhn Quotes Thomas Kuhn Writer 1922
Irv Kupcinet Quotes Irv Kupcinet Journalist 1912
Cheryl Ladd Quotes Cheryl Ladd Actress 1951
Jhumpa Lahiri Author 1967
Jhumoa Lahiri Author 1967
John Lahr Critic 1941
Willis Lamb Quotes Willis Lamb Scientist 1913
Ali Landry Quotes Ali Landry Model 1973
Franklin Knight Lane Quotes Franklin Knight Lane Politician 1864
Charles Laughton Quotes Charles Laughton Actor 1899
Margaret Laurence Quotes Margaret Laurence Novelist 1926
Arthur Laurents Quotes Arthur Laurents Playwright 1918
Jerome Lawrence Playwright 1915
Jack Layton Quotes Jack Layton Politician 1950
Ivy Lee Quotes Ivy Lee Writer 1877
Barbara Lee Quotes Barbara Lee Politician 1946
Gottfried Leibniz Quotes Gottfried Leibniz Philosopher 1646
Thomas Leonard Businessman 1955
Primo Levi Quotes Primo Levi Scientist 1919
Carl Lewis Quotes Carl Lewis Athlete 1961
Georg C. Lichtenberg Quotes Georg C. Lichtenberg Scientist 1742
Trygve Lie Quotes Trygve Lie Politician 1896
Art Linkletter Quotes Art Linkletter Journalist 1912
Dan Lipinski Politician 1966
Gabriel Lippmann Quotes Gabriel Lippmann Scientist 1921
Jon Lovitz Quotes Jon Lovitz Actor 1957
Nelson Mandela Quotes Nelson Mandela Statesman 1918
Rudolph A. Marcus Quotes Rudolph A. Marcus Scientist 1923
Herbert Marcuse Quotes Herbert Marcuse Philosopher 1898
Cheech Marin Quotes Cheech Marin Comedian 1946
Ed Markey Quotes Ed Markey Politician 1946
Frederick Marryat Quotes Frederick Marryat Novelist 1792
Susana Martinez Quotes Susana Martinez Politician 1959
Kurt Masur Quotes Kurt Masur Musician 1927
Brian May Quotes Brian May Musician 1947
Julian May Writer 1931
Vladimir Mayakovsky Quotes Vladimir Mayakovsky Poet 1893
Tom McClintock Quotes Tom McClintock Politician 1956
Bill McCollum Quotes Bill McCollum Politician 1944
Robert McFarlane Public Servant 1937
Elizabeth McGovern Quotes Elizabeth McGovern Actress 1961
George McGovern Quotes George McGovern Politician 1922
Roger McGuinn Quotes Roger McGuinn Musician 1942
Dalton McGuinty Quotes Dalton McGuinty Politician 1955
Marshall McLuhan Quotes Marshall McLuhan Sociologist 1911
Christine McVie Musician 1943
Angela Merkel Quotes Angela Merkel Statesman 1954
David Miliband Quotes David Miliband Politician 1965
Kenneth R. Miller Quotes Kenneth R. Miller Scientist 1948
Jonathan Miller Quotes Jonathan Miller Entertainer 1934
Clement Clarke Moore Quotes Clement Clarke Moore Writer 1779
John Motson Quotes John Motson Celebrity 1945
Johannes P. Muller Quotes Johannes P. Muller Scientist 1801
Mick Mulvaney Quotes Mick Mulvaney Politician 1967
Alice Munro Quotes Alice Munro Writer 1931
Walter Murch Quotes Walter Murch Editor 1943
Iris Murdoch Quotes Iris Murdoch Author 1919
Margaret Murray Quotes Margaret Murray Scientist 1863
Bess Myerson Model 1924
Jan Myrdal Quotes Jan Myrdal Author 1927
Ilie Nastase Quotes Ilie Nastase Athlete 1946
Catherine Ndereba Quotes Catherine Ndereba Athlete 1972
John Negroponte Quotes John Negroponte Diplomat 1939
Harriet Nelson Quotes Harriet Nelson Actress 1909
Pablo Neruda Quotes Pablo Neruda Writer 1904
Brigitte Nielsen Quotes Brigitte Nielsen Actress 1963
Ruud van Nistelrooy Quotes Ruud van Nistelrooy Athlete 1976
George William Norris Quotes George William Norris Politician 1861
Lord Northcliffe Publisher 1865
Clifford Odets Quotes Clifford Odets Playwright 1906
Bruce Oldfield Quotes Bruce Oldfield Designer 1950
