Authors Born on January, 9st

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January, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Dogen Quotes Dogen Leader 1200
Edward Abbey Quotes Edward Abbey Author 1927
Lascelles Abercrombie Poet 1881
John Adair Quotes John Adair Politician 1757
Robert Adamson Philosopher 1852
Lord Amherst Quotes Lord Amherst Soldier 1717
Matthew Ashford Actor 1960
Arthur Baer Journalist 1886
Joan Baez Quotes Joan Baez Musician 1941
Derek Bailey Quotes Derek Bailey Musician 1932
George Balanchine Quotes George Balanchine Dancer 1904
Julian Barnes Writer 1946
Martin Bashir Quotes Martin Bashir Journalist 1963
Nina Bawden Writer 1925
Simone de Beauvoir Quotes Simone de Beauvoir Writer 1908
Marek Belka Quotes Marek Belka Economist 1952
Henry Bessemer Quotes Henry Bessemer Scientist 1813
Rudolf Bing Musician 1902
Augustine Birrell Quotes Augustine Birrell Author 1850
Edward Burns Quotes Edward Burns Actor 1968
Jenson Button Quotes Jenson Button Athlete 1980
Karel Capek Quotes Karel Capek Writer 1890
Robert Casey Politician 1932
Carrie Chapman Catt Quotes Carrie Chapman Catt Activist 1859
Paul Cezanne Quotes Paul Cezanne Artist 1839
Anton Chekhov Quotes Anton Chekhov Dramatist 1860
Jennie Churchill Quotes Jennie Churchill Celebrity 1854
Jennie Jerome Churchill Quotes Jennie Jerome Churchill Celebrity 1854
Lee Van Cleef Quotes Lee Van Cleef Actor 1925
Michael Crawford Quotes Michael Crawford Actor 1942
Edwidge Danticat Quotes Edwidge Danticat Author 1969
Javier Perez de Cuellar Quotes Javier Perez de Cuellar Diplomat 1920
Paula Deen Quotes Paula Deen Chef 1947
Frederick Delius Quotes Frederick Delius Composer 1862
Bob Denver Quotes Bob Denver Actor 1935
Stefan Edberg Quotes Stefan Edberg Athlete 1966
Joseph Epstein Writer 1937
Shelley Fabares Quotes Shelley Fabares Actress 1944
Minnesota Fats Celebrity 1913
W. C. Fields Quotes W. C. Fields Comedian 1880
Fernando Flores Quotes Fernando Flores Politician 1943
John Forsythe Quotes John Forsythe Actor 1918
Antoine Fuqua Quotes Antoine Fuqua Director 1966
Albert Gallatin Quotes Albert Gallatin Statesman 1761
Crystal Gayle Quotes Crystal Gayle Musician 1951
Sara Gilbert Quotes Sara Gilbert Actress 1975
Heather Graham Quotes Heather Graham Actress 1970
Germaine Greer Quotes Germaine Greer Activist 1939
Martha Griffiths Quotes Martha Griffiths Politician 1912
Terry Hands Dramatist 1941
Ismail Haniyeh Politician 1959
Lawrence Hargrave Quotes Lawrence Hargrave Scientist 1850
Tippi Hedren Quotes Tippi Hedren Actress 1931
Patricia Highsmith Quotes Patricia Highsmith Novelist 1921
Utada Hikaru Quotes Utada Hikaru Musician 1983
Thomas Jane Quotes Thomas Jane Actor 1969
David Johansen Quotes David Johansen Musician 1950
John H. Johnson Quotes John H. Johnson Businessman 1918
Shawn Johnson Quotes Shawn Johnson Athlete 1992
Janis Joplin Quotes Janis Joplin Musician 1943
David Starr Jordan Quotes David Starr Jordan Writer 1851
Tom Brown, Jr. Celebrity 1950
Thomas Kincade Quotes Thomas Kincade Artist 1958
