Authors Born on January, 6st

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January, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Joey Lauren Adams Actress 1971
Joey Adams Quotes Joey Adams Comedian 1911
Samuel Hopkins Adams Writer 1871
Bill Alexander Politician 1934
Samuel Alexander Quotes Samuel Alexander Philosopher 1859
Vittorio Alfieri Dramatist 1749
Debbie Allen Quotes Debbie Allen Actress 1950
Rowan Atkinson Quotes Rowan Atkinson Comedian 1956
Anita Baker Quotes Anita Baker Musician 1958
Eddie Barclay Musician 1921
Syd Barrett Musician 1946
Xavier Becerra Quotes Xavier Becerra Politician 1958
Kabir Bedi Quotes Kabir Bedi Actor 1946
Diane Black Quotes Diane Black Politician 1951
Anatoli Boukreev Quotes Anatoli Boukreev Athlete 1958
Gavin Bryars Quotes Gavin Bryars Composer 1943
Robert Cailliau Quotes Robert Cailliau Scientist 1947
Howard Cannon Politician 1912
John Carpenter Quotes John Carpenter Director 1948
Jonathan Carroll Quotes Jonathan Carroll Author 1949
Vince Carter Quotes Vince Carter Athlete 1977
Julie Chen Quotes Julie Chen Journalist 1970
John Bates Clark Quotes John Bates Clark Economist 1847
Bessie Coleman Quotes Bessie Coleman Aviator 1892
Henry Cotton Quotes Henry Cotton Athlete 1907
Edward Gordon Craig Quotes Edward Gordon Craig Actor 1872
Angela Davis Quotes Angela Davis Activist 1944
Mark Dayton Quotes Mark Dayton Politician 1947
Dizzy Dean Quotes Dizzy Dean Athlete 1910
Ellen DeGeneres Quotes Ellen DeGeneres Comedian 1958
John DeLorean Quotes John DeLorean Businessman 1925
Nigel Dennis Writer 1912
E. L. Doctorow Quotes E. L. Doctorow Author 1931
Ree Drummond Author 1969
Gustavo Dudamel Quotes Gustavo Dudamel Musician 1981
Jacques Ellul Quotes Jacques Ellul Philosopher 1912
Garth Ennis Quotes Garth Ennis Writer 1970
Jake Epstein Actor 1987
Jules Feiffer Quotes Jules Feiffer Cartoonist 1929
Brian Ferneyhough Composer 1943
Dian Fossey Quotes Dian Fossey Scientist 1932
A. J. Foyt Quotes A. J. Foyt Celebrity 1935
Louis Freeh Quotes Louis Freeh Lawyer 1950
Khalil Gibran Quotes Khalil Gibran Poet 1883
Rob Glaser Businessman 1962
Scott Glenn Quotes Scott Glenn Actor 1941
Max Gluckman Scientist 1911
Wayne Gretzky Quotes Wayne Gretzky Athlete 1961
Luis de Guindos Quotes Luis de Guindos Politician 1960
Eddie Van Halen Quotes Eddie Van Halen Musician 1955
Christopher Hampton Playwright 1946
Benjamin Haydon Quotes Benjamin Haydon Artist 1786
Anthony Hecht Quotes Anthony Hecht Poet 1923
Harri Holkeri Quotes Harri Holkeri Politician 1937
Lou Holtz Quotes Lou Holtz Coach 1937
Marilyn Horne Quotes Marilyn Horne Musician 1934
Mark E. Hyman Celebrity 1958
David Edward Jenkins Clergyman 1925
Daryn Kagan Entertainer 1963
Carl Karcher Quotes Carl Karcher Businessman 1917
Henry Kravis Quotes Henry Kravis Businessman 1944
Polykarp Kusch Quotes Polykarp Kusch Scientist 1911
Nigella Lawson Quotes Nigella Lawson Journalist 1960
Joan Leslie Quotes Joan Leslie Actress 1925
Eric Liddell Quotes Eric Liddell Athlete 1902
John Lilly Scientist 1915
Bjorn Lomborg Quotes Bjorn Lomborg Scientist 1965
Nancy Lopez Athlete 1957
Barry Lopez Author 1945
Douglas MacArthur Quotes Douglas MacArthur Soldier 1880
Kevin McCarthy Quotes Kevin McCarthy Politician 1965
Ethel Merman Quotes Ethel Merman Musician 1908
Irving Mills Musician 1894
Ronnie Milsap Quotes Ronnie Milsap Musician 1943
Anthony Minghella Quotes Anthony Minghella Director 1954
Akio Morita Businessman 1921
Kate Moss Quotes Kate Moss Model 1974
Jose Mourinho Quotes Jose Mourinho Coach 1963
Paul Newman Quotes Paul Newman Actor 1925
Paul Nitze Quotes Paul Nitze Writer 1907
Philippe Perrin Quotes Philippe Perrin Astronaut 1963
Danny Pintauro Actor 1976
Jacqueline du Pre Quotes Jacqueline du Pre Musician 1945
Anders Fogh Rasmussen Statesman 1953
Johannes Rau Quotes Johannes Rau Statesman 1931
Sam Rayburn Quotes Sam Rayburn Politician 1882
Eddie Redmayne Quotes Eddie Redmayne Actor 1982
Laura Riding Poet 1901
Carl Sandburg Quotes Carl Sandburg Poet 1878
Edward Sapir Quotes Edward Sapir Scientist 1884
Laura Schlessinger Quotes Laura Schlessinger Writer 1947
Heinrich Schliemann Quotes Heinrich Schliemann Scientist 1822
Alexander Scriabin Quotes Alexander Scriabin Composer 1872
Earl Scruggs Quotes Earl Scruggs Musician 1924
Hans Selye Quotes Hans Selye Scientist 1907
Robert W. Service Quotes Robert W. Service Poet 1874
John Singleton Quotes John Singleton Director 1968
Gene Siskel Quotes Gene Siskel Critic 1946
Torrey Smith Quotes Torrey Smith Athlete 1989
Nathaniel Smith Politician 1762
David Strathairn Actor 1949
Charles Sumner Quotes Charles Sumner Politician 1811
Danny Thomas Quotes Danny Thomas Actor 1914
Andrea Thompson Actress 1960
Fred L. Turner Businessman 1933
Bob Uecker Quotes Bob Uecker Athlete 1935
Roger Vadim Quotes Roger Vadim Journalist 1928
Terry Venables Athlete 1943
Alan Watts Quotes Alan Watts Philosopher 1915
Lucinda Williams Quotes Lucinda Williams Musician 1953
Bob Wise Politician 1948
Early Wynn Quotes Early Wynn Athlete 1920
Loretta Young Quotes Loretta Young Actress 1913
Jack Youngblood Quotes Jack Youngblood Athlete 1950
Capucine Quotes Capucine Actress 1931
Aaliyah Quotes Aaliyah Musician 1979