Carl Olson Athlete 1928
Carl Orff Quotes Carl Orff Composer 1895
William Osler Quotes William Osler Scientist 1849
Emmeline Pankhurst Quotes Emmeline Pankhurst Activist 1858
Vilfredo Pareto Quotes Vilfredo Pareto Economist 1848
Molly Parker Quotes Molly Parker Actress 1972
Donald M. Payne Quotes Donald M. Payne Politician 1934
Adam Petty Quotes Adam Petty Celebrity 1980
Charles Pierce Entertainer 1926
Peace Pilgrim Quotes Peace Pilgrim Activist 1908
Camille Pissarro Quotes Camille Pissarro Artist 1830
Sydney Pollack Quotes Sydney Pollack Director 1934
Munshi Premchand Quotes Munshi Premchand Writer 1880
Matthew Prior Quotes Matthew Prior Poet 1664
Marcel Proust Quotes Marcel Proust Author 1871
David Prowse Quotes David Prowse Actor 1935
Paul Prudhomme Quotes Paul Prudhomme Celebrity 1940
Hilary Putnam Quotes Hilary Putnam Philosopher 1926
Pasquier Quesnel Theologian 1634
Sally Quinn Quotes Sally Quinn Journalist 1941
Henrique Capriles Radonski Quotes Henrique Capriles Radonski Politician 1972
Orville Redenbacher Businessman 1907
Martha Reeves Quotes Martha Reeves Musician 1941
Karel Reisz Director 1926
Janet Reno Quotes Janet Reno Public Servant 1938
Joshua Reynolds Quotes Joshua Reynolds Artist 1723
Beah Richards Quotes Beah Richards Actress 1926
Michael Richards Quotes Michael Richards Actor 1948
Scott Ritter Quotes Scott Ritter Public Servant 1961
Michelle Rodriguez Quotes Michelle Rodriguez Actress 1978
Ginger Rogers Quotes Ginger Rogers Actress 1911
Mike Rogers Politician 1958
Linda Ronstadt Quotes Linda Ronstadt Musician 1946
Michael Rosenbaum Quotes Michael Rosenbaum Actor 1972
J. K. Rowling Quotes J. K. Rowling Author 1965
Erno Rubik Quotes Erno Rubik Inventor 1944
Jerry Rubin Quotes Jerry Rubin Activist 1938
Richard Russo Quotes Richard Russo Novelist 1949
Tim Ryan Politician 1973
John Salazar Quotes John Salazar Politician 1953
Juan Antonio Samaranch Quotes Juan Antonio Samaranch Celebrity 1920
Richie Sambora Quotes Richie Sambora Musician 1959
George Sand Quotes George Sand Novelist 1804
Barry Sanders Quotes Barry Sanders Athlete 1968
Thomas J. Sargent Quotes Thomas J. Sargent Economist 1943
Nathalie Sarraute Quotes Nathalie Sarraute Lawyer 1900
Adam Savage Quotes Adam Savage Entertainer 1967
George Savile Politician 1726
Fred Schneider Quotes Fred Schneider Musician 1951
Howard Schultz Quotes Howard Schultz Businessman 1953
Bruno Schulz Quotes Bruno Schulz Novelist 1892
Ashley Scott Quotes Ashley Scott Actress 1977
Tony Scott Quotes Tony Scott Director 1944
Campbell Scott Quotes Campbell Scott Actor 1961
William Scranton Quotes William Scranton Politician 1917
Lea Seydoux Quotes Lea Seydoux Actress 1985
Stanley Shapiro Writer 1925
Fiona Shaw Quotes Fiona Shaw Actress 1958
Robert Sheckley Quotes Robert Sheckley Author 1928
Cindy Sheehan Quotes Cindy Sheehan Activist 1957
Joe Shuster Quotes Joe Shuster Artist 1914
Brian Sibley Quotes Brian Sibley Writer 1949
Joel Silver Quotes Joel Silver Producer 1952
Richard Simmons Quotes Richard Simmons Celebrity 1948
Jessica Simpson Quotes Jessica Simpson Musician 1980
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quotes Isaac Bashevis Singer Novelist 1904
Ricky Skaggs Quotes Ricky Skaggs Musician 1954
Red Skelton Quotes Red Skelton Comedian 1913
F. E. Smith Quotes F. E. Smith Statesman 1872
Wesley Snipes Quotes Wesley Snipes Actor 1962
Javier Solana Quotes Javier Solana Politician 1942
