Authors Born on January, 7st

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January, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Charles Samuel Addams Quotes Charles Samuel Addams Cartoonist 1912
Peter Akinola Quotes Peter Akinola Clergyman 1944
Mohamed Al-Fayed Quotes Mohamed Al-Fayed Businessman 1929
Muhammad Ali Quotes Muhammad Ali Athlete 1942
Naveen Andrews Quotes Naveen Andrews Actor 1969
Nicholson Baker Novelist 1957
Mikhail Baryshnikov Quotes Mikhail Baryshnikov Dancer 1948
William Peter Blatty Quotes William Peter Blatty Writer 1928
Catherine Booth Quotes Catherine Booth Activist 1829
Anita Borg Scientist 1949
Joe Bob Briggs Critic 1953
Anne Bronte Quotes Anne Bronte Novelist 1820
Jack Brymer Quotes Jack Brymer Musician 1915
Howie Carr Quotes Howie Carr Author 1952
Jim Carrey Quotes Jim Carrey Comedian 1962
Lewis Carroll Quotes Lewis Carroll Author 1832
David Caruso Quotes David Caruso Actor 1956
Nick Clegg Quotes Nick Clegg Politician 1967
Katie Couric Quotes Katie Couric Journalist 1957
James Cromwell Quotes James Cromwell Actor 1942
Alan Cumming Quotes Alan Cumming Actor 1965
Caleb Cushing Quotes Caleb Cushing Diplomat 1800
Alvin Dark Quotes Alvin Dark Athlete 1922
Chili Davis Athlete 1960
Pedro Calderon de la Barca Quotes Pedro Calderon de la Barca Dramatist 1600
Zooey Deschanel Quotes Zooey Deschanel Actress 1980
Dustin Diamond Quotes Dustin Diamond Actor 1977
Lily Donaldson Quotes Lily Donaldson Model 1987
Gerald Durrell Quotes Gerald Durrell Writer 1925
Lawrence Durrell Quotes Lawrence Durrell Writer 1912
Steve Earle Quotes Steve Earle Musician 1955
Ilya Ehrenburg Quotes Ilya Ehrenburg Writer 1891
Jane Elliot Actress 1947
Clarissa Pinkola Estes Poet 1945
Millard Fillmore Quotes Millard Fillmore President 1800
Ronald Firbank Novelist 1886
Bridget Fonda Quotes Bridget Fonda Actress 1964
Samuel Foote Quotes Samuel Foote Dramatist 1720
Benjamin Franklin Quotes Benjamin Franklin Politician 1706
David Lloyd George Quotes David Lloyd George Statesman 1863
James J. Gibson Psychologist 1904
Samuel Gompers Quotes Samuel Gompers Activist 1850
Erin Gray Quotes Erin Gray Actress 1950
Natalie Gulbis Quotes Natalie Gulbis Athlete 1983
Frank Hague Quotes Frank Hague Politician 1876
Learned Hand Quotes Learned Hand Judge 1872
Skitch Henderson Musician 1918
Susanna Hoffs Quotes Susanna Hoffs Musician 1959
Zora Neale Hurston Quotes Zora Neale Hurston Dramatist 1891
Robert M. Hutchins Educator 1899
Douglas Hyde Quotes Douglas Hyde Politician 1860
James Earl Jones Quotes James Earl Jones Actor 1931
Andy Kaufman Quotes Andy Kaufman Comedian 1949
Eartha Kitt Quotes Eartha Kitt Actress 1927
Estee Lauder Quotes Estee Lauder Businesswoman 1907
Coco Lee Musician 1975
Shari Lewis Quotes Shari Lewis Entertainer 1933
Kenny Loggins Quotes Kenny Loggins Musician 1948
Diana Lopez Quotes Diana Lopez Athlete 1984
Christian Louboutin Quotes Christian Louboutin Designer 1963
Ross MacDonald Quotes Ross MacDonald Novelist 1965
Nick Mason Quotes Nick Mason Musician 1945
Albert Meltzer Activist 1920
John Mica Quotes John Mica Politician 1943
Frank Miller Quotes Frank Miller Artist 1957
Ruth Ann Minner Quotes Ruth Ann Minner Politician 1935
Newton N. Minow Quotes Newton N. Minow Lawyer 1926
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Quotes Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Musician 1756
Michelle Obama Quotes Michelle Obama First Lady 1964
Keith Olbermann Quotes Keith Olbermann Journalist 1959
Patton Oswalt Quotes Patton Oswalt Comedian 1969
Rand Paul Quotes Rand Paul Politician 1963
Charles Peguy Quotes Charles Peguy Philosopher 1873
Rosamund Pike Quotes Rosamund Pike Actress 1979
Jacques Plante Quotes Jacques Plante Athlete 1929
Maury Povich Quotes Maury Povich Celebrity 1939
Donna Reed Quotes Donna Reed Actress 1921
Jeremy Renner Quotes Jeremy Renner Actor 1971
Donna Rice Quotes Donna Rice Celebrity 1958
Mordecai Richler Quotes Mordecai Richler Novelist 1931
Hyman Rickover Quotes Hyman Rickover Soldier 1900
Kid Rock Quotes Kid Rock Musician 1971
Narciso Rodriguez Quotes Narciso Rodriguez Designer 1961
Mimi Rogers Quotes Mimi Rogers Actress 1956
Art Rooney Quotes Art Rooney Businessman 1901
Arnold Rothstein Businessman 1882
Marat Safin Quotes Marat Safin Athlete 1980
Loretta Sanchez Quotes Loretta Sanchez Politician 1960
Vidal Sassoon Quotes Vidal Sassoon Businessman 1928
Sydney Schanberg Journalist 1934
Friedrich von Schelling Philosopher 1775
Marc Singer Quotes Marc Singer Actor 1948
William Stafford Poet 1914
Constantin Stanislavski Quotes Constantin Stanislavski Actor 1863
George Stigler Quotes George Stigler Economist 1911
David Friedrich Strauss Theologian 1808
Mick Taylor Quotes Mick Taylor Musician 1948
Nikola Tesla Quotes Nikola Tesla Inventor 1943
Ingrid Thulin Quotes Ingrid Thulin Actress 1926
Kathy Valentine Quotes Kathy Valentine Musician 1959
Tabare Vazquez Quotes Tabare Vazquez Statesman 1940
Dwyane Wade Quotes Dwyane Wade Athlete 1982
John E. Walker Scientist 1941
Doug Wilder Quotes Doug Wilder Politician 1931
Douglas Wilder Quotes Douglas Wilder Politician 1931
Kaiser Wilhelm Quotes Kaiser Wilhelm Statesman 1859
Steve Wynn Quotes Steve Wynn Businessman 1942
Don Zimmer Quotes Don Zimmer Athlete 1931
Adolph Zukor Quotes Adolph Zukor Businessman 1873
Ouida Quotes Ouida Novelist 1839