Authors Born on January, 5st

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January, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Goodman Ace Quotes Goodman Ace Writer 1899
Konrad Adenauer Quotes Konrad Adenauer Statesman 1876
Alvin Ailey Quotes Alvin Ailey Dancer 1931
Jean-Marc Ayrault Quotes Jean-Marc Ayrault Politician 1950
Kylie Bax Quotes Kylie Bax Model 1975
Robert Boyle Quotes Robert Boyle Philosopher 1627
Drew Brees Quotes Drew Brees Athlete 1979
Alfred Brendel Quotes Alfred Brendel Musician 1931
Lloyd Bridges Quotes Lloyd Bridges Actor 1913
Olympia Brown Quotes Olympia Brown Activist 1853
Clancy Brown Quotes Clancy Brown Actor 1959
Conrad Burns Politician 1935
Robert Burns Quotes Robert Burns Poet 1759
Juan Carlos Quotes Juan Carlos Royalty 1938
Arvid Carlsson Quotes Arvid Carlsson Scientist 1923
Steven Cojocaru Quotes Steven Cojocaru Critic 1965
James C. Collins Businessman 1958
Joe Conason Journalist 1954
Bradley Cooper Quotes Bradley Cooper Actor 1975
Don Cooper Quotes Don Cooper Athlete 1957
Norm Crosby Quotes Norm Crosby Comedian 1927
Charles Curtis Quotes Charles Curtis Vice President 1860
Stephen Decatur Quotes Stephen Decatur Soldier 1779
Iris Dement Quotes Iris Dement Musician 1961
Mike DeWine Quotes Mike DeWine Politician 1947
Theodosius Dobzhansky Quotes Theodosius Dobzhansky Scientist 1900
George Dorsey Politician 1842
Friedrich Durrenmatt Quotes Friedrich Durrenmatt Author 1921
Robert Duvall Quotes Robert Duvall Actor 1931
Umberto Eco Quotes Umberto Eco Novelist 1932
John Arbuthnot Fisher Quotes John Arbuthnot Fisher Soldier 1841
Joe Flanigan Quotes Joe Flanigan Actor 1967
Dennis Gabor Quotes Dennis Gabor Scientist 1900
Ernest Gaines Writer 1933
David Ginola Athlete 1967
Raisa Gorbachyova Quotes Raisa Gorbachyova Celebrity 1932
Franz Grillparzer Quotes Franz Grillparzer Poet 1791
Andrew P. Harris Quotes Andrew P. Harris Politician 1957
Ernie Harwell Quotes Ernie Harwell Celebrity 1918
Richard Heber Quotes Richard Heber Celebrity 1773
Etty Hillesum Lawyer 1914
Arlie Russell Hochschild Educator 1940
Tobe Hooper Director 1943
Etta James Quotes Etta James Musician 1938
Nancy L. Johnson Politician 1935
Nancy Johnson Politician 1935
Rufus Jones Writer 1863
Adam Jones Musician 1965
January Jones Quotes January Jones Actress 1978
Diane Keaton Quotes Diane Keaton Actress 1946
Kathleen Kenyon Quotes Kathleen Kenyon Scientist 1906
Alicia Keys Quotes Alicia Keys Musician 1981
Florence King Writer 1936
Regina King Quotes Regina King Actress 1971
Martin Luther King, Jr. Leader 1929
Mia Kirshner Quotes Mia Kirshner Actress 1975
Stephen Cole Kleene Quotes Stephen Cole Kleene Mathematician 1909
Sofia Kovalevskaya Quotes Sofia Kovalevskaya Mathematician 1850
Gene Krupa Quotes Gene Krupa Musician 1909
Ted Lange Quotes Ted Lange Actor 1947
Jenifer Lewis Quotes Jenifer Lewis Actress 1957
Jack Lovelock Quotes Jack Lovelock Athlete 1910
Chad Lowe Actor 1968
Emil Ludwig Quotes Emil Ludwig Writer 1881
Witold Lutoslawski Quotes Witold Lutoslawski Composer 1913
Marilyn Manson Quotes Marilyn Manson Musician 1969
Andrea Martin Quotes Andrea Martin Actor 1947
W. Somerset Maugham Quotes W. Somerset Maugham Playwright 1874
Carolyn McCarthy Politician 1944
Mary McKillop Quotes Mary McKillop Clergyman 1842
Hayao Miyazaki Quotes Hayao Miyazaki Director 1941
Walter F. Mondale Quotes Walter F. Mondale Lawyer 1928
Garrett Morris Comedian 1937
John Naisbitt Businessman 1929
Gamal Abdel Nasser Quotes Gamal Abdel Nasser Leader 1918
Gloria Naylor Quotes Gloria Naylor Novelist 1950
Edwin Newman Quotes Edwin Newman Journalist 1919
Chuck Noll Quotes Chuck Noll Coach 1932
Ivor Novello Quotes Ivor Novello Musician 1893
Alden Nowlan Poet 1933
Paul Nurse Quotes Paul Nurse Scientist 1949
Bill O'Brien Politician 1929
Margaret O'Brien Actress 1937
Michael O'Donoghue Writer 1940
Aristotle Onassis Quotes Aristotle Onassis Businessman 1906
Jim Otto Quotes Jim Otto Athlete 1938
Bill Pascrell Quotes Bill Pascrell Politician 1937
Tom Paulin Poet 1949
Mary Pierce Quotes Mary Pierce Athlete 1975
Zebulon Pike Quotes Zebulon Pike Soldier 1779
David Pleat Athlete 1945
John Podesta Quotes John Podesta Lawyer 1949
Steve Prefontaine Quotes Steve Prefontaine Athlete 1951
Ilya Prigogine Quotes Ilya Prigogine Physicist 1917
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Quotes Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Economist 1809
A. Philip Randolph Quotes A. Philip Randolph Activist 1889
George Reeves Quotes George Reeves Actor 1914
Ed Rendell Quotes Ed Rendell Politician 1944
Edward G. Rendell Quotes Edward G. Rendell Politician 1944
Rachel Roy Quotes Rachel Roy Designer 1974
Rupert Sanders Quotes Rupert Sanders Director 1971
Julian Sands Quotes Julian Sands Actor 1958
Maria Schell Quotes Maria Schell Actress 1926
Bruce Schneier Quotes Bruce Schneier Scientist 1963
Elizabeth Joan Smith Politician 1928
Roger Spottiswoode Director 1945
Herbert Bayard Swope Editor 1882
Yves Tanguy Quotes Yves Tanguy Artist 1900
Edward Teller Quotes Edward Teller Physicist 1908
George Tenet Quotes George Tenet Public Servant 1953
Hugh Trevor-Roper Quotes Hugh Trevor-Roper Historian 1914
Don Van Vliet Quotes Don Van Vliet Artist 1941
Pete Waterman Quotes Pete Waterman Producer 1947
Timothy White Critic 1952
Virginia Woolf Quotes Virginia Woolf Author 1882
Jane Wyman Quotes Jane Wyman Actress 1917
Paramahansa Yogananda Quotes Paramahansa Yogananda Leader 1893
Xu Zhimo Quotes Xu Zhimo Poet 1893
Moliere Quotes Moliere Playwright 1622
Pitbull Quotes Pitbull Musician 1981