Brett Somers Quotes Brett Somers Actress 1924
Wole Soyinka Quotes Wole Soyinka Dramatist 1934
Leon Spinks Quotes Leon Spinks Athlete 1953
Jean Stafford Quotes Jean Stafford Writer 1915
Harry Dean Stanton Quotes Harry Dean Stanton Actor 1926
Barbara Stanwyck Quotes Barbara Stanwyck Actress 1907
Ken Starr Quotes Ken Starr Lawyer 1946
Kenneth Starr Quotes Kenneth Starr Lawyer 1946
Mattie Stepanek Poet 1990
Bill Stern Actor 1907
Isaac Stern Quotes Isaac Stern Musician 1920
Cat Stevens Quotes Cat Stevens Musician 1948
Patrick Stewart Quotes Patrick Stewart Actor 1940
David Storey Novelist 1933
J. Michael Straczynski Quotes J. Michael Straczynski Producer 1954
Donald Sutherland Quotes Donald Sutherland Actor 1935
Neil Tennant Quotes Neil Tennant Musician 1954
Sheri S. Tepper Author 1929
William Makepeace Thackeray Quotes William Makepeace Thackeray Novelist 1811
Twyla Tharp Quotes Twyla Tharp Dancer 1941
William Irwin Thompson Quotes William Irwin Thompson Philosopher 1938
Hunter S. Thompson Quotes Hunter S. Thompson Journalist 1937
Henry David Thoreau Quotes Henry David Thoreau Author 1817
Dick Thornburgh Quotes Dick Thornburgh Politician 1932
Johnny Thunders Quotes Johnny Thunders Musician 1952
Joe Torre Quotes Joe Torre Athlete 1940
Garry Trudeau Quotes Garry Trudeau Cartoonist 1948
Kathleen Turner Quotes Kathleen Turner Actress 1954
Mark Udall Quotes Mark Udall Politician 1950
Suzanne Vega Quotes Suzanne Vega Musician 1959
Simone Veil Quotes Simone Veil Lawyer 1927
Jesse Ventura Quotes Jesse Ventura Politician 1952
Sofia Vergara Quotes Sofia Vergara Model 1972
George Voinovich Quotes George Voinovich Politician 1936
John Wanamaker Quotes John Wanamaker Businessman 1838
Sela Ward Quotes Sela Ward Actress 1956
Isaac Watts Quotes Isaac Watts Politician 1674
Warren Weaver Scientist 1894
William Weld Quotes William Weld Politician 1945
Bill Weld Quotes Bill Weld Politician 1945
Gideon Welles Quotes Gideon Welles Soldier 1802
Ida B. Wells Quotes Ida B. Wells Activist 1862
Paul Wellstone Politician 1944
Jessamyn West Author 1902
Donald E. Westlake Quotes Donald E. Westlake Writer 1933
James Whistler Artist 1834
Forest Whitaker Quotes Forest Whitaker Actor 1961
E. B. White Quotes E. B. White Writer 1899
Gilbert White Quotes Gilbert White Scientist 1720
Gough Whitlam Quotes Gough Whitlam Statesman 1916
Jordyn Wieber Quotes Jordyn Wieber Athlete 1995
Geoffrey Wilkinson Quotes Geoffrey Wilkinson Scientist 1921
Robin Williams Quotes Robin Williams Comedian 1952
Chill Wills Quotes Chill Wills Actor 1903
Charles Erwin Wilson Businessman 1890
Joe Wilson Politician 1947
Robert Winston Quotes Robert Winston Scientist 1940
Alex Winter Quotes Alex Winter Actor 1965
Owen Wister Quotes Owen Wister Writer 1860
Sam Wood Quotes Sam Wood Director 1883
Caroline Wozniacki Quotes Caroline Wozniacki Athlete 1990
Elizabeth Wurtzel Quotes Elizabeth Wurtzel Writer 1967
Andrew Wyeth Quotes Andrew Wyeth Artist 1917
William Wyler Quotes William Wyler Director 1902
Liu Xiang Quotes Liu Xiang Athlete 1983
Rosalyn S. Yalow Quotes Rosalyn S. Yalow Scientist 1921
Kristi Yamaguchi Quotes Kristi Yamaguchi Athlete 1971
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Quotes Yevgeny Yevtushenko Poet 1933
Whitney M. Young Quotes Whitney M. Young Activist 1921
Waldemar Young Writer 1878
Harry von Zell Quotes Harry von Zell Actor 1906