Thomas Kinkade Quotes Thomas Kinkade Artist 1958
Judith Krantz Novelist 1928
Fernando Lamas Quotes Fernando Lamas Actor 1916
Adam Lambert Quotes Adam Lambert Musician 1982
Jonny Lang Quotes Jonny Lang Musician 1981
Gypsy Rose Lee Quotes Gypsy Rose Lee Entertainer 1914
Robert E. Lee Quotes Robert E. Lee Soldier 1807
Richard Lester Director 1932
Greg Louganis Quotes Greg Louganis Athlete 1960
Isabel Lucas Quotes Isabel Lucas Actress 1985
Peter Lynch Businessman 1944
Robert MacNeil Journalist 1931
Guy Madison Quotes Guy Madison Actor 1922
Ferenc Madl Quotes Ferenc Madl Statesman 1931
Kim Mathers Quotes Kim Mathers Celebrity 1975
Drea De Matteo Quotes Drea De Matteo Actress 1972
Dave Matthews Quotes Dave Matthews Musician 1967
Thom Mayne Quotes Thom Mayne Architect 1942
William McKinley Quotes William McKinley President 1843
A. J. McLean Quotes A. J. McLean Musician 1978
Kate Middleton Quotes Kate Middleton Celebrity 1982
Eleanor Mondale Quotes Eleanor Mondale Actress 1960
Jim Morris Athlete 1964
Barnett Newman Quotes Barnett Newman Artist 1905
Richard M. Nixon Quotes Richard M. Nixon President 1913
Jimmy Page Quotes Jimmy Page Musician 1944
Thomas Paine Quotes Thomas Paine Writer 1737
Robert Palmer Quotes Robert Palmer Musician 1949
Giovanni Papini Journalist 1881
Dolly Parton Quotes Dolly Parton Musician 1946
Edgar Allan Poe Quotes Edgar Allan Poe Poet 1809
Ziaur Rahman Quotes Ziaur Rahman Politician 1936
John Raitt Quotes John Raitt Actor 1917
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore Athlete 1970
Charley Reese Writer 1937
Lizette Woodworth Reese Poet 1856
Joely Richardson Quotes Joely Richardson Actress 1965
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Businessman 1874
Paul Rodriguez Quotes Paul Rodriguez Comedian 1955
Romain Rolland Quotes Romain Rolland Novelist 1866
Paul Ryan Quotes Paul Ryan Politician 1970
Katey Sagal Quotes Katey Sagal Athlete 1954
Abdus Salam Quotes Abdus Salam Scientist 1936
Junior Seau Quotes Junior Seau Athlete 1969
Tom Selleck Quotes Tom Selleck Actor 1945
Cindy Sherman Photographer 1954
Anne Rivers Siddons Novelist 1936
Lysander Spooner Quotes Lysander Spooner Philosopher 1808
Henry Morton Stanley Quotes Henry Morton Stanley Explorer 1841
Jean Stapleton Quotes Jean Stapleton Actress 1923
Bart Starr Athlete 1934
Imelda Staunton Quotes Imelda Staunton Actress 1956
Emanuel Swedenborg Quotes Emanuel Swedenborg Scientist 1688
Jodie Sweetin Quotes Jodie Sweetin Actress 1982
Jodi Sweetin Quotes Jodi Sweetin Actress 1982
Daniel Taradash Writer 1913
Lee Terry Politician 1962
Natalie du Toit Athlete 1984
Kurt Tucholsky Quotes Kurt Tucholsky Journalist 1890
Shawn Wayans Quotes Shawn Wayans Actor 1971
Fritz Weaver Actor 1926
Oprah Winfrey Quotes Oprah Winfrey Entertainer 1954
Markus Wolf Public Servant 1923
Albert Wolff Musician 1884
Alexander Woollcott Quotes Alexander Woollcott Critic 1887
John Wozniak Musician 1971
Dogen Zenji Quotes Dogen Zenji Philosopher 1200
Romario Quotes Romario Athlete